I got this question the other day from Marco.

Hi Jomar,
Question... what's the best way to do if you have already something to sell... or what is the proper way to sell your product?

Sell in your website/blogsite thru links, banners, offers at the end of blogposts OR strictly for blog posts/articles lang dapat ang site mo and sell by sending offers thru emails to your list of subscribers?


My Answer :

Before you even put in links in your website to the products you are selling, it's best to build trust first. Gather your fans or audience first.  Use your website, fb page, emails, and other online channels to build an audience.

In all these online channels, you will do one thing:  Provide useful information to your audience to earn their trust.  You do this several times, in fact you do not stop doing this.  You do this first before you sell.  You need to build your audience first.

Earning online is not simply putting up ads & articles on your website, it will be immaterial if you don't have a set of people who trust, follow and eventually buy from you.  Make sure your blogposts/emails to your subscribers get their trust first even before you put an offer out.

Now, live marvellously!

This Is The Proper Way To Sell Your Products

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1. We have to remove cheaters.
2. Give way to round 2 to make it more fair (again because of cheaters!)

Last night's webinar was very good -- but instead of summarizing it for
you --- I'm inviting those who attended to WRITE UP what you learned
last night into Facebook posts in your own wall. And then tag the
group and tag my Facebook page Jomar Hilario - Philippines Virtual Assistant

How to tag? ==> https://www.facebook.com/help/218027134882349Here's an video on how to tag a page in your post. ==> http://youtu.be/txXrgQgAkuI

C'mon webinar followers, do this for those who missed it and as
practice! Plus if you summarize the webinar, (make it as long as you
can) you remember it better AND you're already doing the pre-promotion
you're supposed to do to earn constant cash!

Go Summarize it Now!

Wait what? Read this again to find out what "summarize means".

Now live a marvellous life,

Practice How To Make Consistent Cash With This Technique!

So now, you're a virtual assistant.

You have earned $xx,xxx for the past years.

Learned a lot of tools and programs as a Social Media Manager, for example. 
Or maybe you have tried to become a virtual assistant and found that it's just "not for you" and you're looking for something more than online earning as a VA.

What's next?

Becoming an online entrepreneur.

And that's what Jomar Hilario will be teaching you tonight, July 29 at 8:00 pm, Philippine Time.

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Join us and know the ropes of becoming an o.nline entrepreneur.

Live marvellously!

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What's Next After Becoming A Virtual Assistant?

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How to Never Miss Jomar's Email Using the New GMail Inbox Interface

Randi Zuckerberg is Mark Zuckerberg's sister and laughs as she says she is the sibling that graduated from Harvard.  After being successful in a large advertising agency she goes to manage the Marketing Department of her brother's company - Facebook.

In this year's RECon2013, the annual gathering of retail real estate professionals working for developers, retailers, brokerage firms and affiliated companies, she presents the Top Ten Social Media Trends.

Luxury On Demand

An expanding number of buyers like to experience luxury in certain parts of their lives because they can't afford to pay for it frequently but still want to experience it.  If you want to impress a client on unique occasions, UBER provides drivers in sleek black cars.  Rent the Runway offers ladies the chance to wear gowns or fashion designer dresses for the special evenings.   “The offering of concierge services is an up and coming trend we see developing among retailers and shopping centers,” she added. “The busy consumer of today wants help managing their hectic lives.”

Mobile Everything - Everywhere

“Successful applications achieved by retailers consist of companies choosing just one task and nailing it,” Zuckerberg said. Talk about not visiting the bank anymore by just photographing a cheque and electronically depositing it via email.  Or an app that allows you to buy Starbucks without paying cash.  Increased convenience to your brand is what will connect you more to users.


Who wouldn't want to operate their own company nowadays?  Thats how employees now think and thats why companies are now implementing ways not to risk losing great talent.  The Google 20% program allows employees to spend up to 20% of their time working on projects that have nothing to do with the company,” she said. “Organizations should recognize this reality and should examine ways to help them.”

Big Data In The Cloud

The challenge here is how to make every experience for the consumer more personal.  Because your brand should know your preferences, important dates that in a click of your smartphone it can automatically suggest items on sale that you love, hotels of your preference and stuff your husband may like for his birthday.  Website should know the clients and their tendencies.

