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Youtube + Facebook = Money Part 2 Tutoral By Jomar Hilario (90MINS)

One of the best ways to check if a strategy works for you is to follow the footsteps of those already successful.  And if you're looking to make your client's company stand out in LinkedIn, check out these 10 tips from the Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2012.

Three steps to get started :

1.  Add a welcoming image to showcase your brand
2.  Post status updates
3.  Add your products & services

Live marvelously!

10 Tips from the Best LinkedIn Company Pages

Finally! Watch how you can earn money from your two favorite websites.
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Part 1: How to Earn from YouTube + FB Recording

Hi! Just a quick reminder of our upcoming free webinars next week.

On Monday, April 29, 2013 at 8:00 PM, Manila Time,
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On Tuesday, April 30, 2013, also at 8:00 PM, Manila Time,
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His last gig was about web, mobile, game interface design. Awesome, huh?
Be ready to learn lots of amazing stuff about work sa bahay and VA life.
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Cecille sent me this enticing "JOB OFFER". 

Avoid it, they'll just steal your identity etc. 

It has the hallmarks of a real job offer except: "Please note that we require signup or an existing affiliation with an approved staffing and payment platform that charges a percentage fee of your gross earnings that will impact your net payment."

Which means absolutely nothing -- except to warn you that they're a scam.
Here's the job listing, just remember that when i doubt, just google the company name!

Financial Director
Hourly - Est. Time More than 6 months, Full-time - 30+ hrs/week - Posted 10 days ago - View Job Posting

Job Description
The GTeam FZ LLC Financial Director pays $25/hr, with a $1000 fixed price payment if your trial performance leads to a successful hire. Please note that we require signup or an existing affiliation with an approved staffing and payment platform that charges a percentage fee of your gross earnings that will impact your net payment. The pay rate for United States citizens and permanent residents is $20/hr to cover W-2 processing.

The work of a Financial Director primarily includes:
Ownership of budgeting and other FP&A activities within a set of portfolio companies

Interact w/ CEO of business unit as member of leadership team - excellent communication skills are a must

Develop context for the business unit and be able to provide operational insights to team based on financial data

In order to succeed, here are the critical, "must-have" requirements that you should have:

Excellent at quantitative and logical thinking
Skilled in accounting and financial analysis fundamentals and concepts

Proficient in excel

Excellent English communication skills

How to qualify:
Show us who you are. We need verifiable identification, online skills tests, and a brief Skype video interview. Sorry, this part is not paid, but it won’t last more than a week, and if you’ve got the motivation, you’ll be done in a few hours.

Try out the job. During a one-week fixed-price trial assignment, prove to us that we should give you the full-time position of 40 hours/week at the job’s hourly rate. We’re looking for progress and dedication; if you show that, we may have other positions in GTeam FZ LLC for you even if you don’t get the assignment quite right.

How to start:
We’ll make you a fixed-price offer to start qualifying, and you’ll get detailed instructions as soon as you accept this offer for the test phase. (This is not the paid part, but it’s how we get you into the appropriate recruiting team room.)

Click “Apply for this Position” below.

Message from Client
If you are interested to apply for this position, please go to this link:

Invitation to Interview
Client: gTeam FZ LLC (DevFactory DevFactory)

Are you interested in discussing this job?
Yes, Accept Interview

About the Client
gTeam FZ LLC
gTeam FZ LLC
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UTC+04)

Member since February 14, 2012

Payment Method Verified
(4.92) 447 reviews

Total Spent Over $50,000

Hours Billed 718,151

Jobs Posted 4103

Hires 3373

Open Jobs 67

Activity for this job
429 applicants
54 interviews

Scam Alert!

Here's a preview of what's in store for you tonight, April 22, 2013, Monday at 8pm, Manila Time. 

Join us for another free learning webinar on How You Can Earn Through YouTube + Facebook.

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Preview of TONIGHT's webinar on YouTube + Facebook = Money

For those who would love to write and earn at the same time, you may want to take a look at Carol Tice who is mentioned in's 7 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Started as Freelancers.

Do you value your skills and want to turn it into something bigger than yourself?  Then check out, which is listed as one of the top blogs for writers.  There's a free 20-week e-course on Marketing 101 For Freelance writers which could just land you that writing job you're after.  She could also just be the person to mentor you too in your online writing career.

