Are you a non-techie READY to learn something NEW that can help you FEEL THE POWER of the internet’s potential to help you earn?

Are you a business owner looking to tap HIDDEN PROFIT SOURCES in your existing business? Note: this only works if your clients are online.

Are you a Virtual Professional or Virtual Assistant looking for a more profitable POSITIONING and SKILL that not many people know about - so you can command a high price with little competition?

If you’re saying YES - Keep reading about the PALAWAN SECRET


I taught the members of the Truly Rich Club at the Coron, Palawan Super Conference about some SECRET & VALUABLE marketing hacks that I’ve been implementing.

To be in that audience, you had to invest a minimum of P75,000 per person.

Judging from the feedback of the crowd - from mentors to members - I think they appreciated that what they learned can be done ASAP in their businesses.

It wasn’t complicated but in spite of it’s simplicity, they knew the positive impact it would have to their profits and time.

Yes, I taught them time-saving techniques and profit making techniques.

Now after that Superconference, I decided to teach the step by step in a 3 hour webinar for the Instant Virtual Skills members as well as for the VLE and Marketing Success Formula members.

I recorded that valuable 3 hour “how to” webinar.

Wouldn’t you like to have access to it? So you too can learn what they all learned?

Say “yes” now and we’ll see.

Now, during the webinar someone asked for another version - a PDF version of the webinar.

I didn’t think twice and made the SlideShow (PDF) version of the 3 hour workshop.

Combined, both PDF and VIDEO Webinar will teach you:

a. How you can cleanup client data to prepare it for income-generating software. In the fast rising trend of data science, this is called data scrubbing and cleanup. If you listened to Jojy Azurin's webinar, he cited this as a BIG TREND today in online jobs.

In case you've missed it, you can watch it here:

b. How you can automate an important psychological trigger to tap a hidden marketing asset that’s present in every company.

Giving them profits where none exist before! This is very powerful in influencing a client to HIRE YOU.

c. How you can maximize influence psychology to get people to buy from you, every year and still be happy about it.

d. In addition, you’ll also know how to “feel the power” of being online even if you’re just a beginner or not a techie.

Now I'm calling this PDF and VIDEO combo the FEEL THE POWER course. Yes, it's a marketing automation course for beginners - but hey -that's EXACTLY what you're going to feel once you get this starter course.

Now let’s talk BONUSES and we think you’re going to love this.

BONUS 1: First 30 to get the FEEL THE POWER course will get to WATCH a FREE 4 Hour Seminar  to learn even more about the other things I taught in the Super Conference.

You’ll get a recording.

So what will you learn from this BONUS LIVE FEEL THE POWER VIDEO?

-You’ll get to find out the closeup details of how smart marketers save time and accomplish more.

This advise is so simple, but you’re going to wonder how come it’s rare that so-called “smart” people don’t do it.

But I revealed this in the super conference and they were floored.

-You’ll find out a technique on how to start gaining influence in a few months time- when before you had none.

Yes, if you’re working as a beginner, how can you become a “leader” in such a short time? The technique will be revealed in the live event.

-You’ll find the best ways to engage people online - and this came from years of experimentation on what people want. I’m not talking about quizzes, puzzles, mind benders and optical illusions -those actually work - but find very little “Branding” effects on your clients.

There has to be more! And there is - and it’s simple again. But talk is cheap. Let the proof talk - as you’ll see in the live event.

This BONUS seminar is part of my Instant Virtual Skills course. Here's PROOF of how effective that course is:

"Hi! I would like to share my Upwork award to the group. This is the initial fruit from learning a lot of stuff from Jomar. I started submitting proposals on the last week of September, total of 11 and then received 4 replies from potential clients. And last October 2 Upwork noticed my efforts and activities and gave me the 'Rising Talent' award. 5 days after that, a client hired me with the $25/hr rate. Hallelujah!:" - VJ Angus

Note: This is the 3rd Rising Talent Award given to a Jomar Hilario trained person that I know of.

Let me translate what $25/hour means: P 1,125 /hour. Work for 14 days full time and that more than P 100,000 --PART TIME sa bahay.


You got to be WORTH it.

Having TOP skills Make you Worth it.

BUT .... If you're saying this:

"JOMAR - Business owner ako, I already make more than that a DAY."

Well, the SAME skill inside "FEEL THE POWER" you can apply to your business to GET MORE SALES.

You'll get more sales -all because of the power embedded in the new systems you will learn here.

I've already taken care of the techie - portion.

The system is step by step. No step is left to your imagination.

