Google+ has always been lagging behind Facebook, but hey hey hey - take a look at what they have come out with their newest design made to :

- show simpler, more beautiful streams
- show the brand new version of hangout
- make photos look great in new ways

But more than ever, context & content are now more emphasized.  Check out this quick video about it :

1.  Responsive Design - made to fit the mobile lifestyle of people as more and more are using their phones, ipads and tablets to read emails & do a multitude of tasks.

2.  Pinterest Looking Columns - so could see a lot of info right away on every page.  It can vary to two or three columns.

3.  Larger Photos - so that you to get a good look at them and that includes the expansive cover photos.

4.  More movement -you can notice cards flipping, boxes coming out when you hover, making social networking even more fun.

5.  Hashtags - explore different topics further with the use of hashtags #

6.  New Photo Features - include photo enhancements, backups, animating photos into a collage.

What does this all mean to you aside from all the crazy fun you'll have?  If you are a Social Media Marketer or a Virtual Assistant, this means more emphasis on context exploration & visual content.

Constant changes in times like these make our lives very exciting.  Have fun learning about the new Google+. Live marvelously!

The Newest Design Of Google Plus Will Amaze You!

Whether you're working for a client who needs input on how to maximize social media or an entreprenuer who's thinking how to increase sales, there is an interesting tool online that challenges your thoughts and helps you answer your most pressing questions in new ways.

It's called Free The Genie.  A creative tool that you can use to :

1.  Enhance Personal Creativity
Consult the cards anytime you need a new idea or insight.

2.  Energize Brainstorming Sessions
Stir your team's creative juices. Jump start collaboration.

3.  Improve Meetings, Trainings, and Conferences
Flash a card on the screen to spark meaningful conversation.

4.  Delight Customers, Clients, and Friends
Email cool ideas to people who need them.

5.  Coach Others into Heightened States of Brilliance
Help people get "out of the lamp" and think more creatively.

And it's FREE!  Click on over here to check it out!

So what are you waiting for, try it out, learn, have fun and live marvelously!

Running Out Of Ideas? Try An Online Idea Generator

Is there a way to make your business stand out in a noisy marketplace?

Don’t you sometimes feel like you’re spending money and energy without ever really getting ahead?

Doesn’t it drive you crazy that you seem to be gaining only exposure from those group buying sites while your sales figures stay flat?

Do you feel that your business is reaching a plateau?
If you are just starting, do you feel overwhelmed with information on how to turn your business ideas, hobby and profession into an online success?

I have a new premium program called the Marketing Success Formula (MSF).

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Live marvelously!

KSP Ka Ba Sa Mga Customers Mo?

Working at home doesn't mean you don't have a degree.  Most of the highest paying ones actually need degrees, some on the otherhand are careers thats sprung out of the need to spend more time with family,  more relaxed time and less commute/corporate politics.  Here is a list from Forbes and around the web of the best paying work at home jobs.

By Jomar Hilario.

1.  Software Engineers

Software engineers apply the principles of engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of the software and systems that make computers or anything containing software work.  They are also called computer programmers and software developers.  Forbes lists weekly earnings at $ 1,549

2.  PR Specialists

Public relations specialists create and maintain a favourable public image for their employer or client. They write material for media releases, plan and direct public relations programs, and raise funds for their organizations. 

3.  Market & Survey Researchers

A market researcher helps to inform political, social and economic decisions made by many organisations and businesses.  Their primary aim is to collect and analyze data and information that is valuable to clients. Forbes lists earnings at $1,162 per week.

Though the first three mentioned have a lot still working for agencies/corporations and degrees are needed, here are some that may not require a degree.

4.  Writers / Authors / Editors

This may vary from the type of material being written.  Median weekly earnings $987

5.  Graphic Designers

Weekly they can earn $890

6.  Virtual Assistants

Depending on the expertise and how they value themselves, Virtual Assistants can charge up to $20 or more per hour.  Most start off at $2 just to get experience but as they level up on experience and learn more about increasing their skills via trainings, so do their salaries.

