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Last Friday, my daughter skipped school because of her stomach flu.

That afternoon, we cuddled up in front of the computer and watched The Lion King.

I’ve watched the movie countless times when I was little and only after my daughter & I watched the movie I decided to search for the lyrics of the song ‘The Circle of Life’.

Here are the first few lines of the song:
From the day we arrive on the planet
And blinking, step into the sun
There's more to be seen than can ever be seen
More to do than can ever be done

Some say eat or be eaten
Some say live and let live
But all are agreed as they join the stampede
You should never take more than you give


You wake up 4:30 in the morning to prepare for work.
Out of the house and on the road by 5:15 am.

You arrive at the office, go to the nearest water station & fill your tumbler — because you know, it will be a long day of ‘walang tayuan’ work load.

12:30 kicks in and your still at your table.

Your stomach is rumbling with hunger because all you had for breakfast is a pack of crackers you ate while on the bus on your way to the office.

“Sandali nalang ‘to, sunod ako…”, you tell your colleague. Next thing you know it’s3:30 pm. You don’t feel hungry anymore so you continue to work on your reports.

Finally, by 6:20 pm, you’re done with the first part of your work saga.

You stand up and feel extremely tired. You didn’t realize you not only skipped lunch, you didn’t eat meryenda and you only drank a litre & a half of water.

And so you’re looking forward to get home and sleep.


Sadly, THIS is what normal looks like for most of us.

“I’ve been on this job for 23 years. This is what I do.”
“This job is our bread-and-butter. I can’t just leave…”
“Kung may magagawa lang ako, e wala e.”

I know in the deepest corners of your being (and your tired body), you want something much different than this ‘normal’ set up.

As one of Jomar’s virtual assistants, I’ve been given the privilege of talking to some of you one-on-one through email.

I’ve had a few email exchange with retirees, OFWs, employees, single parents pouring their hearts out, confused whether to choose between earning big for their families OR stay with their families.

You know you want to be with your children — see them join & win that Science Quiz Bee, watch them learn how to do breathing exercise during the first day of their swimming lessons, celebrate with them for graduating grade school with honors.

You know you want to visit your parents in the province — bond in the kitchen with your mom cooking her special ginataang adobo, play chess with your dad over the kapeng barako you brought for him.

You know you want quiet time for yourself — to plan and take hold of your life instead of letting your boss do that for you. You want to escape and break free from all the noise outside and inside your head. Noises that haunt you even in the shower, while eating, and even in sleep. Yes, I’m talking about your work.

Isn’t it tragic to know that we’re made to believe that earning big would mean being away from our families?

Today, let us help you get out of that circle…


Jomar taught a lot of Filipinos how they can put those two things together — kumita ng malaki AND still be with your family — through the VA2013 Downloadable Seminar (Work Sa Bahay Seminar).

This seminar brought Ana Olar (former OFW nurse in UAE) back home in the Philippines to be with her family.
Same seminar helped Rhea Apacible from Tacloban, get up and move on after the typhoon Yolanda.
The very same seminar Sweet Reyes attended — a former call center employee who resigned from work so she can take care of her father.

On a regular day, this seminar is at P3,975 with up to P17,000+ worth of valuable lessons.
Pero dahil we can still feel the Christmas vibe, we’re giving away the VA2013 Downloadable Seminar PLUS P11,000+ worth of Work Sa Bahay lessons.

That’s almost P30,000 worth of lessons we’re giving away!

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Do you want to know what exactly, specifically, are the requirements kung gusto mong magwork sa bahay?

Listen to the replay of last night's webinar and you’ll learn the technical, life and emotional requirements you NEED to have when working sa bahay.

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Don’t let yourself be eaten whole by this thing you call work that you forget about the things — the people — most important to you. You can make the circle of your life a marvellous one.

You just have to decide on it.

Live marvellously,
Nikki Hidalgo | Virtual Assistant for Jomar Hilario

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What You Can Learn From A Disney Movie by Nikki for Jomar Hilario

An overheard conversation between learner and mentor:

Mentor: Where’s your written plan for 2015? You have it?
Learner: Here (showing list)
Mentor: It looks like a TO-DO list.
Learner: But that’s what I want to accomplish!
Mentor: So you want to (reads list aloud):
-Get an online job.
-Earn more than 50,000 pesos a month online.
-Be fit and join a 2K run
Learner: Yep, that’s part of it.
Mentor: So how are you going to accomplish #1?
Learner: Ah, I havent’ gotten to that yet.
Mentor: When are you going to do the details?
Learner: When I get some time off this weekend.
Mentor: Really?
Learner: Really!