The course includes samples, websites and what to click inside the websites - so you can FEEL THE POWER of marketing automation in both your profits and time.


BONUS 2: We have a 2 hour pure FEEL THE POWER Q and A webinar recording for those with hanging questions.  There are many questions because my assumption is that:

a) You have read the book Virtual Careers

b) You got the VA2013 or the Date with Freedom before hand.

But for sure you’ll have questions as well.

So in the  webinar recording, I did my very best to answer them for you.

So in Summary, what will you get?

  1. The 3 hour “Step by step” FEEL THE POWER video on how to do you first marketing automation skill that people will pay you high - to do for them - for any business that sells to people.
  2. The Brand New FEEL THE POWER PDF explaining the concepts of the 3 hour video above - handmade by Jomar Hilario. Full of fun and great tips. Okay, just a little fun. But great tips for you to really feel the power of knowledge. After all, knowledge is not power unless it’s applied and this PDF is application at it’s finest hour.
  3. Free  FEEL THE POWER webinar for Q and A and even more -online demos (VALUE P 2000)
  4. All lessons above are recorded - you'll have a copy of the vidoes and all materials. (VALUE P 4000)
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Now live a marvellous life,


Author of Virtual Careers,

Filipino Trainer of Virtual Professionals

#1 Virtual Professional Podcaster in the Philippines

#1 Longest Running Virtual Careers Webinar in the Philippines

P.S. Watch my last seminar for 2015 - a special 4 hour event and get a bonus session online - just join the BRAND NEW Feel The Power Course here: Download:

P.S. Learn how to make an AWESOME WEBPAGE & CREATE MENUS using Hosted Wordpress / Hostmonster in my free STEP BY STEP webinar.

P.S. If all you're looking for is a PARTY, CALENDAR Dec 5 ,SAT - that's our Christmas Party! (Details to follow)

Kulang Ka Sa Skills? Eto Na Ang Sagot!

Photo credit :
Kumusta ang weekend mo?

Trending topic na naman ba sa office or sa bahay nyo ang Aldub?

In our home, our assistant sa bahay is a fan :)

She wanted to go to Bulacan at the Philippine Arena, but it was just too far from our place.

She wanted to be at the Philippine Arena to watch Lola Nidora, Alden, Maine and the Explorer sisters.

Ayun she watched it online and sure na sure ako na kasama sya sa 35 mill ion twitter fans that day :)

“Bakit ba tuwang tuwa ka sa Aldub Ate?’ I asked our home assistant for almost 15 years.

“Kasi Ate may aral na binibigay si Lola Nidora eh,” she justified.

“Aber, ano naman ang aral na napulot mo dyan?” I asked her.

Lola Nidora Lesson #1: Tamang panahon 

Photo credit :

Lahat ng bagay dapat pinaghihirapan,
lahat ng bagay dapat pinagsusumikapan
at lahat ng bagay m ay tamang panahon.

Now we have our own Lola Nidora in the house!

That night, I watched the Aldub videos online :)

Watch the webinar replay below and you'll get words of wisdom from a real successful virtual assistant na nagsumikap and got Top Rated status in Upwork sa tamang panahon.

Bakit mo gustong maging Top Rated sa Upwork?
Find your answer here:

Kelan ang Tamang Panahon?

Excuse me for being a latecomer in the Aldubnation, pero I really had fun watching the Kalyeseryes and finally yung “pagkikita” nina Alden and Maine last Saturday.

Amazing yung audience reaction sa mga kilig moments in Aldub,
from the time Alden is holding a box of red roses backstage
to the time that he went up the stage where YayaDub is waiting
to that moment when he sang “God Gave Me You”
to that touching family hug nina na Lola Nidora, Alden and Maine
to their first dance

Umamin ka… kinilig ka rin di ba?

I had a flashback moment when I heard the phrase “Tamang Panahon”

Kayo rin ba?

When you finally decided to become a Virtual Assistant, it was indeed…. Tamang Panahon.

Photo credit :
Resign na resign ka na sa day job nyo when you came across wor.k fro.m

You attended Jomar's seminar and can you still remember initial hurdle which involves 1,000 slides for your VA assignment?

I can almost hear..

Lola Nidora Lesson #2:

Photo credit :
Mas maganda ang mga bagay na pinagtitiyagaan
At dumarating sa tamang panahon
Tandaan ninyong lahat,
Masarap umibig,
Masarap ang inspirasyon,
Huwag lang minamadali
Lahat ng bagay
Nasa tamang panahon.