And if you want a taste of more tips to earning online from a Pinoy in a Pinoy na Pinoy community, join the Jomar Hilario Mastery Group and start living marvelously!

Generate High Income From Writing Online

Here's a quick tutorial on how to activate images in your email.


How to Activate Images in Your Emails

Whatever I say in this email - I will NOT mention that the deadline for Authority ROI is this lunch. Nope I shall not. Because that's not important right? Right?

The very thing that will force you to become FREE-from being an OFW, or commuting employee -- is not important right? 

If you're already a member, skip the line below and get on with the FIRE lesson.

Hehe. I said that to scare those who want to unsubscribe to just do it!  Because I really just want to serve those who deserve it.  If you unsubscribe, you deserve someone else, not me. I'm too good for you. Please go. Thanks.

Now I didn't tell you that yesterday when I was just chasing Earl around the hall with a camera....

Outside this was happening ... a plume of smoke, a couple of fire trucks taking out the mini fire...

Which soon was aided by a tornado like wind...blowing all the smoke and fire our the 14th floor!

Soon inside the house - was full of smoke. So we decided to leave early - for our date with the FUN RANCH.

It was ironic (really) that we first visited the ARK AVILON ZOO -- you know an ark to flee the destruction of the earth. It was too symbolic for me because I didn't mention that I bought along TWO MEDIUM SIZED BAGS w/c was the summary of all our possessions if we went home to burned remains of a 24 story condo. 

So for the kids, everything was okay, fun. For me it was "I wonder if we'll be sleeping w/o a home tonight?" The other side saying "Hotel!" but we didn't bring any spare clothes! 

You see the bags contained only tools I use to serve you- computers, external hard drives and chargers. That's pretty much it. I don't want you to imagine my day yesterday, I want you to see it. Here's the scene. My entire family was riding this mini-wheel - and in front of the wheel to left where ALL WE HAD - in THINGS. See it? Of course plus a BABY BAG.

Which leads me to today's list. What do I regret not bringing in those 2 bags?

1. Our government papers. (w/c should have been dropbox'ed in the first place)
2. The expensive microphone I use to webinar for you.
3. My Eucerin Healing Creme for my skin wounds. (you didn't know that huh?)
4. My Red Big Jam Box for fun times anywhere.
5. Love letters from my wife, sister and friends.
7. Ikea Pillows
8. Wifi Router
9. Baby clothes!
10. Adult clothes!

Note: My wife said nothing. She was happy with whatever we had at that time.

For those who prayed for's what you prayed against -THANK YOU.
If you can't see it - look at that big patch of DARK BROWN. Compre it against the first photo after Earl.

It was almost to our next door building, almost to Mahogany 1 - DMCI's premier (rich people) place.  

So again, thank you --pero alam nyo ba na sabi ni T HARV ECKER - however you do one thing is however you do everything. In tagalog, walang hiwalay na tao. I was almost homeless, but sino iniisip ko? KAYO! I even forgot about my relatives, no. I didn't expect anything from them at all. KAYO iniisip ko. I was surfing the mastery group while in Fun Ranch...

[AuthorityROI members, stop reading here]

So do not think that it's WEIRD FOR ME TO TELL YOU ABOUT TODAY'S DEADLINE AFTER ALL THAT DRAMA. TAMA LANG.  If you don't agree, please unsubscribe. Ok lang.

So here's the message.


Join now: - you have 2 hours to go. 1pm is the deadline. Plus there's a webinar daw at lunch time. We'll send you the link if you want to join that. (if matuloy).


Join now if you're serious.

Things I regretted not bringing when I flew from the condo during the fire.

Q: Meron ako 'till Friday to join AuthorityROI right? Panno kaya ang follow-ups nito? one on one ba? or both...

Iniisip ko lang kasi paano ako mag-aadjust sa time and all since baligtad halos ang time zones natin. Saan ba c Ryan based?

Nakikitira lang kami dito alam mo naman...di ko hawak ng 100% pa (sa ngayon) ang access at mobility ko dito sa Canada...privacy is an issue too. But I am doing my very best..and I know we'll get by.