2 Weeks later.

Mentor: Hi there! Let’s see your plan now.
Learner: Ah, I don’t have it with me…?
Mentor: So let’s go get it…
Learner: Malayo eh.
Mentor: So, let me get this correct: You have Most Important Plans for 2015 and you don’t carry it with you.
Learner: Yes!
Mentor: They’re that important to you, huh?
Learner: Ahh…You didn’t mention anything about using portable notebooks!

The next day.

Knock, knock.
Come in.
Learner: Hi Mentor, what brings you to my place?
Mentor: Your written plan please?
Learner: It’s here somewhere….
(2 minutes of struggling with paper and desk clutter)
Here it is! (hands a notebook)
Mentor: (Flips through notebook) — There’s still no details on plan #1 (online job)
Learner: Oh, it’s on the next page (proud of himself)
Mentor: (Reading aloud next page)
Attend seminar on online jobs.
Get an online job
(pauses, leafs through the next empty pages)
That’s it?
You needed a weekend to do that?
Learner: Well, I didn’t have time!
Mentor: Clearly - this isn’t that important to you!
Learner: It is important - I just bad at time management!
Mentor: Ah, let’s blame your poor time management skills eh?
Learner: Yes.
Mentor: At this rate, you'll never have a written plan for 2015
Or 2016
Or 2017
You’re just going to cruise along to what life gives and takes from you.
Learner: What’s wrong with that?
Mentor: Nothing - except —everything you are now - is the result of “cruising along life”.
The question is - are you happy with THIS?
Or do you want to improve it?
Learner: Of course I want to improve it! (irritated)
Mentor: Then sit down and write the details, now!
Learner: Now?
Mentor: You misunderstand what “Important means”. Something more important that your dreams -getting in the way?
I wonder what it is on this weekend, huh?
Would it be “family time”?

You do that EVERY WEEKEND.  

Every time you still haven’t written the details of your plan.

You always give way to “Family time” every -weekend -even if this plan -INCLUDES THEM. Is that right?

In fact, I’m willing to guess, this plan involves 100% of your family -correct?

Learner: Correct.
Mentor: So it’s settled- you’re going to skip THIS WEEK’s FAMILY TIME to plan for THEIR FUTURE with YOU.  Now, does that feel like you’re abandoning them?
Learner: No.
Mentor: You tell them you’re going “AWAY” for a few hours this week - to plan for THEM. Do you think they’ll say “You’re wasting your time-let’s watch TV together?”
Learner: No.
Mentor: And when they see that you’re seriously not allowing them to interrupt your plan writing - how much do you think they’ll RESPECT YOU MORE?
Learner: They’ll respect me MORE, I think.
Mentor: Yes, an unusual request to “leave you alone because you’re devoting your time to plan for loved ones" will make them wonder- wow — this person loves us so much &md ash; that she’s willing to plan our life in writing.
Learner: That doesn’t sound like my family.
Mentor: Of course not, they haven’t seen you plan before - have they?
Learner: No.
Mentor: So you have nothing to lose and love and respect to gain.
Learner: I would like that.
Mentor: So off you go. Plan your 2015, NOW.
Learner: Can I at least take a nap first?
Mentor: You’ve made harder sacrifices for your family before- writing things on paper is such an easy thing to do - you don’t have to prepare for it. Except by prayer - start with a prayer - not a nap. I know it would help.
Learner: “Angel of God…”
Mentor: (Puts a list on the table and quietly walks away and shuts the door..)
Learner: (Opens eyes and sees the list that the Mentor left behind)

So! This is how to make a detailed written plan!

I’ll begin now.


