When someone hands you a blog post or email or fb post, look at the headline or subject.

Do not blindly accept headlines like: "Will you join the Super Jomar Program?"

Bakit? Para kasing 

"Will you marry me?"

"Will you buy this stock?"

"Will you lend me P 2million pesos?"

WALANG BENEFIT for the reader eh.

What should be the question instead na may benefit?


"Do you want to end your life of suffering in the office?"
"Do you want to earn 10% per annum in stocks?"
"Do you want to to take our relationship to the next higher level?"

Everyone must be thinking that way - always bringing the benefit out sa headline and subjects.

So when you see this headline: "Will you join the Super Jomar Program?"

And you feel PARANG MALI.

Don't just copy it and post it online.

Create 3 alternate choices and give the 3 to your client.

If you already posted it, edit the post.

That's how a marketer thinks, and it's that kind of attitude and knowledge that can bring you more income in the near future.

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

How To Think Like A Marketer So You Can Earn Dramatically More Contents


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Do You Want To Be An In-Demand Rockstar Virtual Professional?

Are you sure you’re not a digital native?

There’s a term that’s been going around and I heard it first from Dr Larry Gamboa of Think Rich Pinoy.

“Jomar is a Digital Native, and I am a Digital Immigrant.”

Larry means I grew up on the internet but he kinda jumped into it late.

I think that’s what he means.

But let’s break that down a bit - “Digital Native”.

What does digital mean? 

Ones and Zeros.

1 and 0.

That word was first used to describe the computer revolution.

But with room sized computers, most of the people in the 40s -70s have not even seen one of these.

So you can say people from the 40s--70s-- they’re “analog” - the opposite of digital.

Or are they?

Because in the 1970s, came the first use of digital - the digital calculators - the ones with displays of LED LIGHT.  

Those who used digital calculators at school - you can say, would be the original digital natives - people born after 1970.

Did the digital calculator change their lives? Well, I did experienced this in school. If you knew how to use (program) these devices, you would get the correct score in your economics or science or statistics (not math) exams.

Was it a life changer? Not so much though. School changer, yes.

Around the 80s - came the Casio digital watches with built in games and the “Game and Watch”. Every family who could afford it probably had these.  

Kids were playing with them and swapping them and getting high scores.

They were digital in nature, but did they change people’s lives? In gaming yes.

At the same time the first personal computer came out - 1982 - followed by the P 25,000 IBM PC clone  That price and year was important to me, because that was the time our family got a computer.

(Note : You’re saying :”Your family must be rich. No, absolutely not, we did and was and still will be renting the house we’re living in-to this very day July 2015. The big thing here is that education was a top priority then).

My father got an IBM PC XT Clone. Metal case, noisy fan, no hard disc, just a single disc drive (kinda like a bigger usb slot)  for P 25K - it came with a dot matrix Epson LX800 - a printer still in use today (believe it!).

For our family, did it change things? Yes, I was the only kid who would print out my essays.

I was studying programming in PASCAL before I started college.

I was mastering IBM PC Storyboard and MS WORD before I even took the college entrance exams.

There was no secret here. 

There were no mentors, but each computer came with a book.

I did the obvious thing.

I read every page of the PASCAL book, the IBM PC DOS book and any other book I can get my hands on.

Surely YOU can do that, yes?


At this point, can we say that I’m a digital native?

So what is a “native”?

Someone who is “familiar around these parts”.

A native is someone “used to being here, lives here, for a long long time.”

Given this definition, I don’t think anybody outside of the big computer companies (IBM, DEC, HONEYWELL, etc) - can be called a “Digital Native.” In 1986, personal computers have only been around for four years. That’s not a long long time. 

I would describe my experience as a digital pioneer, though. I saw it, I was one of the first to encounter it and use it.  Does this story echo that of Bill Gates’s beginning story? Yes it does (You can check it out in Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers").


Not only that, I let our personal computer affect my life in a big way. Suddenly, in 1986 buying printer ink and fan-fold paper is normal. So is carrying around a UTILITY diskette with PCTools and Zopt (a disk defragmentation app).


In those days, there was no app store- and software (apps) were in the thousands of pesos each (not 0.99 cents). But this did not deter me from buying my first software in Greenhills. Imagine me - a college kid from the province, going to Manila just to buy a licence and a diskette for Borland’s Superkey (a keyboard shortcut program). Sofware came in diskettes in a box.


The word techie haven’t been invented yet at this point.

Therefore, the word “non-techie” doesn’t exist as well.

People will just say “Jomar can you help me with the computer?” 

I think that attitude is much much better than saying the excuse of “I’m not a techie.”

Yes, it’s just an excuse -so you can go back to watching those Korean TV shows….

since it’s easier to press the ON switch of a TV remote - itself a work of digital tech. Irony?


At this point, we need to count 10 more years - to 1996 - for me to encounter the internet.

10 years of computer use - led me to become a “C” programmer for a bank.  

For insiders in the computer world, this is as “native” as you can get.

“C” is a very unfriendly computer language - that you may as well be speaking ONES and ZEROES (called “machine language”) to the computer.

So yes, by 1996, I am a computer/digital native. I’ve been using these “machines” for ten years. Only the pioneer mac users can claim longer -14 years (1982 was the intro of the Apple Mac, the IBM PC came later).


At work, I pretended to be important when I visited trade shows. 

I had to be - these shows were held in posh hotels and people were wearing coats and ties and power dresses. 

I was a programmer. Today -I would be called a “developer” or “software engineer” or “engineer.” I was well paid, but I had no business being in a trade show in Makati: I was not not a decision maker for my company.

