Here's another thank you letter I received from someone who downloaded the VA Seminar last year. Lyn Nafarrete is an OFW who found hope in earning dollars even while in the Philippines and inside her own home.

"Hi Sir Jomar,

Sorry for the delayed reply medyo naging busy sa New Year :-)

As I mentioned in my VA website, I've been working as IT for a long time and looking for ways on how to earn money online. Then finally in early 2013 I got to know about Bro. Bo Sanchez and then I became a member of his Truly Rich Club. Then one of the newsletters I received as a member, dun ko nakita about you (Sir Jomar) and got interested. Sabi ko sa sarili ko this is what I am looking for.

After knowing about it, I start watching recordings lahat ng webinars sa youtube and I realize na sa tagal ko na as an IT, ang dami ko pa pala hindi alam :-).  Then finally, last October 26 I purchased the VA seminar premium downloadable.  Very timing din yung pag purchase ko kasi naka schedule ako ng 3 days leave that week and nagkaroon ako ng time talaga to read and watch all the recordings.  Then nag set ako ng deadline sa sarili ko na kailangan matapos ko yung 10 apps/tools tutorials by end of November and submit my assignment before my Christmas vacation.  Super happy ako at na meet ko yung deadline ko.

I followed your advice to create an account sa Craiglist website and post my resume.  Natuwa ako kasi around 12:30AM ko na post yung resume ko ng Dec. 22 then pagkagising ko ng 8AM, nag check ako ng email and I received two emails offering possible gig.  I replied the 2 emails inform them of my available time for the interview.  One client, interview niya ako last Dec. 23, yung job offer is Social Media Manager.  I told client my rate and sabi niya iconsider daw niya yung offer rate ko and he will talk to me soon.  When I receive his reply, sabi ko malabo na makuha ko yung gig.  Then another client, hindi pa kami nakakapag usap until now because he went on a holiday and ako din nagbakasyon din ako.   

December 24, while I am at the airport waiting for my flight to Manila, I received a few more emails from clients asking for my availability for interview. I replied to all the emails and inform them of my availability.  One client interviewed me but he is looking for a Web Developer.  The rest they went on vacation so hindi pa kami nakapag usap.

Then last Dec. 30, I received an email from my first interview and client wants to get my service and manage his social media accounts. I am so happy because I did not expect that I will get the gig. 

Today, I just receive another email requesting to interview me on Wednesday :-)  Hopefully, I get more gig in the coming months.

I am so grateful I've learned about your work-at-home, it's really true and it works.  I am looking forward to return to the Philippines for good in a few months :-)  I have a friend who I shared my experience about your work at home program.  I also mentioned to my friends in the Philippines and they want to know more about it.  I am also introducing to my siblings :-)

Lastly, I would like to really thank you for the sharing your talents and helping those who wants to have more time with their family.  Lalo na kami na OFW, you give me hope na pwede pa rin mag earn ng dollar kahit nasa Pinas ka at nasa bahay ka.

Happy New Year and continue teaching and inspiring people.

Regards and God bless.

Here's her portfolio blog : 

Lyn Nafarrete is your reliable VA at

LISTEN to Lyn as she tells her personal story in an interview. Join one of the FREE MegaWebinars we're holding next week. Register here. Libre po. Walang bayad :

If you're not in Manila or the Philippines but want to learn how to become a Virtual Assistant like Lyn, who  earns dollars, get the training materials below (10+ hours of video)

"I am so grateful I've learned about your work-at-home, it's really true and it works." - Lyn Nafarrete

On Monday, March 3 at 10pm, we will be having an OFW from Singapore who has been working as an IT. 
She's been looking for ways pano kumita online and it was in early 2013 that she became a member of Bo Sanchez' TrulyRichClub.
 From there she learned about me and started to watch my libreng webinars.

Sabi niya, "...I realize na sa tagal ko na as an IT, ang dami ko pa pala hindi alam :-).  Then finally, last October 26 I purchased the VA seminar premium downloadable.  Very timing dinyung pag purchase ko kasi naka schedule ako ng 3 days leave that week and nagkaroon ako ng time talaga to read and watch all the recordings.  Then nag set ako ng deadline sa sarili ko na kailangan matapos ko yung 10 apps/tools tutorials by end of November and submit my assignment before my Christmas vacation.  Super happy ako at na meet ko yung deadline ko."

And the rest is history for Lyn.

Join us as she shares her story, how she managed to do it all, what are her plans now that she's earning as a VA and more.
Also, she'll be open to answer some of your questions -- lalu na kung ikaw, reading this email, is living abroad or like her, you're working as an OFW.

It's a date, yes?
March 3, Monday at 10:00 PM Philippine Time.
 Register here: 

Remind lang nga pala kita about the VA Seminar 101 Contest where you can get a chance to win a free Premium seat to the event or a 50% discount.
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Simple lang, all you need to do is create an image/poster that contains your most favorite quote you learned from me or the Jomar Hilario Mastery Group.
 Post it inside the JHMG, and that's it!

