Starting tomorrow, April 1 - lots of websites online will be giving you FAKE NEWS, software companies will be releasing incredible INNOVATIONS like "control the internet using your facial expressions" - that are too good to be true.

Warning lang.

Di po yan totoo. April 1na bukas.

And it will still be April 1 on April 2 (kasi sa US diba late sila). So just in case you hear bad news, don't believe it until after a few days or weeks. Until it's been confirmed that it's not a prank.

Ang hindi prank is that you can actually earn more, sell more than MALL STORES - if you sell inside INSTAGRAM.

INSTA what? If you'd like to watch a video what INSTAGRAM is -- click here:

Yup, again, that's my Facebook Mastery Group, it's my free educational playground where I give assignments and lesssons for free.
That's on top of sending lessons via email.

Anyway, how can you sell inside INSTAGRAM?
How can you outsell MALL Stores when you're online?
Let's ask Marco Victoria, a 26 year old nephew of Brother Bo Sanchez - how he does it.
There is no store.
There's only a place to create the shoes.
Ang tindahan ay nasa instagram.
Not facebook.
But a website dedicated to photographs : Instagram.

How can you know? Join us NOW NA 10pm for a free chance to interview Marco Victoria YOURSELF.

We'll be entertaining your questions and we'll be asking Marco to answer them for you.

FREE EDUCATION from entrepreneurs.
Tonight at 10pm.
Better than watching the WINTER SOLDIER (w/c was like 2 hour + 20 minutes including credits: Note: There are 2 END CREDIT SCENES).
This webinar - you can settle your doubts.
You can hear from someone else.
And entprereneur who's YOUNG, HAS MADE A LOT MISTAKES and is CRAZY.

How? Findout tonight at

For those still on the "hmmm" part of life - if you're going to get the VA101 Download, APRIL 2 is your deadline.

If you're in the Truly Rich Club Gold Mastermind, APRIL 8 is your deadline.

You're going to get the following EXTRA lessons if you get in before
the deadlines:
1. Discover your personal strengths profile and understand what drives you
2. How to ACE your interview with a #1 huge, foreign-based internet company and seal the gig
3. How you can effectively use story-telling as marketing tool for clients
4. How you can find long term, stable, high paying work in Odesk, Freelancer, Elance and Craigslist and others.
5. Video of VA Seminar 2013 (A whole additional seminar, in addition to the VA 101 Seminar)

All these for only: (still at P 6,575)
Or get the VA 101 materials only at P 5,075:

Last Day to get these bonuses and low price is WEDNESDAY.

TRC Gold members, please use this link =
Your deadline is APRIL 8 (TRC GOLD only)

Do you have a business making more than P 47,000 a month?
Then you need to join us at the Marketing Success Formula so we can increase that!
Bonus Live meeting April 3, Thursday 1pm. Followed by April 5 8pm BONUS online workshop and April 12 8pm FORMAL online workshops followed by April 22 for the first FORMAL Meeting.
Join here: Message me if you want more details.

Marketing Success Formula is a "good for two people" program.
The entrepreneur and the assistant. We teach you how to custom design an online presence that makes you money. If this is one of your main goals, then join us.
REPLY if you're interested. Only business owners can apply.

Warning for tomorrow (importante ito)

Hi! Our guest this Monday at 10pm is Marco Victoria, who at 26, has already 18 running businesses which include a high-end car parts store, a car exchange, a pre-school, a catering service, bridal cars, a production house, a neuro-muscular therapy clinic, a resto-bar, and a lot more.

As for his failed businesses, it includes a  photo studio, a pizza stall, a pizza catering business, a "hambadog" food stall.

Lots of experience this one.

But the reason we are interviewing him on Monday at 10pm - as usual YOU get to interview him (not really me) - as YOU get to ask him questions after his introductory talk - is this:
His Shoe Store is inside Instagram - the massive website full of pictures - and yes- he sells inside Instagram.

Let him tell you how he did it. And if you're a good mentee (alam mo ba yun?) - you'll extract the GOAL, STRATEGY and TACTICS (GST) from this Monday's webinar.

This is specially applicable to those who attended the VA101 Seminar - they know that determining the GST from someone's activities is one of the most important things you can do when starting your OWN business.