Listen to the story of Tina Ramas here ( and you'll see the initial hurdles that she went through before she got her first client, next client and next client.

Until she got Top Rated in Upwork.

What do you need to do to get the Top Rating?

- You deliver high quality work that gets a score of 90%
- You have 100% complete profile and photo
- You have 30 days work history in Upwork
- You are active in Upwork in the last 90 days
- You have a 12-month earning of at least $1,000

Listen how Tina did it:

To Jomar’s newbie students or those na nagsisimula pa lang, konting tiyaga in doing your best online portfolios.

“Puro ka dubsmash, maghirap ka naman, 'uy," Lola Nidora told Alden.

Hindi yan fan sign lang, love na?

Email-email lang, kayo na ng client mo?

At What Point In Your Life Is Tamang Panahon?

From your emails, the virtual career came into your life via Bro. Bo.

More than that, Jomar Hilario entered the picture when you are faced with life challenges, recovering from a lost love, or starting all over again.

Yet, You all had one thing in common:

You are starting to fall in love with
· You being the Boss of you r Laptop
· earning in the currency of your choice
· working without crossing EDSA
· being productive while at home
· relishing movie dates with family on weekdays
· having the complete attention of the store manager in malls
· working comfortably in your duster and pambahay
· enjoying home-cooked sinigang and friend fish minus the vetsin
· you being there para salubungin your kids from school
· having the time para sunduin si bunso sa school
· having the time na ihatid sundo sila sa Kumon classes nila
· mapatunayan mo sa ex mo na kaya mong buhayin ang mga anak mo
· mabubuhay kayong mag iina kahit iniwan na nya kayo (may hugot di ba?)

But the fact still remain, the virtual career gave you HOPE.

Photo credit :

And you are starting to fall in love with the idea of wo.rking h.ome…

Lola Nidora Lesson #3:

Photo credit :

Sabi ko nga kay Yaya,
okay lang naman umibig,
gawin inspirasyon ito para maging masipag
at maging masaya sa buhay.
Kailangan din naman natin iyon yung kilig-kilig

Kaya after many nights of doing the virtual assistant assignment
and after many applications, you finally got your 1st gig!

Am inin… when you got your first gig gusto mong sabihin ito:

Ang tagal kong hinintay tong chance na to,
to say that God gave me you.
Ang layo na rin narating natin.
Dalawang taong naghahanap,
and finally nagkita na rin.
Salamat sa 'yo.

Lola Nidora Lesson #4:

Photo credit :
Dumating na hindi inaasahan,
binago ang mga buhay natin.
Yaya Dub, Alden

When you got your first online work -- Ayan nag celebrate ka!

Kasi yan na ang simula ng pagbabago sa buhay mo at ng pamilya mo!

Mamayang gabi, don't forget to ask our guest Tina how she celebrated when she got her first trabaho online

In fact, we should be asking her how she celebrated when she got her Top Rating in Upwork.

When you become Top Rated In Upwork, it means:

You'll have a badge that you can display on your profile - it's a way to open up trust ng mga clients
You'll get exclusive invites to submit proposals for online work fit for your skills
You'll get personalized tips to strengthen your profile
You'll get premium customer support in Upwork, including phone and chat
You'll have private access to the Top Rated Community forum - makakasama mo yung mga ka-level mong Top Raters

Listen how Tina did it:


Lola Nidora Lesson #5:

Photo credit :
Kung meron man kayong mga magulang,
mahal sa buhay, lola, lolo
na matagal n'yo na hindi nakakasama,
dalawin n'yo naman sila...
malaking bagay iyon para sa kanila.
Malayo man or malapit,
kaunting oras at kaunting panahon,
napakalaking bagay iyon

Our team sincerely prays that you will have the time
para dalawin ang mga mahal nyo sa buhay
while they can still feel your hugs
and they can still hear your stories.

We sincerely pray na sana
dumating na rin ang tamang panahon para sa yo.

Pasensya ka na napahaba yung Flashback moment ko.

Meron ka rin bang flash back moment pag naririnig mo #TamangPanahon or #TopRated?

Ikaw naman ang mag kuwento ha.


Hihintayin ko ang email mo :)


P.S. 1 - Hear the story of Christina Ramas, she experienced her #TamangPanahon earlier kaya she is now enjoying top ratings in Upwork.

How does it feel when you get exclusive job invites in Upwork?

This means hindi mo na kailang pang mag hanap ng next big project, kasi job invitations are sent to you

How can you earn the Top Rated badge to attract quality clients?

