Q: The Virtual Assistant gig is a nice alternative work from home. My point, the "Assistant" Part is not convincing at all. Para sa akin, there are many opportunities to work and this is not one of them. 

Kapag Virtual Manager ok sa akin.  

Meron ako "Brick & Mortar Business" which I don't want to give up. I'm a Field Worker not a Clerical Worker. 

A; For people with Brick and Mortar Business, I do not encourage you to become a VA.

Instead join as an online marketer in either of these mentoring programs:

1. For entreps only:

Join the Marketing Sucess Formula:
Short version: Meet monthly with entrepreneurs, be guided how to market your business online.

Long version: : http://msformula.com

2. Start even if you're not an entrep:

Join the Online Mentoring Club 3.5

Short version:
Learn how to promote online in a 12 month team-based mentoring on earning from the internet, even if you don't have a business.

Medium version:

Long version:

I know this will help.

Q: I have a business, being a VA is not for me. What to do?

Once upon a time when I'd create a password, I just close my eyes and punch the keyboards for 2 seconds.

So months ago, my password for my home wifi was:  t30302;21sl%2.s*.3prf

Ang daling matandaan ano?

Well at least it was secure, right?

How about you, do you use secure passwords?

More than that, how about ang buhay natin secure ba?

That’s how people think, alam mo ba? 

For example, the people who always experience typhoons. 

“Sanay na kami sa bagyo. Kaya namin yang Signal number 5.”

For me it was just a simple Pinterest or Google images search on what a 200kph storm can do-and you'll know you have to abandon your non-cement roofed home..or stay away  from the beach...

But that's just me typing from a condo tower. - wala din akong alam.

Hindsight lang lahat.

Don’t let your future be a hindsight

You don’t always wait for something bad to happen before you realize you’ve got to do something about it, yes?

Kaya nga you have investments right now, correct?

You even got that educational plan for your children, tama?

But how do you take care naman of your relationship with your family?

Do you always get to spend time with them? Always be there when they need you? Or hindsight nalang din?

IMPORTANT announcements:

1. Christmas Meet Up - It’s going to be on December 30Tuesday from 5:00 to 8:00 pm at SM Aura - Food Court, between the glass wall and the Teppanyaki Brothers located on the 4th floor.
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Are you scared of "bad debts". The book Rich Dad Poor Dad told you that there's good debt and evil utang, right?

Good = when you get into utang for buying real estate or buy income generating knowlege
Evil= any other kind of utang.

So when the bonus came (past tense) did you simply get rid of your maraming utangs?
And now you "feel better"?

Actually it will be the same next year.

Yes, december 2014 you'll have evil utang again and pay it off using the bonuses.

Why is that?

Because the problem is not the utang — good or bad.

It's you.

You haven't educated yourself ENOUGH between the Decembers to EARN MORE.

And you haven't educated yourself enough with PAID KNOWLEDGE so you won't have "spare money" for debt.

In other words, between the Decembers you haven't PURCHASED enough 

so in 12 months - you have ZERO income increase - outside of the office.

Wanna learn how to stop the cycle?

INVEST in knowledge.

INVEST in knowledge presented in a USEFUL WAY.

INVEST in improving your self confidence by LIVE MEETING with people who actually think the same way.

What way?

People who think na “IT's GREAT to invest in themselves - not with shoes and nice clothes ONLY - but in equal parts - KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS for personal and financial development.

So yes, I don't mean to "buy a subscription to the Reader's Digest ("knowledge" kuno)"
I mean in courses, books, audio and video that will improve your income - making capability.
And that’s how I arose from my own pit of "P 500,000 in debt". (not car or home loan -- card po!)

I slowly paid the debt (a little bit over minimum required payment a month)

But paid for my P 80,000 coaching with Stephen Pierce, my P 20,000 singapore trip and 
P 20,000 malaysian trip just to attend online m-ar-keting conferences.

Do you want to finally invest in yourself?

My team and I prepared something for you.

