:Imagine this
.You just got promoted in your job
So you decide to quit
.And start a work-from-your-bahay virtual assistant accountant gig
.And stay at home - with family
.For most people this would be unthinkable

But knowing that the normal Manila commute may be extended to 1 more hour BOTH WAYS because there's an upcoming massive "Let's Forget about the PDAF scandal" road construction project starting April 2014 - it feels like it's a GREAT DECISION.

But let YOU decide about that on Monday - where we give the 10pm webinar to interview Andrea Chiu who's life story is just like what I asked you to imagine.

Important: This coming Monday, the webinar w ill be 10pm - not 8pm as usual. 10pm po.

P.S. Are you asking "Pwede ba akong mag earn enough sa internet to quit my job?" Well, yes! Just go to http://filipinova.com and get started.

How You can Resign After Getting Promoted to Stay At Home

Fred, an Australia-based Filipino, sent us these questions about becoming a Virtual Professional (VP):

Question no. 1:

"Can I be a VP (who earns dollars at home) when I'm in Australia (Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Singapore, Kuwait, Qatar, Hong Kong, London, US and countries other than Philippines) and still achieve the same potential with a Philippine-based VPs?"

Question no. 2:

"Can I still earn in the same standard of income in those countries?"

Question no. 3:

"Do I need to attend a live seminar to achieve full potential?"

Do you share the same sentiment?

Watch Jomar Hilario as He Answers These Virtual Professional Questions: (2 min video)


Did you watch till the end?

Join us in our Facebook group and tell us what you think:

If you also have questions like Fred, you can share it there too.

NOW - Here's Everything You Need to Know about Starting Your VIRTUAL CAREER

There are a few options - to be able to get assistance from me in starting.
It's a combination of BASICS and SKILLS.


    Option 1. Get the Virtual Careers Book:
http://virtualcareersbook.com/buy. Cost is about approx 400 pesos.
This helps you understand everything.  For a free video, go here:

    Option 2. Download the Date With Freedom 2015 Video Course:
http://jhilario.com/datewithfreedom. This is a recording of a live

Why? If the book isn't enough for you, then maybe video and audio will help you.


Now a lot of people start with "No Experience".  So you have to be
committed to change that.  I said committed. If you're just curious,
then go get the book first or the free video above in Option 1.

Now, for this SKILLS section, make sure you have selected either
Option 1 or Option 2 first before proceeding.  Selecting just the free
video is not an option.

   Option 3. Learn Various High-Income Skills in Instant Virtual
Skills Live Course, if you're looking for Jomar's LIVE seminar, this
is it: http://jhilario.com/getinstantvirtualskills

   Option 4: Learn How To Do Facebook Ads:
http://jhilario.com/marvellousva202 Video Course.

   Option 5: Jomar, I don't know what to pick, can I just attend your
live seminar? Join this: http://jhilario.com/getinstantvirtualskills -
make sure you have either Option 1 or Option 2 first.

Here above are your BEST CHOICES to earn in a few months a regular,
monthly paying job online.

C. I've Read It and I Don't Like A or B.

If you're not in a hurry to earn, try becoming like Jomar, an online
marketer, earnings will happen after 1-2 years pa, pero malaki:

Jomar, I prefer ONLY FREE resources! Just go to jomarhilario.com,
podcast.jomarhilario.com, freewebinaraccess.com, and google for jomar
hilario - you'll find a lot of free resources, several hundred hours
of video in youtube - all free.

D. Jomar, I have a real business, I can't relate to Option A,B, or C.

Then join my Marketing Success Formula: http://msformula.com.

Now live marvelous life,

Author of Virtual Careers,
Filipino Trainer of Virtual Professionals
#1 Virtual Professional Podcaster in the Philippines
#1 Longest Running Virtual Careers Webinar in the Philippines

P.S. Conquer Traffic Forever! Eliminate Your Daily Stress! Earn Pera
Online. Embrace Your Family More!

Get my first book "Virtual Careers" at http://virtualcareersbook.com
or download the Live Virtual Careers Summit & Seminar

P.S. Let me know if this list has helped you or you still Don't Know
Where To Start? Kasi if you ask me, the best place to start is BOOK +
VA202 If you're NOT in MANILA. And BOOK + Instant Virtual Skills if
you're in MANILA (may live seminar eh)

You Can Thank Us Later - Can an Australia-Based Virtual Professional (who Earns Dollars At Home) Earn in Australian Income Standards?

