One of my long time-followers, Red Denal, emailed me about this *brand new* opportunity to make money daw -revealed by “3 men” from the Philippines.

Details were a bit sketchy (unclear) and I went to the website he pointed to. The site was clean - too clean - there were no proof photos (this is what we look like, this is us) -and most of it was in Taglish - making it very hard for me to read.

After a few minutes-I found a review of the site (this is how to find out if an “opportunity” is legit or not). Now there are two kinds of reviews. First - the person reviewing is actually a salesman (affiliate marketer) - he makes money if you buy from him. The 2nd kind - is an “outsider’s” review - showing his story and how he analyzes an opportunity. This review doesn’t end with a “BUY NOW”.

Now for many of us, an “opportunity” to earn - specially sa internet - is normally an “Affiliate Marketing” opportunity. This means you normally have to sell some product or service to make money.

This particular chance to get “rich” -(as emailed to me by Mr Denal) - emphasizes that they’re not MLM - and they actually have products - and they’re not getting you to recruit others primarily.

I’ve told many many many people in the past that this is a surefire way to start failing in the internet.

Many of you don’t have access to large numbers of followers, fans or email lists of human beings who trust you.  Since you don’t have these-you try to sell the “opportunity” to two sets of people:
  1. Your FB contacts, Email Contacts and Family and Friends.
  2. Strangers in various Forums and Facebook /Social Media groups.
This does give some success - but won’t - and doesn’t last very long - even if you’re selling something as legit as Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club memberships.

Why? Because -obviously- you need someone to buy to make money.
Soon you run out of contacts to sell to - even online.
You may then resort to selling offline - face to face - which defeats the purpose of earning from the “internet” so you can be free to do what you want with your time and location.

Many of you probably purchased these relatively cheap “opportunities” - at P 2999 or $39 or $197 and found out the hard way - that it doesn’t last very long and you may get your money back and then the money stops.

Has that happened to you?
I’ve just the solution, but before that…


My virtual assistant, Jasmine, has been crying buckets of email-tears (they’re not wet or salty, they’re virtual!) because Facebook has been rejecting her.


Jasmine has been creating these Facebook Ads to invite more people to my free Monday webinar - where you’ll learn how to get around the limitation /problem I just described above - and Facebook Ads has been rejecting her advertisements as "get rich quick" or "mlm".

What problem was she describing to Facebook Ads?

The problem of running out of people to sell your “opportunity” / “products and services” to.

Yes, what this Monday’s webinar (seminar sa internet) is about - is you’ll learn the process / step by step of drawing (pulling, compelling, convincing) people in Facebook to sign up to buy your stuff or the stuff that you are selling.

So yes, business people will be the ones gaining the MOST from this coming Monday’s webinar.

But business people are busy! 

Tama ba?

That’s why -YOU-the facebook newsfeed addicted reader (umamin na kasi!) gets to benefit the MOST - because these business people will want SOMEONE TO HIRE to do this.

And “THIS” is not a “Strange and New System or getting clients”.

It’s not. 

Photo credit:

It revolves around the approach to using Facebook Ads - and we are NOT TALKING ABOUT EXPENSIVE BOOSTING of POSTS. 

You’ve seen those “BOOST POSTS” in FB right? 

Even your personal FB has them.

Let me confess something to you.


They really are.

And my interview the other week with my MSF student - SHINE - proves it.
Shine doesn’t boost her posts.
Well she did.
But not anymore.
I taught her a way how to do it - and she’s got potential clients literally lined up to BUY from her - all 7,000 of them. Complete with details about what they want to buy - and a WILLINGNESS TO TRUST HER with it.

What’s an MSF?

That’s Marketing Sucess Formula - my entrepreneurs only program. We meet every month - 2x and do these things online and offline - to increase THEIR SALES and HAPPINESS. You can join if you’re compelled at  Warning: This only works if you have an education budget as an entrepreneur.  Our next meeting is this week THURSDAY-so HURRY.