These are just two of the many bundles:

Bundle 5: 2 Live Seminars: VA Summit & VA Foundations 2015
  • VA Summit 2015 (April 10,2015Friday) – spend the whole day talking to ALL the speakers and at least one other Virtual Assistant – in your table.
  • Includes the Video recording of the VA Summit 2015
  • You’ll learn the life story of fellow Virtual Assistants and learn from their experience as they teach you their skills and techniques.
  • VA Foundations Seminar(April 11,2015, Saturday) is the brand new seminar based on the original VA 2013 event. In fact, it replaces that event with all new inputs and techniques for getting online work in 3 months or less
  • Includes the Video recording of the VA Foundations Seminar 2015
  • Enjoy various pre-event webinars that prepare you for the live events in April 10-11,2015
  • While you’re waiting for the live seminars on April 10-11, 2015 – you’ll enjoy selected videos from the first VA Summit 2013.
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Bundle 8: Start Your Own Online Business WITH YOUR BEST TEAM – Even If You Don’t Have a Product Yet

Building an online business is more fun and productive when you get bundle 8 because:
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  • NEW! This is Online Mentoring Club 3.5 – a brand new update to the Online Mentoring Club3.  See below what’s new on top of what’s in Online Mentoring Club.
  • NEW! You will work in teams, members will give their strengths and support each other.  Hindi ito for solo-flight only.
  • NEW! We’ll help build your winning team composed of like-minded online entrepreneurs. In fact, we can assign the team if you prefer.
  • NEW! You will learn the secrets to launching a successful blog – even if you hate blogging or don’t know anything about it.
  • NEW! Your team will create the winning blog even if you don’t know how to write a blog. 
  • NEW! Each member of the team will directly benefit from the team blog -if you decide to leave the team.
  • NEW! You will see more case studies -discussed in detail – online successes that you’ve never heard about (people who are not gurus).
  • NEW! Checklists at each point will guide you so you know you’re covering everything and doing it all correct – when you begin.
  • NEW! You will build a solid foundation and  better relationship with your potential clients thru brand new email marketing lessons.
  • NEW! More badges and recognition of your talents and efforts.  We’re adding more badges to the already existing 4 badges, this time for each skill you “unlock” – you’ll get a new badge to show off in your resume, blog – facebook!
  • NEW! You’ll enjoy the monthly hangout where OMC3.5 club members can discuss anything they want. Bonding and learning at the same time! Welcome your new online family in OMC3.5
Fully paid members enjoy a P 1000 discount off all other regularly priced items from Jomar’s seminars, webinars, forever.

Masarap when you have an online business kasi malaya ka. May freedom of time to spend with family

If you want to have an online business in 2015, this bundle should be #1 in your wishlist! 

Click here to get Bundle 8 now: http://jhilario.com/xmasbestteam

Are you in a pit of debt too? It’s time to invest in yourself

Yes, during that time, I was P 500,000 in debt but I actually spent EVEN MORE ON EDUCATION/ONLINE COURSES just to earn more.

So at this point, I'm not typing from a "condo" safe from all the floods.

I was in that same flood that you're probably experiencing now.

But I was able to get out of it - slowly.

By investing in the m;oney - making - person - MYSELF. 

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

P.S. I'll see you in SM Aura this coming Tuesday, 4th floor at the Food Court, yes?

P.S. Join me and the other work sa bahay people for our Awesome Virtual Xmas Party on Monday from 3 to 9pm. Register here (LIBRE): http://jhilario.com/xmashangout2014

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What is Jomar's Wifi Password?

A clear, pinoy answer by Jomar Hilario, Virtual Assistant Guru. Jomar answers your questions about Work Sa Bahay Virtual Assistants.