Someone active in our FB Group: Jomar Hilario Mastery Group just declared that she just resigned from work - to finally work full-time sa bahay as a Virtual Assistant for a Singaporean company.

Now I know all of you want to know the process, right?
How she did it?
How she overcame the forces of fear, right?
And how she weighed the pros and cons, right?

So join us tonight for the interview at 8pm.

The catch? Her NEW BOSS (a Singaporean) - is going to listen to the entire interview, too!
So tonight's interview is going to be very interesting, right?

Brand new Course Being Cooked up for you:

One of the sought-after skills that make good cash for work sa bahay people is the skill of making mobile apps.
Would you want to know how to make one?
Including the intricacies of designing one, marketing one and maintaining an app or apps?
How about making cash from apps you create for yourself?
We've already begun it in my Entrepreneur-only club the Marketing Success Formula.
But I'm designing a brand new 3 month course with webinars and live meetings -just to teach this APP making skill to anyone willing.

Are you?

If you are interested in this, email me with a "YES".

Part2 Bonus for the Success Planning Workshop:

We just finished the past 2 weeks of daily webinars (total 12 in all) and the live planning workshop last Saturday.

Now, after talking to my advisors and volunteer team, I've decided to offer a new free bonus WEBINAR called "AFTER CREDITS BONUS SCENE"  on Feb 22 at 10pm-11pm.

This Bonus Planning Webinar contains:
1. A True Story From Me
2. A Version of the Real story in "First Draft Form" using the Pixar Story Formula
3. Lots of Critical Mindset Thinking for planning ahead.

This webinar is going to tie up the lose ends from the 5 day webinars and the live Workshop.
Those who got (and will get) the Webinar Only version or the Live
Workshop will get this for FREE.

So if you still don't have a written play-by-play CLEAR PLAN by Feb 21, I think you should get your Recorded Version of the 5 day planning webinars ASAP - so you can join this FINAL bonus webinar on Feb 22.

After all, saying "I promise to plan before Jan 2014 ends" -- and then breaking that promise on Feb 1 -- it's probably just "PRIDE" talking.
You need help. And the recorded webinars may just be the help you need.

Change of Time for February Monday Webinars:

Starting Feb we'll have the webinars begin 10pm, instead of 8pm to cater to more people.
We'll also be giving way to more guest "take overs".
Meaning: VAs and Aspiring Online Ma rketers will host my webinar for me.
Yes! Less of Jomar for you.

How to quit your job and work sa bahay: interview

People are already enjoying the benefits of the downloadable version.

They're planning like never before.

Listen to what they're saying ....

"My mind is opening up, I'm beginning to be better at getting a marketing mindset because of this planning."-Jing

"Totoo ito, kahit na nakakaiyak"

"I'm enjoying this!"

"I look forward to every session"

"Kahit late na ako dumating, it's still great!"

"buti na lang talaga sumali ako ngayon, na realize kong ito pala ang matagal ko ng hina-hunger, di ko lang na identify kung ano. now i know...im in the right place,at the right time"

"I did not expect a format like this. Its exciting!"

"I feel glad that I joined this because it uncovered layers of my own self that I need to be honest with in order to move forward."

"...like puzzle pieces falling into the right places"

"Indeed it's worth your every peso of investment.  The activities are sooooooooo cool and fantastic." - Wilbs

"Madali na mahirap... Overwhelming because the lessons incidentally taps our emotions... and fun... yung life movie nakakatuwa nakakagana." - John

"I experienced an epiphany of sorts or a rude awakening, if you may. I wrote down a word representing what to me is my weakness but during the webinar, I was forced to peel at the surface and found out what I really am. It's an innovative format and I am excited what's coming up next tonight and tomorrow."