This is about Monday 9pm. 

You will lock your doors.

You will AIRPLANE MODE everybody’s gadget at home.

Or you will go to a 24 hour Internet cafe.

Because you’ll find out the step by step — how TO GET LOTS OF QUALIFIED READY TO BUY CLIENTS ONLINE.


That’s why we’re using Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich club as an example on Monday.

If you can afford an IMAX movie ( P 400) or a regular movie for two (P 500) -you can afford Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club (click here to find out why this:

And then find out -ON MONDAY 9pm-FOR FREE- how you can use this example to get that COVETED SEMI-PASSIVE income that many people talk about as I show you in a photo below.

This is the screenshot/photograb of my Truly Rich Club account that I have IGNORED for MORE THAN 12 months.

I need you to read that.

I ignored it.  I have done NOTHING to it for 12 months already.

And in return for ignoring it - It gave me a few thousands a month.

If that is NOT SEMI-PASSIVE - then I don’t know what is.


I’m going to teach you what you need to do to have something that’s 10x, 100x more than that - in your BANK ACCOUNT.

I only show this as PROOF na -PWEDE PALA-- kahit pabayaan ng 12 months.

Don’t smirk or pooh pooh or belat the small amounts.

Luke 16:10 says "If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones."

Try not to think that I rely on this amount to live day to day.

I do not.

That’s why I ignored it.

But something has HAPPENED in FACEBOOK ADS that will enable ME - and you - to increase that amount.

I hope you got that.


Yes, you should be jumping UP and DOWN by now.

On Monday 9pm - you can get the followup STEP BY STEP version by reserving your slot here:

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

P.S. BONUS: Last monday I gave an ORIENTATION on getting SEMI-PASSIVE INCOME via the Truly Rich Club. 

How to Find Out If It's a Scam or Not

When I was working in 2004, I tried buying real estate to imitate Robert Kiyosaki.

So every time I had a chance to go to a bank - I would and I would (proudly) ask for their foreclosed listings. Soon I have a pile of lists.

Then came the time to go visit them.

And I would - every Saturday, ride jeeps, tricycles and taxis - with my trusty FILM CAMERA - visit each one -and take photos. Then I would DEVELOP the film (you young ones don’t know what this is) -and review if I wanted my investor’s group to buy the property or not.

This took a few months of my life in 2004.

Soon, I found a 4 door property in Cavite and faxed (! Young ones: wala nang ganyan ngayon) them about buying the property. 

It soon became evident that I had to call them to make sure that they got the fax (a fax is like a Xerox sent via telephone line).

Alam mo ba? I was so scared to pick up the phone.

When I would dial it - I wished that the line was BUSY.

After I put the phone down (it was BUSY!), I would stare at it -because maybe it might ring- and maybe on the other side was the bank saying “they got my fax and offer to buy”.

Eventually I did get a call and we talked.

But for the 2nd call, all I did was DREAD the time we would talk again.

I would stare at the phone and say “DON’T RING”.

My heartbeat was fast - and I was in the OFFICE - not inside a JUNGLE with LIONS.

I literally was nervous - scared of a ringing phone.

Do you want to know why?

Because “buying a foreclosed property” is something I haven’t done before.

I don’t know the words - I’m not fast in negotiation - I don’t know if the other person will dupe me or not.

In short , I had no mentor.

So I was scared.

Very, very scared.

Now, did I get to buy the property or not?

I’ll tell you at the end of this email.

Now let’s fast forward.

Last night I gave a nice “SHOW AND TELL” how I earned semi-passive income.

I gave the elements and the step by step.

Now you can still access the recording of that webinar but replay is up only for 24 hours, so click on this link NOW:

BONUS though --next week, you’ll see -literally - the computer screens you need to see - step by step from zero to getting semi-passive income.

Yes, you’ll be enjoying a screen-by-screen explanation of how anybody with access to some cash and a computer can earn monthly - while working only a little bit - up front.

If that sounds strange, just watch the replay, okay?