How can we fix this problem on income: minsan meron, minsan wala?
Our question for today is “How do you fix this perennial virtual assistant/freelancer problem of rich, poor, hungry, fall and yoyo income that we always experience. Sometimes, you have work and sometimes do not have work.  Sometimes we have income and sometimes we do not have income.”
Stop accepting project jobs.
Start looking for that part-time or full time work that can pay you monthly.  Give some of your half day doing the project jobs and then look for companies who will pay you constantly every month.
There are a lot of companies out there who does that.  There are a lot of small businessmen who will hire you on a monthly retainer basis.  The retainer doesn’t have to be small, can be a P10k to P30k a month.  It depends on your willingness to accept these monthly jobs.
You should insist on getting a client or an “employer” who pays monthly.  There are a lot of businessmen who runs an online business.  Who are willing to pay you as long as you can demonstrate the talent and attitude that you have.
Let me give you a tip: You give them your task (e.g  hey, I notice your website is like this, let’s fix it.  Here are my suggestions, 1, 2, 3, 4….).  Give him suggestions on what to improve.  This comes out of your ability to see what the client or employer cannot see.
I trained you to see differently  and how to see things as an entrepreneur, you use it.   Use the improvement technique that I’ve been teaching you.  You apply all those suggestions so that your client will not think of letting you go because he don’t know what you can do for him/her.  You know what you can do for a client so go ahead and suggest to this person “ I can do this for you and give them a list”.  That person would be at least happy to have found you and now become more comfortable paying you monthly instead of a project.
Another example: A person hires you for a book deal.  The book is out and you are promoting the book.  Maybe the book deal is done and it’s selling well.  So what’s next you can do for the client? Obviously, the thing you can do for the client is the database of fans, so you become a Fan Manager of the Facebook page of the book and Email manager.
Marketing is really never ends.

Grabeng traffic is not something you're supposed to live with. Fix it today. Start today 
here: http://jhilario.com/onlinementoring3

Here’s your next step: 

Take that Bold Step Towards Time Freedom That You Want And Earn The Income That You Need.

Choose the best Christmas Bundle for you… or for your loved one.

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Question: How Can We Fix This Problem On Income: Minsan Meron, Minsan Wala?

I made this story this Christmas day for you.


Melanie was a race car driver.
She’s rare, being a young girl in man’s sport.
But she’s good at what she does - beating the men in their races.
How did she do it?
In her early days (believe it or not, just 7 months ago) - she learned a critical lesson.
She was leading the race when she sideswiped a wall and crashed.

This wall was so near her repair crew that they managed to patched her & her car up in 1min 20 seconds.

After that, she was back in the race, but only after been passed by all but one of the racers.

All 23 cars passed her by.
She knew she had to really push her car to the limit to catch up.
A few minutes recovering - she noticed that she’s seeing ZERO cars in front of her.
This was bad.
Zero cars meant she was so far from the main pack - there was no hope in catching up.
Suddenly the world slowed down in her mind.

*Enter Matrix-like Bullet-time slowdown sequence*

She imagined herself giving up -after all - she’s 2nd to the last already - they would understand, right?
Because if this, she stopped rushing it.
Her foot was lighter on the gas pedal, she was not taking her memorized shortcuts as expected.
She was giving up.
In her mind, she reached the finish line - 2nd to the last.
She finished, but didn’t give it her all.

Since her the world has slowed, this allowed her time for a 2nd scenario:

She also imagined herself giving it her all - after all, she’s got nothing to lose.
She’s next to last!
She floored the gas pedal, drifted all the turns - an unthinkable move in a race like this.
She made sure she used all the shortcuts she memorized many months before.
Soon she saw the main pack of cars.
They were so close to each other -some were bumping and crashing.
She had to go pass them but avoid the maelstrom of metal.
She concentrated on doing a perfect run.
Perfect runs are when you’re only focused on the next few feet being perfect- and nothing else.
This was no time to hit anyone or anything - car or wall or tree.
Soon, she was in 10th place.
Then 9th, 8th, 7th…
She focused on overtaking just the next car, not the first car.
Eventually she saw the 2nd car but no sign of the 1st car.
Too bad- that probably means the 1st car will win this hands down.
But no worries - she’s concentrating on passing by the 2nd car.

The finish line looms.
She finishes….
Then the world’s speed came back again to normal.

