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Hey, I have something for you...

Here, I want you to stuff your iPod with these GOLDEN interviews.
Click here:

Note: Don't listen to Jay Abraham. Listen to the people he interviews.
That's from someone who's been listening to Jay for years.


Merry Christmas to you.


Merry Christmas! Now here's another gift for you

Assorted itong mga gifts ko for you:

1) When working as a VA - at home - there's an option to use a "Standing Desk", here's what Ann (a VA) did - and here's her findings regarding using a Standing Desk. :

2) That's Ann's wordpress blog. If you visit it again, you'll see two BIG BADGES on the right. The first one is the A+ VA Blog, it's a badge with a number (look closely) that belongs only to Ann because my team found her blog to be SOO GOOD.

It means the content and organization and design deserves an award. We do not give this to anyone. First you have to finish the VA Seminar (Bundle1, Bundle 3 or Singles1.) then you have to create the blog (obviously) then my team has to VOTE that your blog gets an A+.

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3) Below that badge is GREEN one that says "FRESHMAN" - it's the Online Mentoring Club 3 (OMC3) badge. It means she's  done with 3 months training with the OMC3 - my program that teaches fb marketing, email marketing, video marketing, image marketing, pinterest marketing - in a span of 12 months. "FRESHMAN" means she still has 3 other badges to go - until the coveted SENIOR badge.

At that point, she'll have added content marketing and more experience with other means of online promotion.  There are more than 100+ active members inside Bundle 6 -and they're all having fun learning what I do everyday to earn MILLIONS online. Get started with your OMC3 badge now.

4) Many are asking "How do I Start?"

Wanna earn sa internet in 3 months time? Go to #2 above. (VA)

Wanna learn to earn even more but in 12 months time? Go to #3 above (OMC)

You already have a business and want to LEVEL up sa internet? Get the Marketing Success Formula - 7 months of meetups and trainings - live.

5) What is my success secret I learned from Bo Sanchez about planning? And why are mentors useless to you?  How do you over come fear and procrastination?

Get the answers from the recordings of the 3 webinars last Wednesday (Dec 18) :

6) When you're in the office or at home, and you need AMBIENT Christmas Music, try this COOL 1 HOUR of BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENTALS:

7) If you're asking Jomar what's your next event? It's on Jan 25 - your success planning workshop. The FIRST of it's kind. Only success minded people should join it's at a massive discount until today only - click here:

8) Jomar, I'm not in the Philippines, can I avail? YUP. Most of the Bundles are DOWNLOADABLE.

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Finally, Christmas gifts for you

Couple of days before Christmas and we're still teaching and you're still learning.
Some holiday tips here too:

1. If you happen to know someone with a "smart" mobile device (I called it a portable computer (PC) you'd call it android, galaxy tab/zoom, ipad, iphone etc), holidays like Christmas gets the app sellers to discount or make their apps (games etc) for free. Go visit the play store and apple store for some discounts or "apps now free" for the holidays. Go google "app store holiday sale 2013" to find the lists that people have compiled.

2. Buying late gifts. Don't bother waiting for gift wrapping counter. Pack scissors and tape in your bag (except if you're going on a plane) -- and buy wrapper from the street vendors. Go inside a fast food and wrap there! :)

3. The cheapest and most meaningful gift you can give is a printed schedule of all the vacations you PLAN on bringing your loved ones this new year. It's just paper, ink and time. Better yet, have it laminated and mounted on the most prominent place in the house - to remind you of your promises. :)

4. Tonight, we'll explore a gold mine, a gold rush, a diamond rush and a newly discovered oil field rush. What is that? Using cartoons to attract people's attention --and make them buy - in facebook - no less.

Requirement #1: You know how to use Facebook.
That's it.

Join here:
This is free. Yes you got a party, then we're going to MISS YOU.

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By promoting Jomar you can earn.

Real cash.

Yup, read that again.

6. I'm having a TECH Auction of sorts. I'm selling my used WHITE IPAD2 16GB, used WHITE IPAD3 32GB, 2007 iMac with 20 inch screen, 4GB memory, 2.4GHZ Core 2 Duo and a NEW 2 TB Hard Disc with NEW wireless mouse and NEW wireless keyboard.

Note: When looking a macs -all those number DO NOT compare to Windows PC numbers.