Mixing them up TSG or STG is what everybody does - that's why their incomes are soo small.
That's why the VA101 Seminar was called "Highly Paid Content Marketing Strategist" - a strategist is a person who knows the difference between a Goal, A Strategy and and Tactics. A Strategist also knows that only one word in that list is plural.

What I taught in that VA101 live event is how you can BE that highly paid strategist. So it's not really a technical / techie skill.

It's a way of thinking and a way of seeing.

Some of the feedback from the participants: "It's not as jam packed as the VA Seminar of 2013", "There were lots of chances to interact with others.",  and people were hitting their palms over their foreheads after I asked them to compute the possible income when you work 10 days a month, for half the day. It was just "too high".

Speaking of earnings. I made a big mistake last email:

VA101 possible earnings are P 3,000+/hour (not per month).
VA possible earnings are P 1000+hour (not per month).

Ok, back to Marco Victoria, our guest on Monday. You'll want to know how:
1. He sold his (self-designed) shoes online, here: (follow him!)
2. How he found that his sales exceed those in the malls (w/o the rent)
3. How his way of doing it attracted a big international attention.

So join us on Monday - know this : Marco is NOT A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT.
Marco didn't attend ANY of my seminars.
Marco did not do any "assignment".
He was just an employee before - and now he's got lots of businesses.

You can talk to him NOW via his FB page :

Now FAVOR TIME. Yes, I'm asking you a favor, please invite your lady friends and business-minded friends to learn from Marco on Monday 10pm? Philippines time?
It's free and THEY GET to ask him questions too.

All you need to start, G+ account. Just to be safe, gawa ka ng account sa -- You can use your yahoo mail here to register naman.
Para lang safe. Ang alam ko, you need to install this too: pero ONCE LANG - unlike sa Gotowebinar - you have to do it everytime.

See you Monday 10pm at ----> Pero register ka muna so we can remind you. Enter your cellphone too so we can text too. (Let's see if it works, ha).

I made a mistake in my last message for you...

Hi if you're looking for the photos from the recent VA101 Seminar, they're here:

Click mo lang yan. Sa facebook lang yan. Pag di mo makita send a message to the owner of the photo album saying "Patingin ng VA101 photos please."

Tao din yan, marunong mag mahal.

Anyway, I have a problem with those photos. People didn't say that my hair was out of place -kaya ayun - gulat ako when I saw the photos.

Tsk tsk tsk. Dapat nga pala may stylist din ako sa live events. Sayang eh professional ang photogs at videographers namin sa VA101 Seminar.

Oh, the videos nga pala. Give us (all of us) three weeks to prep them.
Pero ang start talaga is once they send us the videos na. I still need to see their work.

Some of you are still asking ano ba ang different sa VA Seminar last 2013 and this VA 101 Seminar? Here's the shortcut:
VA101: Up to P 3,465/hour potential
VA: Up to P 1000/hour potential

I'm not making up the numbers, I found this in Odesk under "Strategist".

Here's more differences:

VA101: Odesk optional, Resume optional, Blog optional. Only homework is POWERPOINT and EXCEL.

VA: Use Odesk, Use Resume, Use Blog(Wordpress). Homework is Blog with Lots of Powerpoints.

See the big difference? When will I hold the next one?
The "next one" is the download video version. We will not do another VA101 live seminar - nothing is in the plans so far.

But if you DO want a live experience, how about something more intimate?

A half-day with the Online Mentoring Club 3 members perhaps?

This Saturday at 1pm-5pm?


Only a few attend this paid meeting where in I teach the deep and overview of running an online business.


Just register for a Dream Deal of the Online Mentoring Club 3 and you're in.
Here's the link :

We do this 4x a year. And the first meeting -- is already CONVERTED into a BOOK. (YUP!)

I have the print out beside this computer I'm using today.

It's going to be AWESOME.

Be a part of the creation of the 2nd book for the Online Mentoring Club 3 -be with us this Saturday (venue to be announced) 1pm - 5pm - just be a Dream Deal Member of the OMC3.

To be clear: OMC3 people do not want to be VAs.

They want to LEARN what I KNOW so they earn like P 60,000 a DAY.

Yeah, read that again.