Deadline is March 2.
Habol ka. Yun lang.

Now live marvellously.

[Answer] Can I be a virtual assistant even if I'm abroad?

One of the important lessons I've learned and I have been repeatedly telling my students to help them change their negative to positive mindset is to listen to hour-long talks from Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, TED talks on Youtube.

You can play these in the background while you're doing your VA work or thesis or other things.

To help you not to get distracted or not to disrupt you from what you're doing just to hit the replay button, I'm sharing you this very simple techie tip to keep your videos playing on repeat.

1. Go to and search for the video you want to watch repeatedly.

2. Click it open.

3. See the video URL in the address box?

4. After the word 'youtube', enter this word: repeater

5. Press enter.

6. Your video is now on repeat!

7. You can set the video to repeat wherever you want it via the 'mark position' 
box below the video.

Did it work for you?


Now you can also use this to play and watch The Feast PICC, diba? :)

Now live marvellously.

P.S. Want more "techie tips"? Join the Most Active Pinoy Work sa Bahay Facebook Community -- The Jomar Hilario Mastery Group:

You like watching YouTube videos repeatedly? Read this.

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If you're not in the Manila or the Philippines but want to learn how to become a Virtual Assistant who  earns dollars, get the training materials below (10+ hours of video).

Question : There's no online job I can do, panay data entry. Help!

1. To aspiring virtual assistants:

Next week, we'll be having a massive Ask Me Anything [AMA] megawebinar featuring work sa bahay virtual assistants.

Here's the schedule:

Mar 3, 10pm: I'm an OFW, a Part-Time Social Media VA and I Value My Talktime with My Family in the Philippines, Ask Me Anything: Lyn Nafarrete
Register here:

Mar 4, 8am: I'm A Web Content Specialist and I Get to Goof Off With My Kids During Break, Ask Me Anything: Noemi Mora
Register here:

Mar 5, 5pm: I am a Part-Time Social Media VA and I Can Keep a Watchful Eye on My Kids, Ask Me Anything: Tina Ramas
Register here:

Mar 6, 10pm: I'm A US-Based Part-Time Accountant VA & I Can Do Fun Things with My Son Every Hour, Ask Me Anything: Lhory Banaag
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Prepare your list of questions for them and be sure to block these dates and time off your calendar.

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There. So I'll see you soon, yes?

Now live marvellously.

Maganda ito! Megawebinars next week for Work sa Bahay!


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It was great to spend a couple of hours (like half a day) poring through your entrepreneur "YES I WANT MORE SALES!". Great feeling for me that there you are declaring to the world that you recognize what you want.

Sabi nila (very authoritative sila!):"If you know what you want, you'll go get it -- and the universe will recognize it and give it to you."

So let's talk about "Going to get it." - that "more sales" you've been telling me about.

Before we begin, I just want to remind you that to get more sales, you need better marketing systems.
Marketing = things that happen all at the same time to drive your clients to buy, not today, but eventually or in your deadline.

Let's dissect:
1. Things - not just one thing, many things. Example: FB ads, engagement FB posts (people actually like what you post), monthly raffles in fb and in the store, ads in the paper.

2. Happen - the ideal marketing system is something that works and runs w/o your day to day interference. Example would be a sales contest with your sale persons, monthly.

3. All at the same time - because marami nga. Hindi lang sequence of one after another. Example would be my Youtube Channel featuring me answering questions 1-2mins long, a FB contest, 3 FB activities being done by clients and prospects, a storyline in the email, guesting in Bo's Wealth Summit and a monday 10pm webinar.

4. To buy - as Bo Sanchez said, people need to be marinated in the truth. The truth that your product/service is what they need to buy.

So you must spend enormous effort and time to present diferent kinds of proof (you know the different kinds?) in all places where you find customers.  Lots of proof first before they buy. Eto lang ang selling - once the sale happens.

5. Again, the selling part is the conclusion of marketing. The last part. If all you're doing is pushing products, BUY THIS BECAUSE, that's not marketing it's boring selling and people will only pay attention sa una, later they'll ignore you.

Take home lesson and question: So you need to learn marketing pala!
Question: How much money and effort and time have you done to learn marketing?
This is the same issue for VA's and Entrepreneurs.

Speaking of Entreps: -- KEEP READING:

I'd like to help you learn marketing, may I? To help you though, you need to help me understand your situation:

What busines are you in?
What exactly are you selling to get more sales?
What are you currently doing to get the sales, today - that's PRESENTLY working?
Would you be willing to learn more using a Webinar? Or a Live Event?
In the world of marketing, what's your biggest problem today ____________?
How many paid employees have you got? _______
How much is your marketing budget _____________?
How much is your marketing EDUCATION budget ____________?

Ok, it's better if you fill up the answers
here in this form:

That way I've compilation of your needs and I can design many things to fulfill it.

Oh, by the way, this entire email is a lesson in itself.
See this email? You need to send SOMETHING LIKE IT - Paper, Email, FB Question - to your present clients and prospects.