Here it is again, para maliwanagan ka:

Now some of you are behaving like me when I began.

You don’t want to click on that link.

You’re saying “Saka na yan”.

Even with the 24 hour deadline (w/c is like 15 hours to go na lang by the time you read this) you’re still saying “Nakakatakot…” and “Wala akong time yan.”

Let me tell you whose voice that is.

Remember when the Lord saw 1/3 of the angels fall down from heaven?

You remember why they fell down?

They were following a certain individual.

It’s this individual you’re listening to right now.

Just take note of that.

All day long you complain about traffic, in laws living in your house, your parents and Meralco eating up all your salary, having no cash, pitying your children for having no-baon or no-tuition and now this oppurtunity comes : semi-passive income.

Not only that - may tutorial pa!

Not only that - the tutorials are on video - in Taglish - and has a screen by screen step by step.

Not only that - it’s free pa!

Yet, you listen to the leader of the 1/3 of the angels who said - “Wala kang time”, “Saka na yan.”

This time you have a mentor.

This time you have a guide.

And in the webinar, the example I use is Brother Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club.

If you trust me and you trust Brother Bo, then you have nothing to worry about.

Click on that replay, please!

And play it until the end (where there’s a bonus for you- you’ll find out the mindset I used to pay of my old HALF A MILLION PESOS BANK AND CREDIT CARD DEBT).

Ok, that’s it. Watch the replay and register for next week’s free SCREEN-BY-SCREEN webinar.

Because you deserve semi-passive income.

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

P.S. I’m speaking in Carmona Cavite this Thursday - for the government(!) -so if you live there - my session is in the morning.
The topic: How to Create Income using Social Media Campaigns, my sharer will be virtual assistant Ann Penaredondo.
So pray for this.

P.S. In the webinar above, - you’ll also know the difference between my 3 VA seminars: VA 2013, VA101 and VA202 - so watch towards the end too.

P.S. To join the live VA202 using installment options (w/c are BACK!) - you have only until Oct 5 to avail of them, click here to attend the VA202 live via installments (Deadline is on October 5):
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Downloadable (Premium) at P6,115 x 2:

I was so scared of the telephone once… but why?

Hi. Kamusta naman ang Sunday mo?

Lakas ng hangin ba?

Did you attend the mass or feast or service?
Did you watch something on the TV or movie house?
Me, I did both.
I watched 2 episodes of my all time favorite TV show.
Now what is the show?
Or more accurately, who indeed is the name of the doctor in that show?

Anyway, after watching for 90 minutes (2 episodes, right?) - I felt ..nothing.  Now before the show I was looking forward to watching it, for many days in fact.

But after watching the “monster in the bed” and “robin hood” episode - I felt I had been “taking in for a ride”.

Now what kind of ride is that?

And what am I doing using American/British figures of speech?

That’s my point exactly!
Photo credit:

What was the value of watching TV or for that matter, a movie?
To be “entertained”, you’d say.
But how come after that  - I feel empty?
Someone once told me - well you WERE entertained for those 90 minutes - and that’s true.
But what about after?
Who cares about after, you might ask.
Well - I get to live -after.
After the show - it really matters to me a lot.
Because “after the show” - I get my life back, right?
And the show didn’t really add anything to my life - did it?
It just distracted/attracted me for 90 minutes - then I’m left with my life again.

Do you feel this too?

After watching some “spectacular” thing “everybody” was thrilled about?

Anyway, this is my state after doing that.
And I don’t really like it.
I would prefer using my 90 minutes going through something that can give me something - bett’er than just disappointment or “nothingness”.

And I believe you’d like that too, right?
90 minutes of life changing information - how about that for a change?
No face slapping, no murder weapon, no crime story, no car chases and explosions -for a break.
Wouldn’t you like that?
Wouldn’t you like to come away from 90 minutes filled with hope?
Filled with instructions that clarifies your steps to getting what you want out of life?