Malayo earnings vs sa VA no?

But you gotta have patience, ha.

No expectation of earnings until you do the work and understand it. ok?

Ready? Then see you this Saturday.

You can ask all your questions there- but not "I wanna be a VA" questions ha.

Will I see you there?

Ok 3 messages.

Are you:
1. One for those looking at working sa bahay, pero earning more than P1000 an hour?
2. Wanting to pursue an online business?
3. Already have a business - but want to maximize online?

Here are my NEW messages for you:
Yes, they're NEW so read carefully.

1. BONUS webinar Q and A for VA 101 peeps:

We just finished the VA 101 Seminar with a professional video crew.
On top of that, I've also got my personal recording of the event.
They'll be editing the footage and that will be available to those who got the downloadable version and the premium VA101 seat.

But we're not done yet. (syempre)

I've decided that one day isn't enough talk for me so I'm giving away a free 2 hour  Q and A (and more talk) webinar for those who attended and downloaded the VA101.
We'll be announcing the schedule of this interactive event.
Send in your questions and we'll answer them!
Plus I've a few more lessons to say anyway - so - I hope you  don't mind the BONUS SESSION.

2. Existing Entrepreneurs - You're in luck! (Lagi naman db? Pero pag hindi pa, I can help you.)

You want sales sa internet, correct?
You want to do it right - not dependent on FB or Twitter or Sulit to make m.o.ney, tama?
Just in case those sites disappear, may sales ka pa rin, right?
Well, may kilala akong nag-e-earn sa internet during the Friendster days pa.
Ako yun.
And I've been teaching Doctors, Dentists, Veterenarians, Medical Supply Companies, Chemical Suppliers, Jewelry and IT School owners, VAs, Pre-schools, Event Companies, Interior Designers, Bloggers and others how to get their customers to buy again and a gain from them.

Join my Marketing Success Formula program ASAP because this April, we'll have TWO LlVE MEETINGS and TWO ONLINE WORKSHOPS. (normally we only do one of each).
Here's where you should join:

Here's the schedule:
April 5 - webinar
April 10 - live meet up
April 26 - webinar
one more live meet up date to be announced

3. You don't have a business yet (idea lang siguro). 

Well you can LEARN FROM THE SIX (6) online entrepreneurs that I'm interviewing starting TONIGHT 8pm until April.

What to expect from these interviews? We're not just going to talk about their "How I started" stories, we're also going to talk about what they're doing now and HOW they're doing what they're doing.

You will not only be inspired but be given TESTED ideas on how to approach online startup problems - and PROVEN insights from fellow FILIPINOS who are already earning online.

Yes, hindi po sila illusion, hindi din sila artista.
Talagang nag-e-earn na sila sa internet - per o di sila "VA".

Here's the schedule:
Mar 25, 8pm : Randy Tudy, published Amazon author
Mar 25, 10pm : Allan Inocente, famed blogger of
Apr 7, 8pm : Sha Nacino, author of "Think Rich, Yuppies", "Money & Me"
Apr 14, 8pm : Jay Castillo, owner of
Apr 21, 8pm : Laurent Dionisio, top affiliate of Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club
Apr 28, 8pm : Ermz Teodocio, published Amazon author

How can you join in LIVE and ask them questions directly?
Join the Online Mentoring Club ASAP!
Here's the link:

The earlier you sign up (Kahit sa monthly lang!) -- the more LIVE interviews you can join!

Now live marvellously.

You'll want to read this now (urgent kasi, at bago)

Let’s say your niece wants a new set of Lego blocks which costs P700.

She comes up with ideas how she can raise the money: She can either ask money from her doting grandparents, or she can paint greeting cards and sell it, or she can save up her allowance.

How will she do it?

If she decides to ask from her grandparents, she has to woo them by handing them their medicines after meal times, or make them some tea.

If she decides to sell greeting cards, she has to buy supplies of cardboard and paint, make at least 10 cards a day, and find customers to sell it to.

If she decides to save up her allowance, she has to walk to the terminal instead of take the tricycle, and resist the urge to buy ice cream after school.

Now in that story, I just showed you what a goal, strategy, and tactic is.