This is called "market research" or "getting to know you the prospect."
This I think is the first step in marketing.
It's not "present my products."
It's get to know what the prospect want and need.

Now off you go, fill up that form, entrepreneur.

It's for entrepreneurs only, again.

If you're not an entrep, this is DEFINITELY NOT FOR YOU.
Work sa bahay aspirants, go to the FB Contest and have fun and win:

Now live marvellously.

Is marketing same as selling? What do you think?

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Question: Can I earn 40K a month online using your course?

Here's what Peachy, a VA Seminar 101 participant said about the pre-seminar lessons and assignments

"Wow! I actually searched for "virtual assistants" and this is the Q i picked.

Amazing that VAs are really being in demand and in need now! They even have advises on how to pick the right VA for their need!

I love learning new stuff!

Thanks Jomar! I learned something new today!"

The VA Seminar 101 is not until March 22, yet she's already learning a lot of stuff from the pre-event lessons and assignments.

Wanna learn something new today?

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"Thanks Jomar, I learned something new today." - Peachy

Are you happy to resign from work so you can earn dollars kahit nasa bahay? Join the LIVE Seminar on March 22, 2014 (Saturday) at Tivoli Gardens, Mandaluyong.

If you're not in the Manila or the Philippines but want to learn how to become a Virtual Assistant who  earns dollars, get the training materials below (10+ hours of video).

Question: I am 99years old, can I work from home?

Are you happy to resign from work so you can earn dollars kahit nasa bahay? Join the LIVE Seminar on March 22, 2014 (Saturday) at Tivoli Gardens, Mandaluyong.

If you're not in the Manila or the Philippines but want to learn how to become a Virtual Assistant who  earns dollars, get the training materials below (10+ hours of video).

Question : How do I recruit for MLM using online marketing?

Announcing the first of a series of FB contests where you'll:

1. Learn stuff about online m'arketing by actually DOING IT- instead of knowing about it.

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Join the First VA Seminar 101 CONTEST Feb 24 - Mar 2, 2014
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A Sample Image Poster Can Look Like this: (Click on View Images To See)
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2. Upload your poster in the link below using this format “Your quote/learning  + Tag the person  who said it + Join me,  I'm personally learning REAL work from home at + Tag Jomar Hilario Mastery Group” and then tag 3 or more friends.

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5. Ask FB contacts, officemates, students, friends and family to LIKE the post in your newsfeed AND the one inside

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4. LIKES from your photo comment and the poster on your wall will be combined.
5. Round 2 will be  internal voting  (Jomar's team)

Criteria for Round 2:

Design 30%Message 50%Effort 20%6. Winner will be announced Mar 3, 2014 Monday at the 10pm webinar.

7. Why should you encourage others to join? 30 minimum total of contestant entries will UNLOCK 3 new prizes!

*All entries are property of Jomar Hilario/Jose Mario Hilario and Ideas That Prosper, Inc.

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Are you happy to resign from work so you can earn dollars kahit nasa bahay? Join the LIVE Seminar on March 22, 2014 (Saturday) at Tivoli Gardens, Mandaluyong.

If you're not in the Manila or the Philippines but want to learn how to become a Virtual Assistant who  earns dollars, get the training materials below (10+ hours of video).

Question : What are the requirements to get an online job?

Hi Jomar,

Thank you very much for inspiring us.  Di ko pa nakwento sa yo how you changed my life and my mindset.  You are such a blessing to anyone who come to know you.

God bless you and your family always:)


Photo credit

Here's what Malou said about Jomar : "... you changed my life and my mindset."

Are you happy to resign from work so you can earn dollars kahit nasa bahay? Join the LIVE Seminar on March 22, 2014 (Saturday) at Tivoli Gardens, Mandaluyong.

If you're not in the Manila or the Philippines but want to learn how to become a Virtual Assistant who  earns dollars, get the training materials below (10+ hours of video).

Question : I don't have any special skills, can I still work online?

Q: What specs should my computer have for work from home

Q: I am now a caretaker/apartment in Canada and very much interested in
becoming a VA.

My budget is currently very tight.
I need your assurance that if I buy your downloadble/USD85 I will be equipped with enough knowh ow and coaching to qualify as a VA and get my 1st client online.

A: You need to assure to me that while shovelling snow, your ears are glued to the downloadable. While waiting for anyone do anything - you're studying the materials on your tablet or computer or notes.

You need to give ME an assurance that when I tell you to "USE YOUTUBE" your fingers will be typing the letters Y O U T U BE on the keyboard.

All your success is dependent SOLELY on you.

When you purchase TRAINING, you have to show up, you have to PARTICIPATE, you have to do the tasks given.

When all else is done, I'm one of the rare ones who give training with a money back guarantee.

So I'm covered.

How about you?

Do you come with a guarantee?

Do I get MY MONEY back if you DO NOT do as the training says?

Think about it.

Who's success is on the line here?

Yours or mine?

