Here's the last part of N.P.'s email. 
Brace yourselves.

I hated myself for being the super workaholic person kasi even when im still single noon, josko! i was that so conscientious carrying "homeworks" sa bahay namin kasi wala naman akong pastime, alam mo naman sa probinsya ..unlike there sa mega metropolitan manila na maraming distractions after work ..dito sa probinsya naku ngayon ngayon nalang my mga nightlife, 2010 yata nag start...

kaya naku! hanggang nag ka family nako, kasi Im working as an executive assistant noon, LGU --alam mo naman pag political ang nature 24 hours kung pwedeng gising ka, gising ka kasi an dami daming interventions para sa mga constituents ..

isipin nyo po, there was a point in my life na NAKALIMUTAN KO SUNDUIN MGA KIDS KO (3 young kids at that time) sa school because I WAS SO IMMERSED SA PINAPATAPOS NA MGA RUSHES SA OFFICE NAMIN? MY GOSH! when our daughter called me, "nanay para na po kaming mga basang sisiw dito sa school, kami nalang po ang di pa nasusundo dito " gosh! i cried a lot, i hated so much myself, parang sama samang nanay ko, i was so conscientious, my service ang opisina namin, pang serbis ng bayan TAPOS SARILI KONG MGA ANAK DI KO MAN LANG NAISIPAN PASUNDO, kahit for once, because i was so engrossed with my work ! (hate hate hate ko talaga myself! tanga tanga ko yatang nanay!)

and yes, totoo. siguro marami pa rin mga workaholic na tulad ko na yan mga , BAKIT PAG NAG KASAKIT TAYO ..PAG NAMATAY TAYO, I GUARANTEE YOU, DAY 1 PALANG NG LAMAY MY KAPALIT KANA SA TRABAHO MO why talaga sacrifice your family's (kids especially, welfare & quality time over trivial matters?)..but then tama po kayong dalawa ni sir jom..NAIISIP NA RIN NAMIN YAN ..KAYA LANG ..WALA YUNG PUSH..YUNG KUSANG LOOB,,YUNG BOLD DECISION NA..THIS IS IT! ITS ENOUGH! .. can your world love you if you dont even value your life? ..not cguro na walang halaga, figuratively speaking, yun bang maybe unconsciously, because were so engrossed ourselves to our work ..napo-forget na natin na IN EVERYTHING THERE IS A TIME..

a time to sit back think and re-focus 

..kung di pa ko nagkasakit ng ganito sa over stress...saka lang mare realize ang pinaka essential sa buhay ay yung quality time youve spent with your kids, spouse, family 

..hay, Im 44 now, I hope its not yet so late to realize these things and make new start ...

sabagay, kung si Lord nga eh, if you make your great turn around to Him and repent, THERE IS NEVER A TOO LATE TIME FOR HIM TO MAKE A FRESH START IN YOUR LIFE ..

sige po mam nikki, im about to end my work, ini email ko lang work ko sa bosses ko and then ill call it a night na.  nakita ko lang kasi sa inbox ko na youve answered my email kanina ..

thank you for your time. 

Really, im determined to make my baby steps to get free from this noose of 8-5 work ..and more freedom to mix quality time w/ family & work at home .

again god bless for being an angel to me. 


I know some of you are in this situation, too.
No time to go to the family day event in your children's school,
Pasyal kayo ng family 'pag hindi na busy si daddy with work',
Can't go home here in the Philippines because of the contract kaya you won't be able to celebrate your parents' wedding anniversary...

Things -- The most important things -- we tend to take for granted because of work. You now have a choice.

Are you like N.P. who's willing to start changing the course of her life?

Join N.P. and others who have already realized what's the most valuable thing you can have in this world. Click here now:

Truth Part 3: "...Ang pinaka essential sa buhay ay yung quality time you've spent with your kids, spouse, family..."

By Nikki Hidalgo

Yesterday, I published a post about someone who realized how important it is to spend time with your loved ones and how she lost a lot of her time with work.

After the first email, I asked N.P. if I could share her story to the world as this might be the wake up call someone is waiting for. Here's her response...


yes miss nikki. if it can help and inspire, please do.  actually, even if im still feeling sick, nag o o.t. na naman ako kahit kalalabas ko lang sa hospital bcoz this work really needs the a.o s (admin officers output, di mo naman ito ma delegate sa iba..kaya naku, im looking forward to you as my guiding angel .  you know, sa grabeng workload, I DO NOT HAVE YET EVEN HAVE THE "PERSONAL TIME " TO "MOURN " my beloved mother's demise ..until now para palang blur ang lahat day, when everything's quiet, i'll go to church and cry my lonesome and "grieve" talaga for her.

that how bad minsan ang regular work sked no? kahit grieving mo ..nananakaw pa sayo...

im still at the office, but i decided slowly to cut back ..i need to recover my life ..hindi naman ginagagwan ng dambana ang mga heroic workers ..nakaburol kapa kapalit kana. thats the hard realisation.

god bless to you so much and to sir jom and to bro. bo, for introducing sir jom's corner to us all.

love you guys for saving me.