Fast, Fund and Easy Retail

Think of a product or service that can be delivered to your customers' homes on a regular basis.  Subscription shopping is gaining popularity.  Take into mind that consumers are motivated by accessing information that they perceive others don’t have.

Cars Are The New Phones

Currently you can use the GPS, play music and choose your news on your cars dashboard. Today’s consumer spends an increasing amount of time in their cars and it just stands to reason that they will look to save time by shopping. Retailers need to react to this trend by looking into ways to increase client traffic from systems placed inside cars.

The Gamification of Everything

With all the stress nowadays, consumers are looking to escape in games.  You can find fun in any app that motivates you.  “Waking up to the money” is an app that donates $1 to charity every time an individual hits the snooze button.   There's Gym Shame that alerts your Facebook contacts when you skip an exercise routine.  It pays to look further into gamification and how you can incorporate it in your brand.

Everyone Can Have It

You don't have to be a geek to earn extra online.  Task Rabbit runs errands for people who don't have time.  The website Quirky is the "easiest way to bring ideas to life" by getting your next get-rich-quick idea and making it into reality.  If more and more people are looking for ways to earn more, think of how you can help them.

Digital Detox

“Personally, I worry about the large investment of time that my young son already spends on the computer. When I get home, I crave spending time with my family, but quickly find that everyone is back on-line getting close with millions of strangers, instead of me,” Zuckerberg said. “After wishing for connectivity for so long, people are now looking to get off the grid and relax a bit. The pendulum is swinging in the other direction. And then, there is the growing safety issue surrounding texting and driving. That is one reason why you can utilize a system that shuts down your smartphone when your car reaches a speed of 10 miles per hour.” It pays to detox yourself from technology sometimes.

Socially-conscious Retailing     

Have you ever wondered why hand-crafted products and unique ones are gaining popularity?  That's because consumers are now seeking products that are one-of-a-kind and they are now more conscious where these products come from, also if it has some significance to society.  There are brands that donate to charity for every product purchased.

Live marvellously!

Top 10 Social Media Trends by Randi Zuckerberg

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You want Jomar's Team to Make Videos For You? (WATCH THIS NOW)

Most of you reading this took 6 years in elementary, 4 years in high school and 4 years in college. That last 8 years --you already know was the brainwashing to get you into a job.  Not to create jobs, mind you - to go find a "stable" high paying job.  And maybe, you're there or you've set yourself free even if friends and teachers and family tend to "shut you down" -and say entrepreneurship is risk, dangerous and  french! (it is!).

But the kids of your life today, nephews, orphans, sons and daughters - they're living in a new world. It's not obvious because in your pocket you take it for granted that a machine that used to be rated as a "room-sized computer" is what you use every hour to check the news, traffic, photos of your friends --occassionally drop in the toilet bowl and quickly fish out - and use it in the worse times possible - when you're in front of a date you worked so hard to set.

Anyway, you think only that has changed but really …even your old fears from the 8 year job brainwash are practically gone.  14 year old kids today can execute on a business idea quickly -w/o your old "entrepreneur" fears because:

1.  WORTH IT TO BUILD AND SELL: They do not have to create any product to find out if people will buy it. Crowdfunding sites take care of that. If nobody funds it, the kid doesn't build it. And believe me, it's not only crowdfunding sites who are looking to partner with your kid.  

2.  CAPITAL: They do not have to have capital to start a business, only a well thought of plan. Why? Because you can guess what crowdfunding sites do. They raise the capital. And I'm not talking about Gremene Bank in Bangladesh, too.  
In my household today I've several small crowdfunded products I use everyday.

3. SMARTS: They don't even have to be super smart because there are crowd-design sites that can help them (full of smart consumers /buyers) who'll help them refine their thinking and design - for free. For free! For free. And these people are first in line to buy from your kid. What matters is design not the age of the designer.

In my household today I've several small crowd-designed products I use everyday.

4. TIME: Being very young, they have lots of time to think and design and they are aware of common problems -that they can solve --that we aready accept as fact.  After all the best earning businesses are those who solve the biggest problems that people have accepted as unsolvable.   Like "I wish someone would make a cellphone tha's easier to use." Like "I wish I could take a photo by just blinking my eye." 

Like "I wish I can see a building/country/street/city before I go there."
It's these problems that they can solve - if only you would tell them you'd support them. 

