Hi, this is Jomar. 


This email contains THE INCREDIBLE TRUE STORY of MYLA LACSON that will make you say "AKO RIN!!!!"

It also has the presentation link to Monday's webinar.

It also has a LESSON on how you can get a promotion, get someone to buy ANYTHING for you and from you.

Ready to learn?

Set aside 20 minutes to ENJOY and read this email.


How? Put your headphones ON.

Now people won't bother you na.


You know - the FIRST WEBINAR we have FEATURING A MALE/GUY Virtual Professional - in many years, actually.

Parang kasi, all our top successes are WOMEN.

But that's not true, really. 

There are also GUYS - like DEX ARCEO.

But before we get into that, you're going to LOVE this email I got form MYLA LACSON (yes , not a guy!) 

MYLA LACSON : here's her story how she got a HIGH PAYING online job = TWO TIMES HER OLD SALARY in THREE MONTHS time. 

Not only that, but she now has EMPLOYEE BENEFITS.

Not only that, but she also has ONE YEAR "SECURITY OF TENURE" - online.

Not only that, but she also works TWO to FOUR hours a day ONLY.

Not only that, her client has allowed her to INCREASE her rate every six months w/o negotiation.

You haven't even read her letter to me yet but I know you're DYING TO KNOW more about how Myla did it, right?

So here's her story in her own words:

Dear Jomar:

Thank you so much at naging part po ako ng Virtual Assistant or Virtual Professional Students mo.
Nag decide ako na mag resign and tender resignation sa corporate world last October 2014. And grant and effective  March 31, 2015 ang last day ko being an employee.  
I took your Christmas Bundle lesson last december 2014 hanggang sa dumating ang March 31, 2015 wala pa akong na umpisahan sa lesson at wala pa akong nagawang assignment.
Nag announce ka sa webinars that you are having a date with freedom and nag decide ako to make volunteer work kahit na I'm from Balanga Bataan , I take it as a challenge and also an opportunity to meet you personally and meet other VA's and aspiring VA's as well.
Naging volunteer ako in 2 consecutive live meet up day 1 at day 2 na meet ko sa first day sina Jasmine Anchieta,Ron Santiago at Jones Mancilla. Day 2 na meet ko naman sina Chyi Manlapaz Syquimsiam at Cecile Fuentes .
Meron din akong naging schedule sa 2 days seminar proper May 29-30 but sad to say hindi po ako nakarating dahil biglang na aksidente mother in law ko then thursday morning sinugod namin sa hospital.
But gusto ko pong magpasalamat kc marami po akong natutunan sa pagiging volunteer una mapapatunayan ko na totoo pala ito kaya pag me doubts ka for sure mawawala.
Pangalawa magkakaroon ka ng self confidence lalo na pag na meet mo yung mga VA na, like Ate Jones Mancilla na walang sawa sa kaka remind sa akin to start doing my assignment and finish ang course. Kaya lumakas po loob ko to do it na. 
The good news is that I finally got my first gig! At last nakakuha na ako I'm so happy Sir Jomar :)

Ang ginawa ko lang is yung turo nyo about doing the resume- na impress ang client ko.
About sa rate ko ginawa ko din po ang turo nyo nagbigay ako ng mataas na rate hehe actually nagulat si client "How come ganyan ang rate mo" well ang sagot ko sa kanya "Well if you want the best?" effective Sir Jomar.

I love you for teaching those ways to us.