"Ha? Hindi pa rin tapos yan, Jomar? Di ba last week mo pa fina-flood ang Facebook nyan?"

Yep. But I’m guessing not all of you get it.

So allow me to use simple words pa, so you understand it, and even your five-year old kid will get it.

Goal = what you want
Strategy = ideas
Tactics = how to

Balik tayo sa story.

What’s the goal? Buy Lego

What’s the strategy? There are 3 : ask from grandparents, sell cards, save allowance.

What are the tactics? The how-to’s

Tactics of asking from grandparents : hand medicine, make tea
Tactics of selling cards : buy supplies, draw 10 cards a day, find customers
Tactics of saving up : walk instead of trike, no ice cream after school.

Gets na ba?


Hindi pa rin?

Then join ka on Monday (Mar 24), we have another webinar, where I explain this a bit more kasi I want you to “Be The SUPERHERO of Your Family and Loved Ones”

You’ll Learn How To Gain Confidence and Make Your Online Income Soar Up-Up and Away!
Join the free webinar here :

Kung gets mo na, the FREE Monday webinars is just one of my tactics.

What’s my goal and strategy? Email me kung alam mo ang sagot.

If not, I’ll tell you sa next post.

And by the way, SORRY but the Live VA Seminar 101 is already FULL.
If you still want to get in, you can avail of the Downloadable materials instead.
Allow 30-45 days after the live event for us to process the files.

Want to learn how to Ace an interview with a client, and seal the gig?
How about effectively using story-telling as a marketing tool?
What if I gave you a guide to obtain the freedom-filled life you always wanted?

Get these BONUSES when you avail of the VA Seminar 101 Downloadable - Premium Deal on or before April 2.
More details here :

Live marvellously.

Explain “How I can make Super-Online In'come” Like I’m Five

For the past days, I have been sending you stories that explain the difference between strategies and tactics.

I even posted the stories inside the
Jomar Hilario Mastery Facebook group.

If you missed these emails, you can read it again (in order) so you can catch up with our discussion.

Click here to read about the "300 abs"

Once you're done reading that, click here and extract the goal, tactics and strategy

Medyo challenging ba?
That's okay.
I know that if you're eager to learn, you won't stop pag nahirapan ka ng konti.
Because if you're going to stop right now, it means you don't want malaking kita sa internet that bad.
And it's good for those people with that attitude to stop now.
Kasi baka hindi nga naman sila prepared kumita ng malaki.

I know, I know, it's kinda ironic that they want to learn, and once learning is here -- ng libre -- they dismiss it just like that.
It's sad for me, but I also have to remind myself that Jomar can only do so much.

If you're this person, stop reading this email now and delete it.
I'm sorry, I cannot help you as much as I want to.

Pero if you're someone who's serious in earning ng malaki sa internet so you can bless others as well, read on and let's continue practice. :)

You're still here? Good. Read on.

Here's another magnificent story and I want you to extract the goal, strategies and tactics:

In this story, you'll also discover how extremely powerful Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks can be in promoting a physical product -- libro -- even making it a New York Times Best-seller.

Post your answers in the comments section here:

PERO... if I get minimal response in this test, I'll probably create a private group nalang where I can release the rest of the lessons pero only to those people who are serious in learning how they can earn ng malaki sa internet. I hope you understand.

Besides, only these people deserve to know kasi sila lang naman ang mag-aact after nila mabasa yung lesson. Do you agree?

They see this as highly-valuable so they strive to get -- not just results -- but good results, if not great (yet).

Nagsisimula naman lahat sa 'good' bago maging 'great' to 'marvellously great' -- what's important is they act.

Are you one of them?

Let's see then.

Ignore this if you don't like malaking kita sa internet

As promised, I'm here to help increase your confidence in facing an online-work or digital entrepreneurship (w/c ever you prefer) - so you can charge more, earn more.


Are you game?

READ THE STORY below. Extract the GOAL, STRATEGY and TACTIC. If you don't know what this is about, read my previous email about the 300 abs here:

Click to read the story:

In this story, there can be 3 sets of answers- as there are 3 products (IQ Game, Recaptcha and Duolingo). As a minimum go for ONE SET you can extract from the story.

Smart people will try to go to wikipedia for more clarity. That's totally okay. You're NOT IN SCHOOL.


