During one of my children’s PTC (Parents-Teachers Conference) in their school, I met Thea.

Thea is a wife of an OFW and a mum to his son, Blase. 

After the pleasantries, she said,

“But nakapagleave ka sa trabaho?”

I told her I work o.nline and that I don’t really need to file for a leave just so I could make it to the meeting.

This was when she almost shed a joyful tear, like somebody descended from heaven right before her eyes.

She told me that she’s been trying to learn kung paano siya makakahanap ng work sa internet from the moment she knew she’s pregnant with Blase — that was almost 8 years ago — and up until now, wala pa din siyang ‘gig’ (o.nline work).

I invited her to join Jomar’s free Monday webinars or attend his upcoming seminar this May 29-30 about Virtual Careers Summit & Seminar (If you wanna attend, too, details can be found here:http://jhilario.com/datewithfreedom)


When she started her kwento about why she wasn’t able to get a gig, that was when I realised, it’s not about the lack of learning…

it wasn’t about the lack of budget for seminars,
it wasn’t because she had no time,
it wasn’t because her husband doesn’t support the idea of her working sa bahay,
It’s about her fears, doubts and pessimism…


Do you also want to know how you can begin a virtual career like Thea?

Kaya lang you are overcome by…


…that it might not work out for you,
…that what you know is not enough,
…that you’ll get picked on by clients because you aren’t the techie type?


…that these virtual tasks are only for people who are expert,
…na hindi mo kaya yung mga ginawaga nila,
…na housewife ka lang, single parent ka lang, college student ka lang?


…na baka mawalan ka na ng social life,
…na baka mamiss mo yung office parties and get together,
…na baka lokohin ka lang ng client mo, baka hindi ka bayaran, etc. etc.

Kaya ikaw, go, stop, go, stop — good luck kung marating mo ang goal mo na magkaroon ng virtual career.


Naging techie ka ba nung inisip mo yung fears mo?

Naging expert ka ba kaka-doubt mo sa sarili mo?

Nagkaron ka ba ng gig kaka-entertain mo ng negative thoughts?

Natupad ba yung dream goal mo to earn and magtrabaho online?


And you will not be an expert nor a techie if you’ll continue thinking like this.

Like Thea, baka 8 years na, wala ka pang gig.

Pero may na-gain ka naman…

A few white hairs kaka-worry ng nonsense na bagay at mataas na BP kasi depressed ka dahil wala ka pa din gig kahit parang ang dami dami mo nang ginawa (madami kang naworry!).


You’re trapped in that habit of worrying and doubting and babying your fears.

This not only prevents you from getting an o.nline gig, this will also interfere big time in achieving other goals — ma-aapply mo na kasi siya in your everyday life — sa anak mo, sa asawa mo, sa friends and relatives.

Red flag na ‘yan ha.

You need to break free from this habit before it swallows you whole.


I believe it’s not yet a hopeless case and I know you can still make this work.

Tama. :)

You’ll have to begin taking charge of your self and manage how much you will let difficult times — and people — affect you,

You have to know that if you spend more time worrying what others think than working on what you want and need, you will always be disappointed. This shows that only you can make yourself happy and points the way to true self-reliance.

Also, you’ll have to put an end to procrastination. If you are still caught up in old labels for yourself and an out-of-date self-image, you cancel out your present potential.

If you really want to change for the better and not let these bad habits take the best of you and your dreams, join ka on Monday, March 30 at 9:00 PM for a free online course on Escaping the Trap of Negative Thinking About Online Jobs.


If you missed last Monday’s webinar on how to negotiate with clients and get their ‘YES’, go here:http://jhilario.com/datewithfreedom


If you want to know how you can begin your virtual career and even meet successful people who are in the business of earning sa in.ternet, I’m inviting you to join the upcoming Your Date With Freedom: Virtual Careers Summit & Seminar this coming May 29-30.

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3 Reasons:

If you reserve now, you’ll get a chance to get P16,000+ worth of bonuses — that’s on top pa of what’s already included in the package you’ll get
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By April 8, rates will increase around a thousand bucks or more. Sayang yun!

