"How can I convince my friends that Work From Home is a real work?"

A clear, pinoy answer by Jomar Hilario, Virtual Assistant Guru. Jomar answers your questions about Work Sa Bahay Virtual Assistants.

Here's another complaint about the virtual assistant world.  Your friends don't think that what you do is real work.  That's true.  They actually don't think you're doing real work.  It's up to you to convince them that you're doing real work, by what?  Fitting them out.

This is Jomar Hilario answering virtual assistant questions.

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Question: How can i convince my friends that this is real work?

This is part 2 of your Crash Course in Increasing Your Value:

Kamusta ka na? How did you find the 3 videos I sent ya? 
No time ba?

 I know because as of now, only:
215 People have checked out Video One
69  People have checked out Video Two
39 People have checked out Video Three

I'm sure you're reserving it for this weekend right?
Just make sure you watch them.
Ok lang you don't understand them.
That's why I'm here.

Here's what Nerisa thinks about the Free Videos on Facebook Marketing

Q: Thank you for this opportunity to watched the video, I did it twice
on the video but I can't go to the four video down.  . Very
interesting i enjoyed very much. Is it possible to watch on the four
videos? Is it possible to study and learn this things even I don't
have a business right now?
Thank you,

A: That's precisely my point: You need to know these concepts NOW.

Study them NOW. Kasi you don't learn how to swim when you're already DROWNING.


Here's all 4 videos- watch, learn, ask me if something is not clear:

Maximize time and learn and learn. And apply via practice.

Para when you need it, you're READY.
For example when you're looking for an online job, a potential client
asks "Do you know anything about Facebook Ads or Facebook
Retargetting?" You can answer, OP CORS! It means.... as a matter of
pact I once experimented on Retargetting on my paysbook!".

And the client will say "Talaga ha..."


Because I believe the time to behave like CLUELESS BABIES is over.
You need to understand these terms, these words like you have mastered the following words because of familiarity:

3D adds the illusion of depth in cinema.
Enhance the movie watching experience by involving other senses such as movement in 4D.
On top of the 4D features, 5D allows the audience to interact with what they're watching.






Most of the words above- didn't exist 10 years ago.
Now how come you know exactly what they mean?
Because you told yourself they're important, correct?
Important enough to tell someone you DON'T KNOW something like this:

"Ahh miss, ano password ng wifi nyo?"

Techie - na techie na tanong - to someone you didn't even know the name.
So may pag-asa ka pa.
You have hope to learn these "business terms"
Because these terms have existed since the DAWN OF BUSINESS.
Most of them are not techie.
They're just words that mean "MONEY THIS" or "MONEY THAT"
So I know you're interested.


If you have a big earnings goal, then you better pay attention to words that make big earnings attracted to you. Words like WILL, LEGACY, INVESTMENT.

But that's too much fast forward into the future. 

Let's talk about money terms now.

Like the words above that Marie emailed me:

Customer acquisition - how you get people to buy from you. this is english. acquisition means to "to get".

Paper click - it's actually "pay per click". when you watch the Manny Pacquiao match sometimes may bayad sa cinema, lalo na kung live.  Ang tawag jan, "pay per view". Kasi you need to pay to view. Ang "Pay per click" is you pay for people who click on an image or link sa internet that brings them to your website that sells something.

Social media traffic - people who visit your website using Facebook, Twitter, Linked in - all these as a group is called "social media".

Revenue stream - this is an economic term, ibig sabihin pera, sa employment, this is your take home pay. Sa business, this is the profits your business make every month/day/regularly.

Competent analysis - Maybe you mean competitive analysis? This is the kind of research I teach in VA101, you look at what other companies like yours are doing -how? By visiting their websites and facebook pages and compiling the results. This is a very valuable skill and service to have.

Survey page - A page that asks people for freedback. Like "How did you know about us?" Or "What's the biggest question you have for me today?" It's done using google drive's form. 

Consistent reliable system
- A system means a list of procedures that humans and computer programs follow everyday to make your business earn money. An example of a system is the TIME-IN-TIME-OUT, ABSENCE, LEAVE, ATTENDANCE system of all companies.

 A system means a list of procedures that humans and computer programs follow everyday
to make your business earn money.

Retargetting pixel - it's a piece of computer code that you're not supposed to read (I don't read it , so you don't need to read it too) - basta you ask the webmaster to place it in your website to detect if a person visited your site.  If we're to talk about real world, it's like footprints of a visitor sa bahay ninyo - his footprints are there- so he must have visited you sometime in the past.

What's the use of this?  Because you know he visited your website in the past, you can assume he's interested in your products sometime in the future. You use this information to show him advertisements of your products - in other websites that you do not control. 

Exit-pops - When you press the "X" button on a computer while viewing a website, sometimes the website doesn't quit agad. Instead it shows a box that says "Are you sure you want to quit? I've got this lovely bonus for you if you enter your email address below. [Image of bonus] Enter your email below : [                ]".  This gives the website visitor a chance to give his email address to you - instead of just disappearing. After all, he just pressed "X" - which means "QUIT" or "I'm not interested today, but maybe some other day."

