Trust me, this short video will prove my point, I guarantee it.

See what I mean here:  

Deep inside you know something's wrong with it. It's too tiring, too time consuming to blog on your own. It's also rewarding to a very few - the ones you read about in the news. But are these people really just blogging? Find out for yourself! Be set free this holy week with the painful truth that your blog may not be what it's promised to be: 

Watch this video now:  

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Blogging is dumb!


Every month VA League of Experts Premium Gives You:
1.  GIG SAMPLES: You'll get an analysis of 10 Tempting Gig Offers Online: Scam or Not Scam?

2.  ANSWERS: Jomar will group answer 10 of your top questions in a video for download. (This is in a 45 min Live Webinar - once a month that you can download for later listening).

3.  WISDOM: You'll get very short and direct to the point Newsletters and One Private VA Interview (PREMIUM only)- with the topics below:

Month 1: 
How to look for HIGH-PAYING, STABLE and LONG-TERM gigs in Odesk, Elance, Craigslist,
Learn how to read the Top 3 REAL requirements of your potential clients and be the ONLY answer to their high expectations

Month 2: 
Discover your Personal Strengths Profile and understand what drives you
How to ACE interview with a #1 huge foreign-based internet company and seal the gig
How you can effectively use storytelling as marketing tool for clients.

Month 3: 
How to Get Your Dream Online Job Even From Someone NOT HIRING
How to increase your VA confidence even if you’re an undergrad,poorly paid, poor and underappreciated by your parents all your life!
Make clients say : “This is the guy I want to hire!”

Month 4: 
How to Improve your Life Dramatically Using This TV Replacement Guide (you’ll say WOW - Grabe!)
Connect with high-profile Internet Marketers and get them as your mentors

Month 5:
How to Select The Best Online Work For Your Set of Skills and Interests
How to address the (negative) Filipino traits that make VAs fail in their virtual work

Month 6:
Creating Website Content For Clueless Clients Who You Need to Impress
Become THE EXPERT VA that gets interviewed and featured in various online and offline channels
How to Perform The Critical Computer Maintenance You Should Be Doing Monthly But Aren’t (or don’t know how to)

Month 7:
Formats, Flow & How to Create Videos for Your Clients
Enhance your skills by learning how to set-up webinars for your client
Translate leadership and marketing principles to take your online services biz to the next level 

Month 8:
Achieve financial freedom faster by expertly managing your finances as a VA
Practical Examples of Work At Home Budgets You can Model After
How to smoothly transition from your virtual services business to a THRIVING ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR managing online stores and “branches” with all earning PASSIVE INCOMES

Month 9:
How to Do Mobile Marketing for Filipino Virtual Assistants
Become super resourceful online and let your BFF Google lead you to:
- Eat in the best restaurants for dates with your wife/husband/gf/bf
- Use concepts of Yin Yoga to address pain and stress
- Discover the hidden best travel and vacation deals for your family
- Be able to deal with your one true love - once they appear to you!

Month 10:
Wow your clients by knowing how to use and interpret data in Analytics
How to use your (possibly) Roman Catholic experience as a basis for building a LONG LASTING LUCRATIVE BUSINESS

Month 11:
How to Use Power Tools Top Earning VAs Cannot Live without
Be confident in using new technologies to make your VA life better and more efficient

(This is not the end of the syllabus...this will continue for many long as it serves people.)

Join in now, deadline is today March 22, 12 midnight

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Schedule / Syllabus for VA League Of Experts


From the Desk of Danielle,

If you were able to attend one of the 3 webinars Jomar held last Tuesday, you'd know that photography and rellenong bangus were the business examples he used.

In Jomar's informative webinar, he revealed why businesses fail sa group buying sites (like Groupon or Metrodeal); how you can earn more sa business and affiliate marketing.

See? Jomar's ALL on helping you succeed. Whatever it takes: Whether FREE Webinars or J.Co donuts or a whiteboard to visualize your success or exclusive mentoring lunch (his treat syempre).