7.  Medical Transcriptionist

$10 - $20 per hour

8.  Translator

$20 per hour

9.  Web Designer

Many businesses need websites nowadays, that's why this job is very in demand.  Average hourly rate at $20.  

10.  Call Center Rep

While most would work in companies, you can be a call center rep in the comforts of your own home. $2 - $12 per hour.

These are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are thousand of different jobs out there now that can fit your expertise.  How much you can make out of these work at home jobs really depend on how much you value yourself and have work to show to back it up.

If you're still starting out and don't have a portfolio to show, join us over at Jomar Hilario Mastery Group - The most active Pinoy Work From Home Group on Facebook - where you will get the support you need to start working & earning from home!

Live marvelously!

Best Paying Work At Home Jobs

Here's an email from one of Jomar's VA students, Ivy. (Thanks for sharing this to us, Ivy!)

"I was looking for a part-time VA job as an additional income, so I applied to this company, FreshDigital eCommerce Solutions.  They were looking for a Virtual Assistant.  I sent them an e-mail with my resume and the following day they replied to me to take this online test.  After taking the test, I need to send them the results.  Two days after, they e-mailed back and welcomed me to their company, but they are requesting me to submit some requirements;  Med Certificate, Transcript, updated NBI Clearance, and Certification from previous employers and I don't have the time to prepare these requirements there is an option #2.  OPTION #2 is Comprehensive Certification from our independent legal contractor. Simply supply a 2x2 picture, ID, and 500 Php processing fee. Payment done thru Western Union via contractor’s collection agent.

I opted for OPTION #1 because I already have these requirements, so I sent it to them in PDF files.  The following day, they replied stating that, "due to urgent demand, position was given to someone that is more available slot for another client with same rate & terms. if interested , complete #2 req. mail back if you want to proceed so we can give you details of our col-ofcr."

It is then, I felt that this is a scam.  I e-mailed them asking for their address here and company website (for which I did some research of their company but found none), but I got no reply from them.

I thought of sending you and Jomar an e-mail if I can post on his FB account.  I would like to warn other job seekers particularly for those looking for VA jobs.

I would appreciate your advise on this.


Why is this a scam, you ask?

ALL the requirements in this gig-opening should not be required if you're applying for a virtual assistant job. I mean, seriously?? 

Obviously, they don't know how to evaluate and hire freelancers online -- maybe they haven't really hired someone online before. What do you think?

After submitting Requirement options #1, she was asked to pass requirement options #2 because "she was not ready".

And what's this one thing included in requirement option #2 na super fishy?

Right. The P500 "processing" or whatever fee.

Kailangan mo ba magbayad para makakuha ng gig?

Nope. Definitely not.

This and more is what I'll be teaching you on August 17.
If you want to learn how to work sa bahay and how to spot a scam, I'm inviting you to join us on August 17, special rates are up until June 4 only. 

Oo malayo pa. But as of today, we already have 27 registrants. We can only accommodate 80 or so. If you won't be able to attend on August 17, baka next year na ang next. So hurry and register.

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Alert: Scam Gig

ELECTION GAME CHANGER (applicable in any country):

How would you want to help people EVALUATE their candidates w/o any bias using ONE IMAGE?
Not all but most.  Even those not running in the elections.
How would you want to SHOW THEM WHERE THE CANDIDATE used the government money last year?
But wait, there's more.
How would you like know what KIND OF BILLS did that lawmaker create in his ENTIRE carreer using ONE IMAGE?