"Worth it araw araw...realizations, ang dami, patulog na nga lang ako nagiisip pa rin ako...hehe...buti na nga lang may recordings para maulit ko yung ibang exercises, kasi yung iba hindi ko nagawa ng maayos...kung sa success planning webinar malupit na ang binibigay ni Sir Jomar, pano pa yung sa live event?!...kaya yung mga aattend bukas ng live event, goodluck and enjoy... 3 thumbs up" - Leovi

"Ngayon ko lang na-realize na may trend pala yung ups and downs of life... And kung malalaman mo lang kung ano yung nagcocontribute sa downs, then maybe, maiiwasan ang failures sa buhay. Or at least ma-iimprove mo yung weakness to be able to successfully deal with those life events." - Andrea

"Agree ako sa lahat. One of a kind talaga ang workshop na ito. Ang dami kong nadiscover sa sarili ko na akala ko wla lng pero malaki pala ang kinalaman kung ano ako ngayon at kung bakit ganito ang approach ko sa buhay. May mga bagay o pangyayari na kailangan nating balikan upang maintindihan para makapag-move on sa buhay. Rude awakening, pleasant memories, new discoveries, pattern identification of life's major turning points, fun, learnings at marami pang iba. The best talaga basta tatak Jomar Hilario." - Cherry

This is a Planning workshop like never before.
Why should you attend?

Because with 5 downloadable webinar recordings and one live event, you'll learn 3 major things:
1. How to write great marketing stories.
2. How to open up your life to all the riches that life/God has in store for you.
3. How to see the world in the best way possible!

Tara na! Bukas na ito. Or download it -- the videos are already UP -and available for you to use.
Join the FUN.

SOLO, Regular - P7,475/$174 (originally P9,175): http://jhilario.com/plan2014regular
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You can also deposit your payment to any of our official bank accounts:

BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario.
Preferred: BDO Savings Account/ 00-8070002528 / Jose Mario R Hilario

IMPORTANT: Fill up the details here: http://bit.ly/paymentdetails.
Then email nikki@jomarhilario.com
Wag magpaiwan.

"I did not expect a format like this. It's exciting!" - Success Planning Workshop attendee

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a. Go to our Facebook page, hover over (NOTE: do not click!) the Liked button

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Make sure you're getting ALL our Facebook updates

Here's a "Thank You" letter from Maureen, Grand Prize winner of the video making contest.

  Hi Jomar!

  Ako po ung nanalo ng grand prize sa video making contest nio. Grabe!!! First
  time ko po talagang sumali sa contest. Tas nakuha ko pa ung grand prize!

  Napaka meaningful po nito sakin kasi makakapunta ako sa workshop nio for
  free. Ang budget ko po kasi, hngang dun lang sa downloadable. So eto lang
  talaga ung chance ko na maka atend ng live. Kaya naiiyak talaga ko ng mabasa
  ko na sa FB na ako ung grand prize winner.

  Ang hirap po kasi ng pinagdaanan ko sa contest na to. Kung napansin nio po,
  naisubmit ko ung entry ko, jan 14 na, nearing midnight.

  Mas maaga ko pa po sanang maisusubmit un. Kaya lang ang daming nangyari.
  January 2, namatay ung uncle ko. Super devastated c mama kasi super closexa
  kay uncle. I had to be there for her. Then ako pa ung lumakad ng death cert
  ni uncle pag jan 3. Pati paperworks ko sa skul, hindi natapos. (nagtuturo po
  ako sa college, Aquinas University of Legazpi, sa Albay)

  Pag january 6 pasukan n nmn. Tambak na ung ginagawa ko for d wik.
  Nakapagstart lang ako ng script jan 11. Then unaware ako, hindi ko pa pala
  xa nasave. So umulit pa ko. Pero, hindi pa tapus ung script, nghahanap na ko
  ng pictures sa internet. By january 13, akala ko matatapus ko na. Hindi pa

  So nung january 14, un n lng talaga ung chance ko na makasubmit kasi 15
  deadline na, e mapa-vote pa. Kaya nung 14, hindi ko tlga tinigilan un. 2 d
  point na, hbang nagpapawritten test ako sa mga studyante q, tinatapos ko ung

  Finally na upload ko na. Then saka lang ako nun tumingin sa relo. nagulat
  ako. ma-12 na pala! himala hindi pa ko inaantok. nung marealize ko na ma-12
  na, dun na ko inantok. hahaha! Normally kasi, tulog na ko nian.

  Pero bago ko natulog, nakita ko, merun dun entry na 100+ and 200+ ng votes.
  Naisip ko, panu ko hahabulin un? In one day?

