I'm really interested in your VA Downloadable Seminar but I am having second thoughts if I can do it since I am busy taking care of my demanding newborn (exclusively breastfeeding, too). Though, I am already an SAHM (stay at home mom) and really planning to be a WAHM that is why I would like to know about this VA seminar. Do you think I can do this VA thing or should I postpone it and have it when my baby is a bit older? Please inspire me more.

Doubting Stay At Home Mom


A lot of answers to your questions are in

Now, to answer your question directly:
"Do you think I can do this VA thing or should I postpone it and have it when my baby is a bit older? Please inspire me more."

Ikaw, what do you think?

How long are you going to be happy manufacturing excuses? At any point in your life you will WANT to do things.

Is that this point? Or happy ka pa sa excuses?

What is your availability today?

Meron ba? Wala ba?

What are you willing TO DO today?

What I think won't matter…..I'm not you.

Can you do it?

Let me see, you know how to operate a mouse?

Yes? Then you can do it.

Do you WANT to do it? That's the question.

Because the result is
a) You tried and got a virtual career
b) You tried and said I don’t like it -- after doing your best
c) You ignore all of this and be happy where you are.
d) You tried and gave up after 2 days ---this ends like c) above.

Ikaw pumili ano gusto mo?

There's no "SYEMPRE" -- you pick using the response you have to this email.

If you pick "no action" -- you just picked "c". So it's decided.

If you want to change your life. Then you'll go pick a or b. You can go here: or you can level up and avail of the downloadable version of my event this coming May here:

Picking d is the same as c.

QnA: Do you think I can do this Virtual Assistant thing or should I postpone it and have it when my baby is a bit older?


I was just wondering what will be the nature of this work: Is it marketing/sales? Are we gonna have to promote a certain product? I am sorry but I really have to know what's the scenario of a Virtual Assistant. Can you give me a detail or background of the work itself?

I am interested in your offer but then I am not good at selling it's not my expertise.

Not Good At Selling


A lot of your questions are answered here:

Directly, this has nothing to do with selling any product or service. Being a virtual assistant is like being an employee - the only difference is there's no office. The job you will do - you will pick. Ikaw pipili. If you picked a Facebook Marketing job, that's because you decide to get it. You can pick video editing or writing or editing or proofreading or following up or email customer service or creating posters or image editing or commenting or scheduling meetups. That's all possible --depending on what you pick.

My role is to help you get prepared so when you decide to pick a job - that you like and earns well for you - the employer will want to HIRE you at the rate YOU want.

That's what I do.

Note: I'm against selling for VAs (virtual assistants). If you become a virtual assistant and want to sell, I can't help you. Selling is NOT something a virtual assistant should do.

Again, even more answers are here:

QnA: What will be the nature of Virtual Assistant work: Is it marketing/sales?

Hi Jasmine here, the Sunshine Evangelist of Jomar and I love going out on day dates with my 2 teenage sons.

My youngest son just passed his college thesis defense.

As a mom, it was a double celebration:

First, one semester na lang ang I’m done with tuition worries, yes!
Second, I had this unique opportunity to be with my son during his thesis defense.

It was Thursday 12 noon and I was there inside the classroom, physically watching him defending his study in front of 6 jurors. To me this fantastic experience is very precious!

Ikaw ba napapanuod mo yung anak mo in class? In his recitals? In school competitions? In football games?

You see, my youngest son is in his twenties and an introvert. He is very guwapo but very quiet. (Sorry I had to insert that kasi I’m a proud mom!)

He is always inside his room quietly doing his assignments or in the school library. Every now and then, I would go to his room and make short kuwento or kulit.

We would go out on dates as a family and he would just make few kuwento and just enjoy the food na libre ni Mommy. Isang tanong, isang sagot lang sya. He is very quiet.

The night before his defense, I went to his room. I found him memorizing his speech and going through his powerpoint slides. I stretched on his bed.

My eldest son peeked inside the room, tapped the shoulder of my bunso and said, “Sige, sama ako sa school bukas to video your defense.”

Aba pwede palang sumama!

I asked my bunso, “Kuya, okay lang ba if sama si mommy sa defense mo bukas?”