I already finish my one week trial period with the client with pay and get impress sa output na nadeliver ko, kahapon na receive ko na ang pay ko for a week then she emailed my one year contract and she has a word for me I can demand anything to her about my rate she will not barter. we both agree na every 6 months I can demand a  rate increase plus a complete employee benefits plusperformance bonus once ang company naging profitable kasama din po ako sa profit sharing.
Yun po yung nilalaman ng employment contract ko sa client. About sa working hrs Minimum of 2hrs maximum of 4hrs a day. Bigla po kitang naalala Sir Jomar kasi po I feel so Blessed. Finally nakita ko na rin yung GIG na sinasabi ng kapwa VA ko, ang position ko pala sa Company ni Client is Virtual Manager/Finance Consultant.
Sulit na sulit ang course na binabayaran natin ke Sir Jomar kahit anong profession meron tayo lahat pwedeng mag work bilang VP (Virtual Professional) basta lng ma build ang skills at confidence. me time ka na sa familypwede ka ding bumangon any time of the day, you can be more productive plus ang rate nyo double or triple nung employee pa ako. Yung rate ko bago ako umalis sa Company binuno ko ng 7 1/2 years.
Dito ke Sir Jomar 3 months time lang kung mas naniwala ako agad at hindi pa nag patumpik tumpik bka mas lesser ang months.
Kaya sa iyo Sir Jomar lubos puso po akong nagpapasalamat at nanjan ka po untiring support to teach us at also you are a homebuilder bakit dahil wala ng family ang mag aabroad just to earn dollars pwede na nilang gawin yun while nasa bahay.

Hardworking employees na halos wala ng time sa mga anak sa kakaovertime para me mauwing mas malaking sweldo hindi na kailangan nanjan si Sir Jomar Our Mentor Our Coach !!! 
Thanks Jomar!
More Va's pa po ang matutulungan nyo!
Thanks and God Bless


I know you are inspired!

You know what? Myla's just the one of the emails I get weekly - about a changed life.

Their live changed because they TOOK ACTION.

How about you? 

Are you still thinking or ACTING?

Alam mo, ACTING brings RESULTS.

Thinking -- in the FACE OF A MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE is just delaying the marvellous life that now MYLA and DEX possesses.

Ikaw, up to when are you willing to LET YOUR FAMILY SUFFER?

Just asking!


Excellent question!  Did you realize that the sentence "I CAN'T AFFORD IT" must be replaced by "HOW CAN I AFFORD IT?"

That's the same question DEX ARCEO asked himself.

You see, DEX is already a Virtual Professional - he's already working at home -- but he wants to join my MARVELLOUS Instant Virtual Skills program (starting in July 11).

How did he get in my program WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT?

Simple - he ASKED someone to pay for him.

So ano ba meron sa kanila? What do THEY HAVE THAT YOU DO NOT...yet?

Watch how he did it here:  'How to Get Someone to Give You P10,975 for Your Own Training" featuring Dex Arceo. Replay here http://jhilario.com/webinar2015jun29at9pm


Here's the FIRST DRAFT of DEX's presentation.


Here's the continuation of the lessons:

In the previous email, I told you about the CLEARS way of influencing ANYONE.

Here's three examples for each CLEARS to help you understand the concept better.

1. I've been teaching Online Business and Marketing for 8 years.
2. Here's a photo of my Online Marketing workshop in 2008.
3. In 2014, I mentioned that marketers should podcast, now I have 58
podcast episodes in Itunes.

1. Here's a video of Sean explaining how the bread became Jesus's body.
2. I got angry at Sean last night for interrupting my work at 1130pm
-he was supposed to be sleeping already.
3. It was on the beach in Gumasa, Mindanao where I first read the Four
Hour Work Week book - two years after I hired virtual assistants.

1. I visited Jomar Hilario's Virtual Assistant Seminar - Bo Sanchez
[insert instagram photo here]
2. I never thought I would be the one to teach my daughter tech skills like Canva - Ellen Solon.
3. Finally Someone who will guide you to achieve your goals, not just in career but in life -Carl Dexter

1 . (no words used) [Insert of professionally shot photo of you wearing
blue suit or power dress]
2. [insert photo of you with your mentors, lots of them]
3. I discussed this issue with the experts at Quora.com

1. Here's how to get P 100,000 on autopilot sa internet (youtube video)
2. Here's my interview with brand new author Luds Carluen on how she
made her book (text)
3. Here's my sample EXCEL that saved us P 20,000 on hidden expenses (excel file)
4. Surprising plastic tool that instantly organizes your cabinets, drawers, even your freezer!. [images]

1. First 50 to join gets to attend the live meeting on July 5,2015 at
Rosewood Pointe.
2. If you reply "Let Me In Now" , you'll get a discount, if not, you get in at regular price.
3. This countdown click is ticking down to your last chance to join and increase your income in the next 6 months.