So you can finish what you started:

1. Open your email Sent folder.
2. Read emails you sent from Jan - Dec last year.
3. Note projects you need to continue this year

So you can love more people and bring them to Christ through your love:

1. Open your Contact Lists on your phone.
2. Go through A-Z, taking note of people you need to reconnect with.

So you get the feeling of Success:

You already have this in your 2015 To-Do List you cleverly call a “2015 Plan”. This list is just the starting point.
Create a statement that reveals ____ when it is ______.
Evaluate your emotions regarding _________.
It if involves an ______, _____ the ________ so you can ________.
____ do you have to _____ to ________.
____do you have to ______ to ________.

"It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

The list goes on with these topics:

So your spouse will feel more loved:

(list continues…)

So your health will be renewed:

(list continues…)

So your hard work gets recognized:

(list continues…)

Then it has some quotes too:

“Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger”-Tony Hsieh (Zappos Founder, Entrepreneur)

“Doing the unrealistic is easier than doing the realistic.”-Tim Ferriss (Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author)

-The list was long!


Join Jomar in Sunday’s 9pm-11pm first planning webinar for 2015 by getting the “Plan your 2015 with Gratitude and Generosity” at 60% off:


Because you know you’re joined by many -around the world - doing the same thing at the same time. 

You will feel supported.

You will not feel alone.
You will find it easier to justify “PLAN TIME” to your family because there’s someone else involved (The mentor and the other planners).
If you have questions, I will be there to guide you.
You’ll be planning while I’m planning :)


Because the most brilliant people on the planet consult those who’s done it before - before they plan.
They don’t just plan -using imagination or even google -they consult people.

Open your planner on Feb 2015 - see if any good detail plan comes out magically based on “I’ll get to planning it eventually. I predict NOTHING will be written. 

Same with March, April, May and when June comes, know that we’re going to do 2 more “REPLAN Webinars” as part of the Jan-Feb sessions (4 webinars x 3 hours in all).

So it’s best to plan your year with us in 6 webinars from JAN-FEB and JUNE : We're doing the first planning webinar this SUNDAY at 9pm-11pm. Be there!

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

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How To Guarantee Your Success In Life

When Will I Say That I’m Completely Ready To Work For Someone?
Our question for today is “I’m a first timer and I want to know when I will say that I am completely ready to sell my skills online and work for someone, considering I need to learn a lot of things as a first time?
The way we present ourselves to people. What I do is (my personal advice) don’t tell people like “I know Photoshop, Facebook Ads”, you don’t need to really say it in a resume not even in an interview.  The  approach there that is effective in my opinion is you don’t say it. Instead, you show that you are teaching it. That’s the time when you are showing a topic, let’s say Pinterest marketing or Facebook Ads.  Then that’s the time that you know that you can start working for someone and showcase your talent.
How to showcase your talent? What you do is do something like this podcasting. Start a video blog or podcast and discuss teaching people all the small things. All the easy things, all the medium stuff and some hard things you know about let’s say Facebook Ads.  If you don’t like to talk to a camera, you can just create PowerPoint presentations and voice over.  So you don’t show your face, but the voice over, but you teach people.
For example, you are good in Excel, like you know 10 formulas, so open Excel and open up the screen recorder or a cell phone camera and you voice over discussing how to use these formulas as if you are teaching somebody. You create a lot of that like 10, 20 or 30 tutorials and videos.
If you don’t want to do tutorial, voice over or video, you can also do it by creating an essay tutorial form that has a lot of pictures. The important thing here is you shouldn’t be writing this like an essay because that is boring.
When you teach, you have few words and then pictures that demonstrate what you are teaching. You teach that way and if you have 10 or 20 of those tutorials in your Facebook page, in your resume, in your blog or website. The people tend to see you who knows what you are talking about because you are teaching it.
The point of view here is to learn something like Excel to the point that you can teach. You’ve learned 10 formulas that are useful in Excel and teach that in your blog, Facebook and YouTube channel. People will now consider you as somebody who is credible that you know that skill.
In reality you just knew the skill or study the skill one month before, but the way they see you is wow this person is teaching. Just make sure you have more than 10 or 20 of those tutorials. If you think that is not enough you go for 30 or 40 tutorials. The higher the number of tutorials you’ve got, the more people say “I like this person, he is really teaching, he’s showing me what he knows but also teaching to others”.
Of course, nobody knows if people are actually visiting your website or visiting your tutorials but that’s not the point.  The point is when they see the tutorials, they see all you’re teaching something you know. Therefore, you know something and that’s the secret.
A clear, pinoy answer by Jomar Hilario, Virtual Assistant Guru. Jomar answers your questions about Work Sa Bahay Virtual Assistants.
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Question: When Will I Say That I'm Completely Ready to Work For Someone?