(The answer is both).

So do your best, because I do my best.

All the time.

I need your assurance that if I buy your downloadble, I will be equipped get my 1st client online." - Hernando Matundan

Q: How could I work as a VA if am a religious? - Eleonore Polotan

A: You mean you are in a religious vocation? If you are, you can work for organizations as an organizer, writer, project manager and others tasks you can do with a computer that is in line with your beliefs.

It also boils down to availability, too. How consistent an access you've got to the internet?

Is it consistent?

What about the income?

Will the income be for your order or group?

Settle your actions with these questions because OF COURSE you can work as a VA even if you're religious.

There's no difference with preparing UBE JAM for sale as a religious and doing EXCEL for a foreign client using the internet.

Your client also DOESN'T need to know your state, unless it's an advantage (for example - you're working for a VATICAN based publication group).

But they way you'll go about it - is the same as if you're NOT inside a convent or outside of it.

"How could I work as a VA if am religious?" - Eleonore Polotan

Let's unlock the mystery of my first marketing stint.

Why did I know what to do - even when I was a beginner?

It started with a book and snowballed uphill from there.

One of the first books I've read that helped me "fix myself" was the "One Minute Millionaire" by Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen. Half of the book (odd pages) is story (because they pioneered the "Chicken soup for the soul" series) and half is a non-fiction success how to book (even pages).

I can still remember the scene where the main character was shouting "I am a money magnet" in the forest - alone - but finding it strange that the character was embarassed to say it.  That was just my pride talking because even I coudn't say it aloud in any situation - except in a noisy provincial bus to Laguna or while showering in our tiny common CR in Makati.

That book was my companion during those early days of playing Cashflow 101 game. It was an eye opener. Yeah, you can get your personal copy here :

Meanwhile in the Cashflow 101 game meetings, Bo found out that I was a "super techno geek"

So he asked me: "Do you know how to convert CDs to MP3s?".

I answered: "I could figure it out."

After that, Bo's driver delivered two large paper bags of CDs and Cassettes to be converted.

I borrowed a friend's tape recorded and played all those into a computer.

After which I edited everything manually for a few months.

Go ahead read that line again.

Does that felt like "hard work to you?".

Me, I enjoyed editing it all.

When we met again, I gave Bo lots of DVDs containing his Marketing, inspirational, Religious and Mindset mp3s.

He loaded it into his Ipod w/c someone gave him and I loaded as much as I could into my P 5000 el-cheapo mp3 player (at that time and Ipod for me was still 4 years away, that's how poor my mindset was).

But it's not the device, it's how you use it.

From then on, I replaced -- REPLACED my Christian Rock Music with Bo's MP3s.

And I learned on the bus, at the waiting shed, in the elevator, on the way to 711 and starbucks and in every line I could find myself in.
Every long traffic was a welcome learning session. I was officially enrolled in the University O f Waiting.  Every waiting moment, was a learning moment.

The old Youtube video called "The Strangest Secret" by Earl Nightnigale called it the University on Wheels- because they'd always learn from cassette tape seminars. But I went past that and filled every waking waiting moment into a school.

And that's how I knew that in promoting a concert:
1. Give the crowd what they want (not what they need)
2. Promote without ceasing
3. Give them a reason to buy from you.
4. Give them a reason to buy now.< /span>
5. Give scripts to your entire sales force (street team)
6. Check their work.
7. Inspire them to work for the ultimate goal.
8. Shout out your beliefs everyday
9. Report everything you do - in detail to whoever you're doing it for.

And lastly, this is the big one:
10. Synergize everything you do.

That last one was the lesson I applied when I hired my first streetteam me mbers. The only was I can be visible in Friendster, for example was if there were 10 of us there saying the SAME THING. Same story with other internet sites like Event Directories.

But I didn't stop there, synergize meant I had to use Microsoft Word to make flyers and Powerpoint to make mini-posters and have those Xeroxed.

It also meant I had to walk around Glorietta Mall with the gigantic Jars of Clay poster visible behind me.

It meant sleepless nights burning my bonus CDs.

It meant singing a line from Jars of Clay's "Five Candles" to a stranger in the FX while explaining the flyer I was giving her. (she later texted me o n Concert Day, "Thank you, I'm here in Araneta!".)

Are you understanding the marketing lessons here?

I hope you don't just get "inspired".

I urge you to take action.

Because taking action like the one below... will help you progress from an information sponge (ANG DAMI MONG ALAM) to a success (ANG DAMI KONG NATRY AT DI AKO TUMIGIL).

Here's the simplest action you can take: In your own words, type down what lessons you've learned from my Personal Story emails (there are 2 of these na)  INTO YOUR Facebook Status Update. Explain what it means.
Explain where you got it. Tag me @jomarhilario. No facebook? Email your learnings to people who respect you - not to those who LOVE YOU, those who RESPECT you.

Start it this way :Today I learned ________ , ________ ,_____. And because of this ____________.

Now do that and find a way to LET ME KNOW what you did.