5. YOU: It's time you stared at your cellphone and tell yourself: Iba na ang mundo ngayon. Then look at the young people surrounding you -- and tell them - before they regress into sulking, depressed teenagers - that you're there to support them in anyway you can if they are thinking of any big project. 
6. EDUCATION: Be sensitive next time --when you give a comment that SHOOTS down their ideas. 

Because it was a 14 year old kid who sold Twitter his website for $300M. Sure he knew a little programming - but even that can be learned online today.  Did I say online? Nope there's an IPAD GAME for that, too.   

Come to think of it, your kids also do not need BERLITZ to learn a new language, there's an IPAD app and website for that too. Da? (I'm halfway through the cyrllic alphabet, in case you're wondering, Why? 

So I can understand the titles of Masha and the Bear, a favorite RUSSIAN TV show of my kids).

Matagal na nagbago ang mundo. Embrace it and more than that 
--you can supply the MISSING INGREDIENT that can allow your kids and little folk to express themselves --VIDEO TRAINING.

Yes, because to help raise crowd-funds and crowd-designs - the language they need to use to express their ideas is more than words - it's VIDEO.  You may not have the time to learn this, sure. But I'm willing to bet that your kids would love it if you got them an Online Video Course for 3 months. 

This is where the expert Video Genesis product comes in. It's taught by people who actually makes movies - feature films and sales videos.  They teach that you can simply use a SMARTPHONE to shoot videos - not a fancy camera.

They also teach that skills and techniques in shooting and preparing videos are easy to do as long as you've got someone to mentor you. This is where Andy and Mike and Me (Jomar Hilario) come in. If you get the video genesis program for your kids - all three of us will support you and your young people in making your first videos.

I believe video making as a skill is a talent that will NOT go away.  Until we find a replacement for TV, movie and youtube - video will always be with us.

I've lots more details to share you so I'm going to discuss this email tonight at 8pm during my Mondaywebinar entitled "The best ways para kumita ng pera from the inter webs today" or the "Latest trends on online tech you should be studying now."  

So if you're keen on educating yourself out of a debt, out of poverty or out of being soo busy - then join me tonight at http://freewebinaraccess.com.

Warning: Video Genesis is a course taught by people more expert than me, and it's new bonuses and super low price available at (http://jhilario.com/wannalearnvideo) will only be available until Wednesday this week. After that - it may come back to it's old price of $1997. But today it's only 3 months x $97 (mura masayado!) or 10,000+ if you pay in full.

Listen to me, the deal is too good. You don't have time to learn this, then quickly ask the young people in your life to either : Join the webinar tonight, listen to the recording of the webinar tonight OR just ask em- "Wanna learn how to do professsional videos/films using your smartphone? Bili kita ng 3 month online course."  And listen - who doesn't want to be the next Spielberg?  Just try asking with a smile.

Consider this quickly: If there was a guaranteed school of video making (guaranteed because if you're not pleased, then they return your invested money to you) - that includes 6 bonus webinars with Jomar Hilario --- a pinoy -- -but taught by American experts -- wouldn't that be a great oppurtunity to learn for the young people in your life??

If you can't find time to enroll yourself, then enroll your kids!  They have the capacity to change the world, just give them the CHANCE.

Ever wanted your kids to become entrepreneurs like yourself, GIVE THEM AN EDGE NOW - after al, video is the language of this new world, making your kids experts in it gives them such a powerful edge, don't you think? Join in now: http://jhilario.com/wannalearnvideo

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Why your kids and the next generation needs your help

When you work from home, sometimes you find that need to get out and hear some real people. Research also shows that it's pretty hard to be creative in a quiet space.  A loud workspace on the other hand, can be frustrating and distracting.

That's why Coffitivity was created to bring workers from home the mix of calm and commotion in an environment like a coffee house.  It's proven to be just what you need to get those creative juices flowing.

I like what the makers said - when your desktop/laptop isn't quite cutting it, Coffitivity has got you covered. You can even mix your music with coffee shop sounds!

Go check it out now, and feel a little bit like you're living in Starbucks.

Live marvellously!

Get Transported To A Coffeshop Right Now & Get Creative!

So you want to win a P 22,000 value mentoring program from Jomar?