Yup, you read that right.

The last 3 items, you can win any of those if you get in the VA League of Experts (VLE). Kasi hanggang tomorrow (Mar 22,Fri) 12 midnight na lang ang VLE. Here's the site

Wag nang maraming excuses ha?

We love to see you succeed!
You make the work we do worth it :)

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How to Do Online Business for Photography, Rellenong Bangus & POS Software Businesses

If you're tired of your slow/low-earning business,
If you're an aspiring virtual assistant and you've been looking for a client for the past year but still couldn't land a steady, high-earning o.nline job,
If you have done everything you can but still didn't get the results you wanted,
it's about time you do something about it.

Tama na, okay?

These are just some of the reasons why I have this new monthly mentoring - The VA League of Experts.
It's designed to guide, enhance your skills and ensure that you finally land your dream o.nline gig, find high-paying, long-term clients.

Being an expert virtual assistant is not just about knowing what tools to use, which programs to study but it's also about finding out your personal strengths and use these to direct your path to o.nline success. This is the aim of the VA League of Experts for you.

If that wasn't enough, I've added the following bonuses.

1. Quality recordings of the three webinars held yesterday. Invaluable to help you understand correct entrep mindset for VA.

2. Raffle off - one gigantic 32 x 32  white board for critical planning purposes...or cash equivalent. (This is via pickup, not delivery)

3. Raffle off - one box of large J.CO assorted yummy donus personally lined up and purchased by Jomar! (Time value is priceless)

4. Raffle off for 5 people - exclusive group mentoring dinner or lunch with Jomar in a top restaurant in Manila, Jomar's treat.

If you got into the VLE before today, your chances to win in the raffles above TRIPLE as a reward for acting quickly.

See how action-biased people get rewarded? Click here to get in now:

Are you still thinking about it? Come on.
You won't be getting different results if you keep doing the same things over and over again, di ba?

"Because of all things they taught me. And I finally get to know something to do to make my self productive instead of wasting my time on Facebook games."

-- Mara Luz Smith

"I will be forever grateful to Sir Jomar and the JH Mastery group. I just landed my 1st official gig!"

-- Jaysa Chee Gundran

"...Without a mentor, I did everything wrong. After attending Jomar’s seminar, I learned the things that I should and shouldn’t do which I plan to apply this year."

-- Noemi Cariaso-Mora

And because we really want to help you get out of that cycle, we've extended the discounted rates until March 22, Friday.

Now the ball is in your hands. What to do now?
Hold it forever and expect to win?
Or make a move and land that winning shot?

Join The VA League of Experts now and be the winner you always aspired to be.

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

P.S. The VA League of Experts Monthly Mentoring Discounted Ratesis extended until Friday, March 22. Make that winning shot! Click here to join now:

P.S. Check these out and find out what people like you has to say:

Are You Still Not Getting The Results You Want? Get This Today Coz It Ends Today!

The first quarter of the year is almost over and the changes in Social Media have been fast and amazing. Check out if you're making the most out of these updates or still stuck in last year.


To be in the know of the latest Social Media updates join the Jomar Hilario Mastery Group.

Have a marvelous life!

Are You Updated With These Amazing Stuff In Social Media?

by Jomar Hilario.

Keeping fan engagement on your facebook page is crucial to have it seen by more people.  This is also called edgerank.  Edge-what?  It`s basically having your fans share your posts, that way your facebook page content gets seen more in the newsfeed.

Too technical?

To put it even more simply - for popularity, make your facebook posts have the following characteristics to make sure people are liking & sharing it :

1.  Sharable
2.  Short
3.  Has Call To Action
4.  Conversational
5.  Relevant

Sharable :
Funny things, great/cute photos and quotes top this part.