The only thing I need to explain is why : "2. I got angry at Sean last night for interrupting my work at 11:30pm - he was supposed to be sleeping already. " is likeable.

It is if the people reading the message can RELATE. If you have zero kids interrupting you at midnight - then you can't relate. It also means, you're not the target of the sentence.


Now you really need a pen:

Heres the first task you need to do to GET COMFY with the first skill in Instant Virtual Skills: How To Get 100K on Autopilot:

TASK #1: Copy all the examples of CLEARS Above, by hand.

Do not use your own words.
Just copy them.
On paper.
Not copy and paste.
Do not use a printer.
Use a pen and paper.
Copy all the examples, along with the CLEARS heading.
Like this:

1. Here's a video of Sean explaining how the bread became Jesus's body.
2. I got angry at Sean last night for interrupting my work at 1130pm
-he was supposed to be sleeping already.
3. It was on the beach in Gumasa, Mindanao where I first read the Four
Hour Work Week book - two years after I hired virtual assistants.

There you have it!

Lesson One done!

Ah Jomar, parang bitin ito?

Of course, the next part is you CHANGING some of the details.

But you can't do that now.

You need to copy first.

Then show your PROOF of what you did.

POST YOUR PROOF SA https://www.facebook.com/groups/jomarhil ariovirtualcareers/


So how was it?

Did you feel the earth shake?

Did you say "AHA!"

Probably not.

Most ground breaking ideas DO NOT SHAKE, DO NOT ROCK YOUR WORLD.

We're not talking about an IPHONE here.

You are NOT apple.

And if the IPHONE made billions of dollars, those dollars are NOT YOURS.

We are talking about a brand new skill for you to bring the millions to you.


So let's unlock the mystery.

What are these CLEARS sentences for?

CLEARS is what was inside the SEVEN MESSAGES we prepared to create the P100,000 on Autopilot.

Those email messages SOLD because they had CLEARS.

If you join the INSTANT VIRTUAL SKILLS program - you will see the ACTUAL EMAIL MESSAGES.

You will also find out exactly what we did to set it up - TECHNICALLY.

It's on autopilot because everything about it was set up using apps.

If you do the same thing in a BUSINESS - then that business can get AUTOPILOT profits as well -from the internet.

If you're a Virtual Professional - this AUTOPILOT skill is a MUST HAVE.

Nearly all entrepreneurs want autopilot incomes.

But very rare will they find an employee or virtual professional who can set it up for them.

You can be that person.

I believe also, that YOU WANT TO BE?


Let me remind you that AUTOPILOT INCOME SKILLS is only the FIRST SKILL in Instant Virtual Skills.

There are lots more - so join us monthly, or 3 months or 6 months. Our first bonus live meeting will be on JULY 11, 2015 . Encourage others to join too so we can do a regular bonus live meeting.


Because the Instant Virtual Skills program is an online program. The live meetings are just BONUSES if we get 30,40 or 50 people (50 is max). Why? I love meetups, don't you?

You can find new friends, lovers even business partners in meetups- more than online. So if 30 of you join, we're doing a meetup in July.

Join the Instant Virtual Skills here: http://jhilario.com/getinstantvirtualskills and DUPLICATE what DEX and MYLA are doing.


Not sure. The Instant Virtual Skills program has an end -date. Six months from now. After that - I need to decide. So I urge you - if you're saying "Wala akong alam. Wala akong skills. Hindi ako techie. "

- Get this now.

Your first lesson above, is already free.

You have pen and paper?

Do it.

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

P.S. Do you want to know how you can get your client to pay for your own training? Watch the replay here http://jhilario.com/webinar2015jun29at9pm

P.S. Find out how you can use CLEARS WORDS to get a promotion, ask your spouse to buy you something, a cruise, a trip a computer or a seminar - read the POWERFUL TUTORIAL above.

P.S. How did MYLA get a High Paying PART-TIME Online Job in 3 months, with Employee Benefits, Security of Tenure and a supportive client? Read above to find out. 

How To Earn 2x Your Salary Part-Time-Sa Internet in 3 Months

Hi there! This email is not about being a Virtual Assistant or a Virtual Professional.