Maganda ba?
So please pay close attention to this email now.
Stop skimming the email for once and read it carefully.


There are 3 kinds of income, active, passive and semi-passive.
Active you know - employed, self-employed.
Passive is investor.
Semi-passive is in between.
You don’t have to work long hours but you do have to take in the knowledge -just like investors do.

I’m going to shortcut your objections to this, okay?

Objection: “Jomar, isn’t investing risky?"

Real investors (not those people who just “buy stocks and hope”) invest first in knowledge and mentoring. Then they do the investments - with knowledge to adjust and recognize the risk.

The real risk is going into anything (taxi franchise, stocks, online marketing) w/o guidance and knowledge.

We are also not talking about “investment in the stock market.”

You’re here to learn about “semi-passive” income.
Small efforts + Lots of Education + Lots of Guidance = income that comes monthly.


What’s the difference Jomar?

Passive = the only thing you need to do is NOTHING. Unless you count “withdrawing the money” as something. However passive investors DO NOT start that way. They’re very active at the beginning. Learning and applying and making mistakes, too.

Semi-Passive = you’ll need to do something - but this cannot graduate to real passive income (“Do nothing”) because there’s always one small thing you need to do. This also starts off as “busy” - just like a passive investor starts.


Because Passive income usually REQUIRES a lot of capital.Real estate and Stocks require those monthly inputs for years.

Semi-Passive - allows you to create monthly income FASTER and with lower capital (usually just the capital to acquire knowledge).

Read that again.

Right kind of education + Effort = Semi-Passive income.


Just to be clear: Active vs Semi-Passive.

ACTIVE INCOME - You go to work, you punch in, you overwork, you over time. You punch out. You get 15 days vacation leave. Clear?

SEMI-PASSIVE INCOME - You study, apply what you learn, study some one, apply. Earn. Monthly. Amounts even higher than Active Income.  Just keep the study and apply.


So I’m telling this to you because on Monday 9pm - you’ll learn the formula how to do it - from your computer. 

You’ll watch/listen to my webinar explaining it - and you can use the SAME computer apply what you learned to create semi-passive for your family.


Actually, no. It’s not. You will know how to put things together - or in this case - how I WOULD put things together to create the semi-passive vehicle for your life.

It just depends if you’re willing to put in the resources to study it.


You know facebook.
You know how to post something in facebook.
You recognize that there’s more than 1 Billion active people in Facebook.
You recognize you can’t call that many people to sell them anything and you don’t want to do that, too.
You don’t have any product to sell.
You don’t have any service to sell.
You love using the computer.
You stay up hours using the computer.
You’re willing to learn from Jomar how this works.


Then stay up on 9pm Monday for the webinar.
REPLAY will only be UNTIL TUESDAY (24 hours) for this one.


I’ll also answer some questions about the differences between my three VA seminars - because people asked for it.


Many people are promised semi-passive income.
Instead of going academic, why don’t I show you how it’s done —being done - in fact by people - TODAY - people who ATTEND THE FEAST WITH YOU (I don’t only mean me)  - Pinoys to get a monthly extra income - here in the philippines —w/o being a Virtual Assistant (active income).

I do hope that was clear.
If not, join me 9pm on Monday for our NO REPLAY WEBINAR on Getting Semi-Passive Income from the Internet (using principles from VA202).

Click here to join for free:

See you tomorrow!
Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

Maganda ba ang semi-passive na income?

In a few hours the world will see the unveliing (“apocalypse” literally) of the brand new Iphone6 and maybe a preview of the fabled Apple Iwatch.

You probably do not care about either products.

But you will not be able to bear the repeated echoes starting tomorrow about how “cool” or “not cool” it is.

These two products will be the talk of the world until next September when the new versions replace them.

A little history.

I usually tell my friends (that’s you) about upcoming Apple launches because they’re fun to watch - just like a mystery movie.
Even if it’s 1am - if you’ve been reading my stuff for years already (lots of you are) -you know I wake up or stay awake until 1am or 2am and stay glued to the live feed or the apple live-bloggers who type up and take photos of everything that’s happening in the Apple Keynote stage (that’s what it’s called).