Listen how Tina did it:

P.S. 2 - Ramdam mo bang Tamang Panahon na para sayo… pero di ka pa sure kung virtual career ba ay para sayo?
Basahin mo muna book ni Jomar, click here:

P.S. 3 - Ramdam mo bang Tamang Panahon na para sayo… pero wala ng live events si Jomar?

Di mo kailangan magpunta sa Philippine Arena, dito ka na lang magpunta:

P.S. 4 – BONUS

Lola Nidora Lesson #6:

Photo credit :
Ang pamilya ay pamilya
Kahit anong mangyari
Hindi pwedeng ipagpalit
Pero dapat tanggapin

- Lola Nidora

Jomar Hilario

1408 Jade Tower, Rosewood Pointe,
Taguig City
Metro Manila, NCR

#TamangPanahon: Your 5 Words of Wisdom From Lola Nidora

Kumusta ka na?

My youngest son has a barkada.

There are 5 boys in his barkada.

They are in their early 20s.

Some are graduating and some just got accepted in their first jobs.

They are his barkada since high school.

In college, they got accepted in different colleges but they would still get together.

Once in a while, they would get together,
kasi merong may birthday
Or kasi pasado sa exam
Or dahil kailangan ng help sa thesis
Or kasi di pasado sa defense
Or merong broken hearted
Or unang suweldo

Last Wednesday, my youngest son texted me:
“Mommy, Magkikita kits The Barkada sa bahay on weekend”

This simply means one thing:
The Mommy Will Prepare The Food For The Barkada!

This Saturday, once again, our home was filled with deep loud laughter!
(Imagine 5 huge men with deep baritone laughter, parang merong Santa Claus sa bahay namin Ho, ho, ho!)

In between servings of Carbonara and garlic bread, The Barkada was “interrogating” Kent.

Kent just had his first job interview.

“Anong sinagot mo when they asked you, why should we hire you over the other applicants?” asked Bart.

He is now preparing for his thesis defense.

“What did you answer to the question: What are your strengths and weaknesses?” asked Zaldy.

He is now doing his internship in a Telco based in Makati.

“Tinanong ka ba nila if you have experience, eh di ba wala pa tayo?” asked my son.

Questions You Will Encounter On Your Online Interview

It finally dawned on me.

These questions are EXACTLY the same questions that we prepare for an online interview.

Jomar taught us to practice and answer questions truthfully.

If you have taken The Date With Freedom, VA 101, VA 202 or Instant Virtual Skills, you know very well that you have the advantage.

You know yourself well (Kasi you took the DISC test, tama?)

You know how to frame your strengths.

You have an idea on how you market yourself.

In between munching the Bacon Asparagus Maki and gulping the Raspberry Iced Tea, The Barkada is asking the typical questions that are being asked in online interviews!

They undergo the same preparations as what we do as virtual assistants to get a client.

The only differe nce is that
they dress up for the interview,
ride a cab to the office early (to make sure they are on time)
and shake hands with the HR Manager!

A Mom’s Rant: It Just Doesn’t Make Sense

Kung same din lang pala, why aren’t they considering a virtual career?

Yung nasa bahay ka lang, walang stress, walang traffic at dollars ang…

So, I asked The Barkada, “Have you ever cons idered wor.kin.g from home?”

“Ah yung kagaya sa inyo Tita, yung nagsusulat sa computer sa bahay?”

(Sa loob-loob ko, Bakit ayaw mo ba yung pwede kang magwork sa beach or sa café of your choice… at kumita ng mas malaki kesa sa mga normal employees?)

“Yan po ba yung ginagawa nyo ngayon kaya nasa bahay lang kayo parati?”

(Bakit ayaw mo yung walang traffic, di gumigising ng maaga, no graveyard shift, di naghahabol ng time in sa opis?)

“Di po ba parang office work kayo pero nasa bahay lang?”

(Bakit ayaw mo bang panuorin na lang ang traffic or ang mahabang pila sa MRT imbes na andun ka to experience these daily struggles 2x a day?)

I can sense the hesitation of The Barkada.

So, I rephrased my question.

“Bakit Ayaw Nyo Mag Work F.r.o.m Home?”

To which Kent truthfully answered,

“Siguro po gusto muna naming maka experience ng “Real Work”
(May kasaman g quote and unquote with fingers)

To a W.or..k At Home Mom like me, it just doesn’t make sense, but I’ve accepted it.

I smiled and served them more Carbonara.