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An INSTALLMENT option is now available! Yeyyy :)

Just a reminder though, we only accept Paypal or credit/debit card payments for installment option.


Don’t forget to register for this Monday’s webinar at 9pm!

See you then!

Live marvellously,

Nikki Hidalgo

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Stuck in a Rut Here’s an Escape Plan to Achieve your Virtual Career

Hi This is Jomar and I'm so excited to share with you NEW INFORMATION I've gotten with regards to promoting products and services on VIDEO.

Here's the story: I "virtually" attended a large Facebook Marketing Conference last year.

In the talks there, I found it strange that many of the speakers are talking about VIDEO!

Akala ko ba this is a FB event -- and here they are excited about video marketing.

It appears that even inside Facebook, video is taking over.

Now there's new information and new tech that I'd like to share to you -- if you want to know all about maximizing video for selling online.

But this is separate from my upcoming YOUR DATE WITH FREEDOM event so I'm going to ask you to sign up - to another email newsletter so things are clearer.


This information I'm about to share can't be used by newbies because it's mostly an IM thing. 

IM? Intern-et Marke-ting. It's not a means to earn a monthly income like an employee.

So newbies aren't going to be interested in this.


The people who will benefit the most from this new information on VIDEO are people like Ronald and Mannix.

1. Ronald: He's running several Feast Videos.

In fact, he's also a point person to train people how to run a Feast video of their own. So he needs a way to reach out to people to train them -- online. VIDEO is ideal.

*What's a feast video?

It's you with a DVD of Brother Bo Sanchez -- playing them for your company, friends and family in your home or clubhouse/venue.

There's no preacher around, just the video and people share afterwards.

2. Mannix: He's now the Mindmap Expert of the Philippines, so he needs to be able to reach out to people how they can use mindmapping as well. Video is ideal.


1. Mommy M (Anonymous eh) : She's not even in the Philippines, and she's homeschooling her kids.

She can tell stories of how she manages the homeschool - on VIDEO - and she can get a following just like Youtube Makeup Artist Michelle Phan gets her makeup loving audience.

2. Ebook Author Sha: She teaches people how to make ebooks and books (she's got both).

She can make people aware of her teaching skills by hosting VIDEO show - teaching people about making books, for free.

3. Veterinarian Sixto: He can get one of his Vet Doctors on Staff to warn people about Dog/Cat epidemic and even teach about Pet Grooming.

Video is ideal. It's like a Dog and Cat TV Channel.

4. Dentist Jing: She can expose the multiple misconceptions about dental health AND show how bad is it if you keep delaying visiting your dentist.

Even if she's in CAVITE, she can reach out worldwide using VIDEO. People can even visit her small clinic when they're near Tagaytay.

5. Anime Toys Store Owner Ryan: Anime is usually photographed well by Pros to sell them.

Ryan can just take one figma/figurine, light it up with LEDs and feature one toy a week for people to buy or just enjoy looking at.


So you know that video works.

There are more than 1,500 hits on "Jomar Hilario in Youtube.

That's not a lot of hits.

But it's more than the usual person who does "VIDEO MARKETING" - and it doesn't include all my hundreds of SECRET videos inside my mentoring clubs.

Question -- will you let video work for you?

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

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Do Not Read If You're A Newbie Or First-Timer

Are you one of Jomar’s students who wishes to work at kumita sa bahay?

But for some reason, until now, after sending countless of applications and going through interviews with potential clients, hanggang ngayon wala ka pa din gig (trabaho sa internet).

Either you’ve stopped sending applications, lost hope, or gave up the dream of finally earning sa bahay.


Your chance of finally landing a gig — on the spot — has come.

This Thursday, March 26 at 1:00 pm, you will meet business owners, get interviewed by them and possibly be hired as their virtual assistant during this month’s Marketing Success Formula meet up!

Just pay a minimal P895 for the 4-hour training session on at Rosewood Pointe Sky Lounge in Acacia Estates, Taguig City.

You can send your payment via Paypal/credit/debit card using this link:

Or via bank deposit. Details here: http://jhilario.com/bankpayment

Be sure to email sophie@jomarhilario.com so she can process your payment immediately together with your proof of your payment.