Audience insight - When you created Facebook page, you're called the ADMIN of the page since you own it. All admins get to see the Insights or Statistics of a page that they own. Statistics like how many percentage are male or 50 years old or above, when is the best time to post anything, what is the most popular post?

"I don't know  how to make a website yet"

Lots of people believe making a website is important. Actually you just need to visit shopify.com to make a website that sells anything or enter your products in olx or ayosdito.ph or alibaba.com to sell it. If you insist on making a website, just create one in tackk.com or wordpress.com.  It's as simple as filling up a Facebook account.

Share this quote:If you insist on making a website, just create one in tackk.com or wordpress.com.  It's as simple as filling up a Facebook account.-Jomar Hilario

Here are theose videos again for you to watch again - and get new words you don't understand. 

If you do find these videos understandable, then don't hesitate to register in their mentoring program. I'll support you when you do.

Here's the new mentoring video pala: 

Go ahead and watch them, email me for words you don't understand.

REPLY With the words you don't understand and I'll define them for you - in the most fun way I can.

If you're running a business, you better make time for this. Skip Transformers 4 first and make building your business a priority.

Let me help you skip that movie - because I already watched it - and NOPE - not worth your time. The dialogues are MEH, lots of unexplained characters and events. Explosions check and all you'd expect from Michael Bay but they sure could use a lot of help from the scriptwriters of Avengers.

It's Satuday night - skip the dates - unless its with your spouse - and watch these videos and learn together. If you're serious about learning this skill called "CREATING TRAFFIC/GETTING PEOPLE TO VISIT A BUSINESS'S WEBSITE"- join the mentoring program that my mentors are asking you to join. You can learn a LOT from them. There are paymetn guarantees too - so your risk is MINIMAL. NOT THE SAME PROTECTION in watching movies huh? If you didn't like the movie - you can't get your money back.

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

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Your Crash Course in Increasing Your Value Part 2

Your Crash Course in Increasing Your Value - just to be clear, when you increase your value, you increase your income, when you increase your income, you get more time for things and people that matter.

Share this quote:"When you increase your value, you increase your income, when you increase your income, you get more time for things and people that matter." http://ow.ly/ykIac - Jomar Hilario
Did I get your attention?


Here's how it works. 

You need to know about this SINGLE SKILL that ALL BUSINESSES NEED.

That skill is called....

Getting traffic.

Now instead of writing lang, I found 3 vidoes that you can watch to get how GETTING 
TRAFFIC is done in 2014.

Problem is, when these videos start playing you probably don’t even know most of the words mentioned in the first few seconds.

So let’s fix that, right?

Using my skill in bakya taglish - I'm explaining this stuff to you:

Traffic - A Website Visitor

Higher Adwords Cost Per Click (CPC) Costs  - When you buy advertisements from Google, you use their Adwords product. Your advertisements appear after people use google - as the first result and on the right of the screen in the search engine results. 

Your advertisements appear after people use google - as the first result and on the right of the screen in the search engine results. 
Cost per Click is how you get charged.

So let’s make it about ICE CREAM, you want to buy ice cream from google, so "Higher Adwords Cost Per Click (CPC) Costs  “ means this : "Higher Ice Cream Per Cone Costs”.  

In tagalog, mahal ang ice cream ngayon.

Historically, the Adwords cost are low, but it has become higher and higher as more people understand how to use it.

Adwords has been the biggest way most people get more visitors (traffic) to their websites.

Website Quality Score - every elementary student, high school and college has a GRADE attached to their name. They don’t have a choice. If they enrol, they get a grade. Every website that exists, if it wants to be found in Google’s search - has an attached grade. This grade is called the Website Quality Score.

Google Algorithm Changes - Like Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Google also has different versions. These version don’t use numbers, because the nerds at Google prefer ANIMALS like PANDA and PENGUIN. Everytime they have a new version - people call it by the ANIMAL NAME - and usually a new version means a new SET OF WEBSITES get lower Website Quality Scores.

In the past, sites like EzineArticles.com’s Quality Score went really down. Making EzineArticles.com a bad place to be to get website visitors.

Here’s how marketers see Google’s new animal versions = PUNISHMENT.  With each new animal/version - a website can quickly disappear from Google’s search results because Google is punishing them for existing.

Yes, it seems frivolous (sorry, long word) but that’s how this world goes.

Google Slap - When your quality score suddenly drops, you get a Google Slap.

Holy Grail - A fabled cure all. It’s english and not techie.

Generating Traffic - Making lots of people visit a specific website.

Paid Traffic Methods - Making Lots of people visit a specific website by paying Google Adwords or Facebook Ads or Apple’s IAds.  Look at the first word = PAID. Get?

Traffic To Money - Website visitor buys from the website.

Conversion  - Website visitor buys from the website or gives his email address.

Repeat Lifetime Customers - This is english, not techie. You buy Jomar’s VA2013, VA101, OMC3, MSF etc.

Traffic Volume - The number of people visiting a website. Example, the traffic volume was low = walang TRAFFIC! 