The “Real Work” -- many of you know too well (I will allow you to describe your own reality of work)

To some of us with o.nlin.e work, this we have to tell you about “Real Work”:
Been there, Done That and Will Never Look Back.

I smiled and said to myself:
Give The Barkada 3-5 years experience in “Real Work” and they will eventually come back to me…

Give The Barkada 3-5 years and this time their questions would be like this:

“Tita, di po ba w.o..rk from home ka, okay ba sya?”

“Nagkakasakit na po kasi ako sa stress sa office, paano po ba yang work online?”

“Araw-araw kasi na akong natatraffik at nagtitiis ng mahabang pila sa MRT, pagod na po ako. Pwede ba ako dyan? Nasa Call Center/Customer Service?HR/ Admin po ako”

“Hindi po ako nakakapag save sa current salary ko, pwede ba ang work online as part-time?”

“Matagal na akong nag hahanap ng work, makakahanap ba ako ng work o..nline?”

“Mag OFW na lang kaya ako? Pero parang di ko kaya na malayo sa pamilya ko. Totoo bang dollars din ang sweldo pag virtual career?”

Same Question, Same Answers

The questions would be the same … and the answers would still be the same.

When the time comes that The Barkada will ask me these questions, I will simply point them to 3 things:

· Jomar’s YouTube Channel:


· The Virtual Careers Book of Jomar:

The answers are all in the YouTube Channel of Jomar, his blog, and in his book. You find the answers there, including the webinar this coming Monday.

Today, you'll learn from our Top-Rated Freelancer in Upwork, Social Marketing Virtual Professional Christina "Tina" Ramas from Cagayan De Oro.

Aside from having a 100% Job Success and being a Top-Rated Freelancer in Upwork, she is also a Stay at Home Mom. Tina currently works for 2 clients as Facebook Admin & Social Media Manager PLUS 1 more client coming.

A Message To Jomar

To Jomar, I hope you don’t get tired talking about work from home or about your book Virtual Careers.

In some of the webinars or live meet-ups, I can sense your frustration and impatience. Kasi nga naman they are asking the same questions over and over again… since 2008!

But please keep in mind that these same questions are coming from different people. These are the people who are ready to listen NOW.

The newly grads or people in their early 20s may not be ready for our message yet but give them 3-5 years, they soon will be.

We are changing the mindset of young people here and we’re doing it one webinar, one book at a time.

It takes time.

To The Barkada:

Give it 3 – 5 years

I’ll be here ready for their questions when you eventually realize what you are missing because for now, you chose “Real Work” (May kasamang quote and unquot e with fingers)

Meantime, enjoy more servings of Carbonara, Bacon Asparagus Maki and Garlic Bread!

#Loves Sunshine and The Barkada

P.S. If you are a parent, pls. Boomerang this message in your Graduating Children or those who are newly employed. Have this message sent to them 3 years from now.

Boomerang is an app that allows you to schedule messages.

Click the link to install Boomerang in your Gmail:

Watch how to schedule messages in Boomerang:

If you have a loved one who is an OFW, go ahead, Boomerang this message to them din and schedule it to be sent 3 years from now.

If you have a friend with young children, please forward this to them NOW.

They need to be present at the webinar and see how they can get top ratings from t heir clients while hugging their kids more often.

In 3 years, your loved ones will read this message that you sent to them and realize how much you truly love them.

Go boomerang this message to your loved ones!

Thinking About The Future of Your Loved Ones? Read This Carefully.You Will Thank Us Later.

I’ll teach you specific techie & marketing things to consider when making your first virtual career blog or portfolio using Hosted Wordpress.
Akala mo I’m going to talk about the book right?

Mamaya na yun.
What you need to know is, marami na nagbago sa mundo ng “portfolio building to get an online job”.
I’m not talking about the things covered in the Virtual Careers book. I’m talking about TECHIE-TECHIE-TECHIE.

Techie Things To Know When Making Your Virtual Career Portfolio Blog

Hosted Wordpress is your blog system. No ifs, no buts. Ha? But how about the pretty Medium blog system? Medium looks impressive, modern and pang - millenial- if you’re a writer. If you’re not applying to be a writer, avoid Medium. Why? It’s for writers nga eh!
How to get hosted wordpress? Get yours here:
Yes, you need to pay for it. Those clothes you wore for that job application - I’m sure someone paid for that. Same with shoes, folder, floss, toothbrush, gel, make up. Everything you use to apply for a job is paid for. You or your parents/patron/guardian paid for it. Getting a hosted wordpress for 1-3 years is your decision to make. Pay for it. You have no choice much if you’re not a techie.