Here's how I did it - so you can do it too:

1. I went to

2. In SOME candidates are links to PORK BARREL and BILLS THEY CREATED.

3. I selected 2012 for each...
4. I copied the ENTIRE page.. CONTROL-A To select all (on the keyboard)
5. I pasted it to http://WORDLE.NET (or I used to create a word cloud. (paste : CONTROL-V)
    Wordle creates word clouds -- The bigger the text, the more prominent is it repeated in the document. 
6  In this case, if you see the words DPWH often in the document, read the source document (press Control-F and type DPWH. Press Enter) to find out that this person / government official has been:
    a) Using his time government time to RENAME ROADS.
    b) Constructing roads.
    If you see the word "Assistance", go to the original BILLS or BUDGET list, press Control-F and type Assistance. Press Enter.
    And you'll see if he's been Giving it to the poor ("Robin Hood?") or something else.
7. Editing the Cloud: I clicked (wordle) / edit words (worditout) on the words in the word cloud that appear to remove them because:
    a. They are not relevant words like "Amount" "Description"
    b. I removed all Location/Province/City names
    c. Because all I want to see are those things / nouns that this official has been spending time and money in.
    d. You can also retain the names to find out if your congressman has been spending money in places other than his own jurisdiction.

8. Result: What the senator/congressman has been prioritising (as reported) with his PORK BARREL/Government Money EACH YEAR.
9. Important : Go back to the document do Item #6 above and write down your conclusions about what this person has been doing.
   You might be surprised that your congressman has been spending his "BILLS" / time renaming roads so that his BILL COUNT can be high. 

You may use this to judge if you want to vote of the person or not - and keep those not running in office HONEST, to a degree.

Now off you go make your own versions!

Note:  Use the same color and same font for ALL your senators and congressmen so there's no BIAS when people evaluate what you have created. After all they can check your work by doing the above. It takes around 1-3 minutes for each image to be created, all in all.

Forward this to everyone who you know wants to evaluate these people a bit more w/o bias.
Disclaimer: You created this yourself, you bring your own bias when you erase words. But it's extremely telling why would someone spend so much time/money to FORCEPS and a STA ANA Distrubutor of Surgical Equipment? It could be he's building hospitals? Is he? Or not. Read the source material to find out, google for news to find out if it was ever reported that he did what he said he did.

ELECTION GAME CHANGER:: How to Evaluate Your Election Candidates using How They Used Your Taxes and What Bills They Made Using Only Two Images

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[VIDEO} Jose Fernandez, sari sari store owner...searching for freedom at the VA Seminar

Steph, Guidance Counsellor, Enjoying in the VA Seminar...

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Steph, Guidance Counsellor, Enjoying in the VA Seminar...

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Amy, BPO Employee loves her job, but is still keeping her options open

Efren, from a Mining Company --the Need for the Work At Home VA Seminar

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Efren, from a Mining Company --the Need for the Work At Home VA Seminar

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Hi sir Jomar,

Thanks.  I just had my first experience today with regards to online marketing.  I just received my commision being your affiliate marketer through my paypal, first time.  thanks again, very encouraging.

Randy A. Tudy, PhD
Acting Director, Center for Social Development Research
Acting Dean, Graduate School
Cor Jesu College

Thank you For The Earnings in Online Marketing..-Randy

Revealed: The Marketing Courstship System Any Business Can Use to Get People To Partner With Them

Revealed: The Marketing Courstship System Any Business Can Use to Get People To Partner With Them

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Elance is one of the best sites out there where you can find your dream home-based gig.

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Jomar Hilario's Step-by-step Free Webinars Registration Process

sorry for the late night e-mail. I was just wondering about the things you said on the webinar about youtube..

..if we use the royalty free music inside youtube we might have a problem with youtube in the future right? That's why you encourage us to make videos without background music.

Does this mean that we only make videos na walang background music?

thanks po!

A: I'm catering to the easiest way to approach to get a YouTube Partner account.
Which is to create a non-debatable video.
Once you get a partner account, use any music you want! :)

Preferably royalty fee.

Question about YouTube + Facebook = Money webinar series

Read the ABS CBN article about this freelancer (VA) who's earning 1.5M at home. Of course if you were in the interview last night, you know this figure is not the highest we've seen so far, our VA guest goals an average of $5000 a month. Now of course you can compute how much that is in pesos yes? And he lives in Manila, too - with his family - works at home and in the nearby Starbucks.

But go ahead check out the article and listen to the limited time recording of last night's webinar interview here:

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Have you read the 1.5M this VA earned last year?

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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