How Do I Get Clients From the Internet for Example I Want to Teach English?
Our question for today is “Jomar, how I’ll get clients from the Internet for Example I want to teach non-English people how to speak English. Is there any standard material I can use?
First, determine what kind of English you want to teach.  You want to teach Grade 1 or Grade 2 level. Get a reference material example, you want to teach Grade 1 or Grade 2, conversational level.  You get some books or textbooks, buy or borrow lesson plans first because you cannot teach if you don’t have the material yet.
Second, you have to figure out or determine the nationality.  What is the country of the people you are going to teach. After that you run Ads in Facebook and talks about the country and nationality that need to speak English.
If you no knowledge in running Ads in Facebook, just study it.  Learn from YouTube or go download my VA202 seminar which will teach you on how to run Ads on Facebook.  Or create a Facebook page that talks about Korean speaking in English. Your Facebook page could be called “Korean Speaks English”. You could be talking to Koreans there and the need to speak English.  It has to be an entertaining site, meaning you’ll be talking to the needs and wants for Koreans.  Sometimes you will need to use a Korean word because that’s the nationality you’re targeting.
You  could have to go to places like Facebook groups of Koreans and put posters in Facebook pages for Koreans .  Or you also need probably go to forums where Koreans are trying to speak English.
Third, another suggestion would be to download “” and see if you could find clients from the App.  There are other Apps in Apps Store and Play Store that teach and encourages you to meet with other people and you teach each other the language. However, the difference is free.  But maybe after teaching the language, you can offer your services for paid.  You look for that in Google like language translation services or language apps or language social network apps.
A clear, pinoy answer by Jomar Hilario, Virtual Assistant Guru. Jomar answers your questions about Work Sa Bahay Virtual Assistants.
Visit – Jomar Hilario’s Virtual Assistant Training System.
Skip the trial and error and learn the proven method on how you can start working and earning dollars kahit nasa bahay ka lang. Click here for the complete details:
If you’re not in the Manila or the Philippines but want to learn how to become a Virtual Assistant who earns dollars, get the training materials below (10+ hours of video).
Listen to the stories of people who are now working sa bahay. Watch

Question: How Do I Get Clients From The Internet For Example I Want To Teach English?

How do I remove Procrastination?
Our question for today is “After so many seminars and so many books, I’m starting to become a better person than before.  But the one thing I can’t seem to remove from myself is procrastination.  How I totally remove procrastination?
Congratulations! That you have started the journey and deepen the journey of improving yourself.  Jim Rohn said “Success is attracted by the person you become”.
You are doing the right thing.  You become the person who attracts success.  What you need to do right now to get rid of the procrastination is to use micro-habits.  There is a book by Charles Duhill, there is also an audio book from same title.  The concept of the book is about micro-habit. You establish a micro-habit every day (e.g. Push Ups, you do push ups a day.  Yes, it’s ridiculous to the point your procrastination muscles will not say “NO”.  You want to finish a book, so you read one page a day. Sometimes, when people teach reading the bible, the way to use the micro-habits is read a chapter a day or a verse a day.
If your procrastination is really strong, just read one word from the bible a day. That’s the technique taught in that book and it taught by a lot of experts on how to remove procrastination for every day of your life.  You can apply it every part of our life.
Congratulations and “ituloy mo lang yan”.  The journey is long, but it is worth it!
A clear, pinoy answer by Jomar Hilario, Virtual Assistant Guru. Jomar answers your questions about Work Sa Bahay Virtual Assistants.
Visit – Jomar Hilario’s Virtual Assistant Training System.
Skip the trial and error and learn the proven method on how you can start working and earning dollars kahit nasa bahay ka lang. Click here for the complete details:
If you’re not in the Manila or the Philippines but want to learn how to become a Virtual Assistant who earns dollars, get the training materials below (10+ hours of video).
Listen to the stories of people who are now working sa bahay. Watch

Question: How Do I Remove Procrastination?