The next day —after I try sleeping at 5am - is usually a wasted day where I hurry up the day by trying to sleep or sleeping at 8pm because I’m too drowsy to continue.

All in the name of Apple?
All in the name of new Gadgets?
All in the name of cool?
Steve Jobs? (Yes, I was listening to these keynotes since he was alive).

The very first keynote I ever watched - live or online - was when apple introduced the Apple Speaker and the Apple Ipod Socks (yes, medyas). It did not occur to me that this was silly (socks!) and that speaker was a failure (do you still see Apple sell speakers today?)

Back then press people blamed it on Steve Job’s “magic” that made people ignore silly things like socks and speakers - and high-lighted the wonderful tiny Ipod Nano - in all their media coverage for a whole year.

I even remember the first time they announced the IPAD and media people were complaining for a total of THREE MONTHS (starting Jan 2010) -about it’s name resembling a feminine product. All that were erased when they got their hands on an actual IPAD (April 2010). All complaints - erased - instantly and now all your kids are mooning for one or an android-ipad-alike - if they don’t have one already.

My essay today has nothing to do with mooning over Apple device design or Apple Marketing.

It’s an encouragement to start thinking deeply about this:

Can you (me or anybody reading this) replicate the expectant energy that people have for Apple products?  

The level of anticipation for the non-existent Iwatch was so high Samsung has created 2 generations of i-watches before Apple has even hinted that they had it. 

Artists all over have made mock ups of Apple products - imagining what they look like -years before apple would sell one.

I still remember that mock up of an “touchscreen ipod video” - it had a touchscreen with a round clickwheel -so you can virtually rotate the wheel to select options.

Now why is thinking about it important at all?

Imagine this:

Before you even sit down to create something, your old fans and old buyers are posting MOCKUPS of your own products / services in sites like Reddit or Deviantart.

They’re discussing what you might be cooking up.

They’re anticipating - every year what great thing you’re going to show them - to buy.

It can be something as silly as a SOCK - medyas - but they’ll forgive you and focus on what ever else you’ll show them alongside the sock. Maybe a speaker.

It’s even funny now - at the height of anticipation - for the new iphone6 etc that Apple has added a countdown in it’s website. It didn’t do that before. But there it is - if you open that site now - the timer’s flipping towards zero.  Now, I use that in my own sites - for my VA202: Work At Home/ Business Gold Rush Seminar for instance ( but it’s the first time -I’ve seen it being used by Apple.

Anyway -if you’re interested in what they’re going to announce (you can’t buy it yet) and sell (you can buy it in a few days/ or a few hours from now) - go to and watch the live video feed of their 2-3 hour presentation. 

But let’s get back to you - what would happen to your business if your buyers behaved that way?

What would happen to you - a virtual assistant - if your own clients and old clients would anticipate READING your EXPLOITS ni Facebook - discussing about what great thing you’ve discovered for them - today, or this month.

How would your live change if you had that kind of influence or power?

It’s even better than being able to shoot webbing at walls (another definition of “great power”) - would you agree?

Here’s the shortcut of the result if you spend more time - thinking and studying this: “People will be telling you - TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY”

If you’re inspired to act by what I’m telling you now - know that people in are already experiencing this “TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY” phenomenon - it’s just that very few people are thinking about it - that’s why -seemingly- only Apple enjoys this privilege.


Oh, sorry I just spilled the secret.  It’s in the subtitle above. 
The reason why apple is so anticipated is because APPLE has weaved (note the storytelling aspect of that word) an air of mystery over what they do and sell.

How? By NOT telling anything how they do things - mostly.
How? By TELLING select few about the story that they want to tell the world/media.

Since there’s a scarce few who do know -(those invited into these “press only event”) - people want to know what they know.

But Jomar - we all do that - says the “marketing / media launch” people. Yes you do - you do invite press to your launches. Yes, not everybody is invited, too. Right?