We just launched a new contest in facebook. The prize: a free P 22,000 value mentoring program called OMC2 from Jomar Hilario. It's brand new and step by step to help you create income from the internet - by selling services or digital stuff.  You will not be a virtual assistant in this mentoring program.

How to join the photo contest: 

Or just watch this video to find out how to join:


Now, live marvellously!

Do You Want to Win A P 22,000 Value Mentoring Program?

Yesterday I spent most of my time checking
out two cool softwares that can simply revolutionize getting emails
from clients and customers.

Now I simply avoid hype so when I say REVOLUTION, i mean it!

Both software are PAID ones but one has a $1 trial so I got into that
and tested it.

You want to know what the software is?

I don't know if you already know that most people are in Facebook
nowadays (1Billion plus active users, right?)

Do you also know that even if they're on FB, the most important thing
you need to be doing is collecting emails.

That's the secret of online business, nga pala.

These two softwares or apps (short for application) can get emails
from inside a facebook post. A Post. Not an APP, Not a link, not a
website. But a post w/o leaving facebook, without leaving the post. So
in addition to like , comment and share you can now ask fans to enter
their email address inside the post.

I said INSIDE the post. Not in a custom tab, not in a link, but INSIDE
THE FB post.

Now there are two apps that can do this. One is splashpost and the
other is FB Post Magic.

Now before you go to those sites, read this entire email first!

Both can get emails of the fb fans for you.

But not --the first name -even if their marketing materials say they can.

For serious email marketers, you need to get the first name of your prospect.

That way you don't send a "Dear Friend" email or a "Dear
jomar.hilario@gmail.com" email.

Remember these two apps are paid software.

They charge a monthly fee.

So you're not getting this for free.

However, as I found from testing -NEITHER of them can do it.

You can't get the first name of the prospect from the FB post.

And that's the reason--even if it's REVOLUTIONARY --it's not.

Because of that small small thing.

Actually there's also one more problem -but it's a bit technical (you
can't seem to select w/c list the email address goes to, Madmimi users
know this as "Audience list") -and this part is just as bad as not
having a first name.

I think I took a few hours of FRUSTRATION asking the founders and
support and looking for videos on how to use these new apps but found
none. I found lots of other frustrated people trying on this new app
and getting disappointed. One of the founders (actually the founder of
PAGEMODO, for you MMI members there) even emailed me saying that the
"First name" feature is coming soon. However in their FB, I can see
they've been saying that since March 2013. I then suggested "Gusto nyo
ba ng Virtual Assistant? It seems you can't handle the work anymore."
I'm still waiting for their reply.

Now why did I share this to you?

Simply to show you how much effort I spend just to find GREAT APPS and
SOFTWARE to share with you.  In the replanning webinar I shared
Photofunia and Loonapix and they didn't let me down.


So if you're one entrepreneur or VA who's thinking "I'm going to SELF
STUDY EVERYTHING" ---consider this: I'm a MASTER of SELF STUDY but
even then I too take courses and live events just to SHORTCUT my
learning and access to other's work

That's the reason why I'm sure you can find that the new Video Genesis
program (http://jhilario.com/wannalearnvideo) is something you can
rely on to save you from FRUSTRATION of SELF STUDY.   What is it? It's
a new "How to do Online Video" course that just opened it's doors just
today.   It used to be something like a $2000 course but now it's WAY
TOO LOW that you need to get in right now. Why? Video marketing talent
pays UPWARD of P 35,000/month -and that's just the Virtual Assistant
rate. If businesses are paying VA's that rate, how much money are they
making using quality videos?

And as I said above, how much frustration do you want to HAVE as a
business person before you can master video making?


And if you're thinking you have NO TIME to learn this stuff as an
entrep,--I TOTALLY AGREE. Do not buy this for yourself, buy this for
your employees or virtual assistants!  That's the way I'd do it. You
need time to strategy and marketing ideas and talking to big clients.
Leave the Video Marketing stuff to your people but EQUIP THEM too.


As I just said, fill blown products like this usually cost $1997, but
there's a big trend in my world today to CATER to the ASIAN price
point - and that's --get this $97 for three months lang! And if you
watch the video you'll see they're including a LARGE additional course
on online traffic -for free. Watch the fun video to find out what it
is http://jhilario.com/wannalearnvideo.

It's too expensive NOT to get into this so your team can have video skills!