PHOTO CREDIT: From UST Facebook page, Dominic Barrios

Kumusta ka na after the visit of Pope Francis?
Are you one of the many who braved the rain and cold to get a glimpse of the Holy Father in his yellow raincoat?

Are you one of the many who wept when the Pope embraced the small girl in UST?

Are you one of the many who treasure brief encounters with the Pope maging in person or sa TV, in Facebook, in YouTube?

Do you feel blessed by his visit?

Congratulate yourself for being a part of history at kasama ka na rin sa social media history. 

Meet Your Tech Savvy Pope and A Question

We have a Pope that reaches more people via social media. Here is his latest tweet:

Pope Francis @Pontifex 

How often we forget to dedicate ourselves to that which truly matters! We forget that we are children of God.

During his encounter with the youth in UST, Leandro Santos, 29 years old, a Civil Law student, posed a question na nakakarelate ka:

“In a world that is exposed to fast internet connection, smart phones and unlimited texting, instant romantic relationships, and busy lifestyles, how can we take time to stop, listen and reflect to God’s will?

Lastly, Holy Father, in following the will of God, I am aware I need to lead a life that contributes to a civilization of genuine love. However, in these modern times, we somehow lose the meaning of love. Dear Holy Father, how may we love truly?"

The Pope’s Response

Here’s an excerpt of the Pope’s response regarding the world of information:

Today, with so many means of communication we are overloaded with information. Is that bad?

No. It is good and can help.

But there is a real danger of living in a way that we accumulate information. We have so much information but maybe we don’t know what to do with that information.

So we run the risk of becoming museums of young people who have everything but not knowing what to do with it. We don’t need young museums but we do need holy young people.

You may ask me: Father, how do we become saints? This is another challenge. It is the challenge of love.

This is the challenge that life offers you: to learn how to love. Not just to accumulate information without knowing what to do with it... But through that love let that information bear fruit.

How Can Information Be Good?

Pope Francis is right.

Information is good and can help.

Kaya we are so persistent and relentless in using information to spread the word about work sa bahay opportunities to YOU:

- To keep your families united… Masarap pag lagi mong kapiling ang iyong pamilya! Nahahawakan, nahuhug - yan ang pinaka importante!

- To make sure that you see your kids growing up, that you are beside them… Masarap kasi pag nakakasama mo ang kids mo sa lahat ng activities nila sa school

- To protect you from stressful daily commute… Masarap kasi ang no traffic, new skills and new friends. Oh and you can work anywhere.

 To let you enjoy freedom… Masarap ang di kailangan magpaalam sa boss pag magleleave. Masarap yung pwedeng mag time-in time-out anytime.

- To offer relief from paulit-ulit mong ginagawa araw-araw… Masarap kasi pag maraming bagay kang natutunan, ibat ibang business na nalalaman, yung kumikita kasi nasa bahay lang
- To let you escape the morning stress of waking up early para harapin ang siksikan at traffic… Masarap pag hindi ka na kailangan mag set ng alarm clock sa umaga para gumising at mag prepare punta ng office.

- To give you a new chance to rebuild your financial life… Masarap pag proud ka that you’re also able to help your family financially. :D

- To give you an option para di mo kailangang mangutang… Masarap pagdating ng sahod tapos di mo na kailangan manghiram sa officemate.

Are You Ready To Receive?

Ang tanong: Are you ready to receive? (Another lesson from Pope Francis!)

As we reflect on the challenge of the Pope to let that information bear fruit and use information to spread love, watch the replay on my FREE webinar on Work at Home: Myths and Facts. 

Accept The Pope’s challenge.

Use information as an expression of your love for your family, parents, loved ones, friends and be a recipient of their love

Isa pang bilin ni Pope sa atin:

How often we forget to dedicate ourselves to that which truly matters!

What is that thing that truly matters to you?

Ikaw lang ang makakasagot nyan.

I can only give you information… you have access to loads of information… pero ano ang plano mong gawin with the information that you have accumulated?

Don’t become one of “museums of people who have everything but not knowing what to do with it”

As you watch the replay, you'll hear and learn more information about how you can be able to earn for your family while also being with them almost all the time. You’ll also learn useful information that can help you express the most important value: LOVE.

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

Kumusta Ka Na After The Visit Of Pope Francis?

Photo credit to AFP

Hi there! May Pope Francis blues ka ba?