Yet, nobody cares about your press launches - do they?
How come strangers care about Apple’s press launches (the Apple Keynotes)?

I just told you - Apple’s a publicly visible company that used to sell computers only (Macs and Apple Computers). People already know them.

They were on the same road as other companies that are old —“they were about to die.”

But then (and here’s the first time this has ever happened to Apple) — they launched the candy colored IMACs. Computers that are blue, pink, red, green - in a world of boring beige IBM PC Clones.

Of course you already know this. 

But pay attention.

Knowing doesn't count.

Thinking deep about this does.

That shock of color - shocked media (color looks good in magazine covers and tv ads) -and imprinted in people’s minds that Apple “is different”. 

Think about it again.

Just putting candy colors in computers in a time when computers where boring beige or black gave people the idea that they should pay more attention to this “Apple” company - even if they did sell expensive - hard to buy - products.

Now, if you’re NOT THINKING - you’re going to just introduce color into whatever you’re selling.

Sorry. You can’t  -if you want the same impact.

Because every company has done that same thing years ago.

An explosion of color in any kind of product no longer shocks the media.

That’s when apple stopped the color and used BLACK and WHITE (macbooks, iphone) then threw away color and used GREY (macbooks). 

And since colors are passe- they used other things to innovate.




That is how you innovate.  (That’s what this is about, by the way).

You think of something that isn’t in the market yet — and present it to your market.

Some ideas off the top of my intensely creative head (actually ikaw din, you just have to believe it):

-A Virtual Assistant (work from home) who has a TV or Radio Show, seriously.
-A Gasoline Attendant that has a well written blog (online diary)
-A Facebook Seminar made entirely of games (hmm, that’s what VA202 is about to become kaya?)
-An office perk that has an app made for it.
-A computer game featuring faces of people you love.

I need to stop here, for a sheer volume of creative and new ideas can be found in Pinterest that I don’t even have to rely on my brain or creativity.

How about some stuff I found recently:
A couple who would travel but take photos of each other at the same time.
A man who would take hyperlapse photos of himself eating for one week (that’s 21 meals!)
A couple who would pose for the camera using every pose found in the "100 poses for couples" book.

You encounter all of this everyday —some in your FB feed but - this time - try to PAUSE and THINK - how can I use this to promote myself? My Business? My Employer’s business?

Because if you do - stop and think - you’re on your way to getting more income into your family’s life (Why? Because doing so - will make you ECONOMICALLY VALUABLE to any organization or company).

Spell out ko ha? 


Being valuable is the opposite of “COME ON TIME, WORK TO THE MAX, DO OVER TIME, REST ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON”.  This one is a “normal sad office worker" who will forever complain of:
-No life

That’s because this person - who maybe someone you LOVE - is not reading what you’re reading now. Now you can fix that right? You can FORWARD this to him or her.  

I wonder - why don’t you try forwarding this RIGHT NOW?

Continue reading it later.

Just forward this to the people in your life - who you DEEPLY CARE ABOUT — so they’ll know the value of thinking and the value of becoming more valuable (and not just “TIRED”).

After all —if they see the subject “IPHONE6” - I’m sure they’ll immediately READ IT!


I posted this question in my Facebook Group (The Jomar Hilario Mastery Group) - and we’re still not finished discussing it.

Now I could have just told them the answer and it would have been ignored - but now at 72 comments (none of them identical) —my followers apparently prefer to THINK about the answer.

Which is very excellent.

How about you? Care to tell me what’s wrong with it?

Here’s another version of the SAME PROBLEM - and hence ANOTHER MYSTERY:

For many years you’ve been told you need a website.
So you make one.
Virtual Assistant or Business, you got one.
Now, they also said - make a video and get instagram and get a blog and a Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest and Podcast and Instagram.

Now you’ve got all those right?

What’s wrong with this picture?

You know what’s wrong with it I know - but you need to say it.