And course I'll support you too. Just use my link here
(http://jhilario.com/wannalearnvideo) and you'll get 2 WEBINARS a
month (90 mins each) live and recorded --for Q and A and Video

But that's not all, if 20 or more people sign up via my link ---I'll
do a LIVE MEETUP with you in my "Studio" --a spacious place where we
can shoot your videos --and even let you borrow my WHITE SCREEN and

Yes, you read it right - we're going SHOWBIZ  - a live video shoot
--once a month.


This is not just for people with products, what we are BUYING here is
the development of YOUR skills WITHOUT the frustration of TRIAL AND
ERROR or SELF STUDYING a complex thing such as video marketing.

BUT JOMAR, VIDEO MKTG IS SIMPLE, I don't need to learn many things!

If it's that simple, how come only I have a regular video show online?
And how come I have tons of long videos online and none of your
friends do?

On top of that, how come I'm the only Pinoy you know who's been
selling videos since 2009? All of them downloadable?

I know a lot about video but get this....


So we're in the same boat, I'm joining you - and I'm supporting you.

Your goal is to convince your educational financier that you want to
learn this video skill today.

And help us exceed 20 participants so we can do live VIDEO SHOOTS.

JOMAR CAN I JOIN THIS NEXT TIME or join your live video shoots as saling pusa?

Sorry, no saling pusa as you won't be able to understand what we're
doing w/o going through the course.

And no, you can't join this course next month or next next month --
this course (w/c isn't even mine) will be closed for a year (I don't
actually know that PERO I have a feeling it will be, that's what
people in my industry do eh).

So join in the Video Genesis program now using my link
http://jhilario.com/wannalearnvideo and enjoy these perks.


Did you know that some of the members of AuthorityROI (the program I
endorsed before) was VERY DISAPPOINTED with that program? And
yet...those who stuck with ME and with my guidance== now have
authority websites and people writing for them  --and that was the
goal all along!  They are several steps ahead of you -- because they
took action! This is like rice planting,(oo sa farmville) you need to
SOW first before you reap. Are you sowing now? You must be!

You see, reality is - it's just not the program. It's you. It's me and
it's how we turn anything life gives us into a POSITIVE.

And that's why we're doing this together. Only the creators of Video
Genesis can give you this in depth look at creating videos for

I can --but not the in-depth and practical.

Let's learn together in http://jhilario.com/wannalearnvideo

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

P.S. You have no risk, as usual. Everything to gain.

Click here and join now http://jhilario.com/wannalearnvideo

Maganda Ito For You Pero...

My VA Trina had a wake up call when one day, “Mas gusto nang sumama ng daughter ko sa yaya, instead of me. And that’s the time I realized na hindi puwedeng  ganun lang. I have to spend more time with my family.

That happened because Trina used to work as an accountant in different multinational companies. She experienced working in Dayshift, Midshift & Nightshift. Due to her voluminous workload, her office became her second home, sometimes working 12 hours a day, 6-7 days a week.

After that turning point with her daughter, she tried to put up her own businesses--franchise of grilled foods, selling gadgets, branded bags & clothes and MLM--so she can quit her job.

But, they all failed.

And she had no choice but to go back to becoming an employee. Her job? Accounts Payable Accountant doing night shift.

Sadly, this led to a strained relationship with her husband; thus, she decided to resign. Again.

She then got a gig as an Admin VA in oDesk for a Dutch client, charging $1/hour. Even if she was already a virtual assistant, she still attended my VA Seminar. Armed with confidence and new skills, she fired her Dutch client and worked for me.

Now that she’s a virtual assistant, she’s now able to spend time with her daughter.

Trina Edades

Quezon City

Current Gig
Program Manager for Jomar Hilario

Current mobile device
Nokia C3 (as in super luma na.. hehehe)

Computer that you use
Acer Aspire 4750 - 2011 Model


OS Name : Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Processor : i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz, 2001 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical...
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) : 8 GB

Internet Speed according to provider : 2 Mbps

Internet Provider : Globe

Internet Speed according to Speedtest.net : 1.52 Mbps

One word that best describes how you work

What apps/software/tools can't you live without?
Google Calendar, Boomerang & Sticky Notes – These tools are very important to me, because I use them every day and I tend to forget things, that’s why, I have to remind myself always for the things I need to do for that particular day.