Short :
Posts at around 80 characters get the most engagement

Call To Action :
Sometimes putting a "Like & Share" at the end of your post is enough to push readers to push the button.  Asking the right questions can also make readers curious and click a link to an article.

Conversational :
Don't just make statements or announcements, be more human by posting stuff you would want to talk about with a majority of the people and not just a few.

Relevant :
If your facebook page is about cars, keep posts in there related to that.

Keep these in mind and your fans will see you as an authority over the topic of your facebook page, will be engaged more & more likely to buy your products.

Now, post way and live marvelously!

How To Make Your Facebook Posts Popular

Find out the Critical Mindsets and New Techniques for Online Promotion Today, Tuesday via our Online Show (Webinar) at 9am, 3pm and 10pm=today March 19,2013

Photo courtesy of stockimages /

There will be repeats of the talk between the 3 webinars but none of the webinars are 100% the same.

I'll be asking for advise from the audience what business I should use as an example.

So please use this form to give me your business /situation as an example:

Yes, I'm giving away wisdom in these webinars.

Yes, I'm helping people finish their VA assignment.

Yes, I'm helping businesses make more sales online.

Yes, the stuff I'll be presenting in the webinars are a sneak peek of what you can expect from the VA League of Experts - so always expect this stuff to be cutting edge, extremely useful and mind-blowing.

If you have questions about the VLE- here's your chance to ask. For most of you - today's the last day to get in the VLE with it's low low pricing and bonuses.

If you're NOT A VA or not interested in being a VA, attend anyway - you'll learn many things that you can apply ASAP. The little big secret is VAs do exactly the same things as OMs (online marketers) , only OMs earn more. Once you get this fact around your head, you PAY ATTENTION when I talk about VAs.

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

P.S. Form your questions by checking this out asap:

P.S. Register to any of the webinars below --Libre po ito lahat:

Find Out New Techniques For Online Promotion NOW!

Here's How You Can Get Top-Notch Clients

To celebrate the reasons why we teach you this "VA" thing, and to show you more of the inner lives of work sa bahay people -- tonight we'll have a 3 hour webinar - where you'll get to see photosand stories of Five Fiipino VA's --using their own words.

In between I'll be explaining the newest program my VA's have created for you -- the VA League of Experts. We've made some modifications to keep things simpler.

Since it's one long show, just pop in any time - as it will be a series of interviews - and in between I'll be teaching an explaining, too.

We'll also show you the photos from last Saturday's event!

Register here:

But that's not all! Since tomorrow (March 19) is deadline to get into the VA League of Experts mentoring program - we'll have three webinars tomorrow -9am 3pm and 10pm - all one hour each. These will be teaching webinars where you'll get samples of the technical, practical, business and marketing stuff you can get from VLE.

See you tonight (March 18) at 8pm and tomorrow (March 19 - pick!) 9am, 3pm and 10pm.

Jomar Hilario

P.S. Browse through this site and prepare your questions:

Live Marvelously!

Exposed! The Lives of 5 Virtual Assistants

May bago tayo Pope! Do you know why dapat hindi Sede vacante? ( the papal seat is empty) Because the sheep cannot be with out the shepherd. 

Photo courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee /

In Luke 15, once the sheep strays, who looks after them? The shepherd! Will other people care as much? Not really.

Think about how much you care about other strangers children. 

See? You pity them yes, but you hardly go out and commit to them.

The church needs its earthly shepherd. Hence Pope Francis.

Now question, does a virtual assistant need constant guidance, too? So you don't waste 5 years of your life stuck in a low paying gig, like Diane Aldecoa Delacruz shared in the VA interview last monday.
She didn't have enough confidence and the marketing skills to break out of that trap. She's lost sheep until she found her flock in the VA seminar.

Can you rely on your client to take care to train you to earn more? In Diane's story, some of her newer clients let her go because they can't afford her higher rates. (They fired each other, sabay)

In corporate life, mas maganda siguro if you had someone to train you in technical, practical, business and marketing - as you move from company to company no? Imagine like having a shepherd --na magaling sa skills and mindset na dapat alamin mo.