  So nung jan15, lahat ng clase ko, sinabihan ko na magvote and tulungan nila
  kong magpavote. Ang kaso, brownout pa ng brownout non. Dito po kasi sa
  bicol, ang weather e parang may bagyo. Ang lamig lamig sa labas. Mahangin
  pa. Payong mo pag hindi ka marunong magdala either ilipad or sira. then
  takbo takbo din ang ulan.

  Ma-9 pm na brownout pa din. naisip ko nun, mag motel n lng ako or inn,
  bitbitin ko ung laptop saka brodband para makapagpavote ako. nagprepare na
  ko nun.

  Thankfully, mga 9 pm bumalik na ung kuryente. Nghanap n lng ako ng comp
  shop. Ang kaso, ung mga comp shop sarado na dahil dun sa brown out. Lakad
  lang ako kasi wala na ring sasakyan dahil sa weather. malayo layo na ko wala
  pa rin akong nakikitang bukas na comp shop.

  So ginawa ko. bumalik n lang ako. Dun n lang ako sa bording haus. Pilitin ko
  n lng kahit medyo mahina signal dun.

  Thankfully, pagbalik ko, merun dun isang comp shop na nagbukas. So dun na
  ko. Nagulat ako, ang dami ng votes! Inabot ng 100+ ung votes on dat day
  lang. Then ma-12 na, sabi ko, d bale at least ako ung 2nd pagdating sa
  votes. Hngang 12 sna dun ako sa comp shop kya lng aproaching 12 nag brownout
  n nmn.

  Then bumalik ung kuryente. 5 mins n lng nun b4 12. So umuwi na ko. Ang lakas
  lakas ng hangin. Ang lamig lamig pa! Then hbang nglalakad ako, nagbrownout
  na nmn! kako pambihira mn na kuryente to! Buti n lng may kunting sinag ung
  buwan, kahit panu nkikita ko pa ung dinadaanan ko.

  Pagdating ko s bhaus, balik na ung kuryente. then narealize ko, ang sakit ng
  ulo ko! Sabi ko sayang, kung i-extend sana ung pavote, may chance pang
  dumami un. Pwede ko pang malampasan ung top 1.

  Jan 16, mga past 8 am n ko nagising nun, ang sakit pa rin ng ulo q. sabi ko
  mgleleave n lng muna q. then chek q ung email q, kako bka my anouncement na
  ng winners. Then nagulat akong extended ung public voting!

  Nakamadali ako! kako, papasok ako. sabihan ko mga students ko extended pa
  ung voting. text din ako s mga frends ko na extended ung voting.

  Mga 4 pm tapus na clas ko. sobrang sakit na ng ulo ko. so ginawa ko umuwi na
  ko pra makatulog muna ako. mga 8pm mgpapavote ulit ako.

  So yes, mga 8 pm nsa comp shop na nmn aq at ngpapavote. Nakakapagod din
  Jomar. Lahat ng nakikita ko dun sa chatbox q, pinapakiusapan kong mgvote.
  Ung iba dun hindi ko nmn close, ung iba nga hindi q kilala e. Merung "seen"
  lng ung lumalabas. So it means tiningnan lang nila ung mesage q. Hehehe.
  Pero ok lng. kc kramihan nmn ngvote and ngpavote din.

  Then nung mgchek aq, gumalaw na rin ung votes ng top 1. Hehehe. Nasurprise
  din ako sa reaction q kasi instead na mamroblema ako dahil dumami n nmn ung
  hahabulin ko, natuwa ako, hehehe. Kasi it means, iniisip nia ng posibleng
  abutan ko xa. hehehehe! umuubra ung ginagawa ko. hehehehe!

  Then ma-12 na, last kong nakita, umabot ng 230 votes ung entry ko. Sabi q sa
  sarili ko, d bale, kahit na hindi ko xa nalampasan, kahit d ko naabot ung
  top 1, at least nka 200+ votes din aq, in just 2 days. kahit panu, andun aq
  sa range nia. Kung voting ang pag uusapan. hindi ako huli.

  So I just prayed na, sana aq ung may pinaka magandang video, na manalo aq,
  kasi wla tlga sa budget q ung live workshop.  so etong contest lang tlgang
  to ang chance q na makapunta dun.