Is this situation familiar to you?
Wait until you read her 3rd email...

In the meantime, let us know what you think by hitting the comments section below.

Truth Part 2: "I need to recover my life..."

By Nikki Hidalgo

I received this email a couple of days ago.

It struck me how bare and bold her words are. It's a sad reality for most of us yet we've been brainwashed to just ignore it and live with it "because this is how life is supposed to be".

But this person, just got a wake up call and I'd like to share it with you. It's quite long but it's worth every minute.


Dear Miss Nikki:

Ever since I joined sir Jomar's group I never failed to received profound emails regarding how it is possible to work at home and experience quality time with your family. 

I am still working in a regular 8-5 time frame and the stress, i think it's already taking its toll on me.  At the same time, sir jomar's observation to many of his reader's is true. We just read what we want to read, and do not really put our heart in it. It is not procrastinating ..the truth that our time is being eaten by our regular work prevents us so much from learning so much from your reads. 

Just recently, my mother passed away after battling colorectal cancer for more than a year and a half.  I am the eldest in our family and from the brood of 9 siblings, we are only 5 income earners, the rest do not have jobs, and of ocurse, in our filipino culture, I almost shouldered all of the financial stress ..aside from providing for my own family.  

My husband is retired, and our eldest child is in 2nd year college now ..

This september, my mother passed away, and after the interment i was hospitalized due to stress-induced illnesses.  My vital organs have registered abnormal results, different from the fact that im a healthy person with no illnesses at all..except the normal cold and cough from time to time. 

While Im at the hospital, I was hit by the hard reality.  Its either change my course in life and be the parent my young kids very much needs or die early of super stress..

My point, miss nikki, is ..I am interested to make the starting / baby steps towards working at home as a virtual assistant .. I may not yet have the luxury of so many spare time to listen to your beginners lecture , but I am decided to taker in little by little instructions from you to help me prepare for the VA job, since I can say that I am a good administrative assistant considering that my present job is just like this.  I am a good communicator too, especially in terms of making info briefers, narratives, letters.  I am just giving you an honest assessment of my capabilities.  I also love to write short stories, only that the constricting time of 8-5 prevented me from going after my passion, since, after office hours, Its mom/wife time and time to attend to the family.   I know also how to make illustrations for children. but well, I wonder it you have heard of EXHAUSTION HAS KILLED THE FIRE / INSPIRATION IN YOU?

thank you miss nikki and I do pray ti God that you'd be my angel who can help me turn my life around again..ljust like mr. og mandino's inspirational book about a rag picker : that helps other people rise from his ashes and turn around the rags into from the living dead of sullen / deaeded inspiration. 

Thank you , godbless and merry christmas. 

Pls tell sir jomar, that he is also god's greatest gift to people who are searching for other options to live life with their family to the fullest and still able to enjoy freedom of income .

God bless you all.


2nd part of this email to be posted tomorrow...

[Warning] Truth: Are You Ready to Hear It? - Part 1

Here's what you need to know about the How to Work with Pinoys Essay Contest

You did notice Taal Volcano of Batangas, Philippines in the new Katy Perry video did you? Did you?
Scroll down for photos and screen captures. It appears TWICE and was edited out in the last (3rd) shot.

Philippines Tagaytay's Taal Volcano in Katy Perry's Roar Video

photo from 500px/


A pleasant day to you.  I am excited to ask you some questions after reading Bob Bly's Affiliate Marketing program.  I want to feel i am already qualified to do the task of emailing a lot of people even if i am not, ok lang kaya if I will signup for his affiliate program for a try and see how it works? Please send me your nod reply if OK.

I want to live a marvellous life!


My answer :

Just do it. Just know that if you have little relationship with people before you email them - the results are very very little.

Relationship = Talking to them about a topic (bob bly's topic) for a few months already.

It's the same case if you join my affiliate program : and email people after that. 

That One Thing You Need To Have In Affiliate Marketing

Nikki, my virtual assistant got this message from Joanne who got a gig on Elance.  

I just want you to know that I am happy with my client and so far he's happy with my services too.  As of now I am doing several tasks for his recruitment solutions company such as Human Resources and General Admin, Research and Data Entry and Blog Writing and it is all connected to my expertise of being an HR and Project Specialist. He is also paying me a good rate through Elance. 