It's about something bigger!


Start learning:

The biggest hurdle in doing online marketing is figuring out your NICHE.

The niche is a small market, around 2.5Million people "small" - online.

Why 2.5 Million?

The song "The Internet is Awesome" said that :
"If you're one in a thousand, there are 2.5 Million people who identifies with the things you love."

C'mon - if they sang it in youtube, it must be TRUE right? *Actually just read the book 
"THE LONG TAIL" for more details.

Before you even start, you need to do research if there's enough people in that niche to justify making a site for it.

You also need to have the time and skills to put stuff into that website- everyday - so people will like, love and trust you.

Only after you've done all that can you make money from the 'net as an online marketer.

Today's email is about giving you ideas of unique niches that you may not have thought about.

Are you ready?

When figuring out your NICHE, most of us see only the most common of topics:Money, Health and Relationships.

That's because all human goals are about those THREE only.

But in the internet, lots of people IGNORE those three.

Instead.... they worship at the temple of ENTERTAINMENT.

In this niche, money is spent, health is ignored and relationships, well go both ways.

For example, there's this YoutubeFanFest event w/c just happened June 26, 2015 in Marriot Hotel, Manila. All the stars there are "Stage" stars. They sing, dance, talk, produce, film - on stage.

This is NOT the entertainment niche I'm talking about.

That's still mainstream entertainment.

This niche (singing covers of pop songs) doesn't have 2.5 Million followers.

It has more like 50-100million followers.

This is NOT a niche if it's this big.

What I mean when I say entertainment niche is this example below:


They film the elements : Fire, Water and Air with a slow motion camera - and make it interesting like a science project. Bottomline - it's pure entertainment.


Well if you have an IPHONE 6 or better, you can. It's camera has a SLOW MO capability. 

Not the same quality as THE SLOW MO GUYS - but all that matters is planning. Plan to film something in slow - mo. Create mental script then film it. If it fails, try again and include the fails in the final video.

That's it! You've just created your first SLOW-MO video.

Now upload it to YOUTUBE and localize it.



Then share it in Social media.

Watch the utterly bored common person FOLLOW AND SUBSCRIBE to you.


Of course, but it has to be an interesting thing.

Maybe a common thing made slower.

No ideas right?

Go to SLOW MO GUYS for ideas.

I'm sure you can afford to BLOW UP A BALLOON WITH WATER and puncture it.

Next time you're swimming, try that.


Here's some more ideas on the concept of indie filming: (indie = walang budget gaano)

1. Underwater Cam Philippines (Ziploc + Camera or Phone)

Use a variation of Underwater Hyperlapse, Underwater Timelapse.

2. Timelapse Cam Philippines (Use the Miniatures app)

Most of the examples above were done using a GO PRO or a real camera. Now just use the MINIATURES app! Free.

3. Hyperlapse Philippines (Use the Timelapse.it android or Hyperlapse IOS app)

What's a hyperlapse and what's the diff with timelapse?

Hyperlapse = the camera man (you) are also moving

Timelapse = the camera man (you) are NOT moving (you're a tripod or a wall)

In the example above - the guy used a REAL CAMERA and some software to do this Hyperlapse. But YOU can do this using those cellphone apps above. Free.


You'll need to add a personal twist to each NICHE above. No points for just hyperlapsing anything you see. Plan it. Hyperlapse ordinary things you do but TELL A STORY.


A hyperlapse story can look like this: SUN RISE, (what happened today in our vacation in hyper lapses), SUNSET.

Or you can simply add your personal touch.

Film all JEEPNEYS!
Film all FEMALES
Film all ANIMALS
Do a selfie timelapse.
Film all DANCES
Film all FOOD -- like timelapse your PLATE in all your meals. (I mean, like YES)
Film as if you're a DOG (feet perspective)

The point is, if you create a video collection -like lapses and slo-mo - you have to come up with a TOPIC, STYLE or POINT or THEME. That way people who like your THEME will follow you.


But Jomar, I'm still confused - can I just shoot what I want?

Of course you can.

But remember - you can't do that for long.

People FOLLOW people who know where they are going.