*Exit Matrix-like Bullet-time slowdown sequence*

Now Melanie knows what she needs to do.
She only lives once for each moment.
So she must make this moment count.
Give her all.
Give her best.
Even if it means 3rd place - it’s way better than 2nd to the last.
Later Melanie’s beaming smile is seen from the foot of the 3rd place podium.
A happy Melanie - in tears from the afternoon’s race.
3rd place?! It was worth it, she thinks.

The end

Merry Christmas!

What Winners Know That Many People Don't By Jomar Hilario

Merry Christmas! I know you're waiting for this, so I'll keep it short. 


If you want to watch the FREE and FUN DISNEYLAND SUCCESS LESSONS webinar: http://jhilario.com/disneylandlessons

In this webinar, you'll know :

a) Why Disneyland is layoutted the way it is.
b) Why Disneyland made a short tower look tall.
c) How Disneyland designed their parks for 100% maximum sales
d) What skill Disneyland is the master of - and why you should imitate this skill.
Consider this my Christmas Gift to you - the webinar will be available until January 2.


The 2nd Installment of the 12 days of Christmas with Jomar Hilario

As promised, here are first 4 bundles made by my VA's for you.

They're all packaged and steeply discounted- just for you.

The first 3 bundles contains the VA Seminar 2013 Downloadable as a bonus:
The 4th Bundle contains both VA 101 and VA 202.

More bundles to come!

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

P.S. If you want to read the STORY how these bundles can help you as they helped others, go here:http://jhilario.com/jomars12days

Merry Christmas To You

A clear, pinoy answer by Jomar Hilario, Virtual Assistant Guru. Jomar answers your questions about Work Sa Bahay Virtual Assistants. 

An online site asks you to buy equipment: Is this a legitimate job?
Our question for today is “a specific job found in an online job site it says: we’ll going to give you a specific exam, a data entry exam.  If you pass, we will ask you to buy more equipment.  We will send you a check and you will encash the check.  Then, you will pay the money from the encash check to our vendor.  The check is amounting to $2,500.  That is the job offer.  Is this a legitimate job?
No.  It’s a SCAM! The check will clear, you will get the cash and the bank will say later, it’s a fraud check because of the nature of that checked.  Then you are now an accessory to money laundering.
My advice is if you ever encounter this or happen to you, do check with your lawyer who will review the bank rules and regulations.
Be careful, if there is any company ask you to deposit checks, entrust you of a lot of money all of a sudden.  Smell that there is a scam running, don’t talk to them.  Ban and report them to your online job site if you find it from an online job site.
That is the important thing you need to do.

Grabeng traffic is not something you're supposed to live with. Fix it today. Start today 
here: http://jhilario.com/onlinementoring3

Here’s your next step: 

Take that Bold Step Towards Time Freedom That You Want And Earn The Income That You Need.

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Question: An online site asks you to buy equipment: Is this a legitimate job?

Hi There. This is a long enjoyable read. Sit down. Smile and you’ll learn:

a) What Jomar does during Christmas and how you can help.
b) How to fix a facebook ad problem.
c) New dates for the hours long Xmas hangout and the meetup next week.
d) The brand new OMC3.5
e) New Live events for 2015
f) What’s you can learn from DISNEYLAND.



I grew up in a tradition-lite family.  Let me explain- this means Christmas time is :

a) Expecting gifts as a child
b) Dressing up on Christmas morning
c) Going to Mass on Sunday morning (If we’re at my lola’s house)
d) Visiting relatives to get Aguinaldo
e) Eating in relatives homes
f) Getting gifts and opening them after

As a child, this is probably an “ok” practice.
But getting to know my faith more - I think there’s got to be something more to Christmas than that, don’t you think?

So if your Christmas is different from that -then be a light to the rest of us with “ordinary Pinoy Christmases" (like the one above) and tell me what you do before and during Christmas day.

I know a lot of you will be saying “Family”. Yes, that’s a word that’s been thrown around in Christmas time. That’s not what I mean, what do you DO as a family?