This AROI seems to answer a lot of my questions...but not all..wala pa kasi akong product to sell...but I know I'll figure out something later.

 Please answer me HONESTLY.... so I can make a sound decision...palagay mo ba magwowork itong AROI sa "katulad ko" situation and all....idagdag mo pa ang anak kong 2mos nang may sakit.

Please... I need your advice...pakisama mo na rin kami sa prayers mo para makahanap na kaming ng sariling bahay at nang maka-usad na.

SALAMAT.... (for your patience)


A: C, yes, its a simple no-brainer approach to starting kasi. They make version 1 of your website, you improve it along with people you hire to write quality stuff for it.

The other option can be you wait till you got the technical skills to do anything online. With limited internet, that can take a long time. This way your exposure can be EMAIL at the least -- emailing writers to write for you (that's part of the program).

Maraming TO LEARN for sure but they do most of the work anyway. Ikaw lang ang bahala sa TOPIC. Thinking ang work mo. Plus common sense. Plus listening (downloading) my webinar recordings para mas clear lahat because I answer ALL your questions once I get them.

Download the mp3 and videos and play them na walang internet- at least you have your own phone / mp3 player naman siguro - kahit limited ang internet mo you can learn and listen/watch. YES?

All other courses I know of - including mine - IKAW ang gagawa - this time - experts will do it - so it's a jump start for you. Does that sound good? I hope so. REMEMBER though- spending will NOT stop, hindi ito magic, this is a business -spending for a business (YOURS) will start, will begin just be ready to treat this like a baby --once they arrive, the spending never stops. The good thing with this baby is it earns money for you - -depending on your approach to things - all within a year. But remember if you neglect this "baby" for 12 months - do not expect any earnings from it. This is a real project. Easy na lang ang task to follow. Learn, apply, ask questions from me, hire writers, read their work, pay them. Repeat. I have ZERO idea what part of that is difficult. Unless you have doubt. If doubt is it --then read this:

Ayan. Read it hanggang maubos ang babasahin or maubos ang doubt mo.

Here's that link again for you to join:

Regarding "Product to sell" it's actually built in to the system. Your writers will create the product to sell so it does answer all your questions. For any nitty gritty  -you can ask me in taglish, too.

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

P.S. Regarding friday, don't bet that I got the deadline right. Join now. Texas ang location nila. So I'm not real sure of the times and dates. For all you know it's TODAY - this lunch.    Join na kasi.

Para sa akin ba ang AuthorityROI?

Q: As you know, I already bought the  Authority ROI course.

As I go through the topics, there were instructions on getting the domain name, finding a wb host, buying a template, etc.

Just whatever happened to those bonuses? 

Prior to sending this one, I first wrote the support guys but after a few days, I still don't get a reply.

Wonder if you can assist me here.



A: Hi Ed, yes its confusing that's why I'm here. Finish module 1 and 2. STOP

Yes stop.

Click on Authority Website

Watch the video

Submit stuff from Module 1 and 2

They make your website in 1 week..


What happened to the bonuses in AuthorityROI??


Q: Hi Sir Jomar paano po ako makakabenta sa site na nagawa ng authorityroi kahit wala akong product? 

At ano pa po yung other ways to earn in this site?

A:  Actually that's NOT the #1 concern -- benta benta.
You're thinking about yourself again kasi.
If you approach business selfishly --then you won't get much.
You need to think like this:

"How can I serve more the readers of this new Authority Site?
That unlocks the answers to your question: How can I make money from this?"

The answers being:

1. Find out what the readers want and get them to buy it from you via an Amazon Affiliate Link. This is low earning.

2. Find out what's high selling in places like, in the same topic or niche as your blog.

Then sell these things or products or services to them.  They'll be happy for it!

3. There are many other ways, actually some are discussed here:

So Deadline - last chance to join it is TODAY!  Check it out now:
More:  11pm Webinar tonight, see you if you want clear instructions why this is an awesome NEW program:

Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

Q: Hi Sir Jomar paano po ako makakabenta sa site na nagawa ng authorityroi kahit wala akong product?

I'm giving you a screenshot of the AuthorityROI to help you see the breadth and width and density of the discussions inside. 