What's your workspace like?
My workspace is located under the stairs near our dining area. I have a laptop computer with a second monitor, a 2nd hand office chair and a foot rest under my table.

What's your best time-saving trick?
Get a second monitor. Adding a second monitor will cut down on juggling windows while you work. If you’re working in multiple programs at the same time, minimizing and maximizing software windows consumes your workday more than you realize.

Minimizing Gmail and checking Facebook, then switching back to Gmail also breaks your attention and makes it hard to get back on track.

What's your favorite to-do list manager?

Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can't you live without?
Ipad Mini :)

What everyday thing are you better at than anyone else?
Dealing with day to day situations. Kapag may unexpected situations, i don't easily panic. I just remain calm :)   

Apps/tools you already know BEFORE you became Jomar's virtual assistant:
1)   Facebook
2)   Yahoo Mail
3)   MS Office
4)   Odesk Time
5)   Google
6)   You Tube
7)   HootSuite
8)   Google docs & spreadsheet
9)   Log Me In
10) Asana

Skills you already have BEFORE you became Jomar's virtual assistant:
1)   Making Presentations
2)   Customer Service
3)   Processing Invoices
4)   Vlook-up in MS Excel
5)   Schedule Meeting – MS Outlook
6)   Comment & Upload Pictures in Facebook
7)   Upload & Download videos in You Tube
8)   Creating a blog in Blogger & WordPress
9)   Research
10) Data Entry
Apps/tools you know how to use AFTER you became Jomar's virtual assistant:
1)   Premise
2)   Google – Boomerang
3)   Letter Me Later
4)   PicMonkey
5)   Bit.ly
6)   Shortstack
7)   Invoice Machine
8)   Animoto
9)   Pinterest
10) Go to Webinar
Skills you already have AFTER you became Jomar's virtual assistant:
(1) Creating Membership Sites using WordPress Premise
(3) Album Cover Making
(4) Creating FB Events
(5) How to promote in FB groups
(6) Creating posters/group photo
(7) Making tutorials
(8) Creating Graphs & Charts
(9) Creating a Slideshow in You Tube
(10) Creating video using Animoto

What do you listen to while you work?
It depends on my mood. If I’m stressed, I’m not playing any music.

I just want my place to be quiet..

But, I love acoustic music & acapella songs.

Interesting sa 'kin yung Santorini na photo, kasi dream ko makapunta ng Greece to see that view.

Are you more of an introvert or extrovert?

What's your sleep routine like?
I used to sleep at 1:30 am then wake up at 9:00am but now, I’m trying to sleep at least before 12 midnight so, I could wake at 7:30 am and start my day earlier.

It feels so great when you wake up early because you can accomplish so many things and I still have time to watch Barbie with my daughter...

Fill in the blank. I'd love to see ______ answer these same questions.
Oprah Winfrey

If you weren't doing your current gig,  what would have been your profession?
Most probably, I’m working as an Accountant in an Outsourcing Company. While studying Culinary Arts – Baking & Pastry

What's the best advice you've ever received?
Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time. – Jim Rohn

I love spending time with my daughter. I can now accompany her to school, help her in her assignments, watch & play Barbie and Disney little princesses with her.

Once, pauwi na kami from her school, naglalakad lang kasi kami pauwi, kasi medyo near yung school niya sa house. While walking, she picked some flowers, tapos binigay niya sa'kin & said, “Mommy, this is for you...”

For me, this is really priceless..
Ito yung kagandahan talaga sa pagiging VA.. .. more time with family :)

When my daughter is in school, that’s my “me” time. I go to the Salon for pedicure or go to the nearest spa to have a massage or read inspirational books like Prayer of Jabez, Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul and Bo Sanchez’s books.

I also love drinking milk teas :) . Kaya everytime I want to drink milk tea, after ko ihatid daughter ko sa school diyan ako work.

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“Adding a second monitor will cut down on juggling windows while you work.” - Trina Edades, VA for Jomar Hilario

Ito yung kagandahan talaga sa pagiging VA.. .. more time with family” - Trina Edades, VA for Jomar Hilario

“I love spending time with my daughter. I can now accompany her to school, help her in her assignments, watch & play Barbie and Disney little princesses with her.” - Trina Edades, VA for Jomar Hilario

How I Work Series: Meet my VA Trina Edades and learn how she finally decided to leave her day job

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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