Now why do this?
Gusto mo ng high income?
Make sure you have high confidence!
How to get high confidence!
Practice, knowledge, action!


How to answer:

In the comment section of this post in facebook, you're to enter your answers to my question above:

Again, to let me know you got an answer, go here and leave a comment:

Here's another thing: What if you don't know the answer?
Leave any comment saying "I love life, I will do everything to make the most of it."
That way we keep positive.

Okay, game?


P.S. Some of you will be stunned w/o explanation at this assignment.

You expected to be entertained, you expected your fears to be driven away. I understand. That's why I'm interviewing Erma T tonight at 10pm. She was just like you - a beginner - now she's an accomplished Amazon Bestseller for her Ebook. A true digital entrepreneur.

But here's a secret : She's no expert. In fact, she's just beginning - so find out how she did it.

So you must find out what her story is. On Monday 10pm. Join free in my webinar at

P.S. You missed the work sa bahay seminar - VA101 - it's full! But you can still get in- via the backdoor - how ? Go to to get your copy ASAP. Lots of bonuses if you get in on or before April 2.

P.S. FAVOR, please look at the contest entries and take your pick from the top 10:

Start Increasing Your Confidence Now (Test yourself)

When was the last time you’ve felt so excited and happy?

Hooh! The 1st quarter of the year is about to end!
Time flies so fast, YES?
And this gets me SOOO EXCITED!

Oh and wait, how are your plans doing so far?
Are they turning out as planned?
Surely hope so!
Did I just mention that I’m SO EXCITED??

YES, you’re reading it right!

I’ve got a lot of events coming up.
And AS USUAL, they’re all geared toward YOUR success.
And I’m just so excited to share them with you!

Now, are you ready??

Here you go:
1. Have some questions in mind? Have them raised and answered by me in my Online Mentoring Club webinar happening on March 19 at 8pm. Please save and mark this date as your learning time with me.

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Our monthly webinar will be on April 15, 2014 as we feature Tina Ramas, a Part-time Social Media VA who can keep a watchful eye on her kids

3. Watch out as my qualified O.nline Mentoring Club (OMC) students get matched up with Mar'k'eting Success Formula entrepreneurs! Yes, they are being given practicums on real companies

Interesting, right?
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5. Have you been wanting to share your story?
Or might as well write a book and share your message to the world?

Join us on March 17 (Monday) at 10pm as we interview Ermz Teodocio, a Pinay from Bacolod, about her journey to becoming one of Amazon's Best-selling author!

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You have found what you’re looking for!

We've previously announced that the Virtual Assistant Seminar 101 LIVE event is already fully-booked.

We know that you've been waiting and wanting to attend this life-changing seminar but as much as we want to accommodate all of you in the live event, we just can't fit all 200+ of you in the venue.


Because we're totally happy about your overwhelming response, we're giving you the chance to get everything included in the Premium - Downloadable VA Seminar 101 package + marvellous bonuses we're sure you can't resist.

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Marvellous Bonus #2: You got the VLE Month 1 lesson? Why not give you the VLE Month 2 lessons as well?
You read that right.
We're also giving you the following lessons:
- Discover your personal strengths profile and understand what drives you
- How to ACE your interview with a #1 huge, foreign-based internet company and seal the gig
- How you can effectively use story-telling as marketing tool for clients

These lessons are valued at P2,500 EACH -- That's getting P7,500 worth of lessons -- LIBRE, just for you.

Marvellous Bonus #3: Well, it's a surprise!
But here's what I can tell you about bonus #3: This will serve as your guide in obtaining the freedom-filled life you have always wanted...

A life with more time for your family and friends,
a magnificent life where you don't have to be at your boss' mercy,
the kind of life where you demand the rewards you deserve for hardwork.
That's another bonus for you valued at P3,475. How about that?
Total value of the bonuses you'll be getting?
Here's the catch: This chance is valid until April 2, 2014, Wednesday only.
You can also deposit your payment on or before April 2 to any of the following bank accounts below:
BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario
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1. Fill up the details here:
2. Then email
So for those of you who already got the Premium Downloadable VA Seminar 101 -- you are also entitled to get these bonuses.

Do I hear a 'yay!'?