So when you join this : you know what you're getting yourself into.

Frankly speaking people from my MMI and OMC2 programs are going to have an EASY TIME inside AuthorityROI.  :)


Posted via email from jomarhilario's posterous

A Peek Inside AuthorityROI website..

Q :I'd like to ask what website URL,Facebook and Twitter URL should I use? I only have a website for my VA assignments. If ever gagawa ako for ROI kailangan po ba hosted/ paid?May marerecommend po ba kayong best domain or hostmaster?

A:  First things first, go through the lessons sa AuthorityROI.

You can get your own host but really they're GIVING IT AWAY To you as part of the AuthorityROI program. Just buy your name from

As for hosting, if you're determined to keep your own files in your own hosting account, get one in

Re: welcome page


The program that will BYPASS your NON-TECHIE fears by creating a FULL BLOWN WEBSITE for you - complete with articles and expert knowledge -- will close by 1pm today.

That's final na. I got the message from the AuthorityROI folks na.
Hurry and check it out NOW NA ==>

Here's my committment to you if you join the Authority ROI before 1pm today:

1. SIX FREE 2 Hour Workshop sessions via Webinar. (Valued at P 12,000)
April 7 Sunday, 2 Hours Workshop Webinar 8pm-10pm- Sa computer ninyo.
April 21, May 5, May 19, June 9, June 23 same details as above.
Yes, may recording if you missed it. 

2.  THREE FREE Live Meetings 4 hours each (Valued at P 15,000)
April 27, May 11, June 15 Saturday Free Live Mentoring/Meeting 1pm-5pm. Venue: Tentatively Max's Restaurant BGC (Suggest a venue!) Food is "pay your own". 

Yes, may recording if you missed it.

All meet ups and webinars are recorded. You get access to VIDEO, AUDIO, MINDMAPS and PRESENTATIONS.

Your Summary of the Authority ROI Schedule with Jomar: 

Lahat ito libre!
April 7  Workshop Webinar 
April 21 Live Meeting
April 27 Workshop Webinar
May 5  Workshop Webinar
May 11 Live Meeting
May 19 Workshop Webinar
June 9 Workshop Webinar
June15 Live Meeting
June 23 Workshop Webinar

In all these sessions above, we'll tackle technical things by actually doing them (sa workshop webinar), me first twice - then you.

We'll compare notes and most importantly, you'll be brainstorming, mindmapping and doing all sorts of group activities to help you drive away fear and hesitation and help other people help you in the process. Plus it'll be fun for you. Promise. How else could it not be fun when you're building the next big batch of digital wealth makers na Pinoy! 

Hello. That's super fun. Merry Christmas talaga this December!

Why? How can you fail at this? Too much help, too much value all for a minimum of $97 x 3 months. Tapos you're asking what about the 4th month? 5th month? Well, you tell me -- how much are you going to charge for your premium stuff (ano yun? That's what you're going to sell!) But Jomar, I've nothing to sell pa! Ah, that's why there's AuthorityROI to help you come up with that.  That's why there's all these meetings and workshop webinars, yes? To PUSH YOU TO BREAKTHROUGH....

BREAKTHROUGH... (sige kanta lang)

3. New Webinar + Ebook: 20 Crazy Ways to Come Up With Your Authority Niche or Topic (in depth) (Value at P 4000)

4.      How to Run a Google Ad since Authority ROI is giving you $250 credit anyway (PDF and demo) (Value at P 4000)

PLUS YOU'RE GOING TO ENJOY A FUN RAFFLE: (Cash equivalent or I'll purchase it online for you if you're not coming to the live meetings-however you will shoulder shipping as I don't know where you are) 

All new members of Authority ROI who gets into via my link gets to join the raffle:

Here are the prizes - one each:

Prayer Collection : Companion 2013 + How Your Words Can Change Your World by Bo Sanchez + Guide How to Use Both To Change Your Life (Video!) (Priceless)

"Two Terabyte" External Hard Disc (USB3 - in tagalog mabilis).  (Worth 5,500) - Para di maubos space ng PC mo. Merry Christmas! 