If you don't know where you are going - and it SHOWS, people will stop following you.

If you film RANDOM, RANDOM people will follow you.

You can't sell RANDOM stuff to RANDOM people and expect 10Million in sales. 

Sales happen in niches.

Remember the phrase :There's Riches in Niches.


You're reading this because - MAYBE it came to your attention that I teach online marketing.

You know that I teach how Pinoys can work in their bahay - as a virtual professional.

But underlying that is a higher cause.

I teach this because I want you to have WEALTHY MARVELLOUS RELATIONSHIPS with your direct family. Not your boss, not your officemates. I want you to RAISE MARVELLOUS CHRISTIANS in your household.

I don't want you to leave your family EVERY DAY to go to the office or every DECADE to become an OFW - I want you around - the kids - as much as possible - when they needed you : IN THEIR GROWING YEARS. That means NOW. If you have no kids, great! Learn how to work in your home so when you have kids - you're ALREADY THERE!

That's my PURPOSE.

That's why you follow me.

You know this is for ANOTHER REASON.

I love technology, but it's not an END.

It's a means to an end.

The end is to create people who LOVE MORE.

And when I say "people" - I mean you.

Now there are others who teach Social Media, Blogging, Video Marketing and even Growth Hacking.

These others you follow - because they're GOOD AT IT.

You admire them.

They're famous even.


Because you know -it's not just what you know.

It's not just WHO you know.

It's WHY.

Why you do things.

You know why I do things, now.


Jomar, can you just be pretending to say you care about my family just to get me to like you?

That's very valid.

I could, but you'd have to look me in the eye in my seminars, webinars and podcasts and figure that one out yourself.

It's easy to type lies. 

The question here is - does my LIFESTYLE reflect my beliefs?

How long have I held this view on family and online marketing?

When you personally speak to me, do I talk about Basketball, Vices and Drinking instead of the kids?

When you watch my FIFTY EIGHT FREE VIDEOS in Http://podcast.jomarhilario.com - what do you see?

When you dig into my FOUR YEARS OF WEBINARS in youtube : Http://youtube.com/jomarhilario - who do you see? What do you feel?

Ok, enough of the WHY.

Let's go back to talking about making Money Making Niche Sites:


For a few months now, I've formed teams inside my Online Mentoring Club -and they have banded together to create SINGLE NICHE WEBSITES.

One of them - GO GREEN PINAS - has already received my advise on how to "MONEY-TIZE" their brand new site.

Each team contains around TEN members. There are around SEVEN teams already. You can join them if you want to learn the HOW (SKILLS) of doing EXACTLY what I'm doing (online marketing).

The Online Mentoring Club teams meet using the internet. The group GO GREEN PINAS even did a Karaoke Night last wednesday - so it's not all technology and marketing, it's also a great way to be a part of like-minded teams with a single goal.

The goal - if you chose to accept it - is to SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES - that you can earn money/cash from the internet with your TEAM with you.

Are you interested? If you are, answer these questions by replying NOW.

1. Are you ready to learn how it feels to earn from the internet using a NICHE WEBSITE?



Go ahead and CLICK REPLY.


OF COURSE YOU CAN! But never underestimate the power of a TEAM. 

There's no such thing as "Self-Made Multi-Millionaires with Marvellous lives." They all need a team. I formed my own team (I hired & trained them) - when I began. You can do the same, but it does take a long long long time to do it.  The Online Mentoring Club is available -with both mindset and skills lessons - so why take the risk? You've tried before and failed right? Maybe it's time to try SOMETHING DIFFERENT, eh?


Just answer the 2 questions above before first.

I'm not finished teaching you yet.

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

P.S. Read it to learn the critical first step towards earning P 800,000 online.

How to Start Earning P800,000 using a Niche Website and a Team

Hi, this is Jomar.
Since a lot of you want to be LET IN EARLY in the Instant Virtual Skills program, I'm giving you ACCESS to the FIRST LESSON -- For f.r.e.e. Now.

This first lesson is connected to how to get P 100,000 on autopilot using the internet.

Now, I want to say, what part of the previous sentence excited you?
Most of you like the P100,000 part of that sentence.