  Kya kanina, pag uwi q sa bahay namin, check ko agad sa FB, and sobrang tuwa
  ko ng mabasa kong ako ung grnd prize winner! As in grabe tlga!!! Npaka
  meaningful po tlga nito sakin.

  Msarap manalo, kapag alam mong ibinigay mo lahat ng kaya mo, na up to the
  last minute, ibinigay mo lahat ng efort mo, against all odds hindi ka

  Yes, dito sa contest na to, natuto akong gumawa ng video, magmarket ng
  video, but most importantly, natuto akong ibigay ang lahat lahat ng kaya ko.
  Natuto akong wag magpatalo sa brownout, sa kulang ng time, sa lakas ng
  hangin, sa sakit ng ulo, sa mga "seen" lang sa FB message, sa kulang sa
  time, sa walang budget, and the likes.

  Natuto ako Jomar. Hindi ko makakalimutan to.

  Salamat tlga Jomar! Salamat sobra.

  See you on Jan 25.

  - Maureen Gumba

"Natuto akong wag magpatalo sa brownout, sa sakit ng ulo, sa walang budget" - Maureen, video contest winner

Remember the previous post containing the top 10 questions people ask about being a work sa bahay virtual assistant?

Scroll down to find the answers to your questions now.

1. "Jomar, graduate ako ng BS ______, qualified ba ako maging virtual assistant?"

>> Yes. I have students who are college undergraduates, nurses, interior designers, chefs, accountants, -- yes, you can work sa bahay as a virtual assistant regardless of your course in college.

2. "I am currently working 8 hours a day as a _______, can I work as a virtual assistant part-time?"

>> Yes. There are available part-time gigs that will only require you to be online either 4 hours a day, 2 hours a day, 10 hours a week. You decide depending on your time availability. 

3. "I'm not a techie! I only know MS Powerpoint, Word and Excel. Pwede ba akong maging VA?"

>> Were you born an expert in MS Powerpoint, Word and Excel? 
Nah, I don't think so. 
Pero ngayon marunong ka na! 
How in the world did that happen?

Right. Pinag-aralan mo.
To be 'techie', give yourself time to learn.

4. "I only have a netbook/tablet, can I be a VA?"

>> To be able to work efficiently and comfortably, you'll need to invest in a machine. A fast netbook or a laptop or a desktop computer plus a fast, reliable internet connection of at least 1Mbps are highly-recommended.

Tablets can only do so much. You can use that when you're out of the house and you need to check your email. Sure. But when doing VA work, better to get yourself a computer.

5. "Can a VA earn as much as P50,000 a month?"

>> A virtual assistant can earn P10,000 to P80,000 (or more!) depending on how he presents himself and how confident he is with his services.

Virtual assistants have the privilege to demand the rate that they want depending on the project. They're not like employees whose salary raise is at the mercy of promotion.

6. "Ang pagVA ba para lang sa mga graphic designer, web programmer, web designer?"

>> Nope. There are virtual assistants who do bookkeeping, hotel reservations for their client, writers, powerpoint presentations, email handling, Facebook business page management, Twitter management -- the possibilities are endless! 

Virtual assistant jobs = anything you can do online

7. "Hindi ako magaling mag-English. Pwede pa ba akong maging VA?"

>> If you want to be a virtual assistant writer or a proofreader, then you should be really good in English. But if you're a VA who wishes to focus on photo editing or or video editing, you don't need to be as good, yes?

Also, there are so many tools out there than can help you grammar-check your written work if needed. *wink*

8. "Networking/MLM ba yang pagVA?"

>> Nope. Picture this: Employee work pero sa bahay -- minus the transpo expenses, always-in-a-bad-mood boss, chismosa officemates, lukot na uniform bago makarating ng office dahil siksikan kanina sa MRT, na-slash na bag, amoy usok na hair because of the commute, (I could go on and on).

Virtual Assistants 'gigs' or jobs are still active work. It's not about networking or getting passive income.

9. "How do VAs get paid?"

>> Most VAs get paid via Paypal while some prefer direct bank transfers.

10. "Hindi ko alam saan or paano ako matututo pa'no maging VA. Help!"

>> On Monday at 8pm, Philippine Time, we have invited a virtual assistant who will share with you saan at paano siya natuto maging VA.
Be there and don't you ever miss it. Register here: http://freewebinaraccess.com

"Jomar, tell me NOW NA, please?"

