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I'm happy to announce that the supporters of the Thunderclap campaign for awareness of OUR Virtual Careers Book have automatically tweeted / posted a status about the book.

But in the coming days, you can still help.


By telling/PMing/ Reminding/ Emailing people you know to support the campaign. Share the stories of ordinary Filipinos working from their homes. Share the wonderful freedom scenes that people may experience soon. 


More supporters means more people will notice that SOMETHING HAS ARRIVED. OUR Book has arrived. And this affordable/giftable resource will mean a lot of positive changes for many families to come.

That's why I'm asking your prayers. Things like OUR BOOK, they don't come w/o enemies. Enemies like those who want to destroy families. Yes, I'm talking about spiritual enemies. We need your prayers.

For the team at Brother Bo's Shepherd's Voice who finalized the book, pray for them too.

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These are exciting days ahead.

You're finally getting a PHYSICAL BOOK as proof to show your loved ones - that online work is REAL.


So what does the book contain?

1. Contains stories from some of you who submitted their stories.

2. Contains an easy to remember format called PREPARE -how anybody can be a virtual professsional, from scratch.

3. Answers all questions most people would ask about the pros and cons of working online.

4. Contains a bonus chapter from a popular online personality (not me).

5. Contains a foreword by a much loved personality.

6. Contains zero SIKAT people endorsing the book, it's funny. No senators, no presidents, no super entreps backing the book. Instead is ordinary people backing the book. :)

7. Lots of stories from me.


I'll tell you more about that later.

Meantime, please do 2 things:

1. Share the book. Give it to your loved ones as a gift. Encourage people to read it. Be a blessing : http://virtualcareersbook.com/buy/

2. Pray for all our efforts.


Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

P.S. Please pray with me for the continued success of this book. May the people who will read it prosper.

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More importantly, I want to thank YOU (Oo, ikaw) because of your support and for your trust in this cause.

I have always envisioned Pinoy families to be closer as ever.

OFW parents coming home to their kids for good,

Children growing up with tight bond with their parents,

Parents being able to see their baby’s first steps.

Today, I am asking you to please help me make this goal a reality by supporting the book :  http://virtualcareersbook.com/buy/

Bottomline, my goal for this book is to help you build greener pastures HERE — sa Pilipinas, kasama ng buong pamilya mo.

Together, let’s make this a reality!

Let us all live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

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When a child is 7 years old, it’s already required to bring him/her to Sunday mass.

So yesterday morning I decided to teach Sean what happens in the mass.

I had to whisper of course - the mass was on going.

While waiting to start, I asked him to count the steps going up the altar.

Do you know?

In this particular church, it’s 3 steps.

Why three?

Father, Son, Holy Spirit - I said.

Yes, I made that up.

But check with your parish next time.

I Then Taught Sean All Of the Following MASS POINTERS:

1. Stand still like in Karate, Respect.
2. Don’t step on the kneeler.
3. Look at the person speaking.
4. Watch the priest washing his hands - but using only water.
5. Look at that person behind the priest- he’s a monk. He’s wearing the same clothes as the statue of St. Anthony. What do monks do? They follow God, but they don’t say mass. (didn’t know what else to say).
6. Now, the bread is going to become the body of Christ. Sean says “Yes, but won’t see it.” Yes, I replied. CL classes working!
7. Now, the wine is going to become the blood of Christ. Look.
8. When the body is raised by the priest you look.
9. If you don’t know the words, read the lyrics na lang on the projector/screen.
10. If you don’t know the tune of the song, read the lyrics muna.
11. Then I realize that Sean hasn’t had his first communion yet. Nyek. Next project. 

So why tell you all this?

Because this is the point why I teach you all this techie stuff, this virtual professional stuff.

This is the reason why I do this so that you will take the role you’re supposed to be taking.

The role - being a great parent, training your children and family to be effective followers of God (in my book, it’s called being “good Catholics, active members of the Church Militant”)

You’re single? That’s okay, I still want you to be a good follower of God.

You don’t believe that God exists?

Hmm. No comment on that. Hehe.

Anyway, I’m just there to remind you that you need to do what I just did.

To your nieces, nephews, sons and daughters. Why? Because nobody explained “worship" to me when I was growing up.

Why? Because on top of praying for them-you need to be actively guiding them in your faith. No choice. We are here for that purpose. To make more people love more people.


I don’t really think there will be a next time naman.

Instant Virtual Skills require 1 meeting and 1 webinar a month for six months.

I don’t think I want to do that AGAIN for the same topics in the coming years.

So if you’re on the “I’ll think about it” stage, think fast.


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Ano ba greater than?

12,475 or P 40,000.00?

12,475 or P 90,000.00?

12,475 or P 270,000.00?

Aling number ba talaga gusto mo?