Do you sleep the whole day ? (We used to do that, when I grew up, is that meaningful?).
Did you split up the family? (We did that too, on Christmas day).

So If you’d be so kind, tell the rest of us how to improve our Christmas traditions by telling us - in a sentence what you actually do during Christmas day or in preparation. By “do" I don’t mean any “gift shopping”, ok? We already know that. Malls have given us plenty of reminders.

What I can do is compile your answers and share with everyone your ideas - how they can improve their Christmas practices. Yes? This will help make Christmas more meaningful for all of us.

Below are some ideas  -just to start you off to a meaningful Christmas:

Spend one hour in the Catholic Adoration Chapel on Christmas day
Spend one hour in the Adoration Chapel for all 12 days of Christmas
Spend half of Christmas Day telling stories in an orphanage, hospital ward or old-folk’s home (This is something other people do, I’ve not done it).
Visit 12 Churches on Christmas Day and spend 30mins in adoration/prayer in each. (The children will only love this if you explain it to them as “Audience with the King”).
Be a part of the local Church’s Christmas play - and celebrate after.
Giveaway ____ to people you don’t know, anonymously.
Journal the entire Christmas experience, daily.
Actually read the Bible in all 12 days of Christmas instead of just saying you’d do it.

Your ideas please, click to share them here: http://jhilario.com/xmastradition


I’ll compile your Christmas tradition ideas but if you don’t want me to give credit to you (you know, privacy) - I’ll remove all your names from all the ideas so we just have ideas we can use, yes?

Here’s the link you can use to suggest what should Jomar do this Christmas:http://jhilario.com/xmastradition


For next week’s free stuff, I’ve decided to swap the FREE Virtual Christmas Party and FREE Christmas Meetup:
Monday Dec 29 3pm-9pm. - Virtual Christmas Party/Hangout.

Tuesday Dec 30, 5pm-9pm Free Christmas Meetup, 
Venue is SM Aura vs Rockwell Powerplant Mall in Makati,
Just let me know by answering this form: http://jhilario.com/xmasceleb2014

So far, the winning answer is SM Aura.  But you can still vote.

We usually have a webinar on Monday (Dec29), instead of that , we’ll start early 3pm-and end at 9pm. Then on the next day, Tuesday(Dec30)- it’ll be a live meetup in either Aura or Powerplant: 5pm-9pm. You pick:http://jhilario.com/xmasceleb2014


They call it the Magic Kingdom and the first time I went there I tried to absorb all that magic, even if it was raining. :(

The first time was great - and all the comparisons with Philippines’ Enchanted Kingdom (EK) were omni-present in my brain - because EK copied the MK (Magic Kingdom) - in many many ways.

But the 2nd time I went to Disneyland was more bountiful. I finally understood how and why Disneyland was as successful as it was in the past decades.

Of course, I’ve read books that analyze the Disney success, but it’s different to EXPERIENCE it.

(Here’s your excuse to include Disneyland in your next trips (w/o kids! it’s a marketing exercise, lol).

I even saw what EK didn’t or failed to copy.

I finally understood - at least on the surface -how success and selling and marketing is being done INSIDE Disneyland.

For my Christmas Gift to you - you’ll be getting the Success Lessons from Disneyland in tonight’s webinar! It’s going to be fun webinar (syempre Magic is everywhere!) so take a break from your shopping and traffic and join us tonight at 9pm.

Click here to learn the Success Lessons from Disneyland:http://jhilario.com/webinar2014dec22at9pm

So next time you visit either EK or Disneyland -you’ll know what to look out for.


Last week’s webinar is still available - it’s the “Kamusta na sila? What are Jomar’s students doing today?” Webinar.  You can still watch it. Go find it in the Mastery groups.


Some of the people in VA202 are having problems with making Facebook Ads.
I’m seeing that they’re going against FB's Unacceptable Business Model condition:
"Ads may not promote a business model or practice that is deemed by Facebook in its sole discretion to be unacceptable or contrary to Facebook's overall advertising philosophy or to any applicable law, including but not limited to multi-level marketing schemes, or advertisements for scams.”