I feel so blessed. Everytime I go to church and pray to Him, tears fall down, kasi I am able to take care of my son.  And you know what, he's doing great in school and he gets good grades kasi ako nag tutor sa kanya. And the most important thing is pag maysakit sya I don't need to excuse from work to take care of him kasi I'm working from home na.


We always look forward to your emails like this!  

It's really different when you are with your kids most of the day in your everydays.

If you have any more stories that may bless and inspire others, don't hesitate to send an email to me.  

Live marvellously!

How It Is To Be Happy and Content

By Toby Arcellana

Jomar’s Note:  Toby is one of the newest members of my growing team of virtual assistants.  If you are a regular attendee of my online shows, you would have seen the work of Toby as he is in charge of setting up our GoToWebinars. 

The other week, we received an email about a disaster that he experienced alone while working from home.  I asked Toby to share his story and here it is, which he wrote in a nearby computer shop.

Waking Up To An Ordinary Day or So I Thought

Photo credit

Yesterday morning, I thought, was just like any other day. The sunlight woke me up as the warm rays penetrated my bedroom window directly hitting my face as if it was saying, “Wake up sleepy head! It’s a brand new day for God’s blessings.”  

And so I did. I took a bath, ate my breakfast, did my home chores and when everyone had left for work, I opened my laptop and started doing my business as a Virtual Assistant.

Little did I know, that day would be different.  I didn’t watch the news that morning, as you  know, tv distracts attention especially when working; I’ve come to regret this later on.  

Apparently, everyday rain showers are a natural occurrence during the last quarter of the year.  Ber months nga, so natural lang na maulan – this I said to myself. Feeling secured at home, I did my work and got busy checking my emails for urgent tasks from my client, not minding the changing weather outside as the sky started to turn dark and the wind blew furiously, I thought to myself what a perfect opportunity to drink coffee; cold weather and hot coffee .

So I poured water on my trusty kettle and left it to boil then I resumed my work, at that same moment, raindrops started to fall. At first there were droplets (ambon) then it became heavy drops of rain banging on our tin roof, lightning and thunder followed.

Disaster Struck Our Home
I did not concern myself with all the noise until I saw water rushing in the house through a small opening under the door.

To my horror, everything was wet in minutes! Our furniture, appliances, books, shoes -- all of these were soaking wet -- it was a total disaster!

I panicked but the boy scout in me went into auto pilot. Time to test the fight or flight reaction to fear – I said, while thinking out loud.

I immediately sprang into action, turned the main circuit breaker off to avoid electrocution, closed the gas tank regulator  then grabbed all the important documents, stuffed these all in an airtight bag and I climbed up to the highest part of the house and hid it there.

I rushed down, did a quick assessment of things and grabbed a separate bag and placed things with personal value like the Bible, family pictures and photo albums and placed them inside and hid the bag beside the important documents.  

The next thing I did was to grab my cellphone to inform the family members of the situation and turned on our battery operated radio for news updates.

I cannot remember how many times I rushed up and down the stairs carrying things that I can save. I was a bit too late. the water had damaged most of the stuff and most of it was my dad’s expensive equipment.

I stopped and prayed for a while asking God for help to keep my family safe and also praying for all my kapitbahays who were experiencing the same fate.

Pretty much all the stuff at the lower part of the house was soaked and it all happened in a spark of few minutes.  

Photo credit

The Physical Test That I Needed To Pass
In such a short span of time, I felt that I was tested.  I felt I was taking the final exam in school with a short time limit, and at the same time,  I  was sprinting in a race!  

My lungs were grasping for more air, I needed to breathe and the only thing I heard was my heart pounding.  Adrenaline was rushing through my veins, giving me that extra push to exceed the physical limits I thought I couldn’t possibly do (my body went to overdrive).  

Listening to the radio for storm updates, I was relieved to find out that there weren’t any news about a storm. I said to myself – no reason for me to gather food for the rain will subside soon.

What Caused the Sudden Flooding of Our Home
The reason behind the sudden rise in water was the unexpected amount of waterfall and the drainage line clogged with soil. The road leading to our home isn’t fully cemented and the soil tends to erode when heavy rain occurs.

All in all, the rain lasted for four hours but the damage it left us and the amount of time it would take to clean and put things back in order may take us a week.  This excludes  all the expenses needed to fix all the damaged equipment ---  All of these makes my head ache just thinking about it.

Here’s the worst part of it all: there’s no internet connection and my laptop is damaged -- A big no no for a virtual assistant like me!