Auction details coming up soon.  We're doing this like kick-starter with bonuses if you bid higher. Will let know you more in a few days.

7. Did the Christmas Bundles promo end? No, only the 60% discounted ended. They're still available for 40% off! Christmas is about 2nd chances. TAKE IT NOW:

8. BONUS: Something about the Christmas Bundles: You may be expecting to receive a powerpoint? Yes? Actually you're getting more than that - for the new bundles and material -- I'm doing a voice over explanation on VIDEO and AUDIO so you can listen and learn while looking at the fireworks. Recording is ON GOING at the rate of 2 videos a day - so stay tuned when you receive your new videos.

We don't like to dump 5 videos on you at the same time - that overwhelms people and causes them to "TURN OFF" -- instead -- we're giving you the bundles a little at a time so you take the time to pay attention to them.


9. Have you seen a PLUS 1000 PESOS deal before - if you're not happy with what you got? Well the Xmas Bundles have it. Better than your mall deal of "Return or exchange in 7 days", right?

10. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Have you used Cartoons to sell? Find Out How + Last Minute Christmas Tips

Here's a Q & A on learning online :


Sir Jomar,

Thanks for writing me.... 
You see,I used to be an engineer, and sanay ako ng mag multitask, and yun ang isa sa mga hindi ko pa magawa , dahil I’m having a brain panic attack pag napapagod ang utak ko na mag isip ng marami.

And dahil din dito, I wasn’t able to work muna. kinda depressing sa side ko. But before, i am already reading some of your works/blogs, about making money.

I just don’t really know what to do. I want to help my wife but i dont know how.  Tried to check internet for money making but I’m still not in luck to find one.

Can you help me?

Would appreciate if you will write back....


Hmmm....but you can watch my webinars right?

Watch them endlessly!
Pag convinced ka na.

Pwede ka na MAG ACTION.

Forget multi-task. DUAL lang.
Different SENSES pa dapat ang gagamitin mo.

Pag napagod ka sa kaka-panood ng video ko na libre, PAHINGA KA.

Then watch again.

The best way you can help your WIFE IS TO BE THE BEST PERSON YOU CAN BE TODAY.

To begin with watch ALL the youtube videos ni : nick vujicic

NOW ----- the way to earn money online or offline is simple.
IBAHIN MO SARILI MO para attractive ka sa money.

After NICK, watch all of JIM ROHN's videos sa Youtube. LIBRE.

Do not stop until MEMORIZED mo na ang mga talks.

Ayan, SORRY I know you wanted a LISTENING EAR. PERO I know the solution eh.
So I had to say it.

SORRY if I had to solve your problem for you.


Want to Make Money in the Internet? Watch YouTube

Cheska loves everything about life. She loves taking pictures of unusual things that for her defines beauty and uniqueness. She loves make people smile, inspire them, and touch their lives the best way she can, like making short conversations with a cab driver, an ice cream vendor, or a janitress. One of her ultimate mottos is “Do something every day that will make God smile.”

But just like all human beings, Cheska have also had rough days. She just one day felt extremely exhausted with all the office politics and commute hazards, and also felt the urgency to provide quality time for her elderly parents. She tried looking for different opportunities to earn money and even joined an MLM (multi-level marketing) company. But even that didn’t work out. She had no idea what a Virtual Assistant is back then. But when she met me from one of Bo Sanchez’ financial seminars, it occurred to her that working at home is the perfect opportunity that God has been preparing for her.

Fast forward… Cheska is now a part of my powerful team of VAs.

Cheska Joya

Metro Manila

Current Gig:
VA for Jomar Hilario

Current mobile device:
Nokia C3

Computer that you use:

Intel Core i3 2.40GHz

Internet Speed according to provider :

Internet Provider :

Internet Speed according to :

One word that best describes how you work

What apps/software/tools can't you live without?
  1. SnagIt - for a much better printscreen-ing experience
  2. Picmonkey - where I quick-edit photos
  3. Bufferapp - where I schedule contents for Facebook and Twitter
  4. Hootsuite - where I schedule contents for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  5. Excel - where I organize raw data before sending a Word document to a client.
  6. Word - where I place all the contents to be submitted to the client.
  7. Powerpoint - where I create presentations
  8. Gmail - where I communicate with all my clients
  9. oDesk Team Room - where I log my working hours
  10. Dropbox - where I save big files that can be shared to clients.