Memory Upgrade for your PC (Up to 3000) end me a photo and model number and specs of your PC, I'll find out how much is the upgrade and send you the money to pay for it. Para sobrang bumilis PC mo. Merry Christmas! 

Linksys WirelessN Router E1200 (Worth 2,000) - Para may Wifi ka sa bahay na mabilis. Merry Christmas! 

Logitech Wireless Keyboard for Windows (Worth P 1000) - Para no more wires! Kahit sa bed pwede ka mag type saglit (Hint: PRESS SPACEBAR to PAUSE the video, ubo ubo - di naman pang work yan eh, pang movie watching sa bed, correct! Para kang may remote control sa PC mo, keyboard nga lang at malaki)

Merry Christmas!

One of these can be YOURS if you join the Authority ROI today before 1pm!


Mid Sized Transformers Toy (for the kid in you) (Worth P 1,500) Or get the money to upgrade your Ergo Chair from Office Warehouse

My Little Pony (3 pieces) (Worth P 1,300) Or get the money to upgrade your Headset to Logitech

How You Can Get More Chances of Winning:
1. Buy the AuthorityROI at 3 gives x $ 97 = 1 Chance To Win
2. Buy the AuthorityROI at the discounted full price. 2 Chances of winning.
3. Buy any of the additional upgrades (Digital Marketer or Subscription Empire or anything paid included in AuthorityROI) + 1 more chance per upgrade or +2 if you pay in full.

LAST BONUS (Kasi you may need to WAIT for this)
Be Able to Send Any Video To Your TV Device Kahit Wala Kang WIFI Device -Plair Device (this is on pre-order, you have to wait for this gamechanging device if you win it!) -- See photo above!

FINAL BONUS:  Jomar is nicer!
If you ask me any question inside AuthorityROI - or in the webinars/meetups, I'll answer it as if you're paying me P 170,000 per hour, and answer it from your point of view - not mine. :)

So eto na- you have less than an hour to go: Join ka na:

What you'll get:
1. AuthorityROI experts will create an Authority site for you.
2. You come with a willing mind and heart, NOT a topic for the site. That's my role and AuthorityROI's role - we help you find a topic.
3. If you prefer, we'll force it out of you --with lovingkindness and fun workshops.
4. Then you'll hire using money (P 200-P500 etc per article) expert writers to write for this new site na marami na namang laman -kasi AuthorityROI will create the articles for you initially. Again, please read this - OF COURSE may expense sa business na ito.Hindi kasi scam. Ok?
5. Expect to spend some more to grow this site, extra P 1000 etc after the 3 months kasi hello business nga eh. Kung ang baby magastos, ang business pa kaya?
6. Compared to other "offers" YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE TECHIE here, kasi #1 sila na nga ang gagawa ng site pati articles, kulit ko ba?
7. What happens after 3 months? Well if you really seriously invest time and money in this project (di naman milyon) you can quickly get readers emails to the thousands in 3 months. That's already a good signal to sell. You sell = You earn. Mostly profits as ang expense is the usual writers fees mostly and any advanced education you want to get (of course naman LEVEL UP ka).
8.  Ayan join na DALI If you need to use PAYPAL, contact

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

P.S. Pikit mata, join na Hanggang 1pm na lang ito. Today. Para MERRY CHRISTMAS talaga ang PASKO mo this year! Sama sama tayo. Member din ako eh.

You have 30 minutes left. DALI!

How to start sa AuthorityROI...
In the email it says...

Step 1 ..

So you click on it. 

Tapos this site appears. Watch video PERO press PAGE DOWN is better.

Eto pag pagedown:

So 3 steps daw. Follow the steps!

Ganun. :)

Jomar Hilario

How to start sa AuthorityROI...

Q: I'd just like to ask how much investment will this entail-AuthorityROI, specifically:

1. Money - the video said there will be 3 payments of $97. after this, will there be succeeding expenses?

2. Time - how regular (number of hours) should an authority website owner monitor or do activities in his site?

3. Is this also a potential job/income replacement, esp. if one is planning to resign from his job? Is this also passive income?



1. Money - Yes of course, domain name is P 500 year up front. Expenses for Writers from P 200 / article up to your budget. This is a business of course there's expenses. But it's very unlike the kind of expenses traditional business have. Plus you can earn within the year anyway so NP (no problem yan).