Some of you think P 100,000 it's too low.
Both of you would be amiss if you ignored the most important part o fthat sentence.

The most important part of it is "AUTOPILOT"
Because I can change the sentence to "P 1,000,000 on autopilot usingthe internet" and now it's a better sentence right?
But if I remove the "Autopilot" and replace it with reality, it doesn't really sound as great:
"P 1,000,000 from the internet using really hard work and effort."
So when you go through this lesson, remember that AUTOPILOT skills is more important that the amount that's being promised.
After all, I'm not giving you P 100,000.
I'm giving you the skills to CREATE P 100,000 from the internet on autopilot.
Here's the first lesson. I said you'd need a PEN AND PAPER FOR THIS.
Remember this word :

CLEARS is a way to create emails, email messages, blog posts, letters(sulat) that influence and convince people to buy.

If you know CLEARS, you can write using a pen and paper, send a message(s) and people will buy.
Is this a great skill to have?

Is this a marvellous skill to have?

Can you watch your children on the beach while sipping pineapple juice while your brain is constructing a CLEARS message?
YES and
This is a skill that will set you apart from many many many people in any job or endeavor.
Ready ka na for CLEARS?

Is that clear?

Now let's explain this, simply to sell "stuff". Stuff = products / services.
Consistency - Show you have a history of solving problems in the market of the stuff. Or stuff has an evolution of solving problems for people.
Likeability - Use personal stories a lot or paint a picture of someone like your audience using your stuff.
Evidence - Other people should be saying great stuff about you or your stuff.
Authority - Someone popular in the market endorses you, you show your book, blog or you speaking about the stuff.
Reciprocity - Give something useful and great for free 3x before expecting a sale.
Scarcity - Gotta have a firm deadline, countdown and reward if they act now.

CLEARS is not my original idea.

It's based off the hard to read book called "INFLUENCE" by Robert Cialdini. The acronym CLEARS, is mine, though.
Now let's show you one sentence examples.

(Warning, usually marketers use a whole book to explain this stuff, I'm using ONE EMAIL to make it so simple for you to follow and absorb.

You should know - ALL THE BIG marketers use CLEARS).
I've been teaching Online Business and Marketing for 8 years.
Here's a video of Sean explaining how the bread became Jesus's body.
I visited Jomar Hilario's Virtual Assistant Seminar - Bo Sanchez
Here's how to get P 100,000 on autopilot sa internet (youtube video)
First 50 to join gets to attend the live meeting on July 5,2015 at Rosewood Pointe.
This is the end of the lesson part. In my next email, ALL WILL BE EXPLAINED.
You'll get more examples and the exercise that needs a pen and paper.
Just remember this is still part of getting P 100,000 on Autopilot from the internet.
If this was exciting -- SHARE it PRIVATELY with your closest and trusted friends. If they think like an entrepreneur, much better.

How to let me know if you're happy about this first lesson:
Post something in FB like "Thank you @jomarhilario for the first lesson on Autopilot Income!"


Last Monday, I taught you how you can earn P100,000 from the Internet on Autopilot.

It was a packed webinar with all 300+ of you watching LIVE.

Now I want to give you the luxury of hearing the secrets I have to spill from beginning to end so if you missed watching that webinar, click here to watch it:


During the same webinar, one of my VP long-time students, Dex Arceo instantly joined the Instant Virtual Skills Mentoring, my new course for VPs.

Can you guess who paid for his training?


"Woah. Pwede yun Jomar? Binabayaran na niya ako for my VP Services tapos siya pa magbabayad ng taining ko??"


Do you want to learn how you can do the same?

Don't miss this Monday's webinar at 9PM on 'How to Get Someone to Fork Over P10,975 for Your Own Training"

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

P.S. CLEARS na ba sayo how you can start earn...ing P100,000 autopilot? Go review last Monday's webinar here: http://jhilario.com/100kautopilot

P.S. Do you want to know how you can get your client to pay for your own training? Sali ka on Monday9PM with Dex Arceo. Share niya sayo how he did!

6 Letters You Need to Remember to Begin Your Quest on Ear...ning P100,000 Autopilot

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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