Remember, it's more important that you start TEACHING this to others.

Yes, read that again. You didn't make a mistake.

You can start by letting people know about your interest in learning  about Marketing, Online stuff.

Let them see that you're progressing.

Let them see you're learning.

It's going to be fun.

Let me know if you've done it.

10 Critical Things I learned when I started in Marketing (Part 2 of Jomar 's Personal Journey Story)

In 2005, at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, outside of Araneta Coliseum. I picked up the large stack of tickets for the rock and roll concert that we were promoting. It's Jars of Clay, a Christian Rock band from the US.

I knew Araneta would be near-empty. It's a 15,000 seat venue and we only sold around 5000 tickets.

I was still an employee then.

35 days before this moment, I didn't have any experience with promoting something this big online.

I didn't know how to promote a concert - even in college- specially promote online.

And 35 days before this moment, I couldn't have predicted this was the first time I would come face to face with failure and success in business.

Inside, front act Barbie's Cradle is rocking the audience.

A lot of empty seats - it was sad --- for me - as I was part of the promoting team. But for those who were there - it was a dream come true. It's the first time a foreign and popular Christian Rock artist would come to the Philippines in a long long time.

We were giving them what they wanted - and that's what matters in the long run.

But how did I get here? I was just a bank employee for mor e than 10 years when this happened. My background is computer programming for credit cards- but not connected to the internet.

Short background on myself: Since college days all I ever listened to was Christian Rock Music. I grew up bullied for 3 years in high school - and was always thinking about revenge and hatred and my own stupidity. So I knew I was messed up. So when members of my Catholic group "Beloved Children of God Community" introduced me to the Bible being sung using popular rock music - I was hooked. I knew I need to fix myself - and this kind of music will be the new soundtrack of my life. Keep this in mind because we're going to encounter this again.

Even before getting my College diploma (finished pre-internet computer science), I was already hired a s a computer programmer so I climbed the corporate latter for 10 years until I was invited to a multi-level marketing company, Forever Living. In the organization  - there were people who were obsessed with Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad. So I read the book and kept reading all his other books.

Five years after, in front of GMA7's Quezon City headquarters, I stopped on the street and called someone I thought who may be working inside to meet up and give me a tour (let's call her "Am Quiambao").

In reply she asked "What are you doing?"

I said, "Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad" since I was re-reading the book at that time.

Good thing she was on her way to a Cashflow 101 game (the P 15,000 game being sold in the Rich Dad books) - that same afternoon.

So we arranged to meet and play.

It was a 5 hour game and the day ended with me being invited to her "addicted to cashflow game" group in Makati.

Popular Preacher Bo Sanchez was also a member of that group.

Around Jan 30,,2005, Bo brought his Fish Magazine and Kerygma Magazine team with him to let them play Cashflow.  Naturally, the brought
copies of their magazines. On the back of Fish Magazine was this poster "Jars of Clay Live in Manila March 3 2005".  Now Jars of Clay just "happened" to be the biggest Christian Rock group there was -in the early 1990s.

Naturally, I said "I want to be involved in this."

I asked Bo's team: "How can I help?".

"Sell tickets! ", they said. And so I did.

But I did more than that.

I knew as an employee - I couldn't possibly make a dent in their ticket sales (the goal was 10,000 people, the deadline was 30 days from that first conversation) --so I called up Eloise Rivera, an high school friend - in the US and asked her:

"Eloise, how did you sell tickets to your org's concerts in UP Diliman?"

And she told me to "Go to the school orgs, make them ticket sellers".

So I went online and found yahoogroups and friendster accounts of people who loved Jars of Clay- in Manila.

I contacted them and asked to meet them 1on1 -to make them into ticket sellers.

Every night I would go to the MRT and LRT giving away Jars of Clay posters and one ticket to each stranger I would meet.
I was to earn 7% from each ticket so I told them they'll earn 4% and
I'll keep the 3% from the 7%.  That was their commission.

At 9pm - almost everyday for 30 days after going to those ticket sellers multiple times - in different schools and MRT stations - I would go down at Guadalupe MRT and go to an Internet Cafe, near Jollibee.

There I would promote the concert  - along with 10 other fans I hired for P 50/hour - until 2am. These other fans  - they were in Laguna, Muntinlupa, Pasig.

Some of them I j ust met once.

Some of them, I have never met.

We just shared the same passion to promote God using this concert.
Four of these "volunteer promoters" where my brothers and sisters in Laguna.

I created the message for them to post in Yahoogroups, forums, Friendster and - all reaching out to fans all around the Philippines - to watch the concert with us.
Each message we sent came with a longer list of cellphone numbers they can contact to buy tickets direct - from my trusted streetteam (that's what I called them).

Personally, I also knew I had to sell tickets myself so that I could earn that 7% also.

I also knew that I needed to give them a reason to buy from me and not just waltz into the Araneta Ticket Booth and buy on the day of the concert.

I wanted them to buy now.

So I burned a CD that I knew they would like -as true fans.