Here’s the problem with that condition. Most of you don’t know what it means.
Here’s what it means:
If it looks too good to be true, DON'T use those words!  Use words you'd normally use SA BAHAY.

For example:
Nobody eats dinner with family and uses the word "UNLIMITED TIME WITH KIDS " and "FINANCIAL FREEDOM”.  They're not mentioned in normal conversation.

What do you use instead?

You don't need to think.  You just need to open that mouth of yours and talk to a friend or relative. Ano lumalabas sa bibig mo?


You never say unlimited time with kids or hubby.

“ENDO NA NAMAN, KAILAN BA MATATAPOS ITO?” *Enddo means “end of contract"

Stop being a marketer and be a NORMAL person with a MARKETING MINDSET.
Everything I just typed above can be used in a Facebook Ad, Facebook Post, Landling Page, Email Newsletter.

Yes, an entire newsletter about Call Center / BPO Endo stories. Bakit ? Because you know a lot of those right?  Or google them :  http://notalwaysright.com/tag/call-center

Yes, an entire newsletter on Call Center jokes on “ENNDO (end of contract). Because you know those, right? And if you don’t you can always GOOGLE them right? It’s been done na eh: http://www.bpotruestories.com/tag/call-center-jokes/

If we have time tonight, I’ll show you some of the FB ads done by the VA202 people - so you know what I mean - so you don’t get your account BANNED BY FB for using “work sa bahay” variants. That’s why I don’t use the word “HOME” in that sentence : “work sa bahay”. Gets?


For Online Mentoring:


What if you can do online projects with other people?
People who have the talent and inclination to help you out?
What if each member of that team did what she’s good / great at?
And what if you only did what you’re great/good at?
How much more enjoyable would your online projects be?

In the brand new update to the Online Mentoring Club, called OMC3.5 you’ll be assigned to teams based on your individual strengths and availability.

Yes, you’re no longer alone in OMC3.5. (Yes, a free major update to the OMC3, so present member do not need to pay anything).

MORE CASE STUDIES FOR YOU: You’ll also enjoy case studies in Online Earning
Every month, we’ll be giving OMC3 .5 members intricate details and case studies of people all over the world -how they did their online projects.

Online projects that earn for them many thousands of dollars (or more).

Now’ the best time to join up the OMC3.5.  How to join? It’s part of the 12 Days of Christmas Bundles. I’ll give you the link later. Yes?

MORE RECOGNITION FOR YOU: For each task you do inside OMC3.5 - you will be awarded an online badge to show off. It’s a great tool used in school and the military - and so we’re using it too. Most games use it too. Now - don’t wonder why you’re still glued to that video game when all the rewards it’s giving you is a LEVEL UP or a BADGE. Now you get it.

For Virtual Assistants and Candidates

What if you can meet and learn from sharings of virtual assistants all day long?

We’ve done that before in the VA Summit 2013. We’re doing it again sometime in April 2015.

All day long you’ll hear, learn, talk with VAs and clients. We’ve pioneered this format and we’ll keep making it even more awesome!  It’s not the biggest VA gathering for sure. But it’s the most effective, most inspirational and most life changing because that’s our goal.

But that’s not all. The day after, we’re going to enjoy the first VA Foundations Seminar. This seminar will replace and update the VA 2013.

So yes, a brand new 2 day event in April 2015. Stay tuned to find out how you can get the EARLY BIRD tickets in the 12 Days of Christmas Bundles.  You’ll get the link later, yes?

Ok. Now you can enjoy -re-reading everything you’ve read in this exciting email.
Go ahead, read it again.
I know you’ll want to.
Because I know you want to …

Live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

P.S. Keep checking back to see the latest Christmas Bundles (discounts!!) in the 12 days of Christmas site : http://jhilario.com/xmas2014story

P.S. Find out the success lessons from Disneyland at http://jhilario.com/webinar2014dec22at9pm. Free.

What are your Christmas Traditions? Help me!

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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