The Brighter Side
Let’s focus on the brighter side of the story; by noon my family arrived we started segregating the wet from the dry stuff. It took us hours and hours to scrape off and get rid of the muck and flood water, but while we are doing this, my family were having meaningful conversations with each other, and this became some sort of a bonding moment.

Our conversations kept going as we went through each item that was damaged, reminiscing its history and deciding if we were to throw it out or keep it.

Although a lot of the stuff was trashed we’ve set our perspective on the one thing that mattered most:  “Everyone’s safe”.

To end my disaster story with a positive note, times of disasters give birth to something meaningful.  For my family, it was a way to have a bonding moment and it reminded us on things that we have which really matter, we have each other…

It made me think:  God is really looking after my home and my family.

I couldn’t imagine the extent of damage we would have to endure had I not been around when the disaster struck our home.  More than the damaged equipment and furniture, we would have lost our important documents and the personal things that we value.

I really feel blessed for making that decision to start on my Virtual Assistant Business.

Toby Arcellana
Virtual Assistant to Jomar HIlario

P.S.  Christmas will soon be near, and I wouldn’t mind if people suddenly become generous! he he he

P.S. You can still make that decision to turn around your life and career and enjoy more bonding moments with your family.  Check it out, this is where I started:  Http://

Surviving Flood and Disaster As A Work From Home Virtual Assistant

I got this question on busyness.

Q: Hello sir. pwede pa po ba sa December mag.sign up sa OMC3? =( weekends lang po kasi ako available specifically po Sunday lang as of now, can i still cope with the mentoring? Thank you po.

A: The lessons are self paced. So if you have time waiting in front of an elevator, a bus, inside a bus waiting to arrive in your destination, washing dishes and walking the dog, jogging and doing things that are not taxing to the mind -- then you can join in.

Why? Because you can download all lessons and videos as long as you have a smart phone - you can load it in there. We even teach you how to load it in your phone (basta may apps ang phone mo).

Once you understand the concepts and the mindset - then you can start working on the computer. What most people don't know is -- the skills are EXTREMELY SIMPLE. You just have to have someone like me (jomar) teach you what to click and if you can follow ARROWS then you can do this.

I advise to go through the videos many many times BEFORE you even open a computer to work or to create a blog. Also if you get the dream deal, SOMEONE ELSE will make your site and FB for you. So all you need to do is UNDERSTAND and COMMAND. - for the first month at least.

How To Cope Up With Mentoring When You're Busy

This year saw our team growing. With the addition of new members, more tasks needed to be done, and I had to unload some of them to focus on delivering content of helping Filipinos develop internet skills so you can start working from home and spend time with the people you love.

Enter Jasmine Roces.

Although a late bloomer in technical matters, her super powers lie in organizing my cluttered ideas. She's in charge of managing the team and creating systems for online use, and oh, she's the one responsible (together with Nikki and Trina) for the Christmas Deal we launched last year.

Having worked for a government agency before becoming a VA, she'd always think, "Gusto ko nasa bahay lang." She would say this when she had to drag herself to work, specially when she had to bring her umbrella. Rainy days? Baha?

Now, she's living her dream of working from home. Her growth in techie stuff has been immense, having overcome her fear of exploring and learning new tools to study.

Her favourite word nowadays is "pasalubong"! Being the one left at home by her grown children, she's now the one who asks them to "bring mommy some pasalubong".

Jasmine Roces

Metro Manila
Current Gig
Project Manager for Jomar Hilario

Current mobile device
Uber Retro Nokia Express Music ha ha ha

Computer that you use
MacBook Pro and soon Imac
One word that best describes how you work
Passionate and Driven
What apps/software/tools can't you live without?
BusyCal ( or Gdocs - for the schedule of our team
Excel in Docs To Go ( - for my daily personal finance
Alarmed app ( - which reminds me of my daily affirmations and declarations

What's your workspace like?
I have 2 workspaces: Starbucks and my home office

Jasmine Roces: "My second office -- Starbucks"

When I work in Starbucks, I sit on my favorite corner with my mac, orange earphones and blue sweater (I'm ginawin eh!). I try to do this once a week to have a fresh perspective in my VA business.

My home office can be described with just one word: Minimalist. I like to keep my workspace organized. I love white spaces thus, my table is white. I invested in an ergo chair (so I will stop working in bed!)

My home office is inside my room (Lagot kay Jomar!). Right in front of my office table is my bed. I have a TV but this is rarely turned on (only when there's American Idol and some Asian cooking show he he he!)

Jasmine Roces: “My project management tools - calculator, unlined notebook and colored pen, my suklay para maayos pa rin ang buhok!”