“Okay lang po,” said my son.

I can sense some hesitation but I had to make sure.

“Will you be comfortable with that? Ilang percent na okay yun sa iyo, kuya?” I asked.

He answered, “Okay sakin po, 70%”

Yes! I was super excited kasi I haven’t seen my son do a speech or talk in public! Introvert nga kasi sya.

The Rewards Of A Virtual Career

That night, I immediately emailed Jomar that I will be offline the following day.

I do not have to wait for his approval – when you have a virtual career, you are in control of your business.

You do not need the approval of your Boss when you have to go on leave, because you are your own Boss.

You do not have to notify your officemate when you need to be absent, because you own your business.

At 12 noon, I sat inside the classroom. They served food but I can’t eat. Ganun pala, kakabahan ka rin for your son.

Then his defense started… he was given 1 hour to deliver his talk and another hour to satisfactorily answer questions from his jurors.

After this, we were requested to leave the room for the deliberation.
Waiting for the result was an agony!

After 20 minutes, we were called inside and they were congratulating my bunso. He passed his thesis defense and was even recommended to be a candidate for best thesis!

I was standing there soaking all the beautiful and precious moment for my son.

The thesis adviser approached me and congratulated me, “Ma’am, buti nakasama kayo sa defense ng anak nyo. Congratulations! Ang swerte nyo!”

Swerte Ka Ba Sa Buhay?

Did you know that you could cr eate swerte in your life with the small decisions or actions that you make?

First, I was swerte as I learned the night before na pwede palang sumama sa thesis defense.

How did I know?

I was in the right place at the right time. 

I was in my son’s room when my eldest son said he would be attending.

Siguro, I wouldn’t be in my son’s room if I’m still working kasi for sure, I’ll reach home late, super tired, go straight to my room and rest… or worse I’m doing overtime work or still be somewhere in EDSA traffic and forever miss the opportunity!

Second, I was swerte because I have this great relationship with my youngest son.

Siguro, I wouldn’t be able to nurture a close relationship with my sons kung nagwowork pa ako. 

Remember, my youngest is an introvert and he is a teenager.

It took months and months of dates and kuwentuhan to reverse the damage of “weekend parenting”. The key there is I have to be available when my sons needed their Mom.

W.o.rking from home gives me the flexibility to be available when my sons wanted to go out, watch a movie, eat out or simply hang out in Starbucks.

These dates and daily presence at home really paid off!

My introvert son is comfortable with his Mom’s presence that it’s okay that she is present in his thesis defense.

Ikaw, would you say yes had your Mom asked you to be present in your thesis defense?

Hindi kaya you would say “Ayy maiilang ako pag andyan parents ko!”

Third, I was swerte because I was physically present and watched his every move while he was making his speech. I was impressed at how cool he was when he experienced technical glitch towards the end of his presentation.

He can see me sitting there nodding, smiling and affirming that he is doing great on his speech (which is totoo!)

Siguro had I been still an employee, I would not be able to attend as I would be … well w orking. It was a Thursday, a weekday, it’s office day.

Fourth, I was swerte to be congratulated by his professor and the jurors. They were all amazed that a parent was present!

Okay lang if your kids are still young di ba, it’s okay for parents to be present, pero we are talking about an adult son here in his twenties.

I’ve had friends complaining na ang hirap na raw yayain sa labas ng mga anak nila kasi may sarili ng buhay.

Ang swerte ko talaga!

How Do You Create Swerte?

My swerte started when I made that 1 simple decision: to watch a webinar of Jomar Hilario.

It was his f.r.e.e webinar that opened my eyes to a virtual career or what you would call w.o.r.k from home.

His succeeding webinars taught me how to avoid o.nline, how to prepare for online interviews, what equipment do I need and more importantly, the mindset that I must have to succeed in any business.

Create your own swerte by watching Jomar’s webinar this Monday, April 27 at 9pm here:

Swerte ka na nga kasi he’s doing it libre. You’ll learn loads of practical information that you can immediately use.

Jomar has this gift of simplifying complicated things.

Kung nahihirapan kang magets yung mga tech matters or may tanong ka about anything sa buhay or business, ask him during the webinar.