Ha? Jomar , if I’m a techie - I don’t have to pay for a hosted wordpress? Yes---ish. :)
More like : If you’re a techie, you don’t need to read this piece. You already know what to do. You’ re just reading this to spot errors by Jomar, hehe. Read on. I do hope you find errors and comment on them - PUBLICLY.
Ano Jomar, I’m excited! (Sabi ng non-techie) - TELL ME HOW TECHIES DO IT.
Here’s how a techie would make a hosted wordpress at home: 1. Dedicate computer to run 24x7x365 2. Install a LAMP stack 3. Install Wordpress 4. Pay for Domain name 5. Voila! You have a hosted wordpress at home w/c you can never turn off!!! 6. Configure to the max. 7. Protect at all costs from bot/hacker attacks and errors.
You thought the techie don’t have to pay for it right?
Actually, they did, see they had to pay for a domain name, more electricity (at least P 1000 more a month , FOREVER or P 500,000 if you keep the server running for 50 years, at home).
That’s what a hosted wordpress system saves you from. It saves you from headaches of maintaining a server at home you can not turn off even if nobody’s home. ‪#‎firehazard‬
Jomar, I keep my computer turned on even when I’m at home - it’s okay! Yes, but do you know how to troubleshoot a LAMP stack? Once something goes wrong? You love the command line? Go for it. And don’t get me started security patches for ALL the components of your LAMP stack and WP.
Once you get hit by an attack you can’t prevent -and everything’s gone - you’re going to wish you had great back up practices.
For most of the readers of this Wordpress How To piece, you’ll want to remove the headache of server management. After all, your goal is more time with family with the max dollars and happiness. Your goal is NOT to master UNIX (w/c is what Server management is all about) -because you want to say on a few thousand pesos a year.
This is coming from someone who STUDIED UNIX in school. Trust me, you don’t want to use it. Hello GREP and URK. (this is how easy to understand unix command are).
Kaya, how to get hosted wordress?  
Get yours here :


Use your name for now. http://FirstNameLastName.Com/ Or use a well-thought of positioning name. Look for the US/RP elections for samples of Positioning names. If you still don’t get it, check Chapter 89 of the Virtual Careers book.
Get your own copy here :
Wala pa rin? What does this mean to you? Aldub, Brangelina? Bakit ganun? Those names don’t make sense - don’t they? They do - to you.
Readers of year 2070 will l consider this a history lesson, though. To benefit from two powerful names/positions - they merged the names - called a portmanteau ( sosyal no?) Alden with Dubsmasher Maine Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
The new names makes my reader from year 2070 to ask “What does it mean?”
The name doesn’t spark confusion, it makes people ASK. That’s the EXACT point of a positioning statement. It makes people curious. That’s why you don’t just pick any positioning name. You have to be ready to EXPLAIN why that’s the name you picked. In depth discussion of this inside my Date with Freedom Downloadable. Here's the link : When in doubt, just use
I once had a course called DEEP INTERNET SECRETS.
Inside that course was WP (wordpress) Plugins I recommend.
This list replaces the list in that course.
Why? In today’s world, you need to install the MINIMAL amount of plugins.
Because plugins: 1. Extend the power of your Wordpress but... 2. They can also make you r Wordpress slow and... 3. Some of them are entry points for hacker attacks on your blog.
Introducing my 2015 List of Recommended Minimal Plugins for Virtual Assistants, Freelancers, Virtual Professionals. 1. Yoast SEO - this is for SEO. If you don't know what that means, just read up on Yoast and SEO in another post of mine in the future.
2. Unyson - this will replace any THEME you think you need. This will be the formatting of your blog. It's a blog theme builder. Also called a framework. This can help you build ANY sort of page inside Wordpress. Ignore those fancy themes. This is more powerful and free.
Photo Credit:

3. Advanced CSS Plug in - This will enable to you make bigger buttons, bigger text in the simplest way possib le, even if you hardly understand what you're doing. I do it all the time. More on this in a later post.