So anyway, it was in one of these shows I found an old classmate. She was manning the “internet booth”, they were selling “email” services.  

Though the Tom Hanks movie “You got mail” will come out 2 years after this, the word “Email” however is not new to me.   You can already do that since the 1960’s  - and we had electronic mail services inside our office since the 1990s.  

The word “internet” - that was different. I wanted to know what it was - so I purchased an internet account. 

All that was needed was a direct line - a land line, a modem and a computer and I was looking at the earliest Yahoo, Geocities, Angelfire and forums - lots of places where people talked about anything.


Again, who’s the “internet native” here in my story?

No - one.  The internet was so new, who knew the most about it?

Not me. That honor belonged to those connected to the ’net pre-1996. 

But was I some sort of Internet Pioneer? 


Around 1997, I met Chyi. You may have met her during my events.  She was freshman college in computer science. We hit it off quickly as we shared the course. We made my first website together. Half was about me, and half was about her.

So, not only did I use the internet in 1996, I was already dabbling in HTML in 1997 -with enough knowledge to put up a simple website.

In that site, I placed a family page, a Lingkod ng Panginoon Newsletter and a list of my interests like Christian Music. You can take a look for yourself using the Wayback Machine: 

Way-what? The Wayback machine is a history of the internet. They save websites.  They have an early 1998 version of my site as well as 1999 and 2000 and 2001 versions too.  

There you’ll see I also copied this site to XOOM and Fortunecity. Both services are gone now.

That’s the reason why you’ll hear me say “Facebook is not going to last.” Because I’ve seen them come and go. Even google won’t last. There was once a day that if you used Altavista, you were cool. Google didn’t exist yet.

I did a lot of projects online between 2001 and 2015 -like my first podcast (still online!) and my blogs (300 different sites and counting) and my early videos on Youtube.  I even tried to legally download music BEFORE the mp3 format was invented (it took forever). 


Of course I’m an Internet Native and an Internet Pioneer.

I was there when it began, and I lived online since then.

The internet was my home for more than 20 years.


Touch screen natives - 8 years old kids essentially (2007 - invention of the iphone) aren’t going to run circles around me yet. 

The 8 year olds still need their parents to kick things off. 

You don’t think EvanTubeHD did all the editing, uploading, purchased all the video equipment, paid the bills AND fed his own parents when they began right? EvenTubeHD is a family project, not just Evan’s.


Yes, the new generation of kids growing around multi-touch screens.  It’s still part of the computer - (iphone) but it has made small babies learn how to interact with digital machines.

Soon, they will be called Touchscreen Natives. Maybe now-they’re already natives because - they don’t even know how the feel of a physical keyboard and a mouse. For them it’s all finger driven tech.


My Ipad is always "Storage Full" . Its full because I’m always testing out new apps that may be the “next big thing” - that can change the way we live.

My touchscreen phone is always full - so I can test out new phone apps all the time.

And example of my findings is Instagram’s Hyperlapse and the TEMPO app. Check them both to find out why I consider them ground breaking.

  • I guess what I’m saying here is - whatever the future may bring, I’m ready for it. Fact, I’m actively looking at new stuff and asking “Is this the next digital technology?”. 
  • On top of that, I actively purchase advanced tech from the abroad - to find out if it will change my life or not. Examples are- the SoundBlaster Roar (changed my life), the Logitech Solar Keyboard (didn’t change my lfie) and the much touted Leap Motion Controller (bad tech, stay away from it).


You may not see me in the news, or interviewed on TV or other people’s podcasts or in big “tech” conferences (I’ve left the employment world years ago), you may not even see me invited in “internet history” events or “internet expert” events - but now you know :I’ve lived through most of it —not from the expert’s point of view, but from a user’s point of you. 



From this story, you saw that I came, I saw, I conquered. And today, I’m not just conquering for curiosity’s sake. I’m conquering “digital jobs” for you.

So that you can benefit from it - without going through a long line of pioneer/native stages like I did.


I didn’t know it at the time, all these events culminated in you reading my story today. It also led to you hearing about my interview tonight 9pm with Mark David Zoleta - ex-call center employee who attended my Date With Freedom event last May - and after 26 days - now has a digital job - earning him dollars at home.

Tonight! Watch and learn how Mark David Zoleta-Nono Got His First Online Work 26 Days After The Date With Freedom Seminar and Summit:


Let me know if you enjoyed reading my history. It was triggered when I found someone subtling boasting about how young they were - “digital natives” they called themselves. This got me to thinking “What is a digital native?”  This story helped me defined that for you.


Did you use a calculator before ? For years?

Then you're probably a DIGITAL NATIVE w/o noticing it.

That's what a NATIVE is - you're used to it - it's no big deal.

Did you play Family Computer before? Today?

That's digital tech even if it's "just a game".

You're so used to it? Good, you're a native.

How about the computer?

You can use it right?

You may not be an "expert" but you can use it, like a toothbrush right?



Maybe there is hope for you then.

Maybe you ARE a digital native, you just don't notice it, because that's how NATIVES behave.

Today, you have no more excuses. 

There are too many books, too many YT videos to teach you and you have me, my messages, my webinars and events to teach you.

You can move from "native" to "expert" if you so choose.

And one way to start is to listen to tonight's "CALL CENTER TO ONLINE JOB" story for free.

Join us in "How I Got My First Online Work 26 Days After The Date With Freedom Event":  Tonight/Monday, 9 PM: http://jhilario.com/webinar2015jul20at9pm
Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

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Story: Are You Sure You’re Not A Techie?

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