The CD contained live recorded songs (called bootlegs) of Jars of Clay.

I gave a CD to each person who purchased from me directly.

Every expense I made up to this point was from my own pocket. Internet cafe, MRT fare, CD, payments to the streetteam online promoters.

This was my baptism of fire.

When the concert ended with much joy from everyone present, I got the news.

Around 2 Million pesos lost by Bo Sanchez - who funded the event.

I however was to earn around P 70,000 - 65% of w/c I would give to the volunteer ticket sellers and pay for the street team.

All in all, I think I earned P 20,000 in one month of little sleep and lots of excitement.

It was my first brush with massive selling, massive online promotion and non-stop marketing.

I think the biggest question here was "How did I know what to do when
I didn't even have selling and marketing backgrounds?"

The secret is in the next email.

That is -would you want me to continue this story?

Please reply with a "YES" if you do --AND A GUESS HOW I WAS ABLE TO FIGURE IT OUT.

LET ME know if this story served you or not.

Photo Credit

How I started in Marketing (Part 1)

Q: Ano ba ang virtual assistant?

A: Virtual assistant is anyone who works online using a computer.  Yes, I know that's not enough, no?

How about 1000 things a VA can do? You'd like that?

Click this link : to see.

See? It's just work.

Work at home.

Or in the computer.

Using the internet to COMMUNICATE and GET HIRED.

That's basically it.

Want more?

You should be watching out for my 10pm (PHT/MNL time) free online seminars (called webinars) at to get interviews of VAs and lessons from me, Jomar Hilario.

Otherwise if your question is "HOW DO I START?", go here: --that's where EVERYBODY starts.

"Ano ba ang virtual assistant?" - Loida

Q: Hi Jomar! Advise naman po. I'm planning to buy a Macbook air para sa aking soon to be VA career. Saan ba best bumili? Nasa province kasi ako, ang nearest istore sa amin ay sa Cagayan de Oro City pa, which is a 3 hour drive away. Narinig ko yung gadget grocery from you before, I checked their site, the prices are indeed much cheaper. Saan kaya mas best bumili, sa istore o online na mas mura? Ang catch lang kasi sa online is, yung security na madeliver yung item at ang warranty kung may sira. Pero kung magbabayad naman agad, darating na kinabukasan kung sa online bibili, makakatipid pa ako at pwede ko pang ibili ng external storage device ang savings ko. Kung sa istore naman, siyempre mas mahal, at kailangan ko pang mag travel all the way to CDoC, pero pwede ko naman siya bayaran sa credit card ng installment.  

A:  I love to travel, do you? Life must be full of experiences - not just THINGS. Usually we fill it more with things and not experiences. That's why life is empty and boring.

Yun lang.

That's my answer.




Do you live Japanese Anime?

I love those.

I love even more, Japanese Manga Games.

When the character sometimes answers "...." -- it means "Your joke is not funny".


Let's answer it.

First ask if KIMSTORE delivers in Mindanao.  Same with Gadget Grocery.

They are BOTH Trust worthy - I personally know the persons behind them. Their phone numbers are in my cellphone, too.

Now, They also offer macbooks for CHEAPER.

The warranty on these machines -- when purchased from KIM and GADGET are TWO FOLD.

KIM and GADGET will replace it if defective. OF COURSE THEY WILL. They'd purely online. They know you have to be happy or it's a simple BAD REVIEW on your part and they'll be scarred immediately.

This has happened TO ME SEVERAL TIMES (they replaced my WII, my IPHONEs etc).

No mess, no fuss.

But there's also the APPLE warranty - w/c applies to ANY APPLE product (1 year) you buy. It's valid with any apple store (official or partner) --doesn't matter where you purchased the Apple Product.

So you're covered both ways.

So it boils down to....

Do you love to travel?


"I'm planning to buy a Macbook air para sa aking soon to be VA career. Saan ba best bumili?" - Fivemay

Here's what Wilbs said about Jomar's Success Planning Workshop

Indeed The Success Planning Workshop is worth your every peso of investment. The activities are sooooooooo cool and fantastic. The workshop will help you to deal with the roots of the recurring patterns of defeat in your life. Awareness and then ano ang gagawin mo after you became aware of them. - Wilbs Lirag

It's not yet too late to plan your life. Download the workshop here :

"It will help you deal with the roots of recurring patterns of defeat in your life." - Wilbs

Q: I actually don't know how to formulate the question but essentially I wish to know the payment of taxes as a work at home person. One, when do we know we should pay taxes already. I understand you would have to pay on a monthly basis, once you declare/ register your work. What if you don't earn regularly,  I mean monthly.  Second,  what kind of tax do we pay as VA?

A: Read:  

Q: In the US, it's a crime not to pay taxes, since a VA is not a US Citizen how can I pay taxes for that person if I hire one?  

A: In any country, all businesses who earn a certain minimum amount must pay taxes. If you have any questions about paying taxes, always always consult a local accountant. If the accountant you're talking to doesn't know the answer, get a better one.