And this is not what’s wrong with it: “There’s too many you can’t manage it all.”

No, that’s not what’s wrong with it.

What is wrong with this entire setup?

Your answer is 99% of the solution to this problem that 99% of all businesses suffer from.

So care to discuss with me?


This photo above shows you a diamond diagram that I will present for tomorrow’s paid webinar “VA202: WORK AT HOME / BUSINESS GOLD RUSH Seminar’s Pre-Event Webinar #1” 

In it you’ll find out :
A. PROCESS: How knowing how you get your prospects and buyers last month is critical to getting more clients in Facebook using it’s new New Advertising Tools.

B. PROMISE: How understanding the promise that your business fulfills in the minds of customers is essential to attracting buyers in Facebook rather than “browsers only”.

C. PAGES : How to use only 2 pages in your website to get clients and only 2 pages to get more sales.

D. POSTS: How to create Facebook posts that improve your wealth by measuring the ONE THING that most experts neglect to emphasize.

E. PERSONALIZATION: How to expand your reach, market size and start making sales  in the strangest places online - from the comfort of your own home - using Facebook.

F. PIXEL : How to use a tiny bit of “Even I don’t understand it” computer code to dramatically get 1 new prospect for 1 Peso, results like my student “Shine” did - in last Monday’s Webinar interview. Note: She spent 7,000 pesos to get 7,000 prospects - with complete details as to their buying needs - and she did it legit - no cheating. :)

This diamond of “infinite” wealth sounds scammy.

It is!

But that’s because you don’t know yet the MATH behind it.

The math is arithmetic.

It’s very simple.

And if you dare to understand it - from me - you will NEVER EVER think the same way again. You will never say “AY..hina ng sales…” 

BUT, feel free to ignore what Im talking about if you’re happy with your life now.

But in the off-chance you’re ready for a BIG CHANGE, let me introduce myself to you first.

I got radio interview yesterday at DZAS and I recorded it for you all:

In less than 20 minutes you'll know my biggest failures, how I began ... OK I'll let one of my friends (Macky Masilang) tell you all about it:

Now You Can Live A Marvelous Life……because Jomar Hilario has done it AND he dedicates his life in mentoring others on how to live it.

In a span of few years, Jomar Hilario has:
- Worked as a full time IT professional
- Hired people to promote his passion of Christian rock concerts using his own money
- While sleeping an average of 4 hours a day
- Volunteered as a marketer for events even though he has no practical knowledge on marketing yet
- Failed to make money in his first events project
- Failed to make money in his second project
- Lost more money on his third project
- Was in debt of more than half a million
- “Lost” his corporate job
- Sought lots and lots of mentors, spending a lot on books, video materials, podcasts, seminars, clubs, workshops both local and international
- All the while continuing to be prayerful and emotionally resilient and tough

Now, Jomar Hilario is:
- Blissfully married to his lovely and supportive wife
- An awesome father to 3 beautiful and brilliant children
- An excellent entrepreneur and educator
- A servant-leader in generously giving hope to a LOT of Filipinos all over the world, rooted in his deep faith

- A long time and loyal friend and marvelous mentor
- All the while continuing to be prayerful and maintaining his grit

To receive a huge dose of hope, listen to his story and wisdom on :

Enjoy it while it's fresh and new!

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

P.S. Important: This coming THURSDAY I'm going to MEET ANY ONE WHO WANTS 3pm-8pm at the SM AURA Food Court (Bonifacio Global City)- far corner from the IMAX Theater - for one Q and A time. It's live. It's free. It's your chance to ask UP FRONT your questions and take your selfies too if you want. See you on thursday.   

Yes, read it again, it's free.   

I'll be allowing 1 full hour for each batch of 10 to talk with me then this same batch will have to give way for the next batch - once their 1 hour is over. Still thinking about the system for this - but that's how it'll go.

Google for SM AURA Directions if you're up for it.

Iphone6/iwatch is arriving soon -why you NEED to pay attention to this NOW

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