Now those are jam-packed learnings, made just for you, YES?
How do you like them?
Have you thought of investing on learnings yet?

I tell you, it’s really worth it.

“If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”
- Jim Rohn

I’ll let you decide on your own.

Now live marvellously

Photo credit

New Lesson Series coming up next week + Bonus for you

Uy, napanood mo na ba yung 300 Rise of an Empire?


Heto ang isa pang astig...
EXTENDED ang VA Seminar 101 Contest #2!

What's the grand prize?

LIBRENG seat lang naman to the VA Seminar 101 happening on March 22, Saturday in Morgan Suites, McKinley Hill, Taguig worth P6,575!

"Woah! How do I join?"

How to join:

1. Create a poster with your most favorite QUOTE or LEARNING from me, Jomar Hilario, or Jomar Hilario Mastery Group [Use / Powerpoint /] .

Yes this is another LEARNING that’s not the same as the quote you entered in Contest #1.

2. Upload your poster in the comment below using this format “Your quote/learning + Tag the person who said it + Join me, I'm personally learning REAL ONLINE JOBS at + Tag Jomar Hilario Mastery Group”, and tag 3 or more friends.

3. Share this CONTEST post on your wall and invite your friends to LIKE your comment quote poster.

4. Upload your poster on your wall using this format: “Your quote/learning + Tag the person who said it + Join me, I'm personally learning REAL WORK SA INTERNET at + Tag Jomar Hilario Mastery Group” and tag 3 or more friends.

On top of winning a Premium live seat valued at P6,575, ito pa ang isang astig:
The seminar on March 22 ain't your 'regular' VA seminar.

You'll learn how to think like an entrep.
You'll overcome fear.
You'll overcome "not being smart enough"
You'll overcome "I'm too old, too young, too late, too early " concerns.

This seminar should have been called the "How to become an online marketer" seminar -- kasi galing ng laman.

Yun ang laman.

Anyway -- you can JUDGE for yourself by attending it -- for free.


By joining the very simple contest!
Deadline of entries is on March 17, 2014.

Go to for the complete contest mechanics.

SHARE this to your friends para you can rise your own empire (sa bahay. LOL!)

Now live marvellously.

Here's how you can get a LIBRENG seat to the March 22 seminar -- even if we're already fully booked.

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If you're not in the Manila or the Philippines but want to learn how to become a Virtual Assistant who  earns dollars, get the training materials below (10+ hours of video).

How to Earn P 100,000 Monthly as a Work From Home Virtual Assistant?

I've compiled my latest video and text replies to your most burning questions about onli'ne jobs:

Pick the question - and get the answers below, libre:

Can you be a Virtual Assistant (who earns dollars at home) when you're in Australia and earn in Australian income standards? 
Youtube video link:
Post link:

What is a virtual assistant?
Youtube video link:
Post link:

Are you qualified to work from home?
Youtube video link:
Post link:

How you can work from home when you don't have time?
Youtube video link:
Post link:

What are the requirements to get an online job?
Youtube video link:
Post link:

I am 99years old, can I work from home?
Youtube video link:
Post link:

Can I earn 40K a month online using your course?
Youtube video link:
Post link:

What specs should my computer have for work from home?
Youtube video link:
Post link:

I don't have any special skills, can I still work online? 
Youtube video link:
Post link:

How do I recruit for MLM using online marketing?
Youtube video link:
Post link:

There's no online job I can do, panay data entry. Help!  
Youtube video link:
Post link:

Let me know if these videos helped you or not.

You still have questions about Online Jobs?

Less than 4 hours to go before the last VA interview of our MegaWebinar Series!

Tonight, we will have a guest who was an Accounting Supervisor (ayan na hinihintay niyo, accountant!) and has been working for 4 years now as a part-time virtual assistant accountant for a Philippine-based company.

Guess what? She has started her transition from being a VA to OM!

Do you want to know how she started?
How she became a VA?
What are the struggles and advantages of a Filipino VA living abroad?
Why did she decide to level up now?

More of these mamaya so join us tonight at 10pm, Manila time for an Ask Me Anything: I'm A US-Based Part-Time Accountant VA & I Can Do Fun Things with My Son Every Hour Webinar with Lhory Banaag.