You must act now and you must act fast because we are only opening this chance to the FIRST 10 VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS who will register.

All you need to do is send your VA resume to analyn.acm@gmail.com on or before March 26 for us to be able to check it.

You also need to have a VA blog or excel (for VA101 attendees) to qualify.
If you really want time freedom na ma-spend mo kasama ng pamilya mo, asawa mo, anak mo, parents mo — at magwork ka na sa internet, here’s your chance.

Wag mo na palampasin.

We’ll see you.

Live marvellously,

Nikki Hidalgo

P.S. For the first time, Jomar is hosting an event that will mix business people and VA candidates - so you can get to know each other and help each other. 

Hurry and don’t miss your chance.

Bank details here: http://jhilario.com/bankpayment

Virtual Assistant Candidates Here's Your Chance to Get HI'RED This Week

Once a week, Jomar takes his wife out to lunch or dinner dates. It’s a ‘no-compromise’ commitment for him and he’s done this for years already.

Almost every morning, Jomar and his 3 kids walk around the neighbourhood and enjoy some quality time. They go to the playground, running and chasing each other, cross monkey bars and have fun.

They sometimes exercise by plunging into the pool and have pleasant time (and exercise) swimming.

Jomar also attends seminars & workshops apart from the online courses he has enrolled himself into so he will learn more on how he can build & grow his business and also to be able to teach you the latest trends in the online world.

These are just some of the things he CAN do despite his extremely busy schedule.


Wise people work smarter, not harder.

The secret why companies are able to grow and establish more businesses is because of this…

The secret how Bo Sanchez can go on dates with his wife, Marowe and two kids is because of this…

The secret how Jomar and other business people can do what they do…

They delegate.

They have a team of trained people to help them run their business while they’re out playing with their sons and daughters,

…while they’re out reading books about leadership & building new businesses,

…while they spend their afternoons in some quiet place on a retreat so they can plan their next venture,

…while they’re on their thinking chairs brainstorming with fellow business owners on how to effectively communicate and provide their market’s needs.


“Nikki, hindi ko sure if I should hire an office staff — one who will be present in an office or if I should hire a virtual assistant or a team of virtual assistants na sinasabi ni Jomar…”

Let me help you decide…

Hiring a virtual assistant (VA)

1. Office space — wala, they work wherever they want (sa bahay, sa coffee shop, sa beach, sa restaurant, sa park) = P0.00
2. Office furniture — do you know I work sa dining table? Sometimes sa bed (shhh), sometimes sa computer table. Aaaand that will cost you: P0.00
3. Air-conditioning system, electricity, internet connection, computers — all paid by the VA. Internet connection is one of our investments, so you don’t have to worry about that. = P0.00
Computers — Like the internet connection, isa ito sa mga investment namin. We have our own machine so no expense for you.
4. VA Salary — The salary of VAs depend on the amount and/or type of work you want them to do. They are solopreneurs so their rates may vary.
Let’s say each of your VAs salary is at P30,000 a month. If you hire 5 VAs, that’s: P150,000/month
5. SSS, tax, PhilHealth — since we VAs are solopreneurs, we settle these things the way a sole proprietor does. This means you, the client, doesn’t have to pay for these.

If you’ll hire 5 VAs, your monthly expense: P150,000/month

Hiring office staff/employees

1. May office space ka na ba?
If yes, good. If not, you’ll have to rent pa.
I saw one ad for a Makati office space for lease, 196sqm P88,200 per month.
A slightly bigger office space for lease (320sqm), in Makati pa din will cost you P147,200/month.
2. Tables, chairs, computers, file cabinets.

Office furnitures are not cheap. Take a look at this table below.

This one is at P14,999 a pop. Siyempre, you’re not gonna buy one table lang for your office staff, right?