Libre ‘yan ha, hindi pa ba swerte ang tawag dun?

Here’s another way to fast track your swerte…

You want to be more present in your children’s life?

You want to watch their recital, see them compete in spelling contests or in football games, make hatid and sundo in their Kumon or summer classes?

You want to be there when they need their Mom/Dad?

You want to enjoy spontaneous dates with your children?

Spontaneous meaning not scheduled ha.

Fast track your swerte by availing of the downloadable version of the Virtual Careers Seminar and Summit here

** Maswerte ka kasi the last time Jomar did an event similar to this was in 2013 pa. It was only now that he agreed to do this again!

** Maswerte ka rin kasi Jomar used to do this event only for one day. This time, he’ll do it for 2 days, which means you will receive double dose of valuable information from a Pinoy Guru who has trained thousands of people with successful virtual careers.

** Napakaswerte mo kasi Jomar invited successful people with virtual careers. They will be taking the stage on Day One where the y will share their best practices on how you can get higher paying work online. What they will share are real life experiences and not just theories ha.

** Maswerte ka kasi you will be blessed by the inspirational talk of J Yogawin, a great Feast Builder who will teach you how to persevere. Super swerte ka kasi Bro. Bo Sanchez himself will be there to inspire you and bless your plans for your future.

** Maswerte ka pa rin kasi kahit malapit ng mag close yung registration for the live event, you can still get the downloadable version of the event. This includes all the materials used and all the videos na pwede mong ulit-ulitin na panoorin.

** Maswerte ka kasi the event is not just a 2-day event but a total of 9 days of training na s iksik, liglig at umaapaw ng lessons to start you off to your virtual careers.

Yes, that’s 2 days for the live event, 2 pre-event webinars, 2 post event webinars and 3 half days for the live meet up (the next one is on May 5, so you should be present there!). Even if you got the downloadable version, you are invited to attend the live meet ups, di ba ang swerte!

** Napakaswerte mo kasi the downloadable version is very affordable and has a money back guarantee. If you feel that working from home and earning in dollars is not for you, we will gladly refund you.

** Swerte ka kasi Jomar’s system has been proven to work as hundreds of his students are now w.o.r.k.i.n.g from home.

You can ask Nolan, who is a former Singtel Executive who is now earning dollars while working from his Pasig home. Go ask Ann who lost her online client and was able to bounce back with multiple gigs. Ask mo na rin si Nina who is pinag-aagawan ng mga clients! You will hear them and the other successful people with virtual careers.

Go fast track your swerte by availing the downloadable version of the Virtual Careers Seminar and Summit here

It’s been 2 weeks after my son’s successful thesis defense and we’ve been celebrating 2x or 3x a week!

Mas frequent na ang dates ng aming family.

The best part?

My introvert son is the one initiating these dates.

The most precious gift of freedom is the time to nurture your relationship with people that matter in your life.

Live marvelously,
Sunshine Evangelist for Jomar Hilario

P.S. 1 Sa tingin mo ba hindi para sayo ang virtual career? There’s another way to earn online. The best part? You’ll do it with a team! It’s not an ordinary team, it’s a team grouped together based on your personality strength.

Build your online empire by joining the Online Mentoring Club:

We’ll have the next monthly webinar on April 29 at 8 PM, join ka na!

P.S. 2 Fast track your swerte by joining the Virtual Careers Seminar and Summit. The next live meet up is on May 5, Saturday, 1-5PM at the Penthouse of Ivory Tower in Rosewood, Accacia Estates Taguig.

Jomar had fun doing the 1st live meet up and maganda yun kasi he shared more information! He shared how you can earn more by doing less… wait, pwede ba yun?

It’s a secret that he revealed during the 1st live meet up.

If you sign up now, you can attend the next live meet up and get access to the recording of the 1st live meet-up!

Sign up ka na to learn these secrets and enjoy more swerte in your life here

How Do You Create Swerte?


Hi Jomar,

I'm sorry I was not able to reply on your series of letter at once. Actually my brother already bought the VA Downloadable Seminar for me. It's already on my Dropbox. I'm just looking for time to watch all of them. I am staying right now here in our province and I just need to prepare the materials (specifically computer and network connection) that I need so I can start doing the assignment in the VA seminar.