In the US, there are rules about hiring foreign workers (they call them outsourcers, familiar) --and you do not pay taxes of these workers if you hire them. However, you do tell the government about them.

Reality is, if you're an employee now, you totally do not understand how to pay taxes as a business, hence you must hire and ask an ________.
(What's the answer?)
(An Accountant)

Q: Do you suggest that a VA become a voluntary member of SSS,
PhilHealth and Pag-ibig?

Here are my views regarding the 3 agencies:

PhilHealth - This is my priority since anything can happen anytime.
Plus private medical health insurances are very expensive.

Pag-ibig - I am not sure if I should get this since housing loans can be acquired through bank financing. A relative, though, said that Pag-ibig interest rates are cheaper. Is itsignificantly lower?

SSS - It is compulsory for employees to have SSS. However, if I were to be a VA, should I avail of SSS or can I just have a life/ term insurance and reap the same benefits during retirement? I am a bit disappointed with the speed at which SSS processes its transactions and I think that a private insurance company will do better.


Here's the technique:
What are your needs? IF you're going to pregnant SOON -- start paying PHILHEALTHbefore the baby comes out. Are you a guy? The answer's NO.

Do you already have a HOUSE or CAR, would you need a LOAN? Find out how LONG you should be paying before getting a loan from both PAGIBIG and SSS, plan to pay the MINIMUM before getting the loan. After getting the loan, pay it off but DO NOT contribute anymore until you
need another LOAN.

Realize that all THREE are called TAXES. They're not called TAXES but they are. As an employee you have to DONATE that money to the gov't companies even if you DON'T WANT TO.

A VA or OM - we have a choice NOT to pay these taxes.

The general ideal is:

Become wealthy enough you can buy healthy foods and afford the time to do healthy habits.
I personally do not have medical insurance, not paying any of the above taxes.
I invest heavily in healthy food, lifestyle, books and friends. :)
It's a brand new world --when you're free.
Enjoy it.

Q: How about actual income tax, Jomar - should we pay it?

A: Of course you should, file it as a a "SIDELINE", there's a 10% withholding that your company (client) needs to withhold from you. If your client is foreign, you withhold it by NOT WITHDRAWING IT - and filing it using the BIR form that an ACCOUNTANT will tell you to use.

Otherwise, create a company (corporation or sole-prop) with the help of an ACCOUNTANT -and ask that same expert how to file taxes for it.

This way you'll get a BIR form to use when getting loans or proving to the UP's STFAP people that your children aren't born rich. (only UP students get this).

"What kind of tax do we pay as a VA" - Rachelle C.

Q: Saan po pwedeng mag-apply if ever marunong na ako maging VA? - Lhove Tolentino

A: Go to online job sites:,,

"Saan po pwedeng mag-apply if ever marunong na ako maging VA?" - Lhove T.

Q: What is a URL?

A: Go google it.

"What is a URL?" - Rogel L.

hi jomar,

ano ang seminar mo na pede mo i-suggest sa akin na pede ko puntahan.
naka attend nako 2 years ago ng VA seminar.
sa ngayon kasi gusto ko sa magkaron ng photobook business online.
kaso wala ako gano alam sa online.
kaya gusto ko sana bago simulan magkaron ng idea at siguradong pumatok.


Florante, gusto mo ng business online? May kilala ako ginawa yan.
Marami syang pera, walang nangyari. Bakit?

Wala kasing marketing research na ginawa.

Para siguradong pumatok, magaling ka or matiyaga ka dapat sa written research sa mundo ng mga bibili sa product mo.

VA SEMINAR 101 -- sa March 22 ang kailangan mo. 

Hindi para maging VA,
kundi para matutong mag-research.

Onga pala, bukas (February 18, Tuesday) na ang deadline ng special rates ng VA Seminar 101. The rates will increase na after that.

Here are the published rates as of Feb 17:
Regular - P4,375
Premium - P5,370

PAIRS (for two persons)
Regular - P5,875
Premium - P6,870

You can deposit your payment to any of our official bank accounts below:
You may also deposit the amount above to:
BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario
BDO Savings Account/ 00-8070002528 / Jose Mario R Hilario

IMPORTANT: Fill out the details here:, 
then email 

Nandito yung kumpletong details:

Kita tayo do'n.



Q: "Gusto ko magkaroon ng photobook business online, Jomar. Kaso wala ako gaano alam sa online..." -- Florante

Q: Habang tumatagal po ba humihirap bang makahanap ng Gig ang isang VA dahil dumadami na ang mga taong interesadong maging VA na syang dahilan kaya tumitindi ang kumpetisyon na pati mga ka member natin sa VA group ay nagiging kakumpetensya na din natin sa paghanap ng mga Gigs?

A: In my observation, those who are serious enough to work as a virtual assistants learn more skills. That means, they become more valuable as a virtual assistant. They do not have competition because they lead the pack.