Campaign Dashboard - a CAR’s dashboard shows you the stats of the car. Speed, Temperature, Gas Levels. A Campaign Dashboard shows you the stats of a Marketing Campaign. In these videos, marketing campaigns are Facebook Ads, Google Ad.

Earnings Per Click - How much money do you make for each click.  See it this way, if you spend P 1000 to buy ads, and 100 people click and 50 people buy a P 900 product each. How much is your earnings per click? Before your brain turns off - pay attention. It’s simple MATH like this that makes MONEY for you.  Cos x + Sin x = Tan y will never make you wealthy. You’ll only get a good grade.

So write it down please.

How many clicks? 100 clicks. How much did you pay? P 1000, so how much per click?

1000/10 = P 100 per click.

Did you make money?

Again your brain is turning off pero ang dali-dali lang nito. 

You made 50 people x 900 = P 45,000

Now does it make sense to pay P 1000 to earn P 45,000?

Yes or no?

I’ll leave you to think about that.

If you can’t think properly then you know you’re missing the CORRECT MINDSET.

Because when I started my brain would shut off with computations like these pero if you make me count something like: “How much should you spend to impress a girl -my math works fine!”.

Do you have what it takes to learn from the videos below?
Anyway, you’re ready to watch the videos below:


Oh - you don’t have much time- these are NOT MY VIDEOS, they’re available for 2 weeks I think?

So go through them as fast as you can.

Favor, list down as many word combinations as you can that you don’t understand - that I have NOT DEFINED YET.

Like this:

Campaign Cost

Conversion Pixel


No commas, just one phrase per line.

You’re going to send this to me later.

Just compile it for a while.

Now if you’re reading this and you’re thinking — BOY THIS IS COMPLICATED.

Then maybe GENERATING TRAFFIC as a skill as a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT is not for you.
Maybe you want something else, right?

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Get an inside look at how you as a virtual assistant can communicate with their future clients.
Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

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Your Crash Course in Increasing Your Value Part 1

Employees and Single Parents

Yesterday, I went out to buy stuff for one of my children’s small birthday celebration in their school.

I had to endure 3 hours of commute.
Sabi ko pa, aalis ako ng alanganing oras para hindi rush hour.
Still, I had to go through the dreadful LRT ride.

Before I went to bed, I have these puffy, red eyes and stuffed nose — allergic reaction — from all the pollution I faced earlier that day.

You know what? Naisip kita.

Yes, you, working 9 to 5 outside of your home.
You experiencing all of these 5 days a week.
You not only sacrifice your time away from your family,
you also sacrifice your health inhaling the Manila pollution, standing under the scorching heat or the heavy downpour waiting for the bus or jeep.

“I don’t have a choice, Nikki. I’m the breadwinner of the family."

Sorry to break it to you, but you have a choice.

Listen, Jomar is having a libreng webinar on Monday, June 23 at 9:00 pm (Philippine Time) and he will talk about paano kumita sa internet in 3 months kahit hindi ka techie person.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
10 Things you’ll need to get a job online based on the VA2013 Seminar (this is the same seminar I and the rest of Jomar's VA's attended!):

Share this image on your social networks:

1. Positioning statement
2. A non-boring resume
3. A blog that speaks volumes about your capabilities
4. A new name for yourself

5. A fast and reliable internet connection
6. Take tons of free exams, because college diplomas are not important *gasp!*
7. An open mind to learn new things

8. Probably a new set of pyjamas :)
9. A new 'best friend'
10. Confidence in yourself
Want to know what these are?
Attend ka ng webinar on Monday at 9:00 pmhttp://jhilario.com/webinar2014jun23at9pm

Caution: This libreng online seminar is only for those people who believe that they deserve better than:
- waiting in long lines for the MRT ride to work,
- eating a cold baon when you can sip a hot sabaw of sinampalukang manok at home,
- spending weekends sa office because of unfinished work missing your child’s violin recital. Oh, how your kid wishes na sana nandun ka to watch her!

Never miss your child's violin recital, school play, spelling contest, or basketball game again.
If you believe your time, health and relationships are valuable, you are free to join us on Monday.

Are you a business owner?

Then you should know the 10 things you need to have to maximise your internet presence like:

Share this image on your social networks: 

1. Content marketing calendar
2. List of Influencers
3. List of types of people who usually buys (persona)
4. List of top interests of your personas
5. A plan for each persona

6. A single offer based on the above research
7. An email or SMS marketing backend
8. List of irritations/problems they experience before and after buying your product/services
9. Raw strategies and ideas on how to serve your clients and the influencers
10. A specific plan with goals how to improve your customer’s experience
A business owner needs a specific plan with goals how to improve your customer’s experience.

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Design: 30%
Message: 50%
Effort: 20%
SIX WINNERS will be chosen.
Submission of entries is until June 26Thursday only.

SIX WINNERS will be chosen and announced on June 27Friday.

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That’s two highly-valuable but libreng learning for you!

Go register for one or both (if you’re an entrepreneur) OR you can join our contest and WIN!

We’ll see you around.

Live marvellously,
Nikki Hidalgo

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Here are 10 things you'll need para makakuha ng work online

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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