2. Time - As much as you can give it to comment back to readers. Contact writers via email. Promote via Google Ads and Facebook. Join the free webinars ko and meetups ko. FREE tama. Like a baby, businesses need more time than you Think. REALISTICALLY. But it's less time and less tiring than setting up a stall sa mall for P 35,000 a month. 

3. YES SUPER. This is the best way OUT to create digital wealth. Look at me. I live this life, but I still joined AuthorityROI myself! 

Join na. Up to 1pm na lang ito.


Q: Authority ROI Questions: Money, Time and Income

Q: I also would like to ask you something. Which would you suggest me to focus/prioritize on first. Authority Site, VLE and VAhomeworks, or Onli;ne Marke'ti'ng? Would you suggest me to focus on just one or spread myself thin and try to do them all at once? Which would you think is more productive?

A: What's your goal?

Money now: VA HOMEWORK!!! + VLE
Money later: Authority Site, Online M'arket;ing


What shall I prioritize VA? VLE? Homework or OM?

Jomar, explain Host vs Domain Name

Hosting = hard disc na rented out for you. They never turn this harddisc/computer off - that's why you need to put your wordpress blog there. They offer free wordpress blogs na rin. Domain name = name of your blog.

If you have a domain name na walang hosting. You have a name. Someone types the name (w/c a name) sa internet, walang website na lalabas. If you have a hosting (for example from my favorite host: and walang name - that's actually impossible because webhosts give you a domain name for free. So you can buy a name na walang host pero eventually
you need to get some sort of hosting (hard disc) to place your files in.

HostMonster - Web Hosting
Hostmonster - Top rated web hosting provider - Free 1 click installs.  For blogs, shopping carts, and more. Get a free domain name, real NON-outsourced 24/7 support, and superior speed. web hosting provider php hosting cheap web hosting, Web hosting, domain names, front page hosting, email hosting. 

Another way: By a name(domain name) from then tell namecheap to point the name to your facebook account. This way the name is yours but the host is free- from facebook. Pwede rin yun. But not really recommended.

How can a host exist without a name? Well yung hard disc naman may name na walang sense when you buy it sa store, like SAMSUN30494. So you can't really remember it. That's why you need the free domain name they give you when you buy a host, para may sense. EDEN_ICE_CREAM.COM
is better than SAMSUN30494.

Live marvelously!

The Difference Between a Host and Domain Name

I'm giving you a screenshot of the AuthorityROI to help you see the breadth and width and density of the discussions inside. 

So when you join this : you know what you're getting yourself into.

Frankly speaking people from my MMI and OMC2 programs are going to have an EASY TIME inside AuthorityROI.  :)

A Peek Inside AuthorityROI website..

Q: Sir Jomar naguguluhan po ako kung ano topic ko  cnsbi ng Puso at isip ko).  Architectural Design (pero ang target na client international,yun mga magpapadesign ng mga bahay nila or interior design) or imamarket ko yun Architectural Firm ng tatay ko or Imamarket ko na lang po yun Truly RIch Club....Ano po ba suggestion nyo Sir Jomar? Patulong po di ko alam ang ilalagay kong topic kay Ryan Deiss Authority ROI...

A: Ikaw decide kasi ikaw may ari ng site na yan. pag binigyan kita ng ice cream, ano gusto mong basahin sa internet habang kumakain ng ice cream? ARCHIT? TRULY RICH? what?

Importante ikaw mag isip at mag decide, pag ako tinanong mo, work from home lang sagot ko sayo at cosplay. hehe.

Q: Sir Jomar naguguluhan po ako kung ano topic ko sa AuthorityROI

Q: Honestly I don't understand a thing what he is saying but I trust you would show me somehow that this thing is worth the investment. R
A: Hi R, it's hardly an "investment" at $97x3 months -- at least for a business - this would be considered PENNIES. I mean monthly rental for a store, that's an investment, buying a container full of things from China, that's an investment. 

This is way cheap--they'll make a full website for you -formatted with the ability to be found by google quickly --and you're only paying around P 12,000? That's like just the payment for my 2 day hands on workshop. In my workshop YOU DO THE WORK. For the same amount - they do all the work. See how that's a bargain?