Let me explain-nation:

1. "Humihirap kang makahanap ng Gig" - Define "hirap" -

Nagbubungkal ng lupa? Hindi.
Naglalakad sa init ng araw papunta sa job site? Hindi.
Nagpapaprint sa internet cafe ng 10.000 resumes para i submit isa - isa sa post office or HR department? Hindi.
Nag babayad ka ng P 100,000 sa OFW recruiter para ilakad ka sa ibang bansa? Hindi.

Hirap =  "7 days na wala pa akong work". = "30 days na wala pa akong work!"= "400 days na wala pa akong work.

"Eh ilan ba ina-aapplyan mo per day?"

"Ha? 10 times pa lang ako nag - aaapply no! Lahat rejected!"

"Tapos ano ginawa mo?"


"Kaya pala MAHIRAP. Tumigil ka eh."

Sa employment, hindi sa online: di ba maraming "kalaban"?
Para maging clerk, nurse, duktor, assistant, teller, programmer?
Ang dami nyan. Lalo na after graduation.

Tanong: "Kailan ka titigil pag nag-apply ka ng trabaho?"

"After 10 na apply?"

"O - di ka titigil hangang di ka nagkatrabaho?"

Parehas lang sa VA.

Ngayon alam mo na.

2.  "Kumpitensya mo ang mga lahat ng students ng VA sa mundo."

Di naman totoo yan.
Di lahat ng VA student gusto ang work na gusto mo.
Imagine ISA ka lang VA student sa BUONG mundo.
Kaya mo ba gawin lahat ng VA jobs sa mundo?
Eh di may room for others to work din?
10 lang?
Kaya nyo nang 10?
Aba Jomar, sobra na yan, COMPETITION NA SILA!
Eh kalahati nyan eh graphic artist at programmer - marunong ka?
Eh di di mo competition sila!
50,000 na lang.
Marami pa rin yan Jomar!
Aba aba aba!
Marami nang experience.
Matagal ka na ba VA?
So 25,000 na lang.
Kaya kong ubusin yan para 100 na lang kayo sa mundo
Tapos babalik din tayo sa ikot ikot nito.

Wala kang competition.
Ang sarili mo lang ang competition mo.
May mga trabaho para sa'yo.
Pikit lang ang mata na dapat BUKSAN.

Ano gusto mo?
Pag di mo nakita, sorry na lang?
Or 10,000 jobs PARA LANG SA'YO?
Ikaw ang pipili?

O tama na pilosopo.
Alam ko naman naintindihan mo eh.

Excuse lang yan.

"Maraming competition!" "Mahirap!"

Pag dalawa lang kayong VA na tinuturuan ko - ang reklamo naman ay" Di naman totoo ito, dalawa lang kami eh- ayoko na maging VA!"

Tapos lubos lubusin na natin:
Di naman totoo ito, eh 3 lang kami eh.
Di naman totoo ito, eh 10 lang kami eh.
Di naman totoo ito, eh 100 lang kami eh.
Di naman totoo ito, eh 1000 lang kami eh.
Di naman totoo ito, eh 10,000 lang kami eh.
Wait dami na.
Marami nang competition! Akoyo na!
So gusto mo 9,999 lang kayo?
Mas aasenso ka ba pag 9,999?
How about 9,998?
O ano Abraham, sisirain ko na ba ang Sodom and Gomorrah?

Excuses lang lahat po yan.
Pero gusto naman.
Uyyyy, gusto mo naman eh. Tuloy mo na.
I download mo na ang seminar, dali.

Hanapin mo ang link.
Ano di mo makita?
Bahala ka na!

"Habang tumatagal po ba humihirap bang makahanap ng Gig ang isang VA dahil dumadami na ang mga taong interesadong maging VA" - Romel

Q: I am in a MLM business now and I would like to know how can working as a VA help in contributing sales in my team?

A:  Becoming a VA will not help you. Because then you'll be working for SOMEONE else raising the sales of someone else's business.

But HIRING A VA will enormously help any business - even an MLM business. The VA can handle most of the Social Media Updates, most of the followup, create videos, answer inquiries, do PMs, live service and confirm payments of potential downlines. The VA can also schedule appointments for you, manage your calendar and then create images and buy Facebook Ads for you (depends on the VA).

Now, will the VA recruit for you? Only if you teach the Virtual Assistant how.

Now will the VA recruit his own family and friends for you? Probably not, that's called a downline and the VA is not your downline. He's your Virtual Assistant.

"I am in an MLM business, can VA contribute sales in my team?"

Q: Do you have any recommended training course for specific online jobs for persons na hindi pa V.A. but willing to be in the near future which that can be afford by ordinary Pinoys from provinces?

A: Start with the VA Seminar.  Check out &

"Do you have any recommended training course for ordinary Pinoys from provinces?" - Nehemiah

Q: Paano po ba makakasali sa work sa bahay? - Maricel Gonzales

A: Find a client who is willing to hire you with your set of skills

"Paano po ba makakasali sa work sa bahay?" - Maricel Gonzales

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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