I will let you know once I am done or if I need some clarification on your seminars.


Hurry up and finish your assignment so we can submit your name to Pinoy employers who may want to hire you.

We have another Marketing Success Formula live meet up on April 30 1-5pm, in the Sky Lounge, Rosewood Pointe, Taguig. If you already have your assignment checked, send your resume to us and go to Be ready to jot down notes because you'll also learn from the lessons that I give my MSF students.

I also have a 2-day seminar on May 29-30 (Your Date With Freedom event) - it's the ultimate HOW TO START your Virtual Career.

We've closed the registration to the live event but you can still avail of the downloadable version. And we have pre-event meet ups that you can join even if you've only availed of the downloadable version.
Go here to find out more about it:

Are you looking for Time to Watch the VA Downloadable?

New week is coming and this means I have another learning for you.

Now I want all the business owners — ONLY the business owners — who are interested to know how they can sell $2,000 up to $100k products sa internet to focus and read. 

Is this you?

Continue reading.

Here’s another libreng learning video for you…

What you'll learn from Iman Aghay's Free Teaching Video:

03:24 - How to profit from your webinar recording BEFORE you even run your live webinar
05:02 - The secret to getting 2000-3000+ registrations per webinar
08:11 - Why webinars will finally allow you to live the 4-hr work week
09:44 - The trick to selling $2000, $6000, $60,000 and $100,000 products with webinars
12:57 - A simple strategy to get Facebook to write your headline for you
20:28 - Exactly what 3 emails you must send to build ultimate trust
26:01 - How to use Heart Based Selling to instantly connect with your audience
31:22 - The blueprint to structuring your high priced offers
36:13 - What made Iman ditch GoToMeeting and the decision that saved $64,000

Are you ready to do this for your business too?

“Jomar, wala akong time eh. Do you have a summary?”

Actually YES, I am creating a summary of all the learnings from these videos!

Glad you asked!

Would you like Access To These Summaries?

You would?


Since I know you're a person of action, and I know you'll be USING these summaries in webinars, here's step one to get my personally created Webinar Marketing Summaries:

1. Buy the WebinarJam Studio Product here:
2. Send me the email they sent ya as proof of purchase.
3. When that’s done, I'll send you the summaries at around April 27.

Why then?

Because these Free Teaching Videos — they’re not finished - there are around EIGHT MORE videos to summarize - so we all need to WAIT for them to appear live.

These WEBINAR MARKETING SUMMARIES will save you HOURS of time and will help you get started in webinar-ing ASAP.

So go do it - get the WebinarJAM Studio Product here: and start learning how to sell using videos like the Masters who made those videos!

Now live a marvellous life, 

Jomar Hilario

P.S. Forward this to friends and contacts who would LOVE to learn more about WEBINARS!

P.S. Forward this to the TOP S.A…LESMAN in your life. He or She will say THANK YOU for sending this! It will bless them immensely.

How To S.E.L.L A $100k Product O.nline


A few years ago I won a contest to stay for free in the Alta Vista Boracay property.

The room came with free breakfast.

On the first day, I went to the Omelet section to order “sunny side up” fried eggs.

My order came late, cold and the egg yolk was “basag” and chewy. I looked at the omelet cook. She was young. I looked around and found out everyone serving us was probably nineteen years old!

Oh dear, no wonder this stay was free.

Eating the egg, I marvelled at how anybody can succeed at making the egg yolk chewy.

I have been cooking eggs for years and have not been able to do this.

The chewy yolk tasted terrible.

We’ll come back to this BORA story later.


For a few hundred of you, Monday 9pm is a religious observance of learning and inspiration.

You have an advantage vs those who don’t watch the Monday 9pm webinar.

What is that?

You have a great habit that nobody can break.

During the “Date with Freedom”, a participant told me that she had friends in the “barko” who has been listening to the Monday webinar REPLAYS for years already.

"Jomar, di ba bad yun? Four years na sila nasa Barko - gusto na nila uwuwi - pero wala naman silang resulta, tama?"