Okay. If you really want to learn ngayon na, click here and get the downloadable version of my VA Seminar: http://jhilario.com/downloadvapremium

Answers To Your Top 10 Work sa Bahay Questions Revealed

I’ve been talking for two months since December about making a written plan for your life.
You’ve already used up the excuse of the 2 holidays NOT to make your written plans.
You’ve already used up the the excuse of lots of work after New Year.

It’s almost Febuary.
You simply can’t use I’m prepping for Valentine’s right?

"But Jomar - I’ve got a list of goals. Brother Bo forced us to write our goals and the “magic of attraction” will make it happen, right?"

Sorry, Bo never said that.

Plus the planning I’m talking about is NOT listing down goals.
Planning is more of “What are the steps you’ll do -- to achieve your goals?”
Are these steps written down?

Hindi pa?


After Valentines?
After Final Exams?
After Summer?
After Mid year?
After Fiscal Year planning?
After Busy Holiday Events?

Oh after New Year 2015?
I see.
“One day”

“One day” --- the mark of goals that never happen.
The only goal that you always achieve  - “something, someday”.

But Jomar, I don’t even know what steps to take, how can I write the steps down?
That’s why we’re inviting you to the Success Planning events starting tonight - Monday 930pm in your own home.

Something many of you may not know:
When it comes to employment, stocks, real estate, inter-net market-ing, business, virtual assistant success...
I happen know the steps to those.
Because I’ve gone through all of them.
And in the coming live event, I’m going to let you see the proof.
-My real estate papers and photos.
-My stock transactions papers.
-My employment papers (including salaries!)
-Even my business papers if that makes you happy.

I know the start, middle and after of these “goals”…pinagdaanan ko na eh.

Plus you’ll be joined by Macky, Jones, Keng and Janica in the live workshop.
Plus you’ll hear how Maves Angeles went from Slum Dweller to Real Estate Developer using her written plans in the live workshop.

And if that’s not enough, I’m giving away my old Marketing Printouts in the live Success Planning Workshop.

Why? Because I’m going 99% digital with my files - so these paper versions need to disappear.
But they’re too valuable to be thrown away, so I’m making them available to those who attend the  live Success Planning Workshop.

FREE. (there’s a condition who gets to pick FIRST) - but you get them for free.
What are these free materials?  (Some of them are book length).

1. FREE: Spiritual Marketing by Joe Vitale (printed on paper)
2. FREE: Mr X papers by Jay Abraham (printed) (299 Pages)
3. FREE : Assorted Stephen Pierce Mindmap and Interviews (printed)
4. FREE: Niche Finder by Myleen Phan (with notes, printed)
5. FREE: The Ultimate Market Domination Report by Jay Abraham
6. FREE: The 64 Page Sales letter for World Internet Summit 2007 by Success Resources (printed)
7. FREE: 37 Million Dollar Headlines by Jay Abraham (printed)
8. FREE: One Minute Millionaire Book Bonuses (questionnaires) by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen (printed)
9. FREE: Newbie Cash Machine by Ewen Chia (141 Pages, printed)
10. FREE: Conspiracy of the Rich (DRAFT copy) by Robert Kiyosaki - I&n bsp;was part of making this book, btw.
11. FREE: Monetizing Secrets of Going Web-Sociall by Nelson Tan (46 pages, printed)
12. FREE: Action! Nothing happens until someone moves By Robert Ringer (200+ pages, this is a book printed out)
13. FREE: 37 Winning Tips and Stategies of Self-Made British Millionaire Entrepreneurs (printed)
14. FREE: Jay Abrahamn’s Business Brain Trust (2008) interviews with gurus. (printed)
15 FREE: This I Believe by Tom Peters (printed)

So come and join us na!

You have a FEW hours lang.

Get any of these priceless freebies of your choice

Are you asking these questions about being a work sa bahay:

1. "Jomar, graduate ako ng BS ______, qualified ba ako maging virtual assistant?"
2. "I am currently working 8 hours a day as a _______, can I work as a virtual assistant part-time?"
3. "I'm not a techie! I only know MS Powerpoint, Word and Excel. Pwede ba akong maging VA?"
4. "I only have a netbook/tablet, can I be a VA?"
5. "Can a VA earn as much as P50,000 a month?"
6. "Ang pagVA ba para lang sa mga graphic designer, web programmer, web designer?"
7. "Hindi ko alam saan or paano ako matututo pa'no maging VA. Help!"
8. "Networking/MLM ba yang pagVA?"
9. "How do VAs get paid?"
10. "Hindi ako magaling mag-English. Pwede pa ba akong maging VA?"