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[WEBINAR] : Meet a US-Based Pinoy Virtual Assistant

Why are you here?

I mean, I know that you're here, reading this email, because you want to learn more about how you can work and earn sa bahay.

But why?

What made you want to stay sa bahay and mag-earn online?
What event in your life molded that decision?
What is your turning point?

Every time we talk to a newbie virtual assistant we ask them the same questions.
Oftentimes, it's because of their commute -- and to be honest, I find it absurd just thinking that someone, maybe a lot of people out there, are actually on the road 4 to 5 hours a day just to get from their house to their workplace. Nakakapagod nga naman talaga.

OFWs have almost the same reason: homesickness
Those in their 20s (most of 'em) would say, for extra income.
Newly weds say, because they want to focus on building their family.
But for parents, like our webinar guest later - Tina, it's because they want to spend most of their time with the kids.

When we asked Tina, what was her turning point, this is on top of her list - spending time with her 6 children.

Tina Ramas, a part-time Social Media virtual assistant, is now enjoying the time freedom that she has.
She doesn't have to rush and commute.
No yayas in her household.
She's available to her children 24/7.
She can choose whether to accept an offer or decline.

Want to hear more of her VA story? Join us today, March 5 at 5pm.
Register here:

So, what is your turning point?

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[Webinar] What is your turning point?

Here's what Nath said about Jomar's talk at Bo's Wealth Summit

Hi sir Jomar,

just want to share a KWENTO!.. Bo's Wealth Summit is a great experience. I gained again lot of friends.. at ang maganda pa dito.. is that we all had the same mindset.. or I may say .. on the same course.. :)

One of my fave experience was meeting Marco Victoria.. grabe ang Kwento nya.. and I learned a lot from him.. especially yung pagiging director nya ng going bulilit.. he inspired me and told me to continue my video editing RAKETs.. hehehe..

The best is yung sinabi nya na "hindi naman na talaga mahalaga ang makakuha ng pera, kasi yung pera nandyan lang eh, ang hindi mababayaran ay yung experience mo na meron kang natutulungan!" A very humble statement from a person having 18 (and counting) businesses. It was really cool..

and want to thank you sir Jomar! youve helped me a LOT! really..
I remember, last year when I attended the Wealth summit.. I was only starting on my journey.. sabi ko nun.. when I heard you're portion (Money Magneto) I said to myself.. "Aah, ito ang i-pu-pursue ko! to learn from Jomar" .. Now attending the Wealth Summit 2014.. I was part of the Jomar Hilario Mastery Group (and your other clubs).. Thank you. So glad also to be inspired by Ana Olar, ms. Jones, and Ralph. :D ..

Now Im gonna put my truly rich club's Hard HAt and I must go to WORK..
execute.. execute.. execute!. :)

Nath. :D

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"Thank you sir Jomar, you've helped me a lot." - Nath

Are you using Hosted Wordpress for your business or virtual assistant portfolio?
Hosted = paid, not the free Wordpress account

Read on and check out these top 3 Hosted WP plugins you should be using.

Continue reading and know why you should use the following plugins for your Wordpress account.

1. If you have a blog, you might have encountered getting random, off-topic comments being posted on your blog posts and wonder, "where in the world did this come from?"

Oh, and hindi lang sila isa-isa dumating -- they flooood your blog post with car insurance comments, a random link with no accompanying text, house loan, etc. posts. Ugh.

And you, being a 'baby' in the blog universe, you manually delete them one by one -- all 571 of them -- today. Tapos bukas meron ulit. Eeeeps!

Wordpress Plugin#1: Akismet
The Akismet Wordpress plugin filters and deletes these comments, called SPAM, automatically so you won't have to remove them every single time they pop under your posts.

2. A set of photos that you use to feature a blog post is called a carousel -- and not all Wordpress themes enable you to have this, hence you need to install a plugin for this.

Site statistics. If you're serious about getting into o.nline mar'k'e'ting (OM), you should know which of your posts get your ideal audience's attention and which are flops. Using statistics, you will also be able to monitor where a lot of these people are coming from (from your Facebook page ba? from a forum? from Twitter?), the best date or time to post an article and a whole lot more.