Para di ka nawawala at clueless.

That was in my mind when I created the Marketing Master Insider mentoring. It was intensive and tough - but focusing only on marketing. VAs were getting really high paying gigs after this program.

However, parang kulang. Parang its too advanced. And the technical, business and practical techniques are missing -- panay marketing lang kasi -- not really fit for beginners.

That's why you now have the VA LEAGUE OF EXPERTS.

The new thing about this program is that my VA team actually assembled this from their own wants and needs. They wanted private interviews with high paying VAs to talk not about how they got hired, but day to day lessons and secrets.

They wanted guidance sa finances, time management, computer maintenance, confidence, dealing with temptation to sleep all the time (hehe) and watch tv.

They want to know how to manage other VAs as a PM. How to confidently deal with really high end clients.

Dami pa! To find out more, visit na lang now sa

We're running a promo until novemb.. este Tuesday next week! March 19!

You may directly ask the main VA who brainchilded this

Now live a marvellous life!

My VA Team Made This For You

Some of the words in here may be so true to you that you are moved to strive harder, make better decisions and move to uplift where you are right now.  Can you identify?

The Questions That Move Us To Do Better

If I were to look at the concerns of people wanting to earn online and live a life of freedom, here are the top questions they would face  - with the answer at the end.

By Jomar Hilario.

What are you waiting for? It's time to live marvelously!

The Most Pressing Questions For Those Who Want To Earn Online

Everything about technology changes constantly, that's why you have to keep your skills updated.  This could mean landing a job, advancing in your career (online or not) and doing the things you want to do today.

A service that does just that is  It has over thousand video tutorials on :

  • 3D+ Animation
  • Audio
  • Business
  • Design
  • Developer
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Web

Learn what you want, teach yourself something (at your own pace), everything is your choice and how much you want to put into learning on this online library.

There's a trial, for seven days, imagine what you can learn in a week for free!

Keep on learning & live marvellously!

How To Keep Your Skills Current, For Free!

Philippines Virtual Assistant Diane Interview By Jomar Hilario

Philippines Virtual Assistant Diane Interview By Jomar Hilario

The largest online market place is projected to be a 5 billion dollar business in 5 years as CEO Gary Swart mentions the three (3) mega trends fueling the growth of ODesk :

  • Economy (people want more work done)
  • Workers want freedom & flexibility
  • Globalization (outsourcing of workers & clients to all parts of the world)
Watch this video to see if you could take part of that tremendous expansion :

With that kind of growth, ODesk is disrupting how we see the traditional ways of getting work and going to work.  More businesses are now faced with this paradigm shift of working and suddenly a sea of talents are out there to work with.

Learn to make yourself shine on oDesk and get a catch out of those 550,000+ clients.  Make sure to attend the "How To Work From Home As A Virtual Assistant" workshop happening this Saturday March 16 at Rosewood Pointe, Taguig.  Go to now and live marvelously!

ODesk CEO Says It Is A Disruptive Business

If timeline covers are to Facebook then checkout Google+ new look with larger cover photos that makes your featured image or message really stand out!

The dimensions of the cover photos can go up to 2120 pixels by 1192 pixels.  This also means you can add more images.  Cover photos are not just cover photos, but can also be considered real estate.  With google+ you get a larger piece of "land"/ real estate, to promote your brand on.  Make sure you use that space wisely.

Don't have a google+ account yet? Sign up for now now!  Why? (even if you think everyone is on facebook)?

Google Plus Communities :
Allows groups to form around particular interests.  You can join the community as a brand that you can't do on facebook.  This allows you to interact with your customers.

Enables group meetings, discussions or demonstrations. You can organize a panel discussion and explain to customers how to use a product and so on.  Now Twitter and Facebook don't have that.

