Is Change Coming Your Way?

Lots of changes happened already.

We have the new president and (vice president?).

Some of these changes - you have control or no control at all.

How are you going to react to these changes?

On the first week of May, the world of freelancers and SOME virtual professionals just got disturbed by the impending Upwork’s new pricing.

Last week, instead of monitoring who won the election, we had this very informative webinar by Ann & Yuhanne.

You’ve learned that Upwork is not your only way to salvation. You just have to search where else can you find a gig.

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You’ve learned that you can actually leverage from it.  Why worry with the news when you can upgrade your skill so that you don’t have to charge low?

These are just some of the tips given by Ann & Yuhanne.

To watch the replay of Upwork’s New Pricing: How To Maximize It For You, just go here:


You’ve already planned for your next vacations.

You’ve planned your script to your boss when you resign.

You’ve planned your script to your family to convince them that you’re going to stay sa bahay lang to work.

Is there  already a progress on your plans? Is there already a change in your situation?

What is better that planning? ACTION.

TONIGHT, you'll see the work of fellow VP learners who are also in the journey with you.

You'll see their unfinished blogs, blogposts, websites, pages.

You'll find out who they are -and what they do - full time.

You'll see how different and the same they are to you.

In other words, you'll see someone's success journey.

Take A Peek At Someone's Success Journey Webinar

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Monday, May 16 at 9PM

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