Let’s say you’re running a small business so may 5 staff ka.
That’s one table per staff at P14,999 x 5 = P74,995

Chairs at P4,499 each x 5 staff = P22,495

Computers — each office staff needs a computer. I checked a trusted computer shop and they sell a good desktop PC set for P52,896/set x 5 office staff = P264,480

File cabinets — this 4-layer file cabinet retails at P19,999 (sale pa). Siyempre, this is not the only storage you’re gonna get, correct?

But for this purpose, let’s say you’re buying just one.

3. Air-conditioning system — for small spaces like a 320sqm office, 2-3 floor-mounted aircon system is needed. One unit will cost you P134,599 x 3 units = P403,797

I’ll stop right here — kahit hindi pa kasama yung electricity bills for your office space — kasi the total is almost P1M.

Hiring 5 VAs: P 150,000/month

Hiring 5 Office Staff: Initial P932,966, then P147,200 + utility bills

Difference: P782,966

But let's assume you ALREADY have an office. And you're just hiring one "extra" staff that you can fit in the office:

Extra Employee Cost you:

1. SSS x 12 months = around P4,500
2. Philhealth x 12 months = around P4,500
3. Insurange x 12 months = around P5,000 to P7,000
4. Benefits package x 12 months = around P5,000
5. +1 Summer outing = around P8,000 to P10,000
6. +1 All Parties = around P8,000 to P10,000

VS VA : 

1. SSS x 12 months = P ZERO
2. Philhealth x 12 months = ZERO
3. Insurange x 12 months = ZERO
4. Benefits package x 12 months = ZERO
5. +1 Summer outing = ZERO
6. +1 All Parties = ZERO


As crazy as it may appear — based on the actual photos and prices of what you need to spend on — you’ll save around P780,000/month if you hire virtual assistants.

You can get the same efficiency you want from your team,

you can have a team helping you run your business while you do more important, sometimes fun, stuff minus the big bill,

you will be able to do more important things — such as dating your wife and kids, attending business meetings and mastermind sessions.


Then don’t miss our Marketing Success Formula (MSF) meeting this Thursday, March 26 at the Sky Lounge of Rosewood Pointe, Taguig.

Jomar has invited his students who have undergone his VA Seminar training and you’re free to interview and hire them on the spot if they fit your awesome-VA-profile!

Save your slot today at a discounted rate of P5,485 instead of P9,485http://jhilario.com/increaseyoursalesnow

You will be joined by the business owners who have attended the Wealth Summit event by Bo Sanchez so I’m sure this is going to be one productive meet up.


We not only want to train and teach you how to do o.nline mark’e’ting for your business — we will also be training one of your virtual assistants in MSF.

That’s right.

The P5485/month ’tuition fee’ is already for 2 people — for you, the business owner and one of your assistants. This includes snacks during meet ups.


If you wish to be able to spend your time on more important and productive things, you have to have a team and begin delegating time-consuming tasks to them.

Now are you ready to work wiser and build your businesses with a team?

Then we’ll see you this Thursday.

Live marvellously,

Nikki Hidalgo

P.S. Save P780,000 while growing your business! Meet a group of virtual assistants you can hire during this Thursday’s Marketing Success Formula meet up.

P.S. I’ll tell you more about how Joey Chan, owner of Gryn Wasabi was able to increase her sales by 95% during our meet up. FUN!

Virtual Assistant vs Employee: How to Save P780,000

Hello, Nikki here. Let me share you a story about my friend’s mom…

If you’re an employee, a fresh grad, currently looking for a job, pursuing a virtual career — read this.

Months ago, I visited a long time friend whom I have not seen for ages. We were chatting over some carrot cupcakes when her mom arrived from work.

I greeted her and kinamusta ko siya.

“So tired! Nag-interview ako kanina ng applicants…”

“Oh ‘e kamusta naman po?”, I asked.

“Out of 21 applicants, 3 lang ang approved.”

I was stumped. Out of 21, bakit 3 lang?

She then proceeded to explain that it’s not always about the skills of the applicant. Skills are important. True.

But when looking for a long term team player, they’re not after the skills of the applicant or what university they graduated from.

So what are they looking for then?


The one with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan in it?