Share mo naman sa akin sa


Plus if you have ANY KIND of question about your “Virtual Assistant” goals, doubts, fears — reply so I can answer them on video — I’m running out of questions eh.

Enter your questions here:

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I’ll share to you more about Pope Visit Learnings —in the coming days.


Here are some of the things many people believe about being a Virtual Worker/Virtual Assistant who’s doing all the earnings from the comfort of their computers.

Some of these will shock you ­because some of them are just a percentage true ­ not 100% true. W/c one is half­truth, which one has conditions?

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MYTH 1:" You’re free to do what you want to do ­any time."
MYTH 2: "Anybody can start Working From Home"
MYTH 3: "It’s all going to happen online."
MYTH 4: "Sa bahay ka lang? You’ll stagnate intellectually!"
MYTH 5:”You will work less."

MYTH 6: “Expenses will go down because of no more commute and eating out."
MYTH 7: “Pang mahinang tao lang ang VA ­mga nanay, mga nawalan ng trabaho at walang pag­asa makawork sa employment."
MYTH 8: "It’s a lonely job."
MYTH 9: "You should be techie in Wordpress and Photoshop”
MYTH 10: Its a surprise! Attend the webinar tonight to find out.

Join the FREE webinar on Monday at 9 PM

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

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Shocking Myths About Working Sa Bahay

You finished watching Pope Francis’ Family event at the Mall of Asia?

I saw the video - there were chairs outside MOA - so those who wanted to wait for the pope didn’t have to stand for a long time. 

Lots of security.

It felt like the Pope was an airplane and around him was F22 Raptor Fighter jets disguised as body guards in black.

At least that’s what it felt like.

I can sense the nervousness of the people in charge of security - even from a Youtube broadcast. 

Impressive order by the police, no?

Now if they’d only do that in normal days and not just reserve it for visiting successors to St Peter, right?

Kaya naman pala nila eh.

Maging disciplined.

Anyway, maybe you’d be wondering —why did all those people brave the potential rain?
Why join the mass of sweaty Android-toting people just to get a 3 second glance at the Pope?
Maybe not even that - I’m sure 95% of them wanted a blurry personal photo of the Pope has he passed by -right?

And if you were not in the parade grounds - you’re inside MOA Arena - what were you doing there?

It’s not as if you haven’t been to a Mass, right?

The secret of all this is - in PRESENCE.

The Holy Father is the direct line successor to St Peter.

The inherits St Peter’s authority on earth.

People want to be near him, breathing the same air he’s breathing because of that PRESENCE.

The security people are alert -because of this PRESENCE.


Presence contains a real, quick transfer of emotion.

That’s what you mean when someone’s crying over a crushed iphone and you say “I feel you.”

You feel how the other person is feeling -because there’s little distance in the air between you.

Emotion transfer also happens because of the senses.

You smell the person.

You hear the person's voice without a screen in front of you.

You see his tiny actions.

You catch his micro-expressions.

You can focus on parts of his motions that people don’t look at.

PRESENCE somehow changes you.

Of course most will not admit it -but change does happen when there’s a live PRESENCE.


In case you thought I was talking only about the Pope.


I was talking about the 700,000 people who were outdoors with you - when you were there.
You did see, smell, hear, touch them right?
All that people —for this one “Man”.

Is he a man?
Yes he is.
But a man with a special appointment from God.
You have no idea how strong the impact of all those people is -to your faith - your belief.
The throng even affects bystanders, I'm sure.
That’s the power of PRESENCE.


I’m talking about this because -we all have a need to belong.
If you’re an OFW - remember when you arrive first time in that country.
You immediately looked for new Pinoy friends and a place to eat Sinigang, right?
If you’re a new employee - you find ways to make new friends, yes?
Even in Homeschooling - we find ways to get new play mates for the kids (we just came from one play date).

Now as a person who wants to earn using the miracle of the computer and the internet - you still need to belong.
You need PRESENCE.
You need others who are in the same journey as you.

Christmas just ended last Sunday,  so my 12 Days of Christmas Bundles promo is over.

It’s the start of the year. Even the police can show a change-right? I’m sure you too can start your change, today.

You’re not alone.
We are all here.
Just commit to begin.

Now live a marvellous life.
Jomar Hilario

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