Hmm, I could ask the same about you.

How about you?

How long have you been reading these emails but have not been taking action?


Success is not a goal.

Success is not a journey.

Success is THE journey.

Success is THIS journey you are on.

These people in the BARKO - they’re already in the step TWO in the success journey.

You - if you have formed an ACTION HABIT - like them- you’re in the success journey na.


Yes, it is!

But like reading many, many books in cooking - one day you have to… COOK!

I mean a baker or cook is not a person who reads books on the topic.

I have to TASTE your work one day.


Reading my emails is just the first step.

Try cooking your first failed omelet first.

Let people taste it.

Or better, taste it yourself.

Taste how “tiny failures” taste like.


Para di ka matakot magluto ng “adobo”, “sinigang” and “pritong manok”.

Imagine being traumatized because you failed your first “boiled water”.

Instead of boiling water, you cooked the pot because you forgot to put in the water?

(How else are you going to fail “boiling water”?)

Dapat matawa ka right?

But compare that vs a person who just kept reading about cooking kasi takot magboil ng tubig.

Silly right?

But do you know that the girl who cooked my CHEWY-TERRIBLE-TASTING omelet is better than any “cookbook reader”?

That girl is learning how to do it - by cooking lots of eggs.

She’s failing yes. Incredibly - in front of guests in Boracay.

But she’s still doing it.

And that persistence - YAN ang may reward.

Life Rewards Big Success to those who are persistent.

Are you Persistent?


Last Wednesday - I taught three different skills in three webinars in a DEMO format (show and tell):

Step by Step: 

How to Edit/Create a Podcast/Video in Imovie
How To Manage a Twitter Account using
How to Create Explainer/Cartoon Videos and World-class Video Slideshows without using a camera.
How to Manage an Instragram account from a computer.
How to Determine w/c Social Media Network You Should Use.

Go learn new skills for THREE HOURS at:

"So Jomar, those Wednesday webinar replays - di pala 'BENTA-BENTA' yun?”

Nope. It’s an “ASK ME ANYTHING” webinar. And since people asked things - I decided to give them more than what they asked.

Many of the things SHOWN (demo, not just talk) in the Wednesday Replays I have NOT even discussed publicly.

So yes, this Monday 9pm, open your internet, let your family believe you’re listening to a LIVE webinar.

Why? Because you need to PROTECT this habit.

Monday 9pm is the time you become FREE.

Do it every week.

This habit of learning will SET YOU FREE, I’m telling you.

Go learn new skills for THREE HOURS at:

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

P.S. In case you didn’t know - we had a lot of FUN at the DATE WITH FREEDOM live-Pre-Event last Sat. Here’s a photo of that.

P.S. Did you know if you DOWNLOADED the DATE WITH FREEDOM, you can attend a PRE-EVENT live events? There are two more - May 9 and May 23

P.S. I’m encouraging you to download kasi we’re almost FULLY BOOKED Eh. I still want to serve you so go get the download.

P.S. Gusto mo free books? Tell your friends to join this contest: (It’s so simple, just get friends to join and you get more points to win).

P.S. If you’re a person looking new digital skills get educated here in three free videos:
P.S. If you’re looking for lessons on how to create your own webinars, deadline to get these lessons is WEDNESDAY

She Doesn’t Know How To Cook Eggs


Did you know that to run my online business, I pay my “email marketing” service around P 10,000 pesos every FOUR weeks? They bill me like 13 times a year. So that’s P 130,000 a year - just to run email marketing.

Now all my counterparts around the world use email marketing. 

It’s a given.

Are you using email marketing?

So how much are you paying monthly for it?

Maliit lang?

Maybe that’s because your email list is small pa.

I have a BIG email list.

Not in the millions, but big.

That’s why I have to pay P 10,000 every four weeks for it to run.

These emails you’re getting from me?

They cost me 10K every four weeks.


Let’s dream a bit and imagine - you’re me.

You have a BIG EMAIL LIST na.

You’re making MILLIONS of Pesos online, yearly.

You’ve been doing it for YEARS. 

How much are you paying your email marketing service now?

If you stop reading this, you may be DOOMED to pay P10,000 every four months.