What's your workspace like?
It depends on my mood. It can be really messy at times, but usually tidy with a number of post-its here and there, and some ready-to-grab books so I can read while waiting for some files to upload. If I want total peace, I work in my room na sinadya kong walang TV. But I am usually in our living room so I can spend more time with my family, watch tv (kasi hindi ko matiis ang National Geographic, Discovery Channel, CNN, Amazing Race, Survivor, pati Cartoon Network), or easily access the dining area to grab snacks, or quickly go to the laundry room to do the laundry.

Latest books: The art of influence (referred by a good friend), The rules of life (given to me by my eldest brother), How to turn your passion into profit (bought during the Wealth Summit by Bo Sanchez)

What's your best time-saving trick?
Organize stuff/files so you can easily find it when you need it, and plan a daily itinerary so know what you need to accomplish before the day ends. Write down your to-do list. If you don’t write them down, they will most likely end up being undone.  

What's your favorite to-do list manager?
No apps, just my classic whiteboard, planner, and post-its.

Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can't you live without?

What everyday thing are you better at than anyone else?
Dual-tasking. Working while playing/ talking to someone else/ watching a movie. =)

Apps/tools you already know BEFORE you became Jomar's virtual assistant:
  1. SnagIt
  2. Bufferapp
  3. Hootsuite
  4. Tweetdeck
  5. Excel
  6. Word
  7. Powerpoint
  8. Gdocs
  9. Evernote
  10. Dropbox
  11. Pinstamatic
  12. Pinwords
  13. Quozio
  15. Rafflecopter
Skills you already have BEFORE you became Jomar's virtual assistant:
  1. Social media marketing
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Web research
  4. Blog writing
  5. Photo editing
  6. Customer service
  7. SEO writing
  8. Powerpoint presentation
  9. Forum posting
  10. Data entry
Apps/tools you know how to use AFTER you became Jomar's virtual assistant:
  1. Toggl
  2. Invoice machine
  3. Picmonkey
  4. Animoto
  5. Woobox
  6. Wishpond
  7. contestcapture
  8. timelineslicer
  9. Pagemodo
Skills you already have AFTER you became Jomar's virtual assistant:
  1. Poster making
  2. Event promotion
  3. Headline creation
  4. Content marketing
  5. Copywriting
  6. Project management
  7. Better internet researching

What do you listen to while you work?
I listen to almost anything (depende rin sa mood). You’ll know exactly how I feel when you listen to the kind of music I listen to. I love reggae, R&B, pop rock, alternative, and worship songs.

Things that interest me: Watching movie (I love deconstructing a movie after watching it, and i hate spoilers. I won't talk to you for a month if you squeal in some scenes from the movie), Arcade/indoor video games (one of my stress relievers is to play from cute pandas to extremely violent RPG type of games), photography (different subjects -- toys, food, portraits, scenery), Star gazing, Travel/beach (for me "Life's a beach!") 

Are you more of an introvert or extrovert?

What's your sleep routine like?
I wake up early, but get up around 8am. I go to sleep around 9 or 10pm, the latest will be 1am.

Fill in the blank. I'd love to see ______ answer these same questions.
Nick Vujicic, Robert Shemin, and Ramon Bautista =)

If you weren't doing your current gig,  what would have been your profession?
Call center employee or a multi-level marketing consultant.

What's the best advice you've ever received?
1. Procrastination is a mind game. You can use your mind to change the game.
2. Give the abundance of the universe with thanks, and give generously to others.
3. Finish strong.

How I Work Series: Meet My Starts-a-Conversation-Anywhere-Virtual-Assistant, Cheska Joya

Only a few days to go before Christmas and a lot of people are starting to jump into the shopping frenzy preparing for the festivities. 

But would you want to find out what happens to this virtual assistant mom of 3 boys who experienced the super typhoon Yolanda, first hand inside her house in Tacloban?
Where they had enough food to last for 3 days...
Communication lines were cut...
No electricity for weeks (the power just got back in their town about a week ago)...
Water is limited...

It's like a scene in a movie you couldn't imagine will happen in real life.
So what happened to her and her family?

How will she continue working as a VA?
What did the client do?
Are they gonna spend Christmas there in Tacloban? How?