If Pinterest is more to females, Google+ is to males as the audience is heavily skewed towards that.  If you have a product made for males, this probably would be a good place to focus your social media efforts on.

Got your interest?  There's lots to explore now on Google+.

Live marvelously!

The Facelift of Google+ & Other Stuff Not on Facebook & Twitter

by Jomar Hilario.

"Why do people, movie stars and even shampoos and other  products request people to like them on facebook. Is there money involved when people click the like button?" - Dr. J

If a person likes your page on FB, he gets to see your messages on FB.

This is like asking a person to enter his email address into your database.
Only it's easier.
With a simple, like you now have permission to send the person a personal message, a marketing message, a selling message - anything.
That's why it's a big deal to make people LIKE you on facebook!

Live marvellously!

Why It's A Big Deal To Make People Like You on Facebook

It's actually really easy to sign up for Odesk.  But, do you have what it takes to make your profile shine amongst the millions of people out there?

That's been the case for Rhea, until she downloaded the Virtual Assistant Seminar by Jomar Hilario.

Whattup Rhea?! You rock!  

Learn what she learned and land that online gig that could propel you to finally work from home.  Its happening March 16 so go to now!  

How A Simple Step Made Her Land A Job On Odesk


We must always be available when our kids want to use us as pillows

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Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

We must always be available when our kids want to use us as pillows

Sharing the frustrations & concerns of a mother rushing to work at home.
by Jomar Hilario
  • Honestly, I am not yet decided if I really want to be a work-at-home since I am happy with my current job, yet, as a mother, I would like to be more flexible in my schedule to always be available for my kids.  I am not sure if being a VA will address this desire of mine.
Photo courtesy of photostock /

  • Alam mo hesitation ko? Wala kasi ako kilalang VA, so wala ako mahingian ng feedback/advice on how is it really to be one.  Having a family, di ako pwede basta-basta mag-resign from my job, di namin kaya financially.  And I'm worried na baka hindi maging enough ang income ko on being a VA.

  • Second, my impression is being a VA would also mean spending 8 hours online, in front of the computer.  So, ibig sabihin, di ko rin mahaharap ang kids ko? Di ko rin sila mahahatid-sundo sa school or makakapaglaro with them during daytime?

  • I read about the VA Expert.  And I feel nag mag-VA na lang din ako, why not make it big time na. Habang I still have my salary to shoulder the cost of workshops.  Para hindi rin trial and error lang ang alam ko.  Do you think it will be worth it? Kasi mahal din ang cost nya ha

  • Nonetheless, I will continue with my assignment.  Di ko naman malalaman sagot sa questions ko until I get a gig eh.  But I would very much appreciate hearing some advice if you won't mind. :)

  • Minamadali ko na ang pagiging work-at-home.  Hopefully, it works!

Practical Solutions to "A's" concerns :

Watch this webinar that addresses your issues. It's for free and you can watch it anytime.

Part 1
Part 2

And of course, here's the link for the super-duper discounted mentoring, if you really wanna go all the way big time!

We have received the same sentiments from others who haven't taken that leap of faith yet, that's why we're brewing a social meetup where people like you who are still a bit reluctant can ask the real deal from Pinoy VAs. Details are still in the works, so stay tuned and live marvelously!

Fearless Frustrations : Rushing To Work At Home

Wealth Summit Crowd Photos...

If you haven't chanced upon Slideshare then you must be missing out on this goldmine of info like :
  • How to (not) fail
  • How Introverts Can Survive The Extroverted World
  • How To Write Awesome Facebook Status Updates
  • 15 Marketing Buzzwords To Stop Using

Oh and did I tell you this is one of the tools that is going to land you that online job?  Attend the March 16 VA Seminar to find out how. Go to for details.

Like right here, right now! Live marvellously!

Goldmine Alert! How to (not) Fail & Other Awesome Info

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

How To Get Started? Join my 3 Month Ecourse


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