Because you’re still reading this - you have a CHANCE to REDUCE that future amount.


The makers of WebinarJam (Mike and Andy) has created a POWERFUL alternative to many email marketing systems.

What’s the difference between this and the system I use today?

Mike and Andy are Online Entreps like me, so they understand what I need. Ergo, they understand what YOU will need - when the time comes.


Nope, I’m talking about the marketing automation system (advanced form of email marketing that includes CRM functions) that comes with WebinarJam Studio.

Yes of course I’ve been talking about Webinars since last week.

And why not?

The easiest way to make a video is to START TALKING to a camera, correct?

So why would I ask you to invest in an email marketing system when you have nobody to send an email to?

When you run a regular webinar, YOU WILL HAVE FOLLOWERS and VIEWERS.


Ever seen a video with millions of hits/views?

Ever wonder if the people who owns that video are NOW wealthier because of the views?

Or not?

Most of them are NOT.


Because the secret is not in the views.

Million views will only get ADVERTISERS who may pay your a few dollars per THOUSANDS of views.

The real money is in the collecting of the emails of those viewers.

Most Youtube Superstars don’t collect emails.

What happens when their Youtube account gets hacked or suspended or banned?

No more income right?

If they were smart and they collected emails - they would still be able to talk to their FANS, correct?


You are a guest - for example in MY webinar.

Or you run one yourself.

You first invite people you know who are interested in your topic.

In FB groups. In linkedin groups. In other people’s youtube channels.

You run your webinar to 10 maybe 15 people. That’s great.

At least if you make massive mistakes, you don’t get shamed in front of 10,000 people, correct?

So you start small.

And you want to start small.

Then you check out Webinar Genesis, the educational program that came with WebinarJam Studio to learn all about improving your webinar.

You now have short webinar replays in youtube.

Soon, people are paying attention to your videos-because of all the people in the country/niche/market - you’re the one with the regular videos that educate and entertain.


You’d be the only business with a regular video show.

Did you know that in France, they’ve acknowledged the DEATH of TV already? They’re saying that “Mobile” is the first screen that people look at. TV is dead.

Now you have a video - via a “talking head” webinar.

You - explaining, telling stories or your voice over powerpoint or your clients doing all the talking for you.

Note that I conduct regular interviews in my monday webinars.

That’s clients doing the talking for me.


Tapos, tapos, here’s TWO more trainings from TWO popular marketers on how they use Webinars:

Webinars - the easiest way to promote your business using the internet.

And who better to help you do that than me?


One of my earliest webinars was in Dec 13,2011 - did you know anyone doing webinars then - from the Philippines? Regularly? For the public? Oh, I know Mozilla did that. But that was for technical people. 

Well, since 2011, I’ve never stopped doing WEEKLY PUBLIC webinars plus an additional PRIVATE webinar every week.

That makes around 100 shows a year.

Compute for Four Years: 400 shows.

Or 400 hours in live show time. Not counting preparation and rehearsal time and my regular extensions.

You know anyone who has done 400 hours of webinars?

Even among my peers - internationally - that number is NOT normal. It’s high.

Here’s my tool history for Webinars:

Slideshare Zipcast
Gotowebinar + GoogleHangouts (yes, sabay)
WebinarJam Studio 

In between those tools I’ve actually tried the other options. Including Talkshoe and using live clipboards and mindmaps in webinars.


You should start being serious about business and recognize that VIDEO is what your business should be doing NOW.

You should have your videos online in as many places as possible.

You should have an email marketing system to serve and educate your prospects and clients
- doesn’t matter who your clients are. If they have an email account - you should be emailing them. 

Finally, you should start your EDUCATION in webinars and Marketing Automation 

You get both TOOLS and EDUCATION in that link, so go get it before the deadline

Jomar Hilario

P.S. Video for business is a BIG THING today, Start your Education and get the tools here, now before your competition does:

P.S. Prefer to LEARN from me LIVE? Join here: 

(it's a half day training session on April 16 and April 301pm-5pm at Sky Lounge,
Rosewood Pointe, Taguig City).

In the Video Age, How Can You Stop The Shrinking Profits

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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