Exposed! The Lives of 5 Virtual Assistants

To celebrate the reasons why we teach you this "VA" thing, and to show you more of the inner lives of work sa bahay people -- tonight we'll have a 3 hour webinar - where you'll get to see photosand stories of Five Fiipino VA's --using their own words.

In between I'll be explaining the newest program my VA's have created for you -- the VA League of Experts. We've made some modifications to keep things simpler.

Since it's one long show, just pop in any time - as it will be a series of interviews - and in between I'll be teaching an explaining, too.

We'll also show you the photos from last Saturday's event!

Register here:

But that's not all! Since tomorrow (March 19) is deadline to get into the VA League of Experts mentoring program - we'll have three webinars tomorrow -9am 3pm and 10pm - all one hour each. These will be teaching webinars where you'll get samples of the technical, practical, business and marketing stuff you can get from VLE.

See you tonight (March 18) at 8pm and tomorrow (March 19 - pick!) 9am, 3pm and 10pm.

Jomar Hilario

P.S. Browse through this site and prepare your questions:

Live Marvelously!

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