4. Scarcity Samurai - If you're going to be selling anything, you have to have Scarcity. Virtual Professionals can use this to DISPLAY THEIR SKILLS and knowledge of Scarcity. After all, if you can say "CIALDINI principles" to a client, aren't you impressive? Sino yun? Google mo - I always use Cialdini in anything I do.
5. Duplicate / Clone Pages and Posts - Don't waste time. Let WP copy your posts for you for easy back up. It also saves you from saying "OH NO, I DELETED THAT POST/PAGE/PART!"
6. Any backup plugin. Be safe, Always backup.
7. Sumome- get people's email address like a PROFESSIONAL. This displays YOUR SKILL in email marketing.
Photo Credit:
8. Tinder Editor - This cool, allows you to edit your blog - w/o going into "DASHBOARD" or the "EDIT SCREEN". You edit the site as fast as you can -after all TIME is more important than money.
9. Hotjar Connecticator - Just install it. You're smart if you use Hotjar for analytics. Join the program to know more.
10. Easy Google Fonts - To use cool looking fonts. Just be careful. You have to know when NOT to use these fancy fonts and when to use them.
That's it for now. In my next webinar and Facebook Essay/Newsletter you'll know how to navigate the Wordpress Interface - doing that's STRICTLY NECESSARY. You'll also know exactly what to do inside WORDPRESS to create a WONDERFUL /RESPONSIVE Wordpress blog that impresses clients.
Are you excited?

You should be.
After all, where else are you going to get this level of detail for free --in TAGLISH?
Oo pero this part is taglish. Naintindihan mo naman diba? I held nothing back.
If you want MORE of this, watch the webinar replay of "Learn How To Start Your Blog That W ill Snag You Your Dream Job Online by Jomar Hilario."

Make it a habit. Register here to attend FREE webinars every Monday:
Well, I still do use OPTIMIZE PRESS and PREMISE and others but I do not recommend you use them. They're OLD, HARD TO USE. This post just saved you the MONEY and HARDSHIP WE (Nikki and I) experienced while using these. Haay.

WHAT'S NEW IN THE VIRTUAL CAREERS BOOK BA? MERON BA? LUMA NA DAW UN EH? What’s new inside the Virtual Careers Book That’ s NOT in the VA2013 Seminar
Someone extremely SMART just told me, “Jomar Hilario, the way you talk about the 174 page Virtual Careers book it’s as if it’s exactly the same as the VA2013 seminar of yours that the book is based on. You have to prove to me that it’s not. Is it? It’s not.
But before that, here's a note from Nino, an EXTREMELY HAPPY HUSBAND:
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In the Virtual Careers book, you will find BRAND NEW resources :
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And more!
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Now live marvellous life,
*** JOMAR HILARIO *** Author of Virtual Careers, Filipino Trainer of Virtual Professionals #1 Virtual Professional Podcaster in the Philippines #1 Longest Running Virtual Careers Webinar in the Philippines

2015 Guide To Wordpress Plugins For Virtual Assistants/VPs

Jomar reading Section 2 of Virtual Careers Book - Earn Dollars, Eliminate Stress, Embrace Your Family .Get your signed copy at a discount now at this Friday)
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Kumusta ka today?

Jasmine here.

In the last 3 years that I’m a member of Jomar's team, Jomar has hosted 144 webinars and I probably missed less than 7 webinars.

Of the 7 webinars, I probably missed them because of the following reasons:
  • I was sick
  • I was stuck in traffic
  • Mommy duties (example: the birthday of my sons or pamangkin fell on a Monday and we went out to celebrate)
  • Worst reason: slow internet connection
Prior to becoming a part of Jomar’s team, I was already a regular attendee of his webinars.  

All in all, I have probably attended to close to 165 Jomar’s Free Monday webinars  - including those before I started working here.

If there were a reward for webinar attendance, I would probably get a star from my client!

Now, this is one webinar that I definitely did not miss....

Why You Should Watch This Free Webinar Replay

We have been inviting our guest for quite sometime now and when he finally said yes, our team was truly ecstatic!

Who wouldn’t be?

You will be learning and hearing your questions answered by no less than Jojy Azurin!

His Bio says that he is a Tech Startup Advocate, Serial Entrepreneur, E-Commerce Consultant. He is now helping many Filipinos achieve their dreams of starting businesses online.

You probably know that Jojy Azurin was also’s Philippine head and director for continental Asia.

But there’s more to learn from such a very humble person and mentor.

Read on…

14 Interesting Things About Our SuperStart Guest: Jojy Azurin

Jojy Azurin Info #1.  After reading a loooong list of credentials about Jojy, I guessed that he is a Business Management Graduate or an IT Graduate.  

But I was wrong! 

Jojy is a graduate of B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Note:  Hindi sya techie but he is known as the Membership Site Expert in the Philippines.  (More on this below!)