If not, let me give you a brief intro…

Dre Parker (Smith) is a typical 12-year old who moved from the US to China with his mum where he faced the challenges of adapting to his new environment. Although he’s anxious about moving, he’s a bit excited as well due to his fascination with Chinese martial arts, Kung Fu.

In one of the scenes, Mr. Han (Chan), the maintenance man, arrived in the Parker’s home to fix their shower.

Like some kids, Dre has a bad habit of taking off & leaving his jacket on the floor and as expected, this irks his mum and he was again asked to pick up his jacket and hang it properly, which he did mockingly. All these were observed by Mr. Han.

Dre and Mr. Han’s second encounter happened when Mr. Han defended Dre from bullies. This is where Dre realised that Mr. Han is actually a master of Kung Fu. Dre persuaded Mr. Han into teaching him Kung Fu.

Dre was so excited about his first training session with Mr. Han. However, his excitement turned into disbelief and disappointment when he was told about his first lesson.

The training?

He is to hang up his jacket, take it down, put it on, take it off, hang it up, drop it on the floor repeatedly — day 1, 2, 3…


Dre thought of it as completely irrelevant and useless in learning Kung Fu and so he lost enthusiasm.

Mr. Han interrupted Dre’s ‘training’ routine one day and told him that there is something missing in him…


If you’re applying for a job, know that the interviewers are looking, not only on your skills set, but also your attitude.

Mr. Han noticed that Dre lost enthusiasm and drive and the attitude in learning Kung Fu.

You see, skills can be acquired. It can be taught and can be learned.

But your attitude is one big factor that can draw you farther or closer to your goals.

As Zig Ziglar puts it, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”


If matagal ka nang interested to learn kung pano magtrabaho and kumita ng pera sa internet PERO you’re still wondering if pwede ka ba dito dahil…
  • Housewife ka ‘lang’
  • Student ka pa ‘lang’
  • Email at Facebook ‘lang’ ang alam mo
  • Undergrad ka ‘lang’
  • Fresh grad ka ‘lang’
At kung anu-ano pang ‘lang’ excuses…

Let me tell you this: Your potential clients don’t care much. Ang main nilang concern ay yung attitude mo towards work and towards learning new things.
More of these will be taught by Jomar in the upcoming Your Date With Freedom 2-Day Event on May 29-30.

So you have good attitude?



Kaya lang madalas, even if we have great working attitude + skills, we get paid less because we tend to agree sa rates na gusto ng potential client natin instead of the rates that we want.

Sayang kasi your good working attitude deserves a good i.n.come — that is, if you know how to negotiate with these clients and not give in pag tinatawaran nila yung rates mo.

Remember what I said?

NO to Divi mindset??

Tonight, Jomar will teach you how to put that good attitude of yours to use. Be online at 9:00 PM tonight, March 23 for a webinar on Learn How You Can Negotiate With Your Own Terms and Get Your Clients Yes

Watch the replay here: http://jhilario.com/datewithfreedom


Now if you’re looking for more learning opportunities from Jomar, continue reading this email.

1. Are you a business owner? If you want to learn how you can increase your sales by 95% by implementing the expert strategies and tactics in mar’k’eting your business o.nline, you should not miss these two things:

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b. The HUGE DISCOUNT PASS of up to 50% to these events on Mar26 and Mar28 at only P5485 instead of P9485.

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Because he wants to give you the opportunity to finally land a gig. There you'll meet the MSF members -- business owners who will interview you and might hire you on the spot.

All you need to is register here: http://jhilario.com/msfgethired

PERO... para lang ito sa first 10 VAs who will register. So kung gusto mo na magkaron ng gig, hello, wag mo na palampasin 'to! :)

3. WIN P2,000+ worth of valuable books by joining our giveaway!

All you need to do is go here: http://jhilario.com/freedomgiveaway2 and answer the question — that’s it!

Increase your chances of winning by sharing this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and ask them to join too.

You must hurry because you only have 2 days until the deadline (March 25). Winners will be announced the day after, March 26.


Jomar will teach you How You Can Negotiate With Your Own Terms and Get Your Clients Yes

Live marvellously,

Jomar Hilario

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How to Reward Your Good Attitude

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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