Which number will spell more FREEDOM for you to LEARN YOUR FAITH so you can explain it to your loved ones with confidence?

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Oh yeah, NO RISK. See below.

Now live a marvellous life, 

Jomar Hilario

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Hello, Nikki here.

How’s your week?

Hope you had a fantastic one.

A few days ago, Jomar sent you a pop quiz asking you to list down the reasons why the email he got is a s.c.a.m.

In case you missed that email, it’s found here:

Some of you got it correctly and here are some of your answers:

From Cecilia

1. There's no NAGAR Foundation in existence (I had researched both foundation name and HR director's name)

2. Paypal is working in India. So it's doubtful whether there are really donations coming in and I'll have to send them cash. Having an unknown person manage their money (donations) for them is doubtful too.

3. The payment of $225/week for a job which won't take more than 2 hours a day is doubtful as well. If it's too good to be true, it's not true.

From Jun

I should not fall for his email because of these:

1. He said, "I would have loved to conduct a one on one interview for you but I am not in the country right now as I travel a lot due to our work.

I am in India now at our NGO Head office.

My name is Christian Underwood and I am from Ohio, USA.I am the HR Director here."

2. Receiving donations via your Paypal from our donors and remitting same to us here in India (Paypal is not workable here in India).

...Because if he really want to make a one on one interview it can be done via skype as long as there is an internet connection. He was able to send an email so it's not impossible to do a skype interview. If internet is slower than here in the Philippines, it's not an excuse better make a phone call.

This is more important: donations must be deposited or be sent directly to the account of a foundation or an institution and not at the personal account of an employee. Paypal account of a person being hired could be used for an illegal transactions

Nahulaan mo ba ng tama? 

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I’ll see you around.

Nikki Hidalgo

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One night, we introduced 7 year old Sean to Cashflow for kids.

It took a few minutes to get oriented in settting up the complex game.

The last time I played this was more than 8 years ago and my little brothers and sisters then (Ella and Edwin) aced it. It was very simple for kids to win in this game.

First minutes of the game, Sean said "This is FUN!".

Then it hit me. Why did he say that?

I didn't understand it.

Cashflow for adults wasn't really fun - first minute into the game was total confusion for first-timers.

Then it hit me. I've worked too hard - I no longer understand the simple joys of my own kids.

We went to Kidzania last week. Part of a batch of preview invitees because we home school. I mean they wouldn't invite employees because it was a weekday.

The kids went to around 14 jobs. They said "it was fun!" They had fun, parents got tired looking after them for 7 hours straight.

But it was fun.

How about you - do you agree why it was fun?

Kidzania is not a theme park. its a WORK park. Kids go there to play-work. 

Pretend to work. But really they DO WORK. They said it was fun.

Maybe all the pretend work was fun.

I don't know.


Anyway, I received this email a few days ago.

It’s clearly a S.C.A.M.

But I want you to give me 3 specific reasons why this email is a s.c.a.m. Game?

Here’s the email:

After careful review of all the Resumes/CVs and Application Forms of all the people who applied for this Job, I am delighted to inform you are among the 3 people selected.
Here at Nagar Foundation, we are dedicated to the healing and harmonizing of the relationships between humanity and the Earth, through a recognition of the energetic and spiritual interconnectedness of all life-forms in all worlds.

Our strategic objectives are to help bring about changes in attitudes, values, perceptions, and worldviews that are based on ecological balance and respect for the integrity of all life.
For our work, we received numerous awards.
We have had a previous Data Entry Assistant in the UK who was very commendable in her job and who has been part of our life for the past 8 months, she has since moved on with her personal life and it has affected us in a way.

I found her previously on the Job web site and I sincerely hope I will be able to find someone again who will be as efficient as she has been.
I would have loved to conduct a one on one interview for you but I am not in the country right now as I travel a lot due to our work.

I am in India now at our NGO Head office.

My name is Christian Underwood and I am from Ohio, USA.I am the HR Director here.
I have decided to send you my Passport so you can be sure of my identity.
I have a good feeling about you and have decided to give you the job.

Your Responsibilities:

*Keeping all records of your tasks and transactions(You can use Excel to do this).
*Receiving donations via your Paypal from our donors and remitting same to us here
in India (Paypal is not workable here in India).
*Data Entry.
*Organizing information.
*And any other miscellaneous tasks.
The Job will take not more than 2 hours of your time per day.

You will be paid $225.00 weekly and this pay would be due every 30days(4weeks).
So at the end of every month, you will receive $900.00.
You can also be paid Bi weekly, if you so desire.



Christian Underwood
HR Director


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Bottomline, I need to get closer to what the kids mean about ‘FUN’. You know?
Maybe YOU'RE in the same boat.

You're all about worried about money that you no longer understand what it means for the kids to have fun.

Maybe it's time you get down to their level and have more simple joys.

Let’s all live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

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