I always have my wooden comb on my table. When I need to be in the Project Management mode, I comb my hair to relax my mind and help me think straight!

I am also thinking of getting a stand up desk wherein you are standing on a yoga mat while working. It's supposedly less stressful for your back and prolongs your life. (

What's your best time-saving trick?
I use Pomodoro Technique or Howler app.

During business meetings, I try to stay on purpose, always reminding myself of the outcome that I want to get.

On my Mac, I set up several alarms and it talks like my male secretary and he reminds me of my next tasks (Client time, learning time, family time, beauty time etc.)

What's your favorite to-do list manager?
Pen and Paper and my whiteboard (The whiteboard was a tip shared by our wonderful VA Guest thanks Sweet Reyes!)

At the start of the day, on my whiteboard, I write the top 3 things that I need to accomplish for the day based on my milestones. I rank them from 1-3 and indicate the estimated number of hours I will spend working on each of these items.

Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can't you live without?
My iTouch

I can live without a cellphone but I cannot live without my iTouch. It's like my personal secretary, who reminds me of my hourly schedules and powerful declarations.

Before I sleep I use my iTouch to check my mails (this one habit has to go before the end of the year so I can sleep peacefully!)

What everyday thing are you better at than anyone else?
I'm great at organizing closets and drawers because I give away stuff that remain unused within 6 months.

I am great at doing my personal finance, I keep track of the cash flow of my VA business and daily expenses.

I am also great at supervising our family menu -- supervising only not cooking ha ha ha!

I am great at thinking of rakets or simple and fun streams of income

10 apps you already know before being Jomar's VA
I'm a late bloomer when it comes to techie stuff so I only knew quite a few:
- Basic MS Office (Yes I have a MAC and I did not know Pages, Numbers and Keynote then!)
- Wordpress
- DocToGo, Alarmed, This is Note for my Itouch
- At least I knew how to use Skype and Facetime ha ha ha

10 skills you already have before you became Jomar's VA
- Project and people management
- Organizing and coordinating skills
- Business sense and idea creation
- Business communication
- Powerpoint presentations - in my previous office, I ruled as "Powerpoint Queen" simply because my officemates are all older  than me (nearing retirement age) and they don't know Powerpoint!

10 apps you know AFTER you became Jomar's VA
- Pages, Numbers, Keynote
- Pomodoro and Howler
- Google Calendar and BusyCal
- IMovie
- iPhoto
- Keynote, Pages, Numbers
- Gdocs
- Namemangler
- Mindnode
- Dropbox
- Event Scheduler
- Picmonkey

10 skills you know AFTER you became Jomar's VA
- Leadership skills and full utilization of my D personality
- Sharper business sense with the marketing training
- Improve writing skills (testimonials, articles, headlines, sales copy and newsletters)
- Creating systems for online use
- online team management via DISC
- dealing with a client with Dominant personality
- Better sense of what people want or need
- create pricing strategy
- manage social media accounts
- create engaging posters
- relationship building in social media
- FB data management
- online marketing strategies
- how to sound more human and connect with people online
- Create YouTube videos - this skill is a turning point for me as my confidence as a techie grew 10 times!

What do you listen to while you work?
Pentatonix and Urban Method from the defunct Sing Off series. If I'm doing any writing stuff, i need complete silence.

Are you more of an introvert or extrovert?

What's your sleep routine like?
My I-touch reminds me to be in sleeping mode as early as 9:30 PM. I have a super loud alarm sound for this. At 10 PM I should be in bed - except when we have webinars (See? I'm still a work in progress on this one!).

Before I sleep, I listen to a YT video or CD of Bo Sanchez, Esther Hicks, Tim Ferriss, Ted Talks, Authors @ Google.

Fill in the blank. I'd love to see ______ answer these same questions.
Marilyn Monroe

If you weren't doing your current gig,  what would have been your profession?
I would be stuck in an 8 to 5 job, I'd be the Powerpoint Queen of our department, bossing around my co-workers who are decades older than me (they have remained my friends up to this time!).

I would probably be doing part-time business rakets during weekends and after office hours.

What's the best advice you've ever received?
1. Use your natural gifts and abundance will flow.

2. Let it go! - especially for things that are beyond our control. I firmly believe that the best is yet to come. This gig is one of the best things that has come into my life. Had I known that this would be a super major fun learning experience, I would have resigned 2 years earlier!

3. Buy a Mac! - for non techies, if you want a stress free life (read: virus free) Bonus: its an equipment with higher resell value *wink wink* does not depreciate like a car!

How I Work Series: Meet My Avant-Garde Virtual Assistant, Jasmine Roces

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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