You're in great company! Tonight Junar and Tedi --- both virtual assistants -- are taking over my 8pm webinar.

So join them and Jones Mancilla (guest last Friday 10pm webinar) as they answer all your questions -- w/o me!

P.S. Tech trend: Make sure you check out SNAPCHAT on your phone and the MEDIUM website for writers.

"Virtual Assistant", Ano ba talaga yun, Jomar?

Actual steps to become a work-sa-bahay Virtual Assistant:

1. Make sure you aren't scared to use Google.
2. Make sure you love using Facebook and don't mind exploring what else can it do?
3. Make sure you have access to a computer for 3-4 hours a day MINIMUM.
4. Make sure your excuses are thrown out with the daily trash. This part is important.
5. Accept that you want change but accept that all change is not easy.
6. Accept that the only thing easy in life is being a negative person and being lazy, so becoming a "VA" (Virtual assistant) is not going to be easy.
7. Remind yourself that if you just felt bad about #6, you're negative and lazy and you need to change. Go back to #5.

What? Jomar these are the step by step?
Bakit I've been training people for 4 years how to do this. I know this stuff.
Can I continue?

8. Long way: Google all the info you want about being a virtual assistant. Somehow in the next 5 years, you'll figure it out. Expect it to be hard.
9. Short way: Download the VA Seminar ni Jomar here: http://jhilario.com/downloadvaseminar - you can start earning in 3 months time.
10. Short way: Prefer the live version? Reserve your March 22 for my new VA Seminar 101 : Become a Highly Paid Content Marketing Strategist. Click here: http://filipinova.com. You can start earning big in 3 months time.

11. Fix your doubts: Watch these: http://jhilario.com/tatlongvideo
12. Jomar, I've no time : That's an excuse right? See #4 above. Told you it was important.
13. Jomar, I've no money: See #8 "Long way". You're not being truthful as nobody lives in today's world w/o money. Really. Even the POOR mag-tataho has money.
14. Jomar I'm disappointed - these are the steps? Yes, you're expecting something like this:

a. Buy the fastest computer.
b. Upgrade your internet.
c. Buy a nice chair.
d. Renovate your home so you'll have a nice office nook at home.
e. Quit your job.
f. Apply for a job online?

Oh you expected this:

1. Go to Odesk.
2. Sign up and fill up the resume.
3. Apply for jobs.
4. Hope and pray you'll get accepted.

That formula up there? That's 4 step formula for PEOPLE who didn't hear about the VA Seminar.
You're not going to follow that PAINFUL LONG PATH are you?
You're going to follow the SHORTEST AND WORKING PATH for Pinoys. Correct?

In anything you do, here's the STEP BY STEP to success:

1. Find mentors.
2. Serve mentors.
3. Listen and follow mentors.
4. Model after your mentors.
5. You'll succeed.

Ang dali no? So what are you waiting for?
Oh, it's not yet "Your time?"
"Saka na lang ang time for kids, pag malaki na sila"
"Hindi naman ako techie eh"

Ok, tell me this one of the highest paid persons I know P 70,000/month - is a 40+ year old person with white hair. No, it's not me.

He works online - and guess what - talks to people via VOICE / PHONE CALL to see how they're doing with their project.

He's called a Program director. He's not techie. He talks to people para ma followup ang schedule nila.
You saying - that's technical?

By the way,  If you're saying "oo techie sya". Please see #4 above. That's you.

Ok, your choice.

What's your next move?

Actual steps to become a work-sa-bahay Virtual Assistant

Zac is your typical Pinoy nurse waiting for his luck to bring him to "greener pastures" abroad. Like most, he used to think that the only way for him to reach his dreams is to be able to go to a foreign land and earn dollars.

But all that changed when he attended my "How to Work from home as a Virtual Assistant" Seminar. His perspective in life changed and realised that there’s more to life than just waiting for his dream job abroad.