They'll make you your hosted wordpress site.
Designed to look professional
Give you a paid host for 1 year
Give you a $500 SEO package
Place articles inside the site
Place correct categories of the topics of your topic in your site.
Plus some more.

But knowing your situation, it's best you get someone internet savvy beside you when you do this program. You'll need a lot of humility to follow and ask questions from the folks at Authority ROI plus I'll be on hand to help everyone push through with the next steps.  I also know you need a lot of PUSH to follow through with you part.

You just need to be serious about this and do your part --w/c is basically deciding and thinking about the topic of your authority site. And making the logo. And coming up with whatever AuthorityROI asks you - mainly to THINK. I've seen the program and that's what you need to do - TO THINK. To DECIDE and quickly.


Here's that link again: GET IN NOW. And if you have a question about anything Ryan says, just ask me muna.

Q: Is AuthorityROI worth the investment?

Q: Is this ok if my business is temporarily suspended for the reason that i'm working in SA since 2008. Can i make use of this website even if i plan to revive my construction business 3 years from now, how?


 A: Of course it can help, imagine being able to command authority in a field you know about before you even resume the business. That's powerful, people will find you before you're even ready to serve them- because they are reading your site that AuthorityROI created.

Plus doing this on the side will help you know the latest of what's going on in the industry from the EXPERT Writers you'll be hiring. This is a great idea to prepare for a business.

You'll come in ARMED with more knowledge than any person in your field because the writers have educated you and your site readers are ready to listen to you...maybe even hire the company that your site recommends -- that'll be your company or a friend's company.

Authority sites ARE designed to create INFLUENCE and wealth for the owners (not necessariiy AUTHORS) and you are the owner, yes?


Here's the site again so you can join:

Q: Can i make use of this AUTHORITYROI website even if i plan to revive my construction

Q:  But Jomar, I  have no idea yet what my niche is. What should my authority site be all about? Should I just jump in with both feet? 

A: They'll help you figure it out dear. Just go to the site and WATCH. If you feel it makes sense. Just DO IT as they take care of the TECHIE part anyway -all the hard stuff setting up your site. I Strongly URGE You to keep open eyes and ears to what they teach and listen and follow them. That's what I would do. DO NOT Blameshift "eh kasi naman sila eh". You're speaking to experts here --so trust that their system works as it has done for them.

If you're inside and you're overwhelmed -that means you're GOING TOO FAST. So slow down. Ganun.

Just have an open heart and mind to LEARN. That's the key. Kasama mo naman ako.

Click: to join / watch and join. Paulit ulit if you need to. Ask ME questions if anything is clear. 

P.S. Ako alam mo niche ko. May passion kasi ako for Christian Music, see?  Pero di lang yun. Marami pa. 

Q: But Jomar, I have no idea yet what my niche is. What should my authority site be all about? Should I just jump in with both feet?

Q: What's your role when AuthorityROI will create full site for you of your own choosing?

A: Your role is to go through their ultra short tutorials (I've seen it) and PICK A TOPIC! 

I know you'll have to make a LOGO too. But I'll release a video how to do that anyway.

Your other role is to OBEY what they say because they're experts at this.

Hmm, dami ka pang role. You'll have to shell out the money for paying writers. I did mention that - yes. This is not just "matutulog ka" and you'll earn money scam.  You'll select the writers too - after all this is your site. But if Ryan's team does the selection, I suggest you FOLLOW it.

Promotion is also going to be your job. That's not a problem as there are tutorials for that AND I'm here to help - anybody getting into AuthorityROI will have me helping them via webinars and even live meet ups (!) to discuss and compare notes.

This will be FUN - because someone more experienced than I am is teaching us. And if you don't understand his ENGLISH, I'm here to taglish it for you. Fun eh?

Of course you're asking - Jomar why did you join this? Because hindi po ako proud, I'm open to learn new things even SMALL new things from experts. I always join the more expensive programs - why not this cheap one at $97x3 months. Sooo cheap so much value.

Really can't get any better than this at the moment. So get in na TODAY is the last day.  Join ka here:

Q: What's your role when AuthorityROI will create full site for you of your own choosing?

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I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

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