Jojy Azurin Info #2.  Jojy is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) Expert. In fact he was one of the first practitioners of SEO, one of the first users of paypal, and first advertisers on Google Adwords.

Jojy introduced the “subscription angel” or the pop ups that ask for your emails on landing pages.  In Jomar’s planet, this is known as the email catcher.

SEO means when you google a keyword, the company appears in Page one of Google.

Jojy Azurin Info #3.   Jojy has online mentors. Can you guess the online mentor who had a great impact in his life?

It’s Corey Rudl.  He was a very talented internet marketer who was at the peak of his fame when he was killed in a race car accident.

Credit :

Jojy started by selling products online.

Can you guess Jojy’s first online product?

Clue:  You use it every day and it bubbles


Go watch the webinar replay and find out:

Jojy Azurin Info #4.  He is the Founder and President of one of the largest software companies in the Philippines

Jojy Azurin Info #5.  Jojy co-founded several companies like a BPO company, a call center, a medical transcription company and an IT recruitment company

Know more about his start-up stories...

Where do you get your business ideas?

How do you prioritize which businesses to focus on?

Jojy Azurin Info #6.  Jojy was the Founder and General Manager of or  I still remember that blue and white website that speaks of authority (pls. stop guessing my age ha ha ha!) is a book summary service that provides well… what else... but summaries of today’s business bestsellers.

His target market were the busy executives who didn’t have the time to read the whole book but wants to be updated on management principles that they can readily apply in their companies.

Jojy Azurin Info #7.  The readership base of Business Summaries was 300,000 lang naman J 

What hosting facility did you use for

What membership app did you use for your membership site then?

Watch and learn how our SuperStar managed and made it successful.

Jojy Azurin Info #8.  
Jojy started as a side business in 2001. He hired a web designer and paid a writer.

Can you guess his first business summary?  Rich Dad Poor Dad

After seeing the website grow, he focused on building it and expanding to two other related sites called ContentSummaries and

Jojy Azurin Info #9.  The readership base of BusinessSummaries was 300,000 lang naman, ahem, ahem!

Can you guess how many people are in Jojy’s team when he was running

Did you guess 10 members? 7 members?  5 members?

Jojy was running his website with only 2 people.

One of his staff members in did the business summaries and she did not report to the office.  

She is a person with disability (Tama ba ito, Jojy?).

Know how our SuperStar handles his VAs.

Is she your first virtual assistant? 

How did he hire his virtual assistants/staff then?

What happens if your staff /VA gets sick?  Who prepares the weekly summaries?

Jojy Azurin Info #10. He eventually sold to EBSCO Publishing last 2010 for an undisclosed amount

Jojy is not an IT or a programmer but still, he managed to sell his website for a good amount of money.

What happens behind a sale of a website?

How did they contact you?

How did you evaluate their offer?

What made you decide to sell

After, what online businesses did you do?

Did you have offline or regular businesses?

Jojy Azurin Info #11. Jojy was Freelancer/com’s Philippine head and director for continental Asia

To date, Freelancer has 16.8 Million employers and professionals registered in its site, has P130M worth of projects posted and 8.6M projects available 

Jojy Azurin Info #12. Jojy is one of the co-founders of,  which provides affordable health insurance packages for the self-employed and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Jojy Azurin Info #13.  He is one of the pioneers in the local startup scene where he is also a sought-after speaker and consultant.

Currently, he is the co-founder of several startups such as,,,,,,, and more.

He is now with Founder Institute. 

Jojy Azurin Info #14.  Jojy’s goal then was ZEMPINS

ZEMPINS = Zero Maintenance Passive Income Sites

What's his goal now?

Find out in the webinar replay :

If you are a virtual professional
, this is one webinar you shouldn’t miss!

Know the latest career, tools and app trends from our SuperStart Guest.

"I want to be a Social Media VA, will this career have a great future in 2016?"

"If I want to be a highly-paid freelancer in 2016 and beyond, what skills should I be learning now?"

If you are an Online Entrepreneur, take it straight from a serial entrepreneur! 

Who knows? You can pick an idea or two from the SuperStar who launched multiple businesses.

Makinig ka na.


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15 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Our SuperStar Guest

I Am Now Earning $600 Online...

Sir Jomar opened one of the greatest opportunities I ever had, exploring online jobs and working from home.

I am not a computer geek and I used to fear all these are scam, but his most simple and selfless way of teaching and sharing all his knowledge gave me the biggest job opportunity, I'm now earning an extra $600 as a sideline for almost three years now.

- Claudette Sebastian, Event Coordinator

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