"Work from home" and "virtual assistant" weren't in his vocabulary before. But now that he is a virtual assistant, what he loves about it is the ability to work on his own pace, learn what he loves to learn and do what he loves to do right in the comforts of his own home.

He grew his network, met the right people, learned from the best mentors and most importantly, gained more time with God.

Meet my Photoshop expert and rising-public-speaker virtual assistant, Zac Maceda.

Zac Maceda

Metro Manila

Current Gig:
VA for Jomar Hilario

Current mobile device:
Samsung Galaxy S4

Computer that you use:
Macbook Pro, Acer Windows 8

Macbook Pro “Core i5” 13-inch OS X Mavericks 10.9

Internet Speed according to provider :
3 mbps

Internet Provider :
Globe Tattoo

Internet Speed according to Speedtest.net :
2.94 mbps

One word that best describes how you work:

I’m  really learning a lot from Brother Bo’s teachings. He is one of the mentors I really look up to.

I value health so much that I engage myself in physical activities such as playing basketball and going to the gym. Gym time for me is “me” time. It helps me to think clearly and focus on the brighter side of things.
I always believe in the power of dreams. I believe that all of us are destined for greatness. Reading my "Novena to God’s love" reminds me of my dreams everyday.
In my desire to become better and better, I really invest in learning. Public speaking is one of the areas where I want to improve that’s why I joined Toastmasters international.

What apps/software/tools can't you live without?
  1. Adobe Photoshop- where I edit photos        
  2. Wunderlist – where I organize all my task and other stuff
  3. Skydrive’s One Note- where I store important items
  4. GMAIL-
  5. Google Drive
  6. Microsoft Powerpoint
  7. Adobe Premiere Pro
  8. Dropbox
  9. Evernote

What's your workspace like?
An organized workspace helps me work smoothly. I always see to it that only the necessary things are on top of my table.   

What's your best time-saving trick?
Organizing my files help me a lot in saving my time. Also, I just realized that it really helps if I limit my time on Facebook unless it’s a work-related stuff.

What's your favorite to-do list manager?
Wunderlist is my favorite to do list manager.  

Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can't you live without?
My iPod.

What everyday thing are you better at than anyone else?
Being able to hit gym time despite my hectic sched.  Although it’s not an everyday thing, I make it a point to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. I value health so much, that’s why.

Apps/tools you already know BEFORE you became Jomar's virtual assistant:
  1. Dropbox
  2. Skydrive
  3. Excel
  4. Word
  5. Powerpoint
  6. Adobe Photoshop
  7. Adobe Premiere Pro
  8. Gmail
  9. Yahoo Mail
  10. Evernote
Skills you already have BEFORE you became Jomar's virtual assistant:
  1. Social media marketing
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Web research
  4. Blog writing
  5. Photo editing
  6. Wordpress management
  7. Microsoft Word
  8. Powerpoint presentation
  9. Data entry
  10. Picmonkey

Apps/tools you know how to use AFTER you became Jomar's virtual assistant:
  1. Invoice machine
  2. Animoto
  3. Woobox
  4. Quozio
  5. Pagemodo
  6. Tweakyourbiz.com
  7. Google hang-out
  8. Boomerang

Skills you already have AFTER you became Jomar's virtual assistant:
  1. Forum Posting
  2. Events promotion
  3. Content marketing
  4. Creating presentations
  5. Copywriting
  6. Better internet researching
  7. Better social media marketing

What do you listen to while you work?
I love listening to praise and worship songs while working. Hillsong Conference and Chris Tomlin are my favourites.

Are you more of an introvert or extrovert?
I used to be an introvert but now I consider myself an ambivert.

What's your sleep routine like?
It depends on the task I have for the day. I’m better off working if there’s a deadline. If I need to finish something, there would be times when I have to stay late at night just to finish everything. Having said this,  I still make sure that I get at least 5 hours of sleep every night though.

Fill in the blank. I'd love to see ______ answer these same questions.
Chris Tomlin.

If you weren't doing your current gig,  what would have been your profession?
A nurse working on a cruise ship and travelling the world.

What's the best advice you've ever received?
I don’t remember the exact phrase but based from what I understood, failure does not degrade us form our real worth. It’s an avenue for us to become better and better.

How I Work Series : Meet My Rising-Public-Speaker Virtual Assistant, Zac Maceda

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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