Last night, we've interviewed Rhea Mae Apacible and she'll share with you her experience and how is she coping and recovering from the disaster. Hear her story by clicking PLAY below.


A Yolanda Survivor Tells Her Story Tuloy Pa Rin Ang Pasko For This Work Sa Bahay Mom

Are you scared of "bad debts". The book Rich Dad Poor Dad told you that there's good debt and evil utang, right?

Good = when you get into utang for buying real estate or buy income generating knowlege

Evil= any other kind of utang.

So when the bonus came (past tense) did you simply get rid of your maraming utangs?

And now you "feel better"?

Actually it will be the same next year.

Yes, december 2014 you'll have evil utang again and pay it off using the bonuses.

Why is that?

Because the problem is not the utang --good or bad.

It's you.

You haven't educated yourself ENOUGH between the Decembers to EARN MORE.

And you haven't educated yourself enough with PAID KNOWLEDGE so you won't have "spare money" for debt.

In other words, between the Decembers you haven't PURCHASED enough EDUCATION/MONEY CREATION Tools and COURSES (like the Bundles)
so in 12 months - you have ZERO income increase -outside of the office.

Wanna learn how to stop the cycle?

INVEST in knowledge.

INVEST in knowledge presented in a USEFUL WAY.

INVEST in improving your self confidence by LIVE MEETING with people who actually think the same way.

What way?

People who think na "IT's GREAT to invest in themselves- not with shoes and nice clothes ONLY - but in equal parts - KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS for personal and financial development.

So yes, I don't mean to "buy a subscription to the Reader's Digest ("knowledge" kuno)"

I mean in courses, books, audio and video that will improve your income - making capability.

And that's how I arose from my own pit of "P 500,000 in debt". (not car or home loan.-- card po!)

I slowly paid the debt (a little bit over minimum required payment a month)

But paid for my P 80,000 coaching with Stephen Pierce, my P 20,000 Singapore trip and P 20,000 malaysian trip just to attend online m-ar-keting conferences.

Yes, during that time, I was P 500,000 in debt but I actually spent EVEN MORE ON EDUCATION/ONLINE COURSES just to earn more.

So at this point, I'm not typing from a "condo" safe from all the floods.

I was in that same flood that you're probably experiencing now.

But I was able to get out of it - slowly.

By investing in the m;oney - making - person - MYSELF. 

Best investment is not in the stock market but in this 6-letter word

Hi all!

Thank you so much for considering my VA blog an impressive one and for
giving me badge for it.  I just gave birth last October 29 and things
have been on hold for a moment.

I would like to share that after "giving up" on my previous local
client due to two reasons: low pay and stressing me too much to submit
my work on a very short time. My ad on craigslist paid off and I was
able to get a better client from the US. Guess what?! Right after the
day I decided to quit working for my local client. My new client is
more understanding and I get to write on a single topic: relationships
and he agreed to pay the fee I asked and even covered other Paypal
fees for me. While I am on leave, he even gave me a cash gift after I
informed him that I already gave birth. Much needed cash indeed :). I
have a pending project but was not able to finish right away since he
let me take some time off a month before my delivery. He lets me to
take things on a pace that is amenable to me and told me to just
inform him when I can take new writing projects again.

I think I have shared quite long :)

Let's keep on inspiring others to take this awesome path of earning
online and having time to what really matters: our families.

Thank you and God bless! :)



"How is that possible, Jomar?"
Well, Rhona works sa bahay as a virtual assistant.
Yes, she does all her work probably in her living room, bedroom, home office, dining room, in the backyard, in the porch, in a coffee shop somewhere...
She's earning... hmm, not sure... Peso? Dollars? Euros?
But nevertheless, yes, she's earning sa bahay.
Sounds new to you? Well, go ahead and take that in. Yes, it is possible.

Now, do you want to know how she did it?
Do you also want to reap these benefits like Rhona?
Are you looking forward to having time -- freedom to be with your family whenever you wish?

One seminar guided Rhona in to making things possible for her -- The How to Work sa Bahay as a Virtual Assistant Seminar and I'll be conducting one of these seminars again on March 22 [new date!], Saturday from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm in Rosewood Pointe, Acacia Estates, Taguig City.

Complete details can be found in

Now live a marvellous life!


Do you have this much freedom [and benefits!] like Rhona?

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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