That's site statistics for you and to get that, you have to install another plugin on site statistics.

See those 'Share if your care' Social Media buttons? Meron for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, etc.
You should know that placing these below your blog posts is important, yes?

You have to make it easy for your ideal audiences to share what you can offer to them. Remember that rule?

Think. Kung wala yung buttons na yan:
Upon reading your article, I got very interested and would love to share it to my friends on Facebook. Kaya lang, kailangan ko pang:
a) kunin yung link ng blog post mo
b) I need to highlight the link, press Cmd + C to copy
c) and that's the time I can post it to my Facebook.
Wooh! Kapagod! Wag ko na nga lang i-share.

Okay, maybe it's not too exhausting to do that.
But believe it or not, that's how most people think and act online.
Want them to share what you just posted?
Make it easy for them.
If you can make me share it in a single click, do it.

And you can do that by installing another plugin to your Wordpress account.

"Grabe Jomar, isang plugin kada feature? Wala bang isang plugin to get all of that?"

Wordpress Plugin#2: Jetpack
Jetpack has a lot - and I mean a lot - of features. They can provide site statistics, an image carousel (set of images for your blog posts), sharing buttons, mobile integration, contact form, checking your spelling and grammar, extra sidebar widgets and more.

Why use tons of plugins to get these features if you can just install Jetpack?

3. Let's say you have a beauty blog where you post your own product reviews.
Example: There are 5 skin whitening beauty soaps na 'trending' on the market and you're about to post your review for the 5th product on the list.

At the bottom of your article, you posted a one-paragraph summary comparing these 5 soaps.
Of course, summary nga, so this doesn't say much about these products, right?
Pero you've already published posts about the other 4 soaps, correct?

Now how can you redirect your blog readers to these 4 article reviews easily?

Wordpress Plugin#3: LinkWithin
LinkWithin enables your blog to display 2-5 related posts under a certain blog post category.
This makes it easy-peasy for your readers to navigate through your blog.

There are so many useful Wordpress plugins I want to share with you, but for now, I'll share these with you muna. :)

Nga pala, did you buy a Hosted Wordpress from me?
or did I gave you one during a workshop?

These Hosted Wordpress are available for 6 months lang po.
I advise that you start backing up your site because we're doing a clean up in our host -- meaning, these non-renewed Wordpress accounts will be deleted in a few days.

We will start deleting them on March 7, Friday.

"Pwede po ba akong buy ng new Wordpress/renew my account?"
Sorry but, no.

So there. I hope you learned something at siyempre, apply mo.

Got any questions regarding this? You can email

Top 3 Hosted WP Plugins You Should Use

Quick reminders lang po.

1. Mamayang gabi na! You'll get a chance to as your Virtual Assistant [VA] questions to Lyn Nafarrete, an OFW from Singapore who landed a gig as a Social Media VA.

She'll share with you why she decided to find work as a VA and how she was able to get this gig.
Ihanda mo mga tanong mo and I'll let you ask Lyn, oks?

Mamaya na yan, March 3 at 10pm. Register here:

Again, most of the time, puno ang webinars - we can only accommodate 100 people - so if you want to join us, register ka na and go online as early as you can tomorrow evening.
Back up link will be provided inside the Jomar Hilario Mastery Facebook Group.

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Here's a complete guide on how you can access/register/join my webinars:

Now mark those calendars for our MegaWebinar this week:

March 4, 8am: I'm A Web Content Specialist and I Get to Goof Off With My Kids During Break, Ask Me Anything: Noemi Mora
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March 5, 5pm: I am a Part-Time Social Media VA and I Can Keep a Watchful Eye on My Kids, Ask Me Anything: Tina Ramas
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March 6, 10pm: I'm A US-Based Part-Time Accountant VA & I Can Do Fun Things with My Son Every Hour, Ask Me Anything: Lhory Banaag
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2. 15 seats are still open for the March 22 VA Seminar 101 event! If you want to be a highly-paid virtual assistants, you must attend this event.

I'll teach you what's the buzz about Content Mar'k'eting and know why lahat ng foreign mentors ko are talking about this.

Reserve your seat now here:

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I'll see you tonight at 10pm!

Mark